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How to Be Productive, Rich and Funny with Josh Lanzet

I sat down with the very funny and talented Josh Lanzet. Josh is a fellow high tech comedian. He works at Google, does stand up, and creates his own content. In this conversation we chat about outsourcing work to virtual assistants when you're way too busy, Josh's personal organization system, a meticulous approach to maximizing effectiveness of open mics, balancing a high tech job with comedy, and overcoming creative resistance. P.S. Sorry it's been a long time for me. Lately I have been...


Episode 52: Auggie Smith (Big Sky Comedy Festival)

I recently had a great conversation with Auggie Smith who is one of the producers of Montana's Big Sky Comedy Festival, a touring headliner, and the only person to win both the Seattle AND San Francisco International Comedy Festivals in the same year. In this episode, Auggie talks about what it's like being a headliner, gives some tips on getting into competitions, shares his perspective on comedy today, talks about how Big Sky works and much more! Enjoy!


Episode 51: Jr De Guzman, Musical Comedy and Traveling the World

In this episode we talk about traveling the world doing comedy, the power to make money, how opportunities domino, and much more!


Episode 50: Sarah Keller, Roast Battle Producer and Asking For Opportunity

Hi Everyone, In this interview, I sit down with Sarah Keller! Sarah is an actress, comedian and the producer of the "Roast Battle" live comedy show at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles. What started as a show hidden away in the Comedy Store's famous "Belly Room," Roast Battle has become a world-wide phenomenon. Since the inception of this show, roast battling now exists across the world and has informed the popular Comedy Central's Roast Battle show. We talk about what it takes to run Roast...


Episode 49: Usama Siddiquee, Getting Passed at the Cellar and Bringing Charisma to Comedy

Hey everyone! I'm finally back in LA. While I was in New York, I had the opportunity to sit down with the very funny and charismatic Usama Siddiquee. Usama is a bit famous in NY for his incredible comedy hustle. At one point, he was hitting 28+ mics/shows PER week. That's four per night and more than anyone else in NY (and probably the country?). Usama was featured in Just For Laugh's and was recently passed at the Comedy Cellar. One thing I really admire about Usama is his incredible...


Episode 48: Curtis Cook (Jim Jefferies Show & Comedian) and Joke Politics

Hi Working Comic Fans, I know I have been sparsely posting, but I am still at it. I am probably going to do less than one podcast per week, but I am definitely not dropping the ball here. I've been travelling a lot and prepping my tech roast show "Socially Inept." I had a really cool interview with TV Show Writer & Comedian Curtis Cook. We start out talking about how Curtis got into comedy and segue into an interesting tangent on comedy politics. We spend most of the episode talking about...


Episode 47: Devin Field (Late Night Writer, UCB Main Stage, & Comedy Central Stand Up)

In this episode, I interview Devin Field. Devin is like a comedy "jack of all trades" - he writes for Jimmy Kimmel Live, performs on a coveted UCB Main Stage Team in LA, and is great stand up comic with a 30 minute comedy central special. Most people (myself included) complain about the difficulty of excelling in multiple areas of comedy at once, yet Devin is a walking testament that IT IS POSSIBLE.


Episode 46: Tyler Smith and The Dope Show

Hi Working Comic Fans, Sorry for the craaaazy delay. I've been MIA for about a month now. For the last three weeks of May I was travelling Europe with my girlfriend because I'm a monogamous wealthy jew and THEN I had three Socially Inept roast shows in a row. We had one big show at Cobb's Comedy Club in San Francisco on June 6th followed by two great shows in Los Angeles on June 13th and 14th. Anyway - back to business - in this episode, I interviewed Tyler Smith, the producer of the "Dope...


Episode 45: Biniam Bizuneh on Working with Comedy Central and Mastering Social Media

In this interview we learn how Biniam applies his social media marketing skills to his comedy career. He used to work for MakerStudios, a huge company that grew influencers and social media stars and connected them with corporate sponsors/brand deals. We also talk about his personal comedy career and how he got in with Comedy Central! I learned a lot and think this information is super practical to the modern comic. Bio: Ben Bizuneh's stand up was recently featured on Comedy Central. Ben...


Episode 44: Caleb Synan on Just For Laughs and working under pressure

I had a great interview with Caleb Synan last week. We chatted about his experience doing Conan, his philosophy regarding high pressure performing situations, his incredible 'Just for Laughs' experience, mastering social media and much more. Bio: Caleb Synan is one of the hottest young comics in the country. (Funny AND good looking!) His unique background as a preacher’s kid from a small southern town gives him the ability to relate to any and every crowd -- even though he’s a big old...


