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32 Who Hasn't Faked Their Own Kidnapping?

We’ve got a "sticky" situation one for you this week! Nicole and Jeremy discuss some crazy details about two mysterious deaths in one of San Diego's wealthiest locations, Coronado. How does someone commit suicide by hanging when their arms are bound behind their back? Here are a few things in store for our listeners in this episode: Nicole and Jeremy slur their way into possible scenarios that could account for the gruesome discovery, plus shady characters potentially involved, along with...


31 Beaver Pelts

We’ve got a spooky one for you! Join us as Nicole and Jeremy dive into the legend of the haunted Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island is island and resort area in Michigan covering about 3.8 sq. miles. It’s the second place in the country, (next to Yellowstone) to be declared a national park. Its quaint Victorian houses and “no cars on the island” rule makes this a picturesque getaway. But many don’t know the dark history behind this getaway. Nicole supplies some award winning sound effects...


30 W&W Unplugged: Elisa Lam

We introduce a new show format which we will introduce from time to time called, W&W Unplugged. Our first unplugged episode is we dive into the they mysterious death of Elisa Lam. Elisa Lam was a Canadian student visiting the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles who mysteriously vanished and her body was recovered in the hotel’s water tank in 2013. Her disappearance had been widely reported; interest had increased five days prior to her body's discovery when the LAPD released video of the last time...


29 One Legged Hipster

Don’t worry that intro isn’t the voices in your head. The weirdos have a special guest that we didn’t scare away! Join us as we interview local winemaker and ceiling lover aficionado, Ryan Scott. Ryan is a San Diego local who is rooted in the San Diego wine industry. He talks about how his little sleep got him started in the wine industry, To get to know Ryan, we start a round of rapid fire questions aimed at our guests. Ryan also takes us to school, WINE SCHOOL and talks about all the...


28 Dead Things in Jars: The Oddities & Curiosities Expo

Join us for this special episode where we geek the F out about the Oddities & Curiosities Expo, coming to San Diego on March 9th! We interview one half of the weirdos behind the expo, Michelle (her husband, Tony is the other half). This punk rock loving duo are from Tulsa, OK, and their love for each other, but more importantly for the strange and unusual, led them to create this event that debuted in 2017. We chat with Michelle about all the amazing and weird things that will be at the...


27 Ghost D

Season three is heeeeeere! Nicole and Jeremy, the new co-host, kick off another season of weird with talks about defense mechanisms and cartoon doppelgängers. You’ll have to listen to hear w-h-o Jeremy reminds us of! Jeremy leads the season’s first discussion with a recap/teaser of the Hellier documentary. This intriguing original series, from Planet Weird, explores mysterious occurrences and coincidences that take place in the Appalachian mountains. The first episode summarizes the...


Season 3 Teaser Trailer

Weirdos and wine is coming back for season 3! We have a special announcement on this teaser trailer about our new co-host!


25 Halloween Special 2018

Happy Halloween, weirdos! Well, it’s that time of year again; time for our annual Halloween episode (which is also our season finale)! Thank you for being such amazing listeners throughout our first two seasons. This year, we have a special treat for you: a compilation of real life ghost stories straight from the mouths of our friends and family, including Jeff and Samantha from the Pair-of-Normals podcast sharing spooky stories about abandoned insane asylums and encounters with deceased...



***IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED SUPERNATURAL SPOILER ALERT FOR, LIKE, ALL 13 SEASONS*** In this episode Nicole chats with guest Lisa, who is a road warrior, fabulous ginger, and fan/stalker of the television show Supernatural. Nicole and Lisa get candid about their Supernatural fangirl secrets and discuss the real life location that inspired a pivotal episode of the show: Swan Song from season 5, episode 22. They talk about the legends surrounding Stull Cemetery in Kansas and Lisa’s own trip to...


23 Weirdo Boner

Our friend, Samantha joins us again to give our thoughts about watching the Winchester movie! Spoiler and hot mess alert ahead! First, we were super amped to see this because we got a weirdo lady boner to see some of our favorite things! (Helen Mirren all goth out as a widow.) Sara Winchester clearly had to put up with some bullshit patriarchy but she was rich AF so she decided to lock up some ghosts up. #lifegoals Then things took a turn in the film where Samantha and Nicole have a reason...


