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A podcast about the greatest 80’s & 90’s action movies ever made!!! The podcast is hosted by 3 sexy people named Dom, Marcus & Kenny!

A podcast about the greatest 80’s & 90’s action movies ever made!!! The podcast is hosted by 3 sexy people named Dom, Marcus & Kenny!


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A podcast about the greatest 80’s & 90’s action movies ever made!!! The podcast is hosted by 3 sexy people named Dom, Marcus & Kenny!




Post Credit Episode 2

This week Dom wanted to try something new, well actually he wanted to try our accidental podcast antics on purpose. No movie this week and we talk about our lives, well Dom and Kenny do. We find out what Dom likes to pretend to cast spells with and the 5 life goals of Kenny. Marcus doesn't add much like usual, but he comments and berates in his standard form. Enjoy!


Episode 78 - Tank Girl

We are back after a two week hiatus because we were all busy and Dom had the squirts. This week we checked out Tank Girl starring Lori Petty and damn were we bored. Dom supposedly likes this movie so Marcus picked it and they all realized the mistake immediately. At least Marcus had some good fun facts for this one. The guys have an interesting food order for their pre-movie dinner, Kenny has many childish things and Marcus seems extra angry this episode. Plus Dom and Kenny really want to...


Episode 77 - Last Action Hero

Dom and Marcus basically forced Kenny to pick this movie for this week because neither of them wanted to watch Conan. We watched Last Action Hero starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Kenny wanted to be the little kid in this movie. You can tell who hated it, loved it and after consideration believed it didn't hold up. Dom's kids angered him and Kenny has more questions about masturbation. You will learn why Kenny loves the woman in this movie and that snake skin boots sold the likability of...


Episode 76 - Lethal Weapon 3

This week Dom decided on Lethal Weapon 3 because he was apparently out of regular action movies to choose. Dom defended the greatness of the movie to Marcus who was bored and bitched about this flick the whole time. Kenny seemed to be confused about a lot of things in it, but he loves love so he was happy with how Riggs found love again. Of course Marcus hated that moment too. We also learn that Kenny prices his dates out on the low end and that he believes adults Trick Or Treating is normal...


Episode 75 - A Low Down Dirty Shame

This week Marcus purposely picked a movie for Kenny to watch and he ended up sick so he didn't show up for the show. Dom called Kenny a piece of shit a record number of times this episode. We watched A Low Down Dirty Shame Starring Keenan Ivory Wayans. Marcus calls Dom out for a slip of the tongue about a woman looking like a small boy. They decide to give Kenny a call and he really didn't sound sick. I'm sure he was avoiding the movie which means he looked into it and surprisingly we...


Post Credit Episode 1

We had another week of bad scheduling thanks to Dom, so we shift focus to the elongated discussions from our cold opens. Sorry for the second half of this episode as it is from a time we were adjusting settings to our new recording room. The topics range from furries, manscaping, dating and what disturbed Dom when he was watching porn. Kenny gets locked out of his house and wants to go on a man date with Dom to a dog park which seems more odd to us than it does to him. Marcus is around...


Episode 74 - Above The Law

This week we learn too much about Dom and his actions with a particular fruit. He also screwed up the movie we were supposed to watch because most Steven Seagal movies are fairly similar. We ended up watching Above The Law and Marcus was bummed there weren't going to be any Eskimos in this movie like the one we were supposed to watch. Who cares though since we all know he hated this movie. Kenny got confused as normal and Dom tried to defend the movie. Oh yeah, Kenny thinks the McRibb is a...


Episode 73 - Harley Davidson And The Marlboro Man

This week there was a pizza discussion that didn't need to happen and we talk about a broken penis. Plus Dom talks about a porn move that made him lose his chub post haste. Oh yeah, we watched Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man this week thanks to Kenny. Dom and Kenny thought it was great so you can imagine what Marcus thought of it. For some reason, Kenny immediately goes to the attractiveness of Don Johnson and Mickey Rourke. Dom trays to parallel the movie characters to Kenny and Marcus...


Episode 72 - The Mummy

This week we watched a more well known movie starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz now known as the original, The Mummy. Kenny couldn't get over that fact that Brendan was in Encino Man and didn't see him as anything else and his explanation was mind numbing. The worst part is when Marcus asked Kenny what he would do if he had the Mummy's powers. Don't think about it too hard. We let you know how well the movie stood the test of time and Kenny's plot description focuses on the wrong part...


