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Episode 103: Normally Titled Episode

It's Episode 103! The one where you title it a normal thing that isn't embarrassing for you to look back on in a year or so. This week we got some great shit on the show...some stuff for your nuts, some chicken things, an ice cream holder. Just the stuff you gotta buy anyway, so why not kickstart it? This week on YKS Premium: YKS Theme maker Lydia Burrell! Check it out this Thursday at His new album, It's Gonna Stink: A Howell Dawdy Joint, drops everywhere...


Episode 102: Family Does Matter

I'm on vacation so I don't really want to write a long thing. On this episode of YKS, Mike and JF go on some riffs, and most of em hit. Then they get into the 6 pack, and some of the Kickstarter projects on there you would not believe. I think there's a t-shirt guy. This goes on for some time, and then they read an email. And that is the show! For more of the classic stuff you love, check out Many people are cashing out their 401ks to join. Not necessary,...


Episode 100: The 101st Episode

It's the 100th episode of Your Kickstarter Sucks!!! Or is it?? For the exclusive guide to making sense of the YKS Expanded Suckiverse (and some episodes where we make our friends watch bad videos) check out Until we start getting ads for the military industrial complex or new snack cookies on here, it's the only way we can keep doing the show. So thanks! Music for YKS is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle. We couldn't have...


Episode 99: MC Rove

Well, it's Ep 99 and we're here to say, let's do some war crimes in a hip hop way! On this episode of YKS, Mike and JF talk astral planes, ordering junk from container ships, and bringing this country together at last...with comedy! Plus, a couple of very special drop-ins from our friends the Go Off Kings. Music for YKS is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle. And for the sort of, "companion pieces", I guess, to YKS, check out...


UNLOCKED: YKS Premium S6E3 w/ Bryan Quinby

From behind the paywall!!! In Part 2 of their journey through the Nick DiPaolo special A Breath of Fresh Air, Mike and JF are joined by Bryan Quinby of Street Fight Radio. For Part 1 with Chris James, and much more, check out the YKS Patreon at Music for YKS Premium is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell and Mark Brendle.


Episode 98: Chips for Free

Hey...Hey!!!! What if you could get chips delivered to your house!! Or steal an idea from Mark Zuckerberg!!! Or Invest tens of thousands of dollars in a sauce cup!! Well!!!! I don't know!!! Music for YKS is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle. And for more one time courtesies, check out


Episode 97: Semi-Annual Pillows

Jesse and Mike are the main characters. In the show, Jesse the host and Mike the other host-like, will embark on a journey to rescue their homeland. Through Jesse's and Mike's learnable skills they can overcome many dangers and obstacles. The skills must be bought and learned beforehand. For more YKS, check out And you can go on there, and, I guess, stop porch pirates from taking your paper towels. Music for YKS is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell,...


Episode 96: Cotton Buds

JF and DB get absolutely psycho on this track. Check it out. New Kickstarters on it. And a bunch of other stuff, too. There's a desk that's a speaker, I remember that much. Music for YKS is thanks to our nice friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle. For more ways to feel good, and never bad, and always thinking about how to have fun, check out Thank you.


Episode 95: Good Soap Kinds

Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame follow. Check out YKS Premium at Music for YKS is provided by our friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle.


Episode 94: Wet Hair Son

Sometimes ya gotta just sit back and say, "Damn". And in this episode, you KNOW that's what's up. On today's show, you got Mike takin' his top off, tips and tricks on catfishin' your friends, oh yeah....and a smell helmet. Download it, much? Yeah, I thought so. For more of the cool strains of Star Wars weed (Count Doob-u), check out This week on YKS Premium, Mike and JF are joined by the wonderful Nick Ciarelli to talk about the comedy cult classic...


