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Episode 70: Roundball Rock

Wow! Episode 70! The number some people are saying is even funnier than the one before it. Incredible. Sure, on this episode, Mike and JF talk about Mike's old schoolboy days, draining the swump, and $150,000 audio systems in their friends' houses. But wow...70! Haha. The number of it. Dang. For more Adventures of Josek and CH4RL13 the droik, check out Over 50 references to contemporary Christian Rock await you! Music for YKS is courtesy of Drew Toothpaste,...


Episode 69: Pet Bucket

Bus People, Cathouse Appetizers, and Fat Guy Brass Knuckles; this episode's got it all. Thanks. Music for YKS is courtesy of Drew Toothpaste, Lydia Burrell/Howell Dawdy, and the scrupulous Mark Brendle. For more of this stuff, since you love it so much, check out At least a couple hours of stuff on there features waify internet dipshit Stefan Heck. And if you like that guy, it might be fun for you to hear him talk some more. It's not just him, though.


Ep 68: Itchy Face Pizza

Former President Barack Obama joins the boys to talk tan jackets, NCAA brackets, and kicking butt while kicking butts, or how hard it REALLY is to run a country when you just want a hit of that classic stimulant, nicotine. PLUS! Actor Tom Cruise stops by to discuss the Univers(al)-building classic that wasn't, 2017's The Mummy, dish on the L. Ron Hubbard the public never really got to see, and taste test a cronut. Just kidding, it's the same two fat guys talking about the internet. Enjoy....


Episode 67: The Mothman Diaries

I'm not uploading this again. If it's not right this time, I quit the show. This is Episode 67. I hope to god. Music for YKS is courtesy of: @LydiaBurrell, Drew Toothpaste, and that old serpent Mark Brendle. For more custom microwave tones, check out It's $5 a month -- probably less than you spend on ancient grains -- and you get hours and hours of podcasts that worked when I uploaded them the first time (with no mistakes whatsoever).


Episode 67: The Mothman Diaries

So nice they had to record it twice...This one's damn good I bet. Might wanna listen to it. If ya know what's good for ya. Music courtesy of Twitter's @lydiaburrell, drew toothpaste of, and the carnivorous Mark Brendle. For more custom microwave tones, check out Bunch of old grains on there as well. Kind of neat.


Episode 66: Faded Crows

Pull up a chair and have a couple laughs... Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of @LydiaBurrell on Twitter, Drew Toothpaste ( and the twice-distilled Mark Brendle. For more discontinued smart personal hygiene products, check out It's only $5, and you can listen to us review gum. Kind of a hard sell there. But it's good. Anyway. Thanks


Episode 65: The Great Belly Off

Alright, which one of you jokers said it was Episode 66, and was it the same joker that uploaded just 27 minutes of the episode? Just come forward, no questions asked. We're not even mad, haha. For even more (fully uploaded, correctly numbered) YKS content, head on over to It's communism if you like that kind of stuff, and also it's capitalism if you're one of those guys. So you really can't lose. Music for YKS is provided by Lydia Burrell of Howell...


Episode 66: The Great Belly Off

The time has do a good freakin' podcast! Cmon! The gang is all here, and the stakes have never been higher. Today on the show, we have a very special guest: The Porno Bee (played by Peanut Butter Herman). Also, apps for straws, raps for Germans, luxury candles, and Fat Ernest. For even more great YKS content, check out It's good, and it's practically free, and it's how I buy diet ice cream. And Barack Obama is a subscriber to it as well. Music...


Episode 64: The Rainbow Bridge

On this week's ep, it's ALL about one thing: the subjects of the show. That's right, today we've got a new challenger to the incumbent Squeeze Louise, a new tooth scam going viral, a cardboard (???) trash can, and an update on Jesse's torn hibuscus. Plus, Mike finally reveals his troll score! And lemme tell ya, it's a big one. Music for YKS is courtesy of: Twitter's @LydiaBurrell, Drew Toothpaste (, and the ready-in-minutes Mark Brendle Check out the Patreon page...


Episode 63: All That And A Bag Of Chips

What What Happens Live is delightful! Inspired by Andy Cohen's experiences in the green room as a producer at CBS, and with a set inspired by his own home den, this show is unlike any other late night talk show. WWHL is fun, spontaneous, and engaging. The eclectic pairings ensure that you see guests in a brand new light. For example, one episode pairs John Mayer with Dan Rather. You would expect these guys to be like oil and water, but the show was the most endearing appearance I've seen...


