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Gregg & Michelle

Eddie Money joined Gregg and Michelle in 2005 to discuss his show at Pine Knob. Eddie passed away today and he will be missed. He was a great friend of radio and always a killer interview. Enjoy. We'll see you next week with a new episode of The Gregg & Michelle podcast!


Gregg & Michelle #15

Where has Michelle been for the last 2 weeks, will she ever show up on time? Why is Bill Clinton in Monica Lewinski’s blue dress? Kwame Kilpatrick’s son pleas for his release; are you sympathetic? “Party at The Manoogian” song. Michelle’s nude beach story. Old 97.1 stories, how many times did we get sued?


Gregg & Michelle Episode #14

In this episode of the Gregg & Michelle podcast, we found big girl, she went missing for a week. We talked about the wife poisoning case in Macomb Township and the Democratic debate when Tulsi Gabbard dunked on Kamala Harris. Good times. Also, Gregg is getting invaded on Monday.


Gregg & Michelle Episode 13

Michelle is back from vacation and her mouth is in overdrive, which means we have a great show for you this week. :) Michelle went "up north" like a typical Michigander. Gregg hated going up north when he was a kid, he just wanted to stay home and watch Tiger games. Michelle explains why she was always the Activities Director whenever they arrived at a new campground. Michelle's dog is sick and it's breaking her and 10 things you are mistaking about your dog's actions. We explain how to...


Gregg and Michelle Episode #12

Facebook Philosophers suck Michelle whips out her nasty vuvuzela and millennials don’t know what a vulva is… Dudes sending Michelle nard pictures The college baseball rage is over because Michigan lost. Free college for everybody. And more….


Gregg & Michelle Episode #11

Welcome to Episode #11 of The Gregg & Michelle Podcast. In this episode, Gregg and Michelle discuss CBD oil, fathers day and first jobs. Gregg worked at McDonald's in Clawson and Michelle worked at Burger Crest in Fruitport, MI. We also hear a classic clip from Gregg's dad Larry, who joined Motor City Middays back in the day. He passed away in 2007. Michelle also recorded her dad requesting a new room air conditioner, of course Michelle pissed him off. Michelle has retired from doing...


Gregg & Michelle Episode #10

Gregg and Michelle discuss the shooting in Virginia Beach. What do common sense gun laws really look like? A TV weatherman goes off on the air about clowns complaining that the severe weather coverage interrupted the "Bachelorette." Idiot sports parents are among us. Large Marge discusses her shot put career in high school. The USNWT is still pissed about not making the same money as the USMNT. Oh well, sell some tickets. David Ortiz shot. Who shot Papi? There are many odd people in...


Gregg & Michelle Episode #9

Gregg and Michelle discuss the hiring of Juwan Howard as Head Basketball coach at The University of Michigan. Michelle, a sparty fan, took the chance to make fun of Howard. We also discuss the Toronto Raptors and the effect of the teams success on the City Of Toronto. The Illitch family are a bunch of frauds. Gregg's son might have a girlfriend, he's dressing better. Gregg is going to see Rocketman and Michelle says NOT to expect Bohemian Rhapsody. Remember the Mothra song?


Gregg & Michelle Episode #8

Gregg and Michelle discuss Michelle's recent emergency surgery, which body part did she have added/removed this time. Hospital roommates The finale of Game Of Thrones Juwan Howard as new Michigan Head Basketball Coach and.... a classic clip from Gregg and Michelle on 97.1


Gregg & Michelle Episode #7

In Episode #7: Gregg and Michelle talk about getting fired from 97.1 FM. And they discuss last weeks episode of GoT and look ahead to Sunday night's show. A Tiger fan who caught Albert Pujols' 2,000 RBI home run ball won't give it back to the Angel's slugger. The Chicago Cub have permanently banned a fan for a "racist" hand gesture. BUT....was it racist or something much more innocent. Michelle saw 73 year old Cher and thought it was great...GROSS. Also, Courtney Love on why Brad...


Gregg & Michelle Podcast Episode #6

We have a new The show has a new phone number for you to call if you want to be on the show. Call us and leave a message @ 214-702-1053. Game of Thrones was as great as advertised, we discuss. Some thought it was literally too dark. If you thought so, check this out. The State of Virginia and the 3 R's! Michelle got a bag of veggies I.V. to cure the squirts. Screw spoilers. WATCH THE SHOW.


Gregg & Michelle Episode #5

Welcome to Episode #5 of the Gregg & Michelle podcast. In this episode, we discuss Steve Yzerman's return to the Red Wings and what it means to Detroit and the future of the Red Wings. Tigers Woods return to me the tears garbage. Michelle got hit with a big tax Bill. DUMMY! Gregg was disappointed in the first episode of Game Of Thrones.


Gregg & Michelle Podcast #4

Episode 4 of the Gregg & Michelle Podcast features a GoT discussion as the Final Season of Game Of Thrones kicks off Sunday night on HBO. Michelle knows it all and Gregg just likes the boobs and violence. SHOCKER! They also discuss why Marge (Michelle) still pays for cable and how she can fix it. Drew & Mike along with Trudi return to the air on WLLZ in Detroit on Saturday and Sunday mornings. AND.....Julian Assange is a bad house guest!!


Gregg and Michelle Episode 3

In Episode 3 of Gregg and Michelle, Michelle believes she has proof that long haired blondes get treated better than none blondes. We also discussed the Opening Day banners that flew over Comerica Park trashing Mayor Duggan. We called the phone number on the aerial banners to see who would pick up. Someone answered. Who is the kid who turned up in Kentucky? Michelle thinks she knows how they kid came up with the idea to try to fool the grieving parents. Jussie Smollett is back for...


Gregg & Michelle Episode 2

In Episode 2 Gregg and Michelle discuss the Jussie Smollett deal that saw the "Empire" star walk from on all charges. We also discuss Michigan and Sparty in the sweet 16 (briefly) and a little binge worthy TV for the weekend as well as Michelle's trip to the UP to convalesce with her 50 year old friend who had a hip replacement. Watch out old fat men in Marquette.


Gregg and Michelle Episode # 1

Welcome to episode #1 of the New Gregg and Michelle podcast! Today on the show we discuss our 14 years apart since "Motor City Midday's" in Detroit. Michelle is now a skinny lez-vegan. Gregg is still as handsome and charming as ever. We discussed the unhinged Tom Izzo episode from Thursday night in the NCAA tournament, we also discuss the things that stress out millennials and the naming of the golden butthole in Sterling Heights.


Gregg and Michelle Show Trailer 3-20

Show trailer for the new Gregg and Michelle podcast!