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With No Due Respect S01E07 (Mail Order Brides in Disney)

Back after a two week hiatus and man do we have some wacky info for you. Join us this week as we discuss the rigors of the "Disney Family Trip" and some of the ins and outs of how that park system makes its Scrooge McDuck money. Then we completely flip as one of us fell down an online dating hole and found them self in a mail order bride situation! With No Due Respect S01E07 (Mail Order Brides in Disney)


With No Due Respect S01E06 (End of Year Cast)

Welp, 2018 is gone and done with, but before the clock strikes midnight, join us as we discuss a few topics that caught our attention this year. What do you remember, and what did you miss? Cloned primates walk the earth and the Colin Kaepernick saga continues....This week on the "End of Year Cast" With No Due Respect S01E06 (End of Year Cast) SHOW NOTES: Primate Cloning Article

With No Due Respect S01E05 (Tin Foil Hat Cast Part 2)

Every had a run in with Military Police at the gates of Area 51? One of us has. What's really going on in there? Aliens? High Tech Weaponry? Who are these people and what are they doing? Join us this week on Part Two of the Tin Foil Hat Cast as we investigate the mysteries and conspiracy theories surrounding .AREA 51. TIP: Don't run out of gas in the middle of the desert while being pursued by a government vehicle. With No Due Respect S01E05 (Tin Foil Hat Cast Part 2) SHOW...


With No Due Respect S01E04 (Tin Foil Hat Cast Part 1)

Government spying on you? Using you as bait to start a war? Poisoning your meds and giving you the latest popular disease? You'd better believe it. Strap on your tin foil hat and follow us down the rabbit hole this week as we delve into some insane conspiracy theories that actually turned out to be true! With No Due Respect S01E04 (Tin Foil Hat Cast Part 1) for listeners interested in the article on the Gulf of Tonkin


With No Due Respect S01E03 (Idiomania)

Episode 3 and we're off on the right foot, getting down to brass tacks this week on idioms and idiomatic language. Make no bones about it, you may actually learn something, least we crack you up but I promise, we're not blowing smoke up your ass. Find out the origin and etymology of some of your favorite phrases on this weeks episode "Idiomania" With No Due Respect S01E03 (Idiomania)


With No Due Respect S01E02 (AlphaCast)

Well, we made it to EPISODE 2!!! Now that's ALPHA! wait what? What the hell does ALPHA even mean? Think you have all of the answers because you're a raw meat eating, beard toting, hairy chested woman? Think again! Find out where you fit in on this weeks episode - The AlphaCast "With No Due Respect" S01E02 (The AlphaCast)


With No Due Respect S01 E01 (Alien Abductions)

Welcome to the first episode of "With No Due Respect". Join us as we broach the ever stimulating topic of Alien Abductions. Does that ish really happen? or Na? Let's see if we can make some sense of it or at very least giggle our way through an hour of "probing" jokes. "With No Due Respect" S01E01 (Alien Abductions)