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We try to figure out what's going on in pop culture and the popular zeitgeist, and review craft beers and adult beverages. Listen to the comedy unfold!

We try to figure out what's going on in pop culture and the popular zeitgeist, and review craft beers and adult beverages. Listen to the comedy unfold!


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We try to figure out what's going on in pop culture and the popular zeitgeist, and review craft beers and adult beverages. Listen to the comedy unfold!




Ep. 87 - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, Elijah Craig 1789 Bourbon

It's Episode 87, and it's just in time for Election Day in the U.S.! The lads dive deep into the Borat Subsequent Moviefilm (spoiler alerts), disruptive theater and movie theater attendees, go off on crazy tangents, and indulge themselves with Elijah Craig Small Batch 1789, a Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (47% ABV), by the Elijah Craig Distillery Co., out of Bardstown, Kentucky. Some of the lads might have even indulged a bit too much (we're not gonna name any names, but the initials of...


Ep. 86 - Special guest Hollie Harper, movie and theater closures, Dewar's whisky

It's Episode 86, and do we have one for the books! We have the writer/comedian/actress & comedy powerhouse Hollie Harper join us for some shenanigans! And boy, do we shenanigan! We talk about the movie theater and Broadway closures, movie release/filming delays, badly behaved children, Age of Adaline, and much more, in this 2-hour extravaganza. Also, we sample Hollie's favorite, Dewar's whisky, by John Dewar & Sons Ltd., out of Perthshire, Scotland. So, tune in, grab a wee dram of Dewar's,...


Ep. 85 - Beer, beer, and more beer! (Part II)

In Episode 85 we conclude our two-part beer extravaganza, "Beer, beer, and more beer!" We delve into the new WWE viewing format, more British reality shows, pitched ideas of a Joe Exotic/Donald Trump reality show, and, of course, reviewed the last 3 of 6 beers in this beer fest! Sean reviewed Paper Umbrella, a 4.5% ABV, 38 IBU IPA (by the Goose Island Beer Company, Chicago IL), Tomo reviewed Steve Austin's Broken Skull, a 6.7% ABV, 67 IBU IPA (by the El Segundo Brewing Company, El Segundo...


Ep. 84 - Beer, beer, & more beer! (Part I)

We're back, and we're bringing you an end of summer treat! In Episode 84, the title says it all. We are reviewing 6 beers over the course of two episodes, so take notes, buy the beers, and treat yourself to the end of the summer of 2020! We talk about the new season of Dancing With The (so called) Stars, British reality shows that have come to the U.S., car importing procedures in Denmark, Mos Def (aka Yasiin Bey, American rapper/actor/singer/activist), and the first three beers, of course!...


Ep. 83 - 2020 Presidential candidates, Presidente Cerveza

The lads go deep diving into the 2020 presidential candidates. DT and JB? No, not those, they get all the attention. We explored the unsung heroes of the presidential candidates: the maybes and the WTFs (we're looking at you, Kanye). And we had the one and only Anthony Colon (singer, actor, and socialite) to help us in this endeavor. We also reviewed Presidente Cerveza, a lovely 5% ABV pilsner out of the Dominican Republic (except it's brewed in ST. Louis, Missouri?!?). Well, "we" doesn't...


Ep. 82 - VelociPastor, Blue Point Summer Ale, & Special Guest Matt Provenza (Part 2)

We conclude our breakdown of VelociPastor in this latest installment, episode 82. The lads and NYC actor & filmmaker, Matt Provenza, give you their take on this viral hit, and give you their grades for the Blue Point Brewing Company's Summer Ale (4.5% ABV, 19 IBU). Tune in for the rest of the shenanigans, because if there is one thing we do right, it's shenanigans. Cheers!!!


Ep. 81 - VelociPastor, Blue Point Summer Ale, & Special Guest Matt Provenza (Part 1)

It's Episode 81, and as promised, we are back with our review of VelociPastor! This low-budget, viral comedy-horror is chock full of greatness! In fact, there were so many great scenes and story lines, it took us almost two hours to break everything down, so we split VelociPastor into two parts. We also sample Blue Point Brewing Company's Summer Ale, a nice 4.5% ABV brew that will quench your thirst. And last but not least, we have special a guest, NYC actor and filmmaker Matt Provenza, who...


Ep. 80 - Florida Man, NuJuice IPA

We're back on track, and in Episode 80, we are examining the phenomenon known as "Florida Man". Why do the men from this state seem to be the most creative headline-makers around? We dive in, and try to find out. Also, we sample NuJuice IPA, a lovely 6.0% ABV, 30 IBU brew by Southern Tier Brewing Company, out of Lakewood, New York. So, get yourselves some beverages, queue us up, and enjoy. Cheers!!!


Ep. 79 - Ancient Aliens & UFOs, Bengali IPA (Part 2)

We conclude our deep dive into Ancient Aliens with Episode 79, where we still go off on tangents, really enjoy the Bengali IPA (and give you our grades for said IPA), and find out that The Quig has an amazing Zoom talent, that can be very handy if you are stuck in a long and boring meeting (or podcast). Tune in, have a few drinks, and enjoy the shenanigans. Also, watch the whole episode on our YouTube channel! Cheers!!!


Ep. 78 - Ancient Aliens & UFOs, Bengali IPA (Part 1)

Episode 78 is here, and it is a doozy! We go plunging into the rabbit hole that is Ancient Aliens and UFOs, which of course leads us on many tangents, and makes this a two-part episode. We also sample Bengali IPA. This as an outstanding 6.6% ABV, 66 IBU IPA done by the fine folks at Sixpoint Brewery out of Brooklyn, New York. It's probably so good because aliens told them how to make it. Cheers!!!


