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Episode 59: Mike Didn't Tip

We got him, boys. We finally got The Tipping Coward. On this week's episode, DB and JF play with some passive SCOTUS figurines, pontificate on the goodness of organized society, and finally reveal what's in the damn bowl. Plus, Kombucha chat! To submit a tip on the whereabouts of the Lindbergh Baby, head on over to and click the "sign up" button. Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of Twitter's @LydiaBurrell (, Drew...


Episode 58: Pasta Points

In this, the ACTUAL 58th episode of YKS, Mike and JF are talkin' The Return of Heep, Bible Wars, and the perks of watchin' TV with your buddy's wife. Plus, the debut of the next hot Netflix show: Office TV. For more reviews of your favorite college posters, check out Our latest episode, featuring historian and author Homer J. Simpson, has been widely praised by podcast fans and academics alike. Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of: Twitter's...


Episode 58: Keeping Up With The Johnsons

Ohhhh baby! It's a new episode and a new theme song baby! @LydiaBurrell hopped back in the studio to give the boys a funky-phresh new sound that you're gonna have to hear to believe. Plus, we get a little taste of Optimus Mike, who shows up to help us do diaper math and the Ted Cruz Face Scrunch. THEN....a crucial update on what everyone was doing at the specific time we asked them to write us an email (mostly driving, which, not great). For more of our favorite freshwater boys, check out...


Episode 56: Tofurkey Numbers

Jesse and Mike are once again back in the studio, wearing headphones, opening cans into the microphones, sitting down, and all the classic things they're known for on today's episode of YKS. Don't look at my wife! For even more two smart guys content, check out Music for this episode of YKS is provided by: Twitter's @LydiaBurrell Drew Toothpaste ( and the superlative Mark Brendle.


Episode 55: The Land Of Milk And Honey

Wait just a minute....WHO'S F*&%^##%(ing Matt Damon here? It's YKS! And it's time to talk about Cat Poison. Mike and JF hit the scams of the week with their trusty sidekick Terrible Christopher, and stop along the way to discuss the shame of having a one-sock-son, the sharp rise in door stop costs, and the delicate precipice of balls quality. To make a donation in honor of listener Emma Leckey, go to and read about the...


Episode 54: Mike's Small Business

It's time to talk about Kanye West. Just kidding. Or, I don't know, maybe. Do it on your own time. This is about other stuff. For example: remembering the "Internet as a series of tubes" guy, who is now dead, why our sons hate making deals, 5th Dimensional Shifts, and VUDU Gift Cards. Plus, the complete guide to growing taters in space, and a couple letters for good measure. For more thoughts on which characters in movies should ultimately be named Tom Cruise, head on over to The Flat...


Episode 53: A Dispatch From Trout Lodge

Best friends gather round the communal iPod, it's time once again for Your Kickstarter Sucks! On today's blister-packed episode, the boys are talkin' MySpace's enormous data hoard, YKSchella, a review of Marvelous (Infinite) War, baby necks, Syria's billboards, and stabbing a....panda????!!!????? Unbelievable! Plus, Mike debuts his highly anticipated Bernie Sanders impression and we read your letters. For more ass crimes, check out There's more episodes on...


Episode 52: A Splice Of Life

52 episodes...52 cards in a deck, not including the jokers. But lucky for you, this show DOES count the jokers. And there's two of 'em (they're the hosts). On this instant classic episode of YKS, Mike and Jesse riff on the saddest part of loved ones dying, sleeping in the trash, bodies falling apart, bulletproof backpack scumbags and covering cat assholes. Plus, Mike reveals his secret Juggalo past, and the boys debut a new segment: The Kitty Kat Two Pack. For more idea on what to take...


Episode 51: Hum From A Rose

It's Episode 51 of Your Kickstarter Sucks! Featuring: Jesse's triumphant return, Mike's new age, the 24 hour poem and reasons you don't improvise a campaign video, Time Swapping, the calm, calm west, and that one Justin Timberlake flick, do you remember it? For more blankets for old people, head on over to and sign up for YKS Premium. YKS Premium -- "Not bad"! Music for YKS is courtesy of Twitter's @LydiaBurrell, Drew Toothpaste of...


Episode 50: Jesse's Last Episode

A celebratory and transformative episode of YKS. For more jokes that don't pay off in the episode, check out We're still doing that, even though the title of this episode makes it seem like we aren't. Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy Twitter's @LydiaBurrell, Drew Toothpaste of, and the remarkable Mark Brendle.