Episode 93: Hello I'm Austin Powers

Mike calls in from Parts Unknown to discuss seasoning paradigms, hat fashions, and cheese routines. JF imagines his future hole. And the Orange Man in the White House? Well, I guess he just keeps on tweetin! Plus, hey cmon, check out Lots of people are saying it's good to do it. And it makes you a good person as well. Music for YKS is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle.


Episode 92: The Battle of the Sexy Fart!!??

That's the title of the episode if your initials are C.T. and you were born on the 15th day of the month, anyway. For all other combinations, well, you're just gonna have to listen up as Mike and JF rake gourd privilege over the colds and get disinvited to several weddings. And there are Kickstarters on here as well. And for exclusive entry to The TomCat Club, check out For about 5 doll hairs a month you can get hours upon hours of dumb guys breathing into...


Episode 91: Two Mad Blokes

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? For millennia, mankind has searched for answers to these universal questions. Today, on Episode 91 of YKS, that search continues. On today's show: Gamer socks, breath bags, a Trump opinion website, free movie tickets, scented panties, and disposable pet food bowl covers. For more of these two little freaks, check out This week on YKS Premium: Mike and JF recount their trip to a live taping of TBN's...


Episode 90: Lid On, Lid Off

It's time to do the damn thing. Another episode of YKS, why the hell not. Put it out there and see if it goes viral. It's 2019, baby! Which is why you absolutely gotta punch up John Carpenter's atmospheric 1982 sci-fi thriller The Thing with the terrific references of today. Plus you gotta try out some new hubby moves, get some "Toot's" out on a new social media platform, and take a big sip of the tea out of Wario's pimp cup. And if that ain't it chief, check out...


Episode 89: My HomiePass

Hey....what's in the freakin' briefcase? Quentin!! Q!! What's in there! Ahhh! It's my wife's head! Or whatever, you know? On this episode of YKS, we've got an update on the scented alarm clock, a book that will finally teach our children American values like "the President is a train", rocks in your bra, and Mike's Official HomiePass. It's pretty good. For more impossible riddles and cryptic puzzles, check out Last week: Real or Fake. This week: The...


Episode 88: I'm Telling Ya!

Mike is back from his Pacific Northwest tour, and you'll never believe what he has to say about your home town! Plus, eulogies for Jibo and King Kong Bundy. Music for YKS is courtesy of our friends Lydia Burrell, Craig Dickman, and Mark Brendle. For more of "Da Good Stuff", check out Thank you.


Episode 87: No Signal Mountain

The Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars,[1] are a set of awards for artistic and technical merit in the film industry, given annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements as assessed by the Academy's voting membership. The various category winners are awarded a copy of a golden statuette, officially called the "Academy Award of Merit", although more commonly referred to by its nickname "Oscar". The award was...


Episode 86: Dear Heaven

Hey everyone, JF here. Writing the description for the show is one of the worst parts of my week so I'm going to take this one easy and just say some stuff in a list, ok? Here goes: Jacked up on caffeine, sleeping with da fishes, marmaduke follies, and Andy Serkis Grandpa. That's a great list. Alright. Glad I did it. Now, for more stuff you can put in a list, check out We don't have a big celebrity guest this week, but we do eat some very spicy food. And...


Episode 85: Wakey Wakey

Tuck in for some spaghetti and meatbulbs, folks, they did another YKS. On today's episode: Forgiving Paula Deen, Diamondium Blades, and Remembering Your First Beer. We're telling stories better than any writer in Hollywood, so slap that subscribe button and open up the download hatch for some D*AMN good content. And for more from the guys known as the Apple and Bugatti of podcasting by far in 2020, check out This week on YKS Premium -- the very handsome...


Episode 84: WYKS The Eagle

With over 60 years combined of going on the computer and posting on it and talking to their friends, Mike and JF are here to give you the absolute best lottery numbers possible (binary), the most incomplete wrap-up of the Krassenstein Reddit AMA possible, and the most hackable way to get packages delivered just outside your front door. For more of these two schmucks getting together and shootin da shirt, check out And as long as they didn't break the...