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2017 Surprised Me - Thank You Flor (Ep10: Season 1 Finale)

It's finally here...the season finale of my very first podcast. Thank you to everyone who listen thus far. This episode plays a HUGE part in why there's been a delay in pervious episodes. 2018 Update: I currently living my best life and I can't wait to share it with you. But first I have to get rid of this F$CK BOY in my life. By popular demand Season II is post production and will be coming out in Early 2019. Happy Holidays! Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to Subscribe x Rate x...


Nice Guys V.S. Bad Guys (EP09)

After living on this earth for almost 30 years. It's apparent that ALOT of my kindness is mistaken for true weakness and I’ve had enough of this BULLSH!T. So today, I’m discussing the a few different dominate and submissive traits that I carry; then comparing them to other random individuals that I’ve come across in life. This my be a lengthy one topic. However, during this present day I am fed up with direct negativity people have tried to place upon and/or expected from due to the shade...


You're Powers Will Not Compel Me (EP08)

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. After a long week I’m back with another episode focusing on the subject of POWER & PERCEPTION. I am truly my own person and I’m tired of people trying to convince me to be someone else. It doesn’t matter if I knew someone 5 mins or 5 years....someway somehow they offered their unless and tired opinion of how I could do things differently aka their way. I respect feedback in all forms but I got this. Overall, this long struggle wanting my independence...


That’s So Random: Possible Paranormal Activity Might Be Happening (EP07)

I finally living on my own and I’m still pushing through it all. I’m trying to stay in the positive mindset and not let the negativity consume me. It’s better said than done. Plus, I think my new apartment is being haunted and this SH!T ain't normal. HELP ME! Thank you for listening to this trailer. Don’t forget to Subscribe x Rate x Comment x Follow me on Instagram x Twitter @SuperExtrovert and the podcast profile @YoungWildAndNeglected on instagram.


A 20gayTeen Millennial (A Coming Out Story) (EP06)

This is a very special episode and conversation that has been brewing in my mind for a few years. I am holding back tears while “Coming Out” as Homosexual for the last time today; hopefully. I’ve been down this road before and it has NOT gotten easier. Overall, this episode is just a scratch on the surface of these stories that involve; love lost and friends who really stuck by me has really helped build on the foundation of who I am today. This wasn’t an easy topic to record....


I Don’t Have Enough Time...But I Won't Quit (EP05)

I feel like I’ve been gifted with the sense of having ‘Perfect Timing”; depending on the situation. But today I’m racing against time to make the “perfect episode”, in a timely manner; in true millennial fashion. Waiting till the last minute. There’s a lot on my plate and I’m trying not to get distracted by the noise by pushing through the dark days. #IKnowIMakeItThrough Please excuse the minor popping sound towards the end of this episode. Technology can be your enemy at times. Fun...


The Commentary of Episode 5 (EP5.0)

Thanks for listening to first every Commentary. Don’t forget to Subscribe x Rate x Comment x Follow me on Instagram x Twitter @SuperExtrovert and the podcast profile @YoungWildAndNeglected on Instagram.


Trying to have a Meaningful Communication as a Millennial (EP4)

My eyes are close and I’m trying stay focus on the needs to be said. Where has the communication gone in this millennial society? I feel like we’ve missed the mark on having real conversations with real people that matter. I would like nothing more than to talk to more people who are excited about the same things in life as myself or learn a new perspective from an intriguing strangers. But there’s a lot of dead conversations living in SEATTLE and dealing with passive aggressive people....


Let Me Tell One of Many Stories (EP03)

On this episode I’m hyping myself up and pushing through my depression to tell a very dramatic story. This story is RAW as F&@K so get the watermelon because this one is juicy. This weeks' theme: RUNNING FROM MY PAST & BEING PRESENT FOR MY FUTURE. Like always there's definitely more to the story. Thank you for listening to this episode. Don’t forget to Subscribe x Rate x Comment x Follow me on Instagram x Twitter @SuperExtrovert and the podcast profile @YoungWildAndNeglected on Instagram.


The Official First Episode (EP02)

Here we are, the first official episode of the Young, Wild, and Neglected podcast. On this episode I’m sharing more about who I am, where I am, why I made this awesome podcast. I’m more organized on this episode even tho I’m always in my feelings like Drake. Fun Fact: this episode was recorded last summer of 2017. So if you hear any similarities to what’s going on in Pop Culture in this episode than you’ve caught onto something about me. Cheers for an intriguing season of Young, Wild, &...


Let Me Introduce Myself - A Random Passionate Mess (EP01)

Hello Listeners. This is my very first podcast and I’m so excited to share this randomness with you the listener. This episode is the th pre-episode before the actual first episode; in which you will learn about me. I recorded this still back in the Summer 2017 around my birthday. There was a lot going on during that time and I had a lot on my mind as always. So please enjoy this episode and don’t forget to Subscribe x Rate x Comment x Follow me on Instagram x Twitter @SuperExtrovert and...


Young, Wild, & Neglected Podcast Trailer

Welcome listener to the Young, Wild, & Neglected Podcast. This is a weekly cheeky podcast created from the unique perspective of a self-proclaimed “SuperExtrovert”; that happens to be an old-soul trapped inside a millennial’s body. This weekly podcast is a honest show dedicated to covering stories about strength, healthy living, passion, adversity, culture, and my favorite topics; love and relationships. So join your host Wesley, Thursdays for an unapologetic yet passionate conversation...


Young, Wild, & Neglected Podcast Commercial

Here's what to expect on the Young, Wild, & Neglected Podcast. Thanks for listening. Don’t forget to Subscribe x Rate x Comment x Follow me on Instagram x Twitter @SuperExtrovert and the podcast profile @YoungWildAndNeglected on Instagram.