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... He Just Won't Die

This week Stevie tells Stephanie about one of her favorite cases. So buckle your seatbelts and keep your limbs in the podcast at all times… Then you will hear our great ability to segue and some creepy fun facts about death. Contact us: Twitter: @YouKnowtheOneW1 Instagram: youknowtheonewhere Feel free to send suggestions, feedback, comments, concerns, questions, etc. to any of the above places! We can’t wait to hear...


... Yaser, No Sir, You Really Suck Sir

This week Stevie tells Stephanie about a case that has haunted her since the first time she heard about it… This is the case of Yaser Said. This is a tragic and frustrating story and honestly it is all terrible… Eventually, Stevie and Stephanie lose it sooo… stay tuned until the end to witness it! Contact us: Twitter: @YouKnowtheOneW1 Instagram: youknowtheonewhere Email: Feel free to send suggestions, feedback, comments,...


... He was "Recovered"

This week Stevie tells one of her most memorable true crime cases that she swears nobody has heard of. Stevie remembers this case from the first time she ever heard it and when the idea of this podcast came to her she knew she needed to cover this case. It is the story of Charlie Brandt. This case is such an insane story and is very underreported. This case is so heartbreaking… the wonderful women in this episode were taken away from this world in a horrifying manner by an invisible...


... It's Drew, Not Scott

Welcome to the first episode of "You Know the One Where...?" with Stevie and Stephanie. This week Stevie tells the story of Drew Peterson a man also known as the "Wife Killer". She will discuss all of the ins and outs of the case, and Stephanie will react to all of the craziness including many moments of frustration, misogyny, and terribleness…Stevie ends the episode with a heartbreaking epitaph … sorry! If you have information about the whereabouts of Stacy Peterson please contact the...