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LEARN - How to Travel with Free Airfare

Airmiles?! You need points, but how many? How much do I have to spend to get a point? How many points do I need to get a free flight? What is the point in points? What are points? What is life? Yeah… maybe you are just as confused as we are! Luckily this is the episode for you. We learn all the answers to these questions from Guille Montiel who travels the world on points and air miles. Plus we'll teach you something about the dating scene on airlines. This episode is sponsored by...


7: Is Luxembourg worth visiting? With Podcaster James Belsey

In this episode we challenge James Belsey from the Bottomless Pit Podcast to persuade us that Luxembourg is worth visiting. It isn't a country we hear much about and we are from Europe! We wonder what the country has to offer, what is the food like, does the country have a rich historical past? We find out all the answers to our questions and play a game called 'The Bottomless Pit' where we all have to talk for 1 minute about a given subject - no hesitation and no repetition! Amy gives Nick...


LEARN Volunteering

For this mini episode we’re going to LEARN about a big (and sometimes controversial) topic, volunteering! To help us we have not one, not two, but three guests! Lina from The Budgeteers outlines the issues with mass ‘Voluntourism’, and then Jen Morilla (The Social Girl Traveler) and Bhav, the founder of Storyteller, tell us how they volunteer ethically. This episode is also a good opportunity to introduce you lovely listeners, to our lovely new sponsor Storyteller! The Budgeteers:...


6: What Can I Do In Uruguay?

Uruguay, we didn't know much about it either, and that's why we wanted to go! In this episode we find out what makes Uruguay a very unique South American country, and why it's a bit of an unsung hero! We tell you what we got up to, introduce you to some locals, and we play our football world cup game because Uruguay is where it all started. Football really is coming home! ====================================== This episode is sponsored by Storyteller :-) https://www.storytellertravel.co.uk...


CHALLENGE How To Cycle Around The World with Nick Thomson

How many times have you dreamed about travelling the world but then decided not to go because of... yes... money! Well we have a solution for you! Cycle. You'll save money, you'll interact with people in ways you wouldn't imagine and you'll get fit in the process. We didn't think this is something we would ever do, we're not professional cyclists, we don't own bikes and quite frankly (before) we couldn't think of anything worse BUT we couldn't believe how inspiring our guest Nick was, he...


5: What To Do When I Visit Oslo

Oslo! Have you ever been? If not, then you'll want to go after listening to this! We spoke about the Norwegian language, culture and sights with the help of VisitOslo. Nick sends Amy to the Winter Olympics for our game this month...and she draws a complete blank! You'll also hear from our Couchsurfing host as well as a woman who speaks 7 different languages!! Check It! Follow VisitOslo here - www.visitoslo.com ====================================== Follow us Website:...


CHALLENGE Say Yes More with Dave Cornthwaite

How far have you pushed yourself? Maybe it was at work, university, or perhaps it was a physical challenge like running a marathon. Whatever that challenge was, I'm sure at some point you were pushed to your limit where you wanted to cry or give up, but you persevered and grew as a person because of it. This is exactly the reason why we love talking about challenging ourselves, getting out of our comfort zones and living life to the full. On this episode we talk to the ultimate YES MAN -...


4: Backpacking Argentina

This month we head back to our South American adventure and tell you all about the incredible activities Argentina has to offer. We had high expectations for this country and it didn't disappoint! Tune in to hear about the Salinas Grandes, Evita Peron, steaks from Parrillas, Maté, Fernet, the missing children of Argentina, Tango dancing, hitchhiking and sexy Argentinian men playing guitar. We talk in depth about Salta, Cordoba, Rosario & Buenos Aires, and you'll hear from the people that we...


LEARN How Media Portrays The World with Indigo Traveller

How many times have you told your family and friends where you're going travelling and they've immediately given their opinion on it? "Oh, It's not safe there!" or "Oh my god, you'll get kidnapped!" Have you ever asked yourself why they have these opinions? Where do they come from? Is it the internet? News outlets? Films? Or even music? In this episode we're joined by YouTuber Nick Fisher A.K.A Indigo Traveller - he's an absolute pro at not listening to anyone else's opinions and doing...


3: Should I Go To South Africa? With Jodie and Jez

This month we're heading over the African plains to South Africa! We're joined by BBC radio presenter Jodie Halford and her hilarious hubby Jez. We talk about Cape Town, Nelson Mandela, the Apartheid, Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, game drives and we play Scattergories. Not forgetting, the capitals game x2 plus gameshow facts! Check it Mother Pho'ers! Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook:...


