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#36 Atsuko Okatskua: I Went to A Swing Party on Craigslist

Atsuko Okatsuka (Let's Go Atsuko) tells Teresa about how she got her husband to go with her to swing parties. They talk about getting lonely during the holidays, threesomes, and the need to be good at everything they see. Atsuko Okatsuka is a standup comedian and creator of Disoriented Comedy, Let's Go Atsuko, and more. Her special "They Call Me Stacy" is out on Hulu. You can follow her on social media at @atsukocomedy.


#35 Katy Stoll: I Had Really Sweaty Hands and Feet

Katy Stoll (Cracked, Some More News) talks about what it was like growing up with hyperhydrosis in her hands and feet, a condition that made her sweat abnormally more than others, and she confesses how it affected her sex life in college. They talk about Teresa's tendency to self sabotage, how she got around shaving her legs in middle school, and why girls should get angrier when they don't finish in bed. Katy Stoll is a writer, actress, and producer who currently produces Some More News as...


#34 Brodie Reed: I Have An Estranged Sister

Brodie Reed tells us about his estranged sister and gets into why their relationship is complicated. They talk about boundaries and how to draw them when it's with someone in your family. They also talk about loss, grief, and how Brodie almost inherited an obscene amount of money. Brodie Reed is a very funny standup comedian, writer, and director. He directed the short film Ride Share, and you can follow him at @ayo.bro.bro on Twitter or @ayobrobro on Instagram. IG:...


#33 Amy Miller: I love Motel 6

Amy Miller confesses that she loves staying in the Motel 6 franchise because it makes her feel like she's on the run. She shares her favorite motel memories and they discuss immigrants who vote for Trump amongst other things. They also play a game of Motel 6 or Sick Hotel to test Amy's true love of Motel 6. Amy Miller is a standup comedian that's been on Last Comic Standing and Viceland's Flophouse. Check out her album, Solid Gold, and catch her podcast "Who's Your God?" on Itunes. You can...


#32 Allen Strickland Williams: "I Hate Florida"

Allen Strickland Williams confesses that he hates where he's from, and they have a raw conversation about what it's like to feel such different political and core beliefs from the friends and family you grew up with. They talk about the 2018 Midterm election results as they come in. They discuss manifesting, the idea of following signs from the universe, and play a game all about euphemisms for penises. Allen Strickland Williams is a standup comedian that has been on Conan as well as hosts...


#31 Kyle Ayers: We Just Didn't Pay for Food for Years

In this episode, Kyle Ayers talks about how he took food from a deli he worked at in college for years. We talk about his glory days working at the deli, and how one time the host of Cash Cab came in and partied with them. They discuss whether dreams are another plane of existence and why there's a familiarity about being high. They also play a game with Yahoo Answers called Best Answer for What. Kyle Ayers is the creator and host of Never Seen It podcast, where comedians rewrite movies...


#30: Mara Marek: I Saw A Ghost at Gettysburg

On the second part of the Halloween series, Mara Marek from Happy Never After comes on the podcast to share her very very spooky paranormal experience. She has an insane run-in with ghosts at the historical Gettysburg site on a family vacation, and when you listen to it you'll freak out too. Mara Marek is the co-host of Happy Never After podcast and creator of Bike Laugh Heal. You can follow her on Instagram at @maramarek and check out her podcast all about divorce on Apple Podcasts.


#29 Alex Punch: I Went Ghost Hunting with Post Malone

In this Halloween themed session, Alex talks about how he became friends with Post Malone on the internet. He recounts the story of when they went ghost hunting together the first time. Alex Punch is the star of Ten Feet Tall and a correspondent on Good Mythical Morning. You can follow him on Instagram at @punchale or watch him on Good Mythical Morning. Follow You Can Tell Me Anything on Instagram: @Tellmeanythingpod Join our Patreon at


#28 Teresa Lee: I Used To Think I Was a Boy

In this solo episode of the podcast, Teresa confesses how she questioned her gender in her late teens and how how it affected her sexuality. In light of the proposed law to erase the transgender identity, Teresa felt this was a part of her life she wanted to share. If you want to help support transgender rights, consider giving to the Transgender Law Center, which helps to advocate for transgender citizens through legal counsel and law creation: Join the...


#27 Brandie Posey: I Sh*t Next to The Toilet for Revenge

Brandie Posey confesses to taking revenge into her own hands on behalf of her entire swim team when she was only eight years old. We talk about what it was like growing up with her grandmother, not taking other people's shit, and more. Brandie Posey is the co-host of the top rated podcast Lady 2 Lady. She's a standup comedian and creator of the show Picture This. You can follow her at @brandazzle and @lady2ladycomedy.


