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A new podcast companion to the blog site, Why Everything Sucks. Dedicated to things that suck.

A new podcast companion to the blog site, Why Everything Sucks. Dedicated to things that suck.
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A new podcast companion to the blog site, Why Everything Sucks. Dedicated to things that suck.






Dating Apps Suck

So... you want to find yourself a good boy or girl? You think you are going to find someone special through one of those fancy dating apps? Well, the person on the other end might be playing you. They might be some psycho trucker with murderous intent or maybe 10 ducks dressed as a human. How would you know? How do you protect yourself? We don't have all the answers but we sure do know that dating apps suck!


Episode 19 Fortnite

Fortnite – the most popular game in the world. A 100 player battle royale where the winner gets to eat their chicken dinner and the losers get to suffer through their indignation! What could possibly be wrong with a game this popular? A game that you can play on nearly any device from the pc, to the xbox, to the switch, to your microwave oven – probably. Yet, the game has become a fragmented mess with different play styles, different people believing the game has deviated from the original...


Episode 18: Smashing Heads Podcast

This week I sit down with Jake and Zac of Smashing Heads Podcast and ask them about their podcast. We delve into how they started, their plans, how they prepare and what type of advice they have for people looking to start. It is a candid and humorous look into the production and the birth of a podcast. With their rising popularity and their incredible attitudes it was a pleasure to have them on the podcast. This is a can't miss episode!


Fantasy Leagues Sucks!

Fantasy Sports is the biggest form of gambling in the United States! Every year people come up with obscene, sometimes witty, but mostly stupid names for their shitty fantasy teams. They get riled up about trying to get their team to win. They forget their own favorite teams and cheer on players they should hate. They do it all in the name of possibly winning some money -- but mostly because they ignore the fact they are going to lose most of the time. Friendships will be broken! Tears...


Episode 16: Continuing Education

Mike and Jeff discuss the benefits and pitfalls of continuing education in the workforce. The issues trying to navigate through education requirements to maintain a license in various states for various jobs. The ability for jobs to put undue pressure on employees to attend their own continuing education seminars vs. third party seminars. And whether learning outside your scope of practice is a benefit to your job.


Episode 14: Amazon Prime Day

We talk about why Amazon Prime Day has become the worst shopping holiday in the year. As a consumer, you might find a couple good deals, but sorting through the rest is like looking for a rare item at Goodwill. You might stumble across a couple good deals, but most of the time it is going to be crap! Cheap Chinese crap that a modern day Lex Luthor is trying to pawn off as a discount. Through the use of manipulated and inflated MSRP and convincing people that Prime Day will have the best...


Episode 12 Webcomics

This week Mike and Jeff explore the art (or lack of it) of webcomics. That ever present and often times very mundane expression of creativity on the internet. We pull from past examples of both good and bad comics, and explain why trying to make another Penny Arcade is probably the stupidest thing you can do on the internet. We also talk about ways to improve your webcomic if you choose to create one.


Episode 11 Travel Sucks.

A humorous look at why traveling, international and domestic, sucks for everyone involved and the challenges of it all. We look at the logistics of travels, from planning to actual action and how things can go wrong. We discuss humorous tales from trips to Japan, Mexico, and even car trips with kids and why licking walls is bad idea. We also get back to the weekly news where Ohio makes two appearances with hilarious escapades abound. Grab a glass of wine, sit back, and enjoy another episode...


Episode 10 Role Playing Games Part 2

We talk about the future of role playing games, including the use of machine learning and neural networks to create a game master for use during gaming sessions. This week we also have a special interview with Austin Chaet -- a programmer who works in cyber security, neuroscience, and machine learning. He answers some questions as the conversation turns from gaming to deeper philosophical questions. All with a little humor thrown in for good measure.


Why Everything Sucks Episode 9 -- Role Playing Games Part 1 and Shitty News

This week we look at part one of two about role playing games, comparing tabletop/pen and paper vs. computer/console rpgs. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each and why a person might find one appealing over the other. We also look at the news for the week focusing on reptiles that knock people out and a man who really would like to press his luck. Come listen to us explore the world that sucks.


Why Everything Sucks Episode 7 -- Entertainment Value Part 1

We talk about the value of entertainment. We focus on movies and going to a theater alone, with a significant other, and with your family and the value proposition they raise. We cover some proposed solutions to the troubles as well. It is a thought provoking and well thought out look at the entertainment industry.


Why Everything Sucks Episode 8 -- Entertainment Value Part 2

Part 2 of our discussion on the value of entertainment. We focus on the aspects of going to a sporting event for a family and how teams influence the price of tickets. We discuss some solutions that teams have come up with as well and why bad teams may be the best value in sports. We also introduce a new segment "The News that Sucks" where we talk about some of the stupidest news of the past week. So sit back and enjoy the show.


Why Everything Sucks Episode 6 -- Scams Part 2

We conclude the two part episode by looking at different types of scams and talking about ways to prevent becoming a victim.


WES Episode 5 -- Scam Artists Part 1

This week we delve into something incredibly sucky -- scam artists and con men. This is part one of a series and focuses on our own experiences.


WES Displaced Sports Fans, New Co-Host

Introducing a new co-host and talking about what it is like to be a sports fan in an out of market area. General sports talk takes place as well.


WES Episode 3 -- Why, Why Everything Sucks?

Without a co-host I talk about the goals of the blog and podcast and the future of it all.


WES Episode 1| Introduction| Cord Cutting

We give a brief introduction to what the podcast is, then we talk about why cord cutting isn't what it is made out to be.