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044 Games and Fetishes

The Gang’s all here this week. We talk about Megan’s birthday shenanigans, Bash’s big wedding event, and what’s to come on the podcast. Would we want to participate in The Purge? Who would be on our list? We play the “Gay-ducation of Megan.” We have an eye-opening talk about fetishes. And we talk about our must-watch TV shows. The band this week is Big Dipper and his song ”LaCroix Boi.” Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan Schaeffer http://soundcloud.com/evanschaeffer. Tony’s Click this...


043 Once Upon a Scream

Horror and Disney?? The perfect combo! Mikey and Ben from the “Once Upon A Scream” podcast call in from across the pond to talk all things horror and all things Disney! We play a round of Disney Villian vs. Classic Horror Villain. Who will win the Battle Royale? Also, what do Britney and Cinderella’s fairy godmother have in common? Which movies scared us as kids? And much, much more. The Band this week is the pop princess herself, Britney Spears. Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan...


042 Kickxy Vixen-Styles

We geek out this week with San Diego’s very own cosplay nerd by day, drag queen by night, Kickxy Vixen-Styles! She drops in to hang out with the gang to talk all about her cosplaying drag looks, comic books, action figures and much, much more. Check out some of Kickxy’s amazing looks on her Instagram. We play a round of local queens “F**k, Marry, Kill” with Kickxy. Will she get her revenge on our Mariam T?! We get Thirsty this week! We end the show with the “Queen of Soul” Aretha...


041 London Calling

Bash calls in from London to tell us about his trip to the UK and Italy, what he thought of the food, and what should or shouldn't be on a pizza! We learn a little about "Mr. Adams." We discuss the PBS documentary "San Diego's Gay Bar History," and even if you are not in San Diego, you really need to check it out as it reveals what the bar scene was like through the years. Oh how times have changed! Then we also get into what TV shows need to come back and which cartoons should be made...


040 Hyper Queening with Arielle Conversi

Comedian and Hyper Queen, Arielle Conversi, joins the gang this week. We chat about her comedy and living in Australia. We get into a discussion with Arielle and Mariam T about the different types of drag, what is a bio queen, and what their first experience was like doing stand up. We talk about Hannah Gadsby’s comedy special on Netflix, “Nanette.” If you have not seen it yet, watch it. You will need tissues! We reveal our fave podcasts, like “Last Podcast on the Left,” “Lore,” “TANIS,”...


039 We're Nobody of Importance

Tony's gay(er) twin brother Manny joins us. We talk sex with an intense quiz game in "It's science with Rob." We also learn what you should be eating based on your zodiac sign, get into Gay Days at Disneyland, and chat with the cast and director of Coronado Playhouse's current musical "A Man of No Importance" running July 20 - Aug 26, 2018 on Coronado Island. Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan Schaeffer http://soundcloud.com/evanschaeffer.


038 Jaymes Mansfield!

Jaymes Mansfield (Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 9) calls in to dish about RPDR and how she got started in drag in Milwaukee, WI! The gang is also joined by our girl Mariam T and our friend, Eric, who enlightens us on the gay nudist culture and day spas. We all play a ComicCon version of “F**k, Marry, or Kill,” and Mariam T plays a special round of FMK about her local San Diego drag sisters! And much more. The Band this week is American rapper, singer, songwriter and fashion stylist Brooke...


037 Girl Gotta Eat!

Mariam T is co-hosting with the gang. We catch you up on The Finest City Improv’s “Lip Sync Battle” contest hosted by Mariam herself with Tony B as one of the judges! Then we dive right into a discussion on food glorious FOOD! What would be your last meal? The gang chats about San Diego’s upcoming Pride, the TV show “Pose,” and then we play a round of “F**k, Marry, or Kill” Disneyland ride addition. Which would you kill off? The band this week is from the brothers Darren and Chuck Criss,...


036 Dr. Bo Knows!

Hillcrest’s own chiropractor, health and wellness expert, and thirst trap, Dr. Boris Cicak D.C. (“Dr. Bo”), hangs out with the gang! We learn all about what to look for and expect from a chiropractor, how to shed those pounds for Pride, we get the 411 on the Keto Diet everyone is doing, we learn his secrets on how to cheat on Keto, and we ask the very important question, “How many showers do you take a day?” (There’s a drought, bitches!). Oh and, laaaadieees… he’s single! The band this...


035 Pandas & Porn

The very sexy Eddie Danger is back with us, and this time he is in San Diego and co-hosting for the week! We go deep into the porn industry (NSFW). We talk about “masc” and “fem” and what it means to us. Does Rupaul’s Drag Race need to kick it up a notch or maybe just a spin off? We get personal with Eddie on his dating life and much, much more!! The Band this week went a little dark, but he is one of our favorites, Marilyn Manson and “Tainted Love.” Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan...


