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46 - Starbucks Bullsh*t

In Episode 46 we find the answers to life's toughest questions. Can vampires become sexually aroused? Does Tony Hawk exist? Will middle aged moms camp out for Starbucks' newest gimmick? Does cheese give you nightmares? Will Michele become the next pop sensation and get a stylish hat glued to her head? The answers MAY SURPRISE YOU. Listen to find out the answers to these questions AND MORE. NEW! Visit http://bit.ly/WelcomeToMyShop to gift yourself some trash and help support this bad show!...


45 - Diet Cherry Vanilla Smile Lite Zero

It’s Mental F*ckery Awareness Month and this week is all about me telling you to smile more, but in the least degrading way possible! Ok that’s not what it’s all about. I also tell you about a crazy Nigerian scammer who’s writing a book about ME, the billionaire of knowledge! I take you on a journey through my self-experimentation on my own failing mind and body, we have a few laughs, share a few mushrooms, and read a great conversation I had with a self-published “author” who credits me...


44 - Emptying the Junk Drawer

Welcome to Episode 44! This week is the perfect mix of negativity and positivity. We discuss phone calls from Mickey Mouse, popcorn snafus, good music, weird stuff I found in my junk drawer, my stupid cat, using water unsparingly, the woes of French fries, the magic of mushrooms and maple syrup, and what it takes to be a beautiful, powerful, independent womxn (not a typo). Thank you for being here! NEW! Visit http://bit.ly/WelcomeToMyShop to gift yourself some trash and help support this bad...


43 - The Happiest Place on Earth

This week we discuss those dang dead pigs, crazy Russian experiments from the 40s, the most amazing and most deadly amusement park ever, and my plan for when time travel becomes a possibility. .:.Drinking game for this episode.:. drink every time I say “revitalize,” “frickin,” and “Vernon.” Also every time I reference “drunk children” and every time someone dies. Trust me, this will all make more sense while listening. Suggested talking points: Having a forgettable face My best friend forgot...


42 - Dating Purgatory

Episode 42: This week we talk Post Office arguments, being overwhelmed, bad dates, how to reciprocate a compliment, and escaping purgatory. PLUS join me as I eat a bunch of random things from a Korean grocery store. NEW: Patreon patrons will now get exclusive videos of every segment of Garbage Kitchen. Now you can WATCH my reactions rather than just listening. OH BOY! If you have bad date stories and would like to be a guest (or just want to send those stories), email me at...


41 - It's 2019, Everyones Suffering

This week I spill too much information about my personal life thanks to tequila and energy drinks, soak up my sorrows in dollar store potato chips, and get emotionally and romantically inspired by the horrible people on Craigslist. What a wet and wild ride! Suggested talking points: A brief and abrupt Garbage Kitchen Pickle chips Drinking alone and being miserable Relationships and dating unsuccessfully Craigslist, murderers, public nudity, and indecent exposure SET AND ACCEPT YOUR VALUE AND...


40 - Peter

This week I welcome Peter from Audible Farm Podcast to my show! I feed him mystery treats from the Garbage Kitchen and then ask if he has any allergies. We also go bobbing for Craigslist Missed Connections and discuss candy petitions, online dating, and Peter’s love of tomatoes. Hey friends, next time you see Peter, hand him a tomato. He likes them a lot. Suggested talking points Audible Farm Podcast STARRING Peter Stockdale Eating garbage Mystery potato chips Hot m&m’s and other treats...


39 - Picking Up Chicks at the Post Office

This week, listen as Michele delivers subpar audio in her car while driving to visit her parents and collaborate with a fellow podcaster, Peter Stockdale from Audible Farm! I discuss heroes and how they let us down, learning how to moonwalk, winning embarrassing prizes, and a very quick trip into the garbage kitchen. Listen at your own risk! Sorry for the train wreck audio quality, my good friends! Suggested talking points Michael Jackson sexual predators Louis CK Bill Cosby guilty pleasures...


38 - No Means No

Welcome to Episode 38: No Means No This is a very important episode for me. I had a chance to thank all the very amazing, extremely supportive people in my life who have helped me make some important and tough decisions to better myself and my surroundings. I also make time for a trash news story and a trip to the Garbage Kitchen for some fun fiesta treats! I also announce my new podcast network! (links below, friends!) Speaking of links and friends, please check out and subscribe and...


37 - Happy Clam, One!

Welcome to the first installment of the show-within-a-show called Happy Clam! The show all about positivity and the little things in life that bring us joy! This week I talk about finding joy in daylight savings, tiny things(and big, huge things), office gossip, getting kidnapped (but in a funny, kind of sitcommy way?), putting a positive spin on public embarrassment, and curiously mysterious flavors. Join me and let’s smile together! Suggested talking points: Daylight savings time Life...


36 - Underwear Bandit

Welcome to another bad week on Welcome To My Show, the show! Titanic tangents, underwear blunders, and infiltrated work outings. All of this and so much more awfulness! Join me you filthy babies! Suggested talking points: Sleep deprivation Titanic Dinner with coworkers Embarrassing yourself to the top Stealing underwear Beauty and the Beast The Little Mermaid George of the Jungle Brendan Fraser and his long lost abs Bad App Reviews Phil Collins hates me My virtual boyfriend Streams are good...