Ep. 77 - Play That Tune, Badunkeldonk by Manskirt Brewing

So here is another pre-quarantine recorded episode, Episode 77! Here, we stretch the boundaries of entertainment, and regale you with a live recorded competition (sorta). The lads play the popular British board game, Play That Tune! And wait, it gets better: we play the songs, that are given to us by the game, using kazoos! Now, if you're thinking "THIS IS PODCASTING GOLD", we are in total agreement with you. We also review a nice dunkelweizen ale by the name of Badunkeldonk (5.5% ABV, 14...


Ep. 76 - Goop Laboratory, Wine Barrel Aged Three Philosophers, Kate McLeod

This week, we're coming to you with an audio-only episode, that was recorded before the covid-19 sequestrations. However, we more than make up for it by having a very special guest. Actor, comedian, writer, and lady after our own hearts, Kate McLeod (!!!) joins us for Episode 76, in which we discuss the first episode(titled, "The Healing Trip") of Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Laboratory on Netflix. We also sample Wine Barrel Aged Three Philosophers, a delicious Belgian Quadrupel by Ommegang...


Ep. 75 - Tiger King (Part 2), homemade cocktails

In Episode 75, we conclude our trip down the rabbit hole that is Netflix's Tiger King. Opinions were had (some stronger than others), Sean danced (sort of), and various spirits were consumed. We hope we were able to analyze and break down this documentary series for you all in a clear and (in)coherent manner. Thank you, Wild Turkey 101, Jameson Black Barrel, and Traveler's Club Gin for getting us through this marathon. And as always, thanks for tuning in! Cheers!!! P.S. And catch the videos...


Ep. 74 - Tiger King (Part 1), homemade cocktails

Episode 74 is here, and in these crazy times, we couldn't help but go down the crazy rabbit hole that is Netflix's Tiger King. In the first part of a two-episode trip, we try to simplify all the crazy that is the Tiger King, but at the same time, we embrace the crazy with our quarantine homemade cocktails, from a straight bourbon on the rocks, to a very questionable cocktail. So tune in, strap in, and ride this crazy train with us! Cheers!!!


Ep. 73 - The 2020 WGOH Best Tournament - Spielberg Movies - Final Rounds

Episode 73 is here! And we are concluding our 2020 WGOH Best Tournament - Spielberg movies! Who wins the title? According to our listeners, it's Jaws. Tune in to hear and see (on YouTube) who made the final cut! We also reviewed Brooklyn Lager, a 5.2% ABV lager by the Brooklyn Brewery, and had a grand ol' time with our countdown. Our thanks to everyone that participated in voting, Brooklyn Brewery for brewing tasty beers, and everyone for tuning in. You guys are the best, and the reason we...


Ep. 72 - The 2020 WGOH Best Tournament - Spielberg Movies

It's here! Our annual homage to brackets, this is the 2020 WGOH Best Tournament - Spielberg movies. We analyze Steven Spielberg's top 16 movies (by their U.S. adjusted gross income), seed them, and then determine which ones go on to the next round. We also review the Bel Air Sour, a 5.8% ABV sour with an IBU of 14. By the way, because there is this whole Covid-19 issue, we did this episode remotely, and there is video. If you want to see us, as well as hear us, head over to our YouTube...


Ep. 71, Cooking With Paris, The Local Stout

Here it is! Episode 71, where we discussed Paris Hilton's cooking show, Cooking with Paris. This isn't a set-up for a joke, or the title of a sitcom. This is real. Tomo might have been a little angry over this show. And what we've concluded about this show might be the realest thing we've done. We also sample The Local Stout, a 5.5% ABV stout brewed by Ship Bottom Brewery, out of Beach Haven, New Jersey. So follow us down this rabbit hole, we think you might enjoy it. Cheers!!!


Ep. 70, Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker, Negroni

And here we are! A new episode for 2020, with a new team, and a new format! In Episode 70, we introduce our new team member, Andrew Albigese, and break down our topic for the episode, Star Wars IX: The Rise Of Skywalker. And Andrew worked himself into the show seamlessly, as we knew he would! We also reviewed a negroni, that classic Christmas cocktail, using a recipe by Jamie Oliver. A simple, yet absolutely delicious, cocktail. Along the way, tangents galore, as we normally do, and lots of...


Ep. 69 - Haunting On Fraternity Row, BJ's Grand Cru

After a really long break, we're back with Episode 69!!! And it is the appropriately numbered episode, being that we review the collegiate horror film known as Haunting On Fraternity Row. The Quig, for the sake of bringing himself closer to our audience, approached the review in a novel way. We delve into the creation of this movie and conclude that maybe a major telecomm giant is the monetary backer here, touch on 7-Eleven hot dogs, and sample Grand Cru, a 10% ABV Belgian Golden Ale by BJ's...


Ep. 68 - Fyre, Fyre Fraud, Artisan Orchard Pineapple Cider

For Episode 68, we decided on an episode that has batshit crazy all over it, so we reviewed the two documentaries about the Fyre Festival. Netflix's Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened and Hulu's Fyre Fraud had very distinct undertones from each other, but they both led to the inevitable conclusion: young people, with way more money than sense, are stupid. Also, we sampled Artisan Orchard Pineapple Cider (6% ABV). Problem is, it's actually an apple cider with pineapple juice in it,...