034 Pride48 LIVE

It’s a live streaming Pride48 event. The gang records the episode live on pride48.com while the listeners respond by the chatroom. Bash is in San Francisco Pride, so Jesse from Finest City Improve joins us again. We talk about their upcoming "Impride: Lip Synch Battle Brunch" on July 8, hosted by podcast favorite Mariam T! If you are in San Diego, be sure to check it out. Visit https://www.finestcityimprov.com/upcoming-shows/ for info and contact Finest City Improv, if you want to compete...


033 How's the tea?

The family is all back together! Bash and Tony talk about Weho pride. We find out where Megan has been. The gang vists their TV addiction by playing a game of guessing the retro TV show by its theme song! We also play a Pride round of "The Gayducation of Megan." Tony makes the gang listen to a shockingly hilarious video (How would you respond??) We find out what goes through Bash's mind every day after work. We introduce a new segment called "Bash's Bash," and finish it all off with The...


032 Gossip Grill

The gang is joined by two of Hillcrest's favorite bartenders, Darcy and Justin from Gossip Grill, Southern California’s only 7-days-a-week, Nicky Award winning, women’s bar. They talk about bar culture, bar horror stories, and much more! They also get into a passionate Carol of the week. The Band this week is an all time favorite, the three-piece American indie rock band "Gossip" and their song ”Move in the Right Direction” Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan Schaeffer...


031 They’re Baaack!

She’s back! Mariam T guest hosts again this week. We chat about drag queens, drag kings, and all other types of drag. Will there be a Drag Legends TV show? There should be! We also reminisce about our first time in a gay bar. Then Jennie Connard from OB Playhouse is also back with us! She and the cast chat about their upcoming musical, “Hair,” which runs through July 1. The band this week is the funk, soul, spoken word, hip-hop rock band “Tank and the Bangas.” Check them out on iTunes....


030 Donald Trump is a Tinkerbell

It’s a game-filled episode! We continue the “Gay-ducation of Megan” by introducing her to gay slang. We also try a new segment called “It’s Science with Rob.” Well not really science; just some fetishes. The gang also chats about Gay Days at Disneyland, RuPaul’s new show on Netflix, Aids Life Cycle’s team The Bearded Ladies, and Out at the Fair. The band of the week is the cool, weird and fun metal group BabyMetal from Japan. A fascinating collision of kawaii, J-pop and heavy metal. You...


029 Eddie Danger!

Hey Qween model, dancer, musician, and poet Eddie Danger calls in to chat. We talk about life as a gogo-boy, Hey Qween, life in DC and more! The gang also gets into the royal wedding, anal drinking, and vajazzling. The band of the week is the super talented, fun, American musical and comedy duo, Superfruit! Look them up on Instagram. Listen to them on iTunes, Spotify and their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/sup3rfruit Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan Schaeffer...


028 Being gay, gay, gay, gay with Fagsy Malone!

Fagsy Malone from "Straight Talk with Ross Mathews" and "It's a Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay Podcast" calls in to chat about his podcasts, celebrity stories, RuPaul's Drag Con 2018, farts, and much more! The band of the week is the pop punk band from LA, The Dollyrots (obsessed with them!). Check them out on iTunes and follow them on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/thedollyrots/?hl=en Theme music: “Around the Bend” by Evan Schaeffer http://soundcloud.com/evanschaeffer. The Click: Tony’s Click...


027 Xylophone Porn and ImPRIDE

This week we have the Theater Director of San Diego’s Finest City Improv, Jesse Suphan, hanging out with us! Jesse tells the gang all about Impride, the first ever Improv Festival focused on celebrating the contributions of LGBTQ comedians. Impride is a San Diego Pride sponsored event and the proceeds go to benefit San Diego Pride’s youth arts programs, so you definitely want to check it out. The gang also chats about condoms and porn stars, what to do with the SD stadium, and how rugby...


026 Funny lady Sarah Burford!

San Diego’s funniest lesbian comedian, Sarah Burford, joins the gang this week! Sarah discusses how she got started in comedy, her inspirations, what it’s like to grow up with a gay dad and a Christian mother, and a lot more. The gang wonders if they would all survive the zombie apocalypse, Bash takes a trip to the shooting range, and Tony hangs out at Urban Mo’s for the The Dream Girls Revue. Music pick this week is the Glam Skanks, an all-female rock 'n' roll band from Los Angeles!...


025 Hey, Qween! It's Jonny McGovern

The Gay Pimp himself, Jonny McGovern (YouTube's "Hey Qween" and "Hot T," Logo TV's "The Big Gay Sketch Show"), calls in to spill some T with the gang! We kiki over RuPaul's Drag Race, Hey Qween, and his upcoming tour with burlesque icon, Dita Von Teese. We also discuss if Bash needs rehab, Megan gets ready for the Stagecoach Festival, and we try a new segment called the "Gay-ducation of Megan." "Hey Qween": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCStjBZ-91yduQVNtsBkjgJQ "Hot T with Jonny...