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CHALLENGE - Say Yes More with Dave Cornthwaite

How far have you pushed yourself? Maybe it was at work, university, or perhaps it was a physical challenge like running a marathon. Whatever that challenge was, I'm sure at some point you were pushed to your limit where you wanted to cry or give up, but you persevered and grew as a person because of it. This is exactly the reason why we love talking about challenging ourselves, getting out of our comfort zones and living life to the full. On this episode we talk to the ultimate YES MAN -...


S3 - #4 Backpacking Argentina

This month we head back to our South American adventure and tell you all about the incredible activities Argentina has to offer. We had high expectations for this country and it didn't disappoint! Tune in to hear about the Salinas Grandes, Evita Peron, steaks from Parrillas, Maté, Fernet, the missing children of Argentina, Tango dancing, hitchhiking and sexy Argentinian men playing guitar. We talk in depth about Salta, Cordoba, Rosario & Buenos Aires, and you'll hear from the people that...


LEARN - How Media Portrays The World with Indigo Traveller

How many times have you told your family and friends where you're going travelling and they've immediately given their opinion on it? "Oh, It's not safe there!" or "Oh my god, you'll get kidnapped!" Have you ever asked yourself why they have these opinions? Where do they come from? Is it the internet? News outlets? Films? Or even music? In this episode we're joined by YouTuber Nick Fisher A.K.A Indigo Traveller - he's an absolute pro at not listening to anyone else's opinions and doing...


S3 - #3 Should I Go To South Africa? With Jodie and Jez

This month we're heading over the African plains to South Africa! We're joined by BBC radio presenter Jodie Halford and her hilarious hubby Jez. We talk about Cape Town, Nelson Mandela, the Apartheid, Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, game drives and we play Scattergories. Not forgetting, the capitals game x2 plus gameshow facts! Check it Mother Pho'ers! Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook:...