35 - Lend a Helping Handjob

This week on my bad show, we discuss getting pulled over, a very bad way to spend your February, bad bathroom behavior, a quick re-visit of Fyre Fest with a listener submission, and a not-so-sexy crime documentary. Suggested Talking Points: New recording studio Getting pulled over Lady cops Fireworks and other explosives February holidays Spunky Old Broads Cougar Cruises Being a bad person again Valentines Being a responsible adult Toilet etiquette Abducted in Plain Sight Netflix...


34 - I don't like anything.

Episode 34: I don't like anything. This raw and uncut episode brought to you entirely by my laziness! This week I discuss therapy alternatives, Texperiences ('Texas experiences' for the uneducated listeners), my own personal haters, Valentine's Day, and the 90: Craigslist Version! Stick around for the VERY end for a fun mashup song from the Youtubes. Pod Links iTunes: bit.ly/itunesWTMS Google: bit.ly/GoogleWTMS SoundCloud: bit.ly/scWTMS Stitcher: bit.ly/WTMSstitcher Castbox:...


33 - Irresposible Sandwich

This week I ate sandwiches irresponsibly. Don't tell my mom or my seven year old self. You know what, don't tell my future self either. I'm hoping to forget this soon. Pod Links iTunes: bit.ly/itunesWTMS Google: bit.ly/GoogleWTMS SoundCloud: bit.ly/scWTMS Stitcher: bit.ly/WTMSstitcher Castbox: bit.ly/WTMScastbox TuneIn: bit.ly/WTMStunein PocketCasts: bit.ly/WTMSpocketcast Overcast: bit.ly/WTMSovercast Acast: bit.ly/WTMSacast Blubrry: bit.ly/WTMSblubrry Listen Notes: bit.ly/WTMSlistennotes GO...


32 - Dollar Store Petting Zoo

Welcome to Episode 32: Dollar Store Petting Zoo! This week’s show is about, well, when have my titles ever steered you wrong? With the cold weather upon us, I decided to escape to more pleasant times of being surrounded by animals and horrible strangers who like to insert themselves in your personal conversations. PLUS a very special guest (surprise, it’s my mom!), and she helps me navigate our dark experiences at the zoo as well as the typical motherly banter. She’s always worried that I...


1,000,000 - I'm a Fraud

THIS IS A GOOD ONE I WOULD NEVER LIE. This week I tell a horrible story about a very bad lie I told. Also, I deep dive into the failed Fyre Festival, and tell a few other stories that I heard through the magic of eavesdropping. Come with me on this luxury island getaway. Kendall Jenner will be there. For real. Pod Links iTunes: bit.ly/itunesWTMS Google: bit.ly/GoogleWTMS SoundCloud: bit.ly/scWTMS Stitcher: bit.ly/WTMSstitcher Castbox: bit.ly/WTMScastbox TuneIn: bit.ly/WTMStunein PocketCasts:...


30 - Nobody Cares About Your Birthday

Welcome to another show! This week is all about dangerous things such as opposite day, gender reveal parties, self-inflicted amputations, and so much more! Suggested talking points: The dangers of opposite day, a PSA It’s back! Craiglist Missed Connections – Rapidfire Filth What’s Snooki from Jersey Shore up to these days? Tattoos; bad ones, sick ones, mystery ones, mom ones Satan babies and Condom Cupids When I had leprosy, kind of, not really Hypocritical moms Patreon supporters now have...


29 - Horror D'oeuvres

This week I indulge in an old favorite pastime as I create Franken-snacks and beg for death to end the pain caused by these terrible concoctions. The less dramatic description: I draw ingredients from a hat and make icky mixtures of condiments and other food and stack them on a cracker and it’s bad. Suggested talking points: Memes – What color is the dress? What did Grover say? What did Rihanna sing?? High Food Munchies Time minus the drugs. Just say no, kids. (Adults, say hell yep.) Maple...


28 - Just Another Maniac Monday

Yuck. This episode is one nasty boi. From start to finish, from A to sloppy Z, it’s an ick-fest. This pod has everything: Blood, guts, a baby, dinosaurs, and Capri Sun. Suggested Talking Points: Horrible Stories Post Office Make-Out sessions with babies Human Capri Sun Taking PTO to do Murder Stuff Being a Bad Person Again Creepy Dreams My neighbor is maybe going to kill me or die Classic Boy Who Cried Wolf situations State Farm Being a GOOD person for once Facebook Live Streams Alcoholism,...


27 - Happy Holidays or Whatever

This week I apologize to a pizza business and tell horrible stories of past holidays. Enjoy! Suggested talking points: New Years Eve Resolutions Alcohol and dying Christmas Vacation hangovers RASPBERRY BUTTER LOAF Paranormal Activity The worst party Embracing awfulness Vehicular Theft 9/11 Remembrance Weekend at Bernie’s, but I’m Bernie Ditching dates Sausage Present for Podfather Ron (it’s a poop ad) Squatty Potty Asshole-ics Anonymous Happy Joe’s 2: Moral Redemptions Pizza talk Craigslist...