CHALLENGE Bucket Lists with Kinging-It

For this mini-episode we're joined by Craig & Amiee from Kinging-it to talk about Bucket Lists and living life to the full. From wanting to swim with Great White sharks to travelling to the moon... anything is possible! Check out Kinging-It here http://www.kinging-it.com ============================================= Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Instagram: @whatthepho_podcast Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook: Facebook.com/phopodcast...


2: What Is It Like Travelling Cuba? With Annie and Marc

This month we're joined by good friends Marc and Annie to discuss our experience and opinions of Cuba, the land of salsa & mojitos…. Not quite! This was an occasion for us when things didn't really go to plan. Travelling is **not** great all of the time! We talk about Cuba's eventful history, the places we visited, plus Nick & Marc go head to head in an epic rap battle, Pitbull style! MR WORLDWIDE, MR 305, HAHA. Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Twitter: @phopodcast Email:...


LEARN What Is The Best Type of Travel Accommodation? With Kathrynne Johnson

As R Kelly once said 'You wanna come to my hotel? Maybe I'll give you my room key.' Ever wondered what the best type of travel accommodation is for your trip? Join us as we discuss the pros and cons to hotels, hostels, Airbnb & couchsurfing. ============================================= Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Instagram: @whatthepho_podcast Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook: Facebook.com/phopodcast #travel #wanderlust #backpack...


1: Backpacking Brazil On A Budget

We're back for SERIES 3! How exciting! BRAZIL! The land of Samba, Football and Caipirinhas! In this episode we help you to discover your love for Brazil, even if you haven't been there! We talk about Favelas, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls, Feijoada and much more. ============================================= Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Instagram: @what_the_pho_podcast Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook: Facebook.com/phopodcast...


12: The Great Things About Britain

What better way to finish series 2, than talking about our home country!? Join us as we delve into the history, geography, culture and sense of humour of the English, and the rest of the UK countries. In this episode you'll meet lots of people who help us to understand this strange island of countries, plus we both take a test to find out how posh we are. We might as well pack our bags now and move into Buckhingham Palace….. well, maybe one of us!...


Pho Party Special Vol 2

It's happened again, another succesful Pho Party. In this episode you'll hear from some new and old friends, and with the help of some special guests joining us in the studio, you'll hear what went down at the party. ============================================= Follow us Website: www.whatthephotravelpodcast.com Instagram: @what_the_pho_podcast Twitter: @phopodcast Email: whatthephopodcast@gmail.com Facebook: Facebook.com/phopodcast #travel #travelpodcast #wanderlust #backpack #backpacking...


11: What Can I Do in Ibiza?

This month we’re talking about our trip to Ibiza, giving you the low down on this unique Mediterranean island. In this episode you’ll hear about the world famous nightlife from party expert ‘That Ibiza Guy’ who joins us on the show. We pretend to be DJ’s in our game ‘Superstar DJ’. And we invite Tristan Bacon from The White Isle Ibiza Blog to tell us all about the more relaxed side of the island. If you think that Ibiza is only a party island, then you’re mistaken my friend! For the ultimate...


LEARN Best Places to Drink Around the World With Chris Luecke

LET'S GET CRUNK!!! Drinking. We love it. We hate it on hangover days. But let's face it the world would be such a boring place without it. In this mini-sode we talk to Chris Luecke about the best places around the world to go drinking, our personal drinking stories and what nationalities can drink anyone under the table. Grab a beer and take a listen! Want to follow Chris's drinking podcast? http://pubcastworldwide.com ============================================= Follow us Website:...


10: What's So Good About Australia? With Podcaster Richard Kearns

Jeez... It's the one Nick has been dreading... Australia! In his words, "one, big dustbowl". From this episode, you may start to understand why Nick doesn't like it, why Amy thinks it's alright and why Richard lived there for a whole three years! It's not all doom and gloom though guys... we laugh about Richard's obsession with australian transport, talk about the legendary drink that is GOON, and we play 'Reverse Trivia'. There may also be a few C**ts in this one! Sorry! It's Australia...


CHALLENGE What is the Mongol Rally? With Scott Gurian

The Mongol Rally. There are so many questions... What is it? Where can you go? How much is it? What do I have to do? Do I have to raise money for charity to do it? Lucky thing is... we answer ALL those questions and more in this month's mini-episode with our guest Scott Gurian. Scott tells us about his epic adventure doing the Mongol Rally with his brother in 2016. Check out our episode to give you a taste for the race and if it makes you hungry for more... Scott has made his own podcast all...