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Episode 25: Stuffed Full of Memories

Josh, Lisa and Nemo are gearing up for their next big holiday event, We Just Yule Here by talking about what makes Thanksgiving special to them. From mama’s stuffing to Willard Scott, there is plenty to be thankful for as the Nerds serve up a heaping helping of Thanksgiving nostalgia! This landmark episode also marks the first time our new episodes will premier on Odyssey Station a full 3 days before they are available to download so be sure and check us out every Wednesday and Saturday at...


Episode 24: Catching Up With the Nerds

After a wild two months of We Just Ghoul Here, it’s time to catch up with the Nerds as Josh, Lisa and Nemo talk about what they’ve been up to lately from Vegas vacations, trips back into The VOID and much more! If you need more nerd in your life (and we know you do!) We have a blog at wejustnerdhere.wordpress.com With tons of great articles written by Josh. You can also find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @WeJustNerdHere where you can interact with the hosts and let us know how we’re...


Halloween Bonus Episode: Mr. Ralleigh's Crypt

All Hallows Eve is upon us and that means at midnight we turn back into We Just Nerd Here, but the season isn’t over yet! Today we’re pleased to bring you a special Halloween bonus episode of We Just Ghoul Here! In honor of the holiday we present an anthology of horror with Mr. Ralleigh. Three spine tingling stories to set the mood for your Halloween. Thank you to everyone who helped make our first annual We Just Ghoul Here event a huge success! We all had a hauntingly good time putting it...


Episode 23: Tulpa Terror: Black Eyed Kids, Men in Black, and Slender Man

Can we create our own nightmares? Can the monsters that live inside our heads ever get out? Today the Nerds explore our modern myths, from the first reports of the MIB in the 60s through the Creepy Pastas of today, our myths and legends are ever changing. But what if they’re more than myth? You won’t want to miss the final terrifying episode in our We Just Ghoul Here event! If you need more nerd in your life (and we know you do!) We have a blog at wejustnerdhere.wordpress.com With tons of...


Episode 22: Childhood Scares

We’re back! Josh, Lisa and Nemo are finally all in the same room again for the penultimate episode of our We Just Ghoul Here Halloween event! Today it's all about the things that scared us as kids. From science class to tales the fifth dimension join us as we dredge up old fears and neurosis. Step inside our haunted house of the past and relive Childhood Scares! If you need more nerd in your life (we know you do!) We also have a blog! Every Friday during We Just Ghoul Here, it will be...


Episode 21: Exploring the World of David Paulides: Missing 411

Lisa and Nemo are both away on some much needed vacations this week so Josh is joined by special guest Mr. Ralleigh! In this very special episode we’re talking the mysterious disappearances of individuals as written about by author and researcher David Paulides in his book series Missing 411. In addition to presenting a few extraordinary cases, Josh and Ralleigh speculate on what could be behind these unsettling disappearances. It’s our spookiest show of the season! If you need more nerd in...


Episode 20: Halloween Costume Memories

Josh and Lisa are once again joined by Hayley as the talk turns to Halloween costume memories! The Nerds are talking about the most memorable Halloween costumes they've worn as adults and the adventures they had while wearing them. Gotta love those pretty, pretty dresses. October is plowing on full speed! We're already four weeks into We Just Ghoul Here and we can't believe how fast things are moving! More ghoulishly good nerd is coming at you next week when Josh is joined by another...


Episode 19: Finger Prints and Phantoms: An Interview with Paul Rimmasch

Fingerprints and Phantoms: An Interview with Paul Rimmasch The Nerds are honored to be joined in person by author and CSI Paul Rimmasch to discuss his latest work Fingerprints and Phantoms: True Tales of Law Enforcement Encounters with the Paranormal and the Strange. It’s a fascinating read that's perfect for a chilly October afternoon or a night around the campfire! We recorded this episode in the most terrifying place imaginable (at least to Josh) the public library for an added air of...


Episode 18: Halloween TV Memories

Halloween TV Memories From Roseanne and Cheers to Bob’s Burgers and The Goldbergs, so many shows do an excellent job of remembering that there are more holidays to celebrate than just Christmas. Today, Nemo and Josh are talking about some of the most memorable Halloween themed episodes of their favorite TV shows and Josh gives you his perfect primetime lineup! If you like what you hear and would like to join our exclusive Nerd Crew, we have a Patreon account set up. You can find us it at...


Episode 17: Pumpkin Spice Everything

Nemo goes “Full White Girl” in the first episode of We Just Ghoul Here! It’s a roadtrippin adventure with Josh and Nemo as they drive from store to store searching for this season’s best Pumpkin Spice offerings. Will it end in disaster or sweet everlasting blissful pumpkin? Find out as the Nerds start the Halloween season right! If you like what you hear and would like to join our exclusive Nerd Crew, we have a Patreon account set up. You can find us it at Patreon.com/wejustnerdhere. You...


