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Co-hosts Pettey and Michael break down college football, "other" sports, current events, music, food and drink, and much more. We work hard to develop original takes with an entertaining spin. We hope you enjoy the podcast!

Co-hosts Pettey and Michael break down college football, "other" sports, current events, music, food and drink, and much more. We work hard to develop original takes with an entertaining spin. We hope you enjoy the podcast!


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Co-hosts Pettey and Michael break down college football, "other" sports, current events, music, food and drink, and much more. We work hard to develop original takes with an entertaining spin. We hope you enjoy the podcast!






0050 - Tis the Season... to Fire Your Coach - 2022 Edition

We are looking into our crystal ball again, and we see the end is near for another prominent coach. Of course, we tie a bow on the Egg Bowl and Iron Bowl, as well as discuss the monster SEC Championship game between the Alabama Crimson Tide and Georgia Bulldogs this weekend. We also discuss the Big Ten Championship, ACC Championship and the Pac-12 Championship. And as always, we have our pick 3! So, grab yourself a cocktail - unless you’re driving, then please don’t - and enjoy the show!...


0049 - Almost half a hundred

We may be amateurs here at Week Zero Sports, but SEC refs are stooges. Gameday is coming to Oxford, but our new show, Saturday Morning Cocktail Kickoff, is a better option for your college football Saturday! Basketball is back and J. D. Davidson has brought his “flow” to the Tide. Following up on a hot week of picks -- going 6-1 -- we are back with our weekly Pick 3 against the spread. So grab yourself a cocktail, unless you’re driving, then please don’t, and enjoy the show! Don’t forget...


0048 - Truth Bombs, Picks and The Pole Assassin

Bye weeks happen. Even in the podcast world. BUT, Michael & Pettey are back after last week's hiatus. This week brings an abridged episode for the same reason as last week... we have lives too! But don't fret, we discuss a few of the week's hottest topics and bring you a WTF Pick of the Week, in addition to our weekly Pick 3. Here's what to expect on this week's shortened slate: The Pole AssassinCFP Playoff RankingsSaturday Morning Cocktail KickoffWTF?!Weekly Pick 3We admit, that's a hell...


0047 - It's Hard to Light a Dumpster with a Vape Pen

Last week, the Volunteers threw everything they had at the Rebels, but it wasn't quite enough. Mad Bama is back, and Will Anderson is leading the charge. This week, it’s old school rivalry time! The Rebels face LSU and the Tide host Tennessee. We may have even found a few silver linings to the NIL deals. And in the most shocking news ever, Coach O is officially done at LSU… but he's still coaching?! We also revive an old segment and bring you a Week Zero Life Champion. Don't miss our...


0046 - Losers Make Leaders

We are all pissed off about our teams’ defenses, and we let it be known. Friend of the podcast, Justin Riley of The Bama Standard, was back to discuss the Bama loss and the upcoming week's games. We also bring back an old favorite segment, Saturday Morning Cocktail, on the heels of our first official Saturday Morning Cocktail Kickoff Show. So, pour up a whiskey, sit back and enjoy the show. Don't forget to hit SUBSCRIBE! Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and be alerted when we...


0045 - Popcorn, Urban's Hands and Teeing Off in Front of Saban

Justin Riley from The Bama Standard joins us once more to recap the Ole Miss / Bama game and take a look at this weeks College Football matchups. Does Ole Miss rebound? Is Georgia’s great defense untested?! Does Arkansas now have the blueprint to beat Ole Miss? We discuss these topics and more in College Football this week. In 'other sports,' Pettey talks about the fun of teeing off in front of Nick Saban, and we clown on Urban Myers latest sleaze. Also, it wouldn't be Week Zero if we...


0044 - Ole Miss vs Bama Gameday Preview w/ Justin Riley of The Bama Standard

We've got a big surprise for you today. We went LIVE WITH VIDEO with host of the Bama Standard, Justin Riley to preview the Ole Miss @ Bama game. We had great support from our fans and we can't thank you enough. If you'd like us to keep bringing you live video shows, follow us on YouTube, social media and your favorite podcast app - and spread the word! In this Gameday Special, we discuss the big game and give our predictions. We also dabble in a few other key SEC Games, Like Auburn @ LSU,...


0043 - Bama vs Ole Miss Preview with The Bama Standard

This week we bring you a very special Ole Miss vs Bama preview, and our friends from The Bama Standard are here to join us. Give a warm welcome to All-SEC Alabama Linebacker Marvin Constant, and Bama Football Guru, Justin Riley, as we discuss the big game and other action around the country. As an added bonus, you won't want to miss Marvin's 1Q betting strategy that's been paying big bucks! Take a listen and subscribe to Week Zero and The Bama Standard. Subscribe to the Justin Riley Network...


0042 - Because Tennessee Sucks

It's a slow week on the CFB slate, so we keep it short and sweet. It would be a disservice to ignore the SEC Refs' performance last week, so we take a few minutes to share our feelings. We also drop a huge surprise for next week's show and Ole Miss vs. Alabama preview. So pour up a whiskey and join us for a few minutes of madness. If you have questions or comments, visit our facebook page, our subreddit or tweet us. Be sure to follow us on your favorite podcast app. Links to our show, on...