#26 Ky Krebs, Ruby Willmann, Neeraj Srinivasan, Allison Mick, and Norah Yang: Live from Out of Bounds Festival Part 3

The final installment of the Out of Bounds Festival edition of You Can Tell Me Anything features secret Peruvian boyfriends, a good girl at Burning Man, a reckoning with inappropriate behavior that happened years ago, and more. We get serious, we get light, we get stuff off our chests. Thank you Permanent RCRD for the studio space in Austin, TX and to Out of Bounds Comedy Festival for hosting us. Here's where you can find the guests on this podcast. Ky Krebs (@kykrebs), Ruby Willman...


#25 Daniel Webb: He Made Out With A Boy at Daycare

Daniel Webb talks about making out with another boy at afterschool daycare while the babysitter watched Days of Our Lives. They talk about discovering their sexuality, early crushes, and how to move on from cheaters. Daniel Webb is a standup comedian and recently featured on Up Next by Comedy Central. You can follow him on Instagram at @toyotalopez or visit his site at


#24 Kenice Mobley, Pamela Ross, Carlton Wilcoxson, Lindsay Lucido: "I Touched Ryan Gosling's Butt and more!" From Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival (Pt 2)

Teresa talks to performers from the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival… part 2! Minisodes featuring confessions from someone who created a fake Facebook account just to talk to Disney stars, someone who sent her boyfriend's ex girlfriend a wedding gift while still dating him, someone who touched Ryan Gosling's butt, and more! Thank you Permanent RCRD for the studio space in Austin, TX and to Out of Bounds Comedy Festival for hosting us. Here's where you can find the guests on this podcast....


#23 Adam Tod Brown: "I Smoked Crack"

Adam Tod Brown tells the story of how he smoked crack once… or maybe twice. We talk about drugs and new experiences, what people do to cope, and touch on addiction. But it's fun, we swear. Adam Tod Brown is the host of the Unpopular Opinion podcast, a writer and comedian, and has written for Cracked, Playboy, and you can find him online at @adamtodbrown.


#22 Arielle Norman, Roxxy Haze, Allison Summers, and Squish: "Arrested for Prostitution on a Misunderstanding and more! From Out of Bounds Comedy Festival"

Teresa records a special edition of You Can Tell Me Anything at Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, TX with performers from the festival sharing secrets they've never told anyone. Confessions include a lesbian dating men for the first time, a high school secrecy pact broken, and someone who gets arrested for prostitution... on a misunderstanding. Thank you Permanent RCRD for the studio space in Austin, TX and to Out of Bounds Comedy Festival for hosting us. Here's where you can find...


#21 Tom Thakkar: He Used Neopets to Cybersex

Tom Thakkar talks about how he got into cyber sex on Neopets as a teen and they discuss chat rooms and Teresa's fake identity. They also talk about identity and what it means to "other" yourself, as well as play a game all about celebrity obsessions. Tom Thakkar is the cohost of Comedy Central's You Up on Sirius XM, as well as the cohost of the hit podcast Stand By Your Band, and has been featured on Conan and JFL New Faces. You can follow him on Twitter at @tomathakkar, IG at @tomthakkar.


Episode 20: Michael Swaim: "I Have A Scar Jo Role"

Michael Swaim confesses something he's never told anyone - that in high school he played a Mexican character in a play in "brown face". We discuss appropriation, progress, and his growth. Teresa also reveals that she was in a children's theater edition of West Side Story where she was also asked to wear brown face. They also discuss why high school drama students are so horny and Michael talks about a questionable sexual experience. They play a game of Phobia Phobic. Bio: Michael Swaim...


Episode 19: "I Used To Be A Republican" with Lisa Chanoux

Lisa Chanoux admits that she used to be a Republican and that she once wrote a very opinionated letter to her local fire department about a hot button issue. They talk about the idea of girls who like attention "asking for it" and play a game of Secret Scoring... aka Guess The Movie With Secret In Its Title Based Off of Its Rotten Tomatoes Score. Lisa Chanoux is a standup comedian and host of the popular astrology podcast What's Your Sign? You can follow her on Instagram at @asilnoux.


Episode 18: "I used to work in the porn industry" with Caitlin Durante

Caitlin Durante reveals that she used to work in the porn industry. They talk about Teresa's gogo dancing days as well as play a game all about people getting revenge. Caitlin Durante is the former artistic director of Nerdmelt as well as current co-host of the Bechdel Cast on HowStuffWorks. Follow her at @caitlindurante.


Episode 17: "I have a weird relationship with crying" with Eli Olsberg

Eli Olsberg talks about how he went from holding in his emotions as a kid to being open to crying as an adult. They discuss why crying is important, the last things they cried about, and Teresa talks about how she was called a Blabbermouth as a kid. We also listen to a listener created track as well as answer an email. Eli Olsberg is the host of Performance Anxiety and a standup comedian that has performed for Van's Warped Tour, Laughing Skull Festival, and sometimes makes dance videos with...