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Episode 70: Roundball Rock

Wow! Episode 70! The number some people are saying is even funnier than the one before it. Incredible. Sure, on this episode, Mike and JF talk about Mike's old schoolboy days, draining the swump, and $150,000 audio systems in their friends' houses. But wow...70! Haha. The number of it. Dang. For more Adventures of Josek and CH4RL13 the droik, check out Over 50 references to contemporary Christian Rock await you! Music for YKS is courtesy of Drew...


Episode 69: Pet Bucket

Bus People, Cathouse Appetizers, and Fat Guy Brass Knuckles; this episode's got it all. Thanks. Music for YKS is courtesy of Drew Toothpaste, Lydia Burrell/Howell Dawdy, and the scrupulous Mark Brendle. For more of this stuff, since you love it so much, check out At least a couple hours of stuff on there features waify internet dipshit Stefan Heck. And if you like that guy, it might be fun for you to hear him talk some more. It's not just him, though.


Ep 68: Itchy Face Pizza

Former President Barack Obama joins the boys to talk tan jackets, NCAA brackets, and kicking butt while kicking butts, or how hard it REALLY is to run a country when you just want a hit of that classic stimulant, nicotine. PLUS! Actor Tom Cruise stops by to discuss the Univers(al)-building classic that wasn't, 2017's The Mummy, dish on the L. Ron Hubbard the public never really got to see, and taste test a cronut. Just kidding, it's the same two fat guys talking about the internet. Enjoy....