0041 - Deez Nuts

This week we go off the reservation and actually praise King Khaki himself, Jim Harbaugh. Pettey writes off Dan Mullen, maybe by force, and we almost have a special guest. We also decided to roll the dice and put our undefeated record on the line with 4 more consensus picks this week. Check out the show to find out if you agree or if you think we are indeed crazy. So, take a listen and tell your friends about Week Zero Sports and Other Stuff! If you have questions or comments, visit our...


0040 - Pass the Crack Rock, Brother

Week 1 of CFB is in the books and we are left with as many questions as we have answers, but who needs the answers when you're 12-1 ATS for the year? As is tradition, it's time for our way too early Super Bowl predictions, more red hot CFB picks, and some hot takes that will make your brain sizzle. Speaking of hot takes, our weekly team pick will make you think we have started hitting the crack pipe! So, take a listen and tell your friends about Week Zero Sports and Other Stuff! If you...


0039 - Technical Difficulties...

Despite a cruddy microphone, the Week Zero crew is back to preview the first full week of college football. Please excuse the poor sound quality on Michael's track, but as you know, the show must go on. We will get it fixed by next week. If you missed our hot start in Week Zero you have no one to blame but yourself. Don’t fret, it’s never to late to hop on and catch all the insights from this week’s games. Hopefully we stay hot with our first real Pick 3 segment of the season. This week,...


0038 - The Stink of Desparation

It's that time of year again... College football's week zero is finally upon us! This week, Michael and Pettey discuss NFL Rookie QB’s, the conference “alliance” joke, some problems brewing in the high school ranks, and of course, a couple hot picks from the week zero slate to get your 2021 bankroll started off right. So, it's time to listen, hit subscribe, and tell your friends about Week Zero Sports & Other Stuff. If you have questions or comments, visit our Facebook page, our subreddit...


0037 - Take the Damn Bet

We are officially back for episode 37 and the college football world looks “slightly” different. On that note, and with football on the horizon, this week we discuss major changes to the cfb landscape including, NIL and conference expansion. Then we homer out with our expectations of Ole Miss and Alabama’s upcoming season. But don't fret! We also squeeze an preseason gambling pick and discuss Pettey’s newfound love for a certain cold beverage. So it's time to crack open your favorite...


0036 - NCAA Tournament Preview - Final 4.... Fingers?

It's time for the Final 4, but we don't stop there. This week, Pettey mixes up his signature cocktail while Michael continues to be an unpaid cheerleader for NODA brewing. Of course, we break down these week's matchups, but you don't want to miss our tribute to the Final 4... fingers! Crack open a brew or pour your favorite cocktail and join us for the fastest 40 minutes in podcasting! Have a listen, hit subscribe, and tell your friends about Week Zero Sports & Other Stuff. If you have...


0035 - NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Preview & Of Course, Beer

It's time to crack open a brew and take a deep dive into the NCAA Basketball Tournament. In our 2021 Sweet 16 Preview, we discuss all 8 matchups and the new schedule. We break down the first two rounds and the remaining bracket while we give you our picks s/u and against the spread for the Elite 8, Final 4 and the Natty. In "other stuff", Michael tastes an exceptional but rare brew from his favorite brewery, NODA Brewing of Charlotte. Take a listen, hit subscribe, and tell your friends...


0034 - Ramble, Ramble, Ramble - Season 3 is Unfiltered

Season 3 kicks off a new era for the Week Zero Sports and Other Stuff Podcast. Join us while we enjoy a Saturday Morning Cocktail and discuss lots of "other stuff". PSA: younger listeners may want to keep their earmuffs handy this season. In the season premier, we hack the HBO code for show writing, learn first hand what it's like to live in the current Title Town USA, and we talk Wooks (no, not the Star Wars kind), NFL Hot Takes (GOATs, Fastest Ball Carriers, Draft), NCAA Basketball, Nate...


0033 - Super Bowl LV Preview - Season Finale

Hello out there.... It's been a while, and we couldn't be happier to be back with one final episode to close season 2. It's time for the BIG GAME. The Super Bowl is upon us, so we discuss the game, which team and which position groups have the edge, Super Bowl Prop Bets, and of course, our final thoughts on the College Football Season. This is 30 minutes of analysis that you won't want to miss! Support the show (https://weekzerosports.com/)


0032 - Gameday Blasphemy

College Football Gameday, live from The Masters.... of golf?! Tiger Kings turn Tiger Queens, and we have a cool new podcast short coming out this Friday. Special guest, Justin from Smith Infiniti Huntsville, who is RED HOT at 14-3 on his last 17 NFL picks, joins us this week to break down every NFL matchup. Due to time constraints, we postpone the Week Zero Life Champion and Saturday Morning Cocktail, but don't fret, because All the Feels and Pick 3 made the cut! Take a listen, hit...


0031 - COVID Tigers and Parlays w/ special guest William Bone

We're back, Week Zero fans! This week we discuss our favorite coach in the B1G, Michael’s Tiger King Epiphany, the passing of a GOAT, and we introduce a special guest who just had a very big day! Also, Pettey explains why Gary Danielson doesn’t hate your team. Michael brings back a special Saturday Morning Cocktail, and all your favorite segments like All The Feels and Pick 3 are back. Take a listen, hit subscribe, and tell your friends about Week Zero. If you have questions or comments,...