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Episode 16: "Sometimes I Snoop" with Giulia Rozzi

Giuilia Rozzi joins us to talk about her bad habit of snooping through her friends things. It comes from a place of love though, don't worry. We answer a listener email about secret baking at the office and more. Giulia Rozzi is a comedian and co-host of the podcast Hopefully We Don't Break Up. She has appeared on Chelsea Lately, Girl Code, and This Is Not Happening. You can follow her at @GiuliaRozzi.


Episode 15: He Stole Thousands From a Catholic School Concession Stand with Geoffrey Asmus

Geoffrey admits to stealing thousands of dollars from his Catholic School and they discuss the idea of a intrinsic moral compass. Do two wrongs make a right? Also, why do people torture small animals? We also return with another round of Taylor Swift Lyric or Internet Poetry. Geoffrey Asmus was featured in the Just For Laughs New Faces and has performed at Limestone Comedy Festival, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, and won the Funniest Person in Madison contest in 2015. Follow him on...


Episode 14: "I Stole A F***ing Toy From My Friend" with Yoni Lotan

Yoni divulges how he stole his best friend's toy and learned to find his moral compass on his own accord. He also has a bonus confession about living with OCD and they discuss how they cope with change and their need for control. They also play a game based on teen magazine confessions. Yoni Lotan is an improvisor, actor, and comedian and has been featured at the Just For Laughs festival and will appear on the upcoming Netflix show Russian Dolls. You can find him at @Yonitime.


Episode 12: "I'm Really Into the World of Slime" with Barbara Gray

In this episode, Barbara Gray admits to her sort of secret obsession with internet slime videos. She's spent over $100 on slime and discusses why they calm her down. They also talk about Teresa's spontaneous impulse to go to church and give their thoughts on Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's whirlwind engagement. They play a game of Wow Wow Vows about celebrity wedding vows. Barbara Gray is the co-host of the Lady 2 Lady podcast and has appeared on Comedy Central's "Corporate" and Hulu's...


Episode 11: "I Didn't Even Need to Lie, I Just Wanted To" with Jacquis Neal

In this episode, Jacquis Neal tells us the real reason he was arrested as a teenager that he never told his family or his girlfriend about. They discuss whether lies are acceptable to tell, Teresa admits to lies of her own, and they play a game about parents lying to their kids. Jacquis Neal is the co-host of the Culture Kings podcast and an improviser and actor in Los Angeles. He's a house team member at Upright Citizen's Brigade and you can catch him regularly performing at the theater....


Episode 10: "I Don't Have a License But I Have Had a Car" with Jamie Loftus

Jamie Loftus admits that she has never had a drivers license despite buying a car and driving it around Los Angeles for over a year. They play a game guessing confessions from different professions - do bankers really have sex in the security vaults? And they talk about juicy college gossip and why walking around is actually very nice. Jamie Loftus is a comedian, writer, and Twitter extraordinaire and co-host of the popular podcast The Bechdel Cast. She wrote the critically acclaimed show...


Episode 9: "I'm a Real Creepy Alone Guy" with Caleb Synan

Caleb Synan lets out his secret of just how creepy he is when he's alone. He talks about online stalking his way into friendship with other comedians and they discuss what it was like growing up with a preacher for a dad. Then they play a game with Yahoo Answers to see what the best answers for mystery questions might be. Caleb Synan has performed on Conan multiple times and was the winner of the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. Originally from Georgia, he lives out in Los Angeles and you...


Episode 8: "The Carmen Effect" with Carmen Angelica

Carmen Angelica admits that she believed she caused 9/11 karmically. They talk about the beauty of discovering new things vs the comfort of tried and true obsessions, delve into Carmen's butterfly effect theory, and play a game of You Had Me At What?, a game of rom com confessions. Carmen Angelica is a comedy writer and performer, known for her work at Cracked and in the series After Hours. She wrote and stars in the short film"Tight Spot", which was a staff pick on Vimeo. She was a...