Episode 43: Paige Weldon (Producing an Album, Podcasting, Progressing as a comic)

Awesome interview with comedian Paige Weldon! We chat about starting out at UCLA doing comedy, producing a comedy album, doing a late night set, a day in the life of a comic, performing at colleges, podcasting, balancing your life, and MORE. Paige Weldon is a writer, actor and comedian based in LA. You may know her stand-up from appearances on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring, or her album Girlfriend at the Time from A Special Thing/Literally Figurative...


Episode 42: Erik Escobar, Mexipino Road Comic

I had a great chat with Erik Escobar last week. Erik is a working comic based in LA who does a lot of road work in the Pacific Northwest. He has been seen in Last Comic Standing and a handful of Buzzfeed videos. In this interview, we talk about hetting into NACA and doing colleges, stand up comedy strategy, getting Road gigs and more!


Episode 41: Sammy Obeid, Comedian and Mathematician

This week I interviewed comedian, mathematician, and (unofficial) world record breaker for doing the most consecutive nights of comedy shows in a row. Sammy is incredibly talented and has a very unique set of skills. His math major background clearly influences his humor and the projects he chooses. I really love the amount of emphasis Sammy places on taking care of one's physical and mental health - two things often overlooked by busy comedians. We talk about a ton of great things during...


Episode 40: Neel Nanda (Getting on TV Without An Agent)

I had such an insightful interview this past Tuesday with Neel Nanda. After I made him an atrocious unsweetened coconut milk latte, we got to chatting. In this interview we cover headlining and selling out, finding your niche audience, getting on TV without an agent, transitioning out of open mics and into shows, and MUCH MORE. This interview is jam packed with incredibly helpful content. Bio: Starting comedy in Atlanta, GA and now based in Los Angeles, Neel Nanda has performed all over the...


Episode 39: Sierra Katow (From CS50 to TV)

I recently had a great interview with Sierra Katow! Taken from her bio: She first began performing standup at 16 and was the youngest comedian featured on season 9 of Last Comic Standing on NBC. Her standup was also featured on Last Call with Carson Daly, Laughs on Fox, and Acting Out on MTV. Her festival credits include the Seattle Int'l Comedy Competition, Boston Comedy Festival, the Women in Comedy Festival, the LA IO West Comedy Festival, the Comedy Comedy Festival, the Women In Comedy...


Episode 38: Mekki Leeper, From College to White House

Hi Working Comic Fans, In this episode, I interviewed the very funny and talented Mekki Leeper. He's only 24 and he's tearing up the comedy game. His standup has been featured on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Just For Laughs: New Faces, Comedy Central’s Up Next, and he was named a Comedian You Should Know by Vulture in 2018. He also wrote for the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner. In this episode we talk about some really cool stuff such as dropping out of college to pursue...


Episode 37: Morgan Jay, The RnB Comedian

Hello Working Comic Fans, In this episode, I had the pleasure to sit down with RnB Comedian Morgan Jay. Morgan has been doing comedy for 11 years and musical comedy for 5. He’s performed at the 2017 SF Sketchfest, 2017/2018 Big Fire Festival, 2010 Iowa Comedy Festival, 2010 LA Comedy Festival. He won 1st Prize at the 2012 Santa Monica Comedy Fest, 1st Prize in the 2018 Ventura Comedy Festival and was 1st Runner up at the 2018 Boston Comedy Festival. Morgan is a regularly featured artist for...


Episode 36: Eric Moneypenny (How he became a Professional Comedy Writer)

Hi everyone, I've finally returned! This is a super fun interview. I met with Eric Moneypenny, a professional comedy writer who currently writes for AOK. You might remember him from Episode 2 with Gina Ippolito when she recommended that aspiring sketch writers take his class at the Pack Theater in LA. I took his class and got a chance to sit down with him. We chatted about a ton of stuff including choosing your comedy focus, transitioning from stand up to writing, his Saturday Night Live...


Episode 35: Michael Longfellow (Conan, Laughing Skull, TBS Comics to Watch)

I am going to be a bit slow over the holidays with releases. I've stepped down to one every other week for the time being as I am home on the east coast. In this interview, I chatted with Michael Longfellow! Michael is 24 and has already been on Conan, placed 2nd in Laughing Skull comedy festival, helps run Arizona's Big Pine Festival, was a TBS Comic to Watch, and can be seen on Hidden America with Jonah Ray. In this interview we touch on: getting into comedy, not joining a frat, college...


Episode 34: Amy Miller on Marketing, Festivals, and Success

Hi Working Comics Fans, this interview is one of the most beneficial I've had in a while. I learned SO much about marketing, applying to festivals, and structuring my comedy life. This is definitely going to be one of the top listened to episodes. I interviewed Amy Miller. Amy is a fast-rising talent on the West Coast and national scene. Originally from Oakland, California Amy found her comedy chops in the Bay Area and is still a regular at the SF Punch Line and Cobb’s Comedy Club. After a...