Episode 62: Belly Blankets

This week on YKS....Mike's Big Deli Story, the inauspicious return of the Dookie List, and a surprise phone call from a stupid little idiot. "Bam!" - Emeril Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of: Lydia Burrell (, Drew Toothpaste (, and the cowardly Mark Brendle And for more battery capers, check out C'mon! Do It! please


Episode 61: Wife Fraud

I don't care what you call it, just put it up. Just say...ok, we go on break. Like Bernie Mac. And then say Bernie Mac Sanders because you do that impression. Then just do a list, like say: nudie suits, save a horse ride a cowboy, and sex accessories. But say "the guys talk about, etc." before every one so it doesn't look like a grocery list. After that you can say that we do the song of the summer competition, but play it up like it's really fun and they'll get that it's a bit. And say we...


Episode 60: Seth Rogenbot

Hmm hmm hmm. Time to post the show, la dee da. Oh hello there. I didn't see you come in. Would you like to listen to Episode 60 of Your Kickstarter Sucks with me? Wonderful. It is about bug scams. For more information on Jonah Hill's exact age, check out The ham there is always kept at the appropriate temperature. Music for YKS is courtesy of: Twitter's @lydiaburrell ( Drew toothpaste ( and the...


Episode 59: Mike Didn't Tip

We got him, boys. We finally got The Tipping Coward. On this week's episode, DB and JF play with some passive SCOTUS figurines, pontificate on the goodness of organized society, and finally reveal what's in the damn bowl. Plus, Kombucha chat! To submit a tip on the whereabouts of the Lindbergh Baby, head on over to and click the "sign up" button. Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of Twitter's @LydiaBurrell (, Drew...


Episode 58: Pasta Points

In this, the ACTUAL 58th episode of YKS, Mike and JF are talkin' The Return of Heep, Bible Wars, and the perks of watchin' TV with your buddy's wife. Plus, the debut of the next hot Netflix show: Office TV. For more reviews of your favorite college posters, check out Our latest episode, featuring historian and author Homer J. Simpson, has been widely praised by podcast fans and academics alike. Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of: Twitter's...


Episode 57: Keeping Up With The Johnsons

Ohhhh baby! It's a new episode and a new theme song baby! @LydiaBurrell hopped back in the studio to give the boys a funky-phresh new sound that you're gonna have to hear to believe. Plus, we get a little taste of Optimus Mike, who shows up to help us do diaper math and the Ted Cruz Face Scrunch. THEN....a crucial update on what everyone was doing at the specific time we asked them to write us an email (mostly driving, which, not great). For more of our favorite freshwater boys, check out...


Episode 56: Tofurkey Numbers

Jesse and Mike are once again back in the studio, wearing headphones, opening cans into the microphones, sitting down, and all the classic things they're known for on today's episode of YKS. Don't look at my wife! For even more two smart guys content, check out Music for this episode of YKS is provided by: Twitter's @LydiaBurrell Drew Toothpaste ( and the superlative Mark Brendle.


Episode 55: The Land Of Milk And Honey

Wait just a minute....WHO'S F*&%^##%(ing Matt Damon here? It's YKS! And it's time to talk about Cat Poison. Mike and JF hit the scams of the week with their trusty sidekick Terrible Christopher, and stop along the way to discuss the shame of having a one-sock-son, the sharp rise in door stop costs, and the delicate precipice of balls quality. To make a donation in honor of listener Emma Leckey, go to and read about the...


Episode 54: Mike's Small Business

It's time to talk about Kanye West. Just kidding. Or, I don't know, maybe. Do it on your own time. This is about other stuff. For example: remembering the "Internet as a series of tubes" guy, who is now dead, why our sons hate making deals, 5th Dimensional Shifts, and VUDU Gift Cards. Plus, the complete guide to growing taters in space, and a couple letters for good measure. For more thoughts on which characters in movies should ultimately be named Tom Cruise, head on over to The Flat Earth...


Episode 53: A Dispatch From Trout Lodge

Best friends gather round the communal iPod, it's time once again for Your Kickstarter Sucks! On today's blister-packed episode, the boys are talkin' MySpace's enormous data hoard, YKSchella, a review of Marvelous (Infinite) War, baby necks, Syria's billboards, and stabbing a....panda????!!!????? Unbelievable! Plus, Mike debuts his highly anticipated Bernie Sanders impression and we read your letters. For more ass crimes, check out There's more episodes on...