Episode 71 - Killing American Style

This week we might have watched the worst movie we have ever reviewed for the show! The 1988 pile of trash, Killing American Style starring no one you have ever heard of except for Jim Brown. This movie was so bad that we maybe talked about it for about 15 mins. It was so bad that it made Kenny's dating life sound exciting. Sit back and enjoy our take on this horrible, horrible movie!


A Special Kenny Bonus Episode Part Deux

This week we dive into the psyche of Kenny again since Dom is busy with his kid's Handegg team all week. That's football to the rest of you guys. We are joined by our special guest Thomas who help us ask the burning questions we have about Kenny such as how he didn't know what being bisexual is, why he can't masturbate in his own house and why he thinks his penis got bigger. We try to make sense of the enigma known as Kenny so sit back and try not to think about it too hard. Enjoy!


Episode 70 - Die Hard With A Vengeance

This week we all watched Die Hard With A Vengeance with our special guest Thomas! He may not be back though since Kenny is too intimidated by him and forgets how to form words and simple thoughts. Also his notes are perplexing and he shares his explainable love of Dave Thomas. Marcus has a few cool facts about the movie while Dom and Thomas surprisingly discuss this movie seriously... for ten minutes. The most important fact you learn is why you should never involve Kenny in any of your...


Episode 69 - Judge Dredd

Dom didn't plan well this week so we ended up watching Judge Dredd instead of Invasion USA. What another piece of shit Stallone movie even though Kenny thought it was good which that should tell you how bad it is. Kenny enjoy's Stallone's man butt and we also find out if he believes in the holocaust. Dom and Marcus can't contain their distaste for the film and Dom's favorite scene is no surprise. Then we have to explain spooning to Kenny. Enjoy!


Episode 68 - Barb Wire

You should be able to tell that Kenny picked the movie this week based on who is the "star." We watched Barb Wire with Pamela Anderson appearing in it, I feel like her tits are really the star since they are front and center. There was so much of her boobs in this movie Marcus actually said that he got bored with tits. Kenny didn't even realize that there was a plot to this thing the writing was so lazy, and it's Kenny. We discuss better women badasses, who would be a better star in this...


Episode 67 - True Lies

This week we realized that some older action movies just don't hold up. Marcus picked True Lies starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Arnold, Tia Carrere and others. Somehow Kenny followed this movie no problem and yet Under Siege 2 was a struggle somehow. That may be the reason Kenny liked this movie while Dom and Marcus got bored out of their minds. There is one key problem with the movie that those two point to a few times. It was even hard to stay on topic talking about the movie it was so...


Episode 66 - Under Siege 2: Dark Territory

This week Dom decided to torture everyone by picking an atrocity of a movie and for once we are not talking about Schindler's List. This week is the Steven Seagal "classic," Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. Kenny doesn't understand the movie and not just parts of it, almost all of it. He also discusses how he wants to be in a coma and has no problem dating strippers. Dom defends this movie only because Seagal is in it and he also doesn't like women who are fighting against his favorite action...


Episode 65 - Boondock Saints

We got distracted this week while talking about Marcus' movie pick, The Boondock Saints. We eventually start talking about the movie and how Kenny doesn't understand a good friendship relationship which we find out from his notes. Marcus and Dom interrogate Kenny about touching a passed out woman's boob, his high school education and why he won't open up to us. We all agreed on one great thing about the movie and we find out that Kenny is basically Rocco. How is Kenny always a character in...


Episode 64 - Stone Cold

This week was an episode of Freudian slips for Kenny. We tried to delve into the dark places of Kenny's mind and attempted to help. He wouldn't let us in though, maybe one day. We learn what happens when Kenny doesn't smoke weed and his odd hair style choice as a child. Oh yeah, we also watched one of Dom's favorite movies, Stone Cold starring Brian Bozworth. Marcus overthinks this one like he does every damn time, Dom reads Kenny's notes and he also can't figured out why the biker gang was...


A Special Dom Tinder Talk Episode

This week is a special episode featuring Tinder and Dom. This happened mainly because Dom is trying his hand at the world of app dating and Marcus selfishly went out of town so a new movie couldn't be watched. Dom tells us what he is looking for and definitely what he wants to avoid. Kenny chimes in occasionally and we get a little more concerned about his thought process. Plus he claims to have no friends or friends of friends for Dom. Traverse the world of app dating with us and enjoy!


Episode 63 - Payback

On this week's episode we watched the 1999 crime drama, Payback starring Mel Gibson. Yes, you read that right. A crime drama. You're asking yourself right now that this is a podcast about action movies & not drama movies. You are correct. Dom & Marcus made the mistake of letting Kenny pick the movie... yet again. So sit back and enjoy our review on Payback. Which is not an action movie. Thanks Kenny...