Episode 7: "I'm a Recovering Conspiracy Theorist" with John Trowbridge

John Trowbridge tells Teresa about his teenage obsession with conspiracy theories and how it led him to almost committing an Illuminati murder. Sort of. They also talk about having a crush on your therapist, why most conspiracy theories end in racism, and how orphanages should be more like Hogwarts. They play a game of Stars, They'll Believe Anything. John Trowbridge is a comedian and producer in New York. He was named a New Face at the Just For Laughs Festival in 2017, has appeared on...


Episode 6: "His First Kiss Never Happened" with Charles Gould

Charles Gould was the first to first kiss in fifth grade, but it was all a lie. He finally reveals the truth behind his first kiss reputation. Teresa and Charles debate if talking shit is good or bad, discuss how to self soothe anxiety, and break down the pros and cons of modern dating habits. Then, they play a game of What is This Youtuber About to Confess? Charles Gould is a standup comic and recent transplant to LA from New York. He has performed standup on Jimmy Kimmel Live and was a...


Episode 5: "I Could Have Been In Avatar" with Christine Medrano

Christine Medrano confesses she constantly wonders what her life would have been like if she hadn't choked up on a children's theater audition. They discuss the "could have been" of Teresa's cheerleading career, their shared habit of writing secret letters addressed to crushes, and play a game to guess the Fast Food Employee Confession. Christine Medrano is a standup comedian who was born and raised in Canada. She has opened for Maria Bamford and Jackie Kashian and for HBO's new Stand...


Episode 4: "I Asked My Friend to Tattoo Barack Obama On My Leg" with James Austin Johnson

James Austin Johnson tells the story of how he got Barack Obama's face tatooed on his upper thigh. They talk about men's fashion choices, growing up in a conservative Christian community, and Teresatests JAJ's knowledge of celebrity confessions. James Austin Johnson is a comedian from Tennessee that has appeared in Future Man on Hulu and Coen Brother's Hail Caesar. He was a New Face at Just For Laughs in 2017 and is the co-host of Rod Stewart Live in Los Angeles every Wednesday night at La...


Episode 3: "Apple Man Was Not an Original Idea" with Ever Mainard

Ever Mainard confesses to stealing a classmate's story idea back in elementary school and winning an award with that idea. She regrets it and has never done it since. They discuss the idea of self taught integrity, the case of the co-worker throwing out someone's lunch, and play a game of "Yes, No, or No Comment". Ever Mainard is a stand-up, actor, writer, improviser, all around funny gal. She won Best Actor Award at Outfest for her exceptional acting in the movie "The Feels" where she...


Episode 2: "The Cult Was Inside You All Along" with Kate Willett

Kate Willett admits to being obsessed with joining a cult for a period of time in her life and they discuss seeking acceptance, early girl crushes, and test how ell they know their apologies in a game of "Was this Lena Dunham or Someone Else?" Kate Willett is a comedian, actress, and writer who recently taped her 15 minute special with Netflix. She's appeared on Comedy Central's This is Not Happening as well as Viceland's Flophouse. She has appeared at festivals all over including Just For...


Episode 1: "I am 1000% Not Innocent" with Edgar Momplaisir

Edgar Momplaisir gets some vital information off his chest about an incident that occurred at his religious college. They also discuss group therapy, being an emotional tampon, and play a game of "Taylor Swift Lyric or Craigslist Poetry". Edgar Momplaisir is an actor, comedian, and writer. He can be seen in Gus Van Sant's upcoming film Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot. He is the cohost of the podcast Culture Kings and is also a house performer at Upright Citizen's Brigade.


You Can Tell Me Anything With Teresa Lee Launching 4/18/18

You want to hear a secret? So does Teresa Lee. That’s why she invited comedians to spill the beans to her about something they want to get off their chest. Whether it’s a story about catfishing a crush, sabotaging a college roommate, or ghosting on an ex - you’ll hear the truth that’s never been heard before. Confessions, rants, apologies, and secrets – Teresa is here to listen to her guests let it all out. Don’t worry, you can tell her anything. Got a secret? Share it with Teresa and...