Episode 16: Summer Movies 2018 Part 2

Today we’re doing something a little different. After some setbacks we’re back with a brand new episode, just a little later than usual. Instead of a “live” show we’re sharing our initial impressions of Solo: A Star Wars Story and Jursassic World: Fallen Kingdom recorded right after we saw them in cinemas! We’ll be back September 18th with the first episode of our Halloween event We Just Ghoul Here! Until then, we just nerd here and now you do too! If you like what you hear and would like...


Episode 15: Comic Con Regrets 2018

Whiskey Saturday continues to binge on! After our last episode went off the rails, the Nerds finally got around to talking about all of the cool things that were announced at San Diego Comic Con 2018. We talk trailers and announcements as well as the omnipresent SDCC exclusive collectibles that Josh and Nemo can’t seem to resist purchasing in the dead of night. What did we buy this year? Tune in to our double length extravaganza of regrets to find out! If you like what you hear and would...


Episode 14: Kinda Con 2018

Kinda Con 2018 We don’t know what happened here. The Nerds set out to talk about all the cool crap they bought from San Diego Comic Con 2018 and instead found themselves talking about anything but. The DC Cinematic Universe? Yup. Musicals? Why not. The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade? There's no better time of year to talk about Thanksgiving! Whiskey Saturday takes the wheel of this hilarious episode of We Just Nerd Here. If you like what you hear and would like to join our exclusive Nerd...


Episode 13: Jurassic Memories

All kids go through a phase when dinosaurs are the coolest thing on the planet. It’s part of growing up. Join the Nerds as they talk about their favorite memories from the beloved Jurassic Park franchise of films based on the novel by Michael Crichton. Everyone remembers the first time they saw a those amazing dinosaurs on the big screen, even Nemo. From bootleg VHS tapes to dinosaurs in the wall, today we’re talking memories 65 million years in the making. If you like what you hear and...


Episode 12: Nerds Love LEGO!: Brickslopes 2018

Nerds Love LEGO! Brickslopes 2018 The Nerds love LEGO. Well, Josh loves LEGO, Lisa was raised on LEGO and Nemo… well Nemo likes plain brown shipping containers that may or may not contain LEGO. In this episode the Nerd Crew heads to the 5th annual Brickslopes LEGO Fan Event! Hear about some of the amazing builds they saw on display and learn a little more about how LEGO connects our three Nerds. If you like what you hear and would like to join our exclusive Nerd Crew, we have a Patreon...


Episode 11: The Spoils of Avengers: Infinity War

The Spoils of Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Alert! You’ve had two months to see it and now the Nerds are finally ready to dish on their favorite moments from Avengers: Infinity War. Everything from the universe altering to the smaller more intimate details long time fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe drooled over. They also share their theories about how its all going to come to a head with next year’s finale. Be sure to stick around to the end to hear about Josh and Nemo’s adventure...


Episode 10: Who's in Charge of Programing?

Who’s in Charge of Programing? Everybody needs closure, even if it’s just a TV show. After attending the Utah Podcast Summit, the Hosts head to Nemo’s for the first time and talk about some of their favorite TV shows that they think were canceled before their time or didn’t get the send off they deserved. Do the Nerds have an unhealthy attachment to aliens? Probably, but they make it work. If you like what you hear and would like to join our exclusive Nerd Crew, we have a Patreon account...


Episode 9: The JFK Assassination Part 2: The Patsy, The Surgeon and the Nut Job

The JFK Assassination Part 2: The Patsy, The Surgeon and the Nut Job Here it is! Part 2 of our JFK Special! What connects JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald, the Polio Vaccine and the mysterious death of a prominent New Orleans based orthopedic surgeon? The answer will upend everything you think you know about what happened that faithful November day in Dealey Plaza. Join the Nerds as the whiskey kicks in and Josh explains this trippy theory based on the research of Edward T. Haslam! This episode is...


Episode 8: The JFK Assassination Part 1: What's the Big Deal(ey)?

Join the Nerds as they celebrate their landmark 9th and 10th episodes by diving headfirst into the conspiracy rabbit hole with part 1 of their JFK assassination special! Part 1 covers the events of 11/22/1963 as well as some background on the supposed assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. To flip things from our previous conspiracy show on Roswell, Josh has a few drinks and tries to explain the conspiracy to the others. We can guarantee you’ve never heard a JFK covered like this before! This episode...


Episode 7: Boy Bands: A Lesson in Hysterics - Part 2

Boy Bands: A Lesson in Hysterics - Part 2 Episode 7 Welcome to part two of our first two parter! Things get even crazier as the hosts (still minus a Nemo) are joined by special guest Hayley as they share some of their memories and thoughts on the band craze of the late 1990s. Hayley was a fantastic guest with a fountain of knowledge that everybody (ye-ah) should know. We are very excited to introduce her to all of you! From Backstreet Boys to LFO, Hayley takes the Nerds to school. A full,...