22 The Infamous Fieldtrip

Our friend Kacie joins us on this episode! Kacie is a nursing student who grew up in Sedro-Woolley, WA, home of Northern State Hospital. She tells us a few stories from her time doing shift rotations on a psych ward, and also fills us in on the "infamous field trip" she took to the hospital when she was in high school. Northern State Hospital opened in 1912. The hospital was established after the over-crowded conditions at another hospital came under public criticism, and was once the...


21 Hipster Indiana Jones

She's back! And this time, the ghosts didn't mess with our recording equipment! Jessica Johnson, creator of the popular blog, Hidden San Diego & Hidden California, is back to talk her latest adventures. Jessica has always been an adventurer and intrigued by the unknown, constantly seeking out new places to explore. We talk about some of places in San Diego that have lost history, how going to a swamp meet to meet a guy in a cave could turn to a religious experience, and her amazing crow...


20 Motorboating

It's a listener request story! Thanks Michael from our Facebook page! Have you ever told a horrible and horrific story to a loved one and their face lights up like a kid on Christmas day, and then you wonder if your loved one is a future serial killer? Well that's what Jackie did when Nicole got giddy like a school girl listening about Belle Gunness! Seriously, Nicole got way to into this story and we are a bit worried about her husband right now. The RBF Queen, Belle Gunness immigrated to...


19 Ghost Moans

This episode features guest host Jeremy, who used to host the now retired podcast Deviatus. Nicole and Jeremy have joined forces in the past for paranormal investigations, and they share some of their best stories with us. As they share their appreciation for root beer flavored whiskey, they also talk about how they met and started investigating areas in San Diego. If you give these two weirdos about an hour of your time, what they will give you in return is the knowledge of their own...


18 Zak's Demon House

While Jackie's away, Nicole will play! This episode is all about the spooky shit with special guest host and paranormal investigator Samantha, Producer Unikitty's Midwest BFF. For this episode, everyone watched the Zak Bagans documentary, Demon House, and discussed the legitimacy of the evidence. *******SPOILER ALERT: details of the movie are definitely discussed******** Samantha grew up near Gary, IN, and the Demon House (though the events in the documentary take place after she left...


17 Nerd Rage

This episode hits close to home for our weird hosts, as Jackie leads us through the sorted, dangerous, and mysterious story of one of San Diego's native spree killers. Andrew Phillip Cunanan's story is most famously connected to fashion icon Gianni Versace, but he left a violent and devastating path in his wake before the entire world knew him as Versace's assassin. Nicole's local knowledge helps paints a portrait of what San Diego's gay communities were like in the 1990s when Cunanan...


16 Cool beans, you're evil.

What's creepier than ghosts, clowns, and aliens? Haunted dolls! Nicole brings us a story from the classy AF state of Florida. Robert the doll is 111-years-old and lives at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Before that he was the property of Robert Eugene Otto, an eccentric artist. Legend has it that Robert the doll is haunted and can affect people that cross the doll's path. Join us as we explore the legend of Robert the Doll. Was this doll created to be a voodoo priestess...


15 Live from Koi Zen

Since Producer Unikitty always has some tricks up her sleeve, the ladies mix it up and record live from Koi Zen Cellars in San Diego! In this conversational episode, you, lucky listener, will get to hear Nicole and Jackie discuss everything from whether killing in self defense is murder to how they feel about demon possession. Oh, and there's a special tidbit that involves diarrhea and the paranormal. Founder and co-host Nicole is a paranormal investigator who loves to talk about spooky...


14 The Twinkie Defense

LISTENER WARNING: This episode contains 20% percent more drunkenness, incoherent speech patterns and mentions of a dude name Sturgil than our usual episodes, thanks to our hot mess of a host, Nicole. Sleep is a weird human state, where weird stuff happens. Sometimes we toss and turn; sometimes we kick. Sometimes we say stuff; sometimes we hear stuff. sSometimes we have paralysis; sometimes we sleepwalk. Some things we remember; some things we don't remember. Some people are light...


13 Teenager at Heart

The weirdos interrupt your regularly scheduled program to bring you an interview with that amazing Jessica Johnson, the show runner behind the curtain at the Hidden San Diego blog. Jessica started the blog, which explores and shares some of the coolest - but relatively unknown - places around San Diego including abandoned places, gardens, and old cemeteries. We chat with Jessica about growing up in San Diego and learn something interesting about Nicole's hometown which helps explain a lot...