Episode 48: Gun Recess

Episode 48. Just two more til we're done! On this week's show, Mike "Mikeman" Hale and Jesse Farrar aka "Two Kicks" are talking lookbook explainers, coffee time trials, phone phreakers, and whether there are any stores in Italy? Plus, a listener has a bone to pick with us over something other than our inflammatory comments on social media. Sorry about those, by the way. For more types of cup, check out, where a bunch of bonus episodes are just sitting...


Episode 46: The President's Bunghole

You already know who it is!!!!!! Mike and Jesse are yammerin and stammerin all about who won the Big Gadget Hole Prize (it's Greg), why the homeless hate tech, whether or not brains have electricity, and so much more, but not too much more in a way that's annoying. Plus, we've got Mike's Big Game wrap-up and several angry voicemails from conservatives. Please enjoy the show. And if not, remember, this is the free one, so it's not even really supposed to be that good. Music for this episode...


Episode 45: Cookin' Up Trouble

It's Episode 45 and the hitmakers are back, baby! Oh you thought we were talking about your man's podcast? Foh! Foh. On this week's nearly-two-hour episode, the boys are talkin' whether chefs and panhandlers should switch titles, the worst way to watch a movie, and whether or not a Mike poops in the woods. For more intimate (and sortable!) shower data, check out For links to the kickstarters featured in today's episode, head on over to...


YKS S3E1: Don't Touch My Gems!

Well if it isn't a brand-new season of YKS! Get your binge-listening done now folks, because you're not going to want to miss the event of the season. Which is this. Now, Season 3 is all about looking forward, but first we take a look back at what we left behind in 2017: dead water, Australia beefs, and the flying ladies of Star Wars. After that, it's all about Picasso sweatshirts, the rising costs of hose pipe, and all manner of sea scam. So smash that play button fam! For more Mike The...


Episode 42: Merry Kickmas Fam

Ho ho ho! Merry Kickmas to all, and to all a!?! Wowee gang, it looks like the original elf on the shelf himself has shown up to drop a little audio present down your head chimney, as Mike and Jesse cuddle up by the fireplace to celebrate Christmas the only way they know how...with a belly full of hot cocoa and bigtime laughs! This week, Mike receives a special Kickmas song, Jesse wishes for a new scale that doesn't lie, and our old friend Kris Kringle joins us from the North...


Episode 41: Chewbacca's Big Haircut

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...two guys recorded this friggin podcast! Come on! Well, the YKS Studios may not be a rough and tumble watering hole on a desert planet at the edge of hyperspace, but this week Mike and Jesse take the willing listener on a tour beyond the stars to meet some fascinating letter creatures, catch up with various bogs, and study the enchanting Bruh Man. Plus, a listener quits his job. Now get your behind out of that wretched hive of scum and...


Episode 40: Brown Bottle Flu

It's another banger, gang, as Jesse and Mike tackle whether or not Jesus was smart, the various benefits of sleeping with a breathing bean, and the optimal number of steps for using a cup. Plus, your letters and a very urgent voicemail. To contribute to the show, write on in at or call the YKS Hotline at 802-359-PISS (it was the last number they had). For more coffee obelisks, check out There are more episodes there for...


Episode 39: Clothes for Rats with Mike Pfeiffer

Well gang, the boys are lookin' for a fight tonight and this time...they've got backup. That's right, on today's show Mike and Jesse are joined by Mike Pfeiffer to talk about standing in a circle around one small bean, The Hell Yeah Babies' new (Kickstarter-funded!) album, and play a thrilling new game called Queens of Rock. Don't like hearing three people talk? Would rather hear just two people talk? Okay! Mike and Jesse also get back into the classic tandem flow to talk Pastor Dreams,...


Episode 38: Obsessive Christmas Disorder

In the only version of Episode 38 to not be confined to the dustbin of history, Mike and Jesse reconnect on a post-Turkey Day extravaganza to riff on healthcare, a millennial Santa, and whether the podcast is being pirated by hackers across the globe. Plus, a role-reversed edition of Real or Fake, and your letters. For more of our favorite Lous, check out the Patreon page at Music for this episode of YKS is courtesy of The Hell Yeah Babies...



Check this out...It's a damn holiday miracle. Today only, or only the other times when it seems like a good idea to do, we are putting up nearly a full hour of the wonderful YKS Premium episode we did with Drew Toothpaste last week. So, enjoy this Jokeblogger Top Ten deep dive, and sign up at to hear the rest. Plus, we've got a full free episode coming later this week as well, so you have lots of things to do instead of talking to your relatives. Ok thanks....