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I read Reddit stories with emotion and with funny voices. My most popular subreddits are r/Prorevenge, r/Entitledparents, and r/Choosingbeggars Subscribe to unlock bonus episodes:

I read Reddit stories with emotion and with funny voices. My most popular subreddits are r/Prorevenge, r/Entitledparents, and r/Choosingbeggars Subscribe to unlock bonus episodes:


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I read Reddit stories with emotion and with funny voices. My most popular subreddits are r/Prorevenge, r/Entitledparents, and r/Choosingbeggars Subscribe to unlock bonus episodes:




r/Maliciouscompliance I Flashed My D*** At My Landlady!

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP gets stuck with the landlady from hell. She keeps coming into OP's apartment without any notice and messes with his stuff. She also insults him every chance that she gets, calling him "lazy boy." One time, she brings prospective tenants into OP's apartment while he's asleep, without warning him. OP sleeps in the nude, so he leaps out of bed "at full attention." --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....


r/Maliciouscompliance I Knocked Out a Dirty Cop Who Beats His Girlfriend!

r/Maliciouscompliance OP works as a first responder in an ambulance. One day while driving back from a scene, he spots a crying woman on the side of the road. He and his colleague stop to care for her, and it's immediately obvious that she's showing signs of domestic ab*se. It turns out that her boyfriend is a cop, and when he shows up he starts throwing around his authority and threatens to arrest OP for obstruction. OP gets to enact some malicious compliance by opening up the ambulance...


r/Choosingbeggars "Guests Must PAY ME To Attend My Wedding!"

r/Choosingbeggars In today's episode, we have a completely entitled bridezilla who posts a long list of bizarre rule for her guests. Rules include "you must pay the bride to attend the wedding" and "you must not speak to the bride at any time." We've also got a delusional writer who thinks that she's written the next Twilight about a princess who really wants to passionately hug a vampire, but she can't because of politics. Exciting! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest...


r/Talesfromtechsupport "My Computer is Literally on Fire"

r/Talesfromtechsupport Welcome to the world of tech support, where we have idiotic users, angry customers, and douchebag bosses. We've also got a computer on fire! Life as a tech support worker just wouldn't be complete without a few exploding computers on your hands. We've also got a really sweet and wholesome story involving an older gentleman who can't get his TV working. If you like these stories, be sure to subscribe for more daily Reddit content! --- This episode is sponsored by ·...


r/Entitledparents "GIVE MY CHILD YOUR GUN, NOW!!!"

r/Entitledparents In today's episode, OP pretends to be a cowboy as a hobby. No, seriously -- he dresses up like a cowboy, goes to public events like county fairs, and teaches people about weapons from the Wild West. He comes across a young man about 16 years old who is very interested in one of his antique pieces. OP says that the boy will need his parent's permission before he can hold it because, well, he's a responsible human being. The boy's father shows up SCREAMING at OP to hand over...


r/Pettyrevenge I Rubbed My Bully's Face in Poison Ivy!

r/Pettyrevenge As a young kid, OP starts getting harassed by a bully at school. The teacher don't do anything to help, obviously. OP's father tells him to get revenge against the bully by fighting back. Well, OP gets an opportunity pretty soon when the bully grabs a patch of poison ivy and threatens to rub it on OP. OP pushes the bully down, causing the bully to land face-first into the patch of poison ivy. OP sits on the bully and just rubs their face in it. --- This episode is sponsored...


r/Prorevenge Torture my Cat? I'LL RUIN YOUR LIFE!

r/Prorevenge OP works at a kennel, and one of her job perks is that she can board her pets for free. So when she takes vacation for a week, she entrusts her beloved cat to her coworkers' care. When she comes back, she finds that her cat has been badly neglected, underfed, underwatered, and is covered is excrement. This discovery sends OP into a rage and she starts plotting her revenge! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. ·...


r/Talesfromthefrontdesk I'm Trapped in an Elevator with a MURDERER!

r/Pettyrevenge OP is having a very, very bad day. In fact, this has to be one of the worst days on the job in history. Listen to OP's epic, scary, and funny story about the huge list of problems that she experienced during her shift as a hotel receptionist. The story culminates in her being trapped on an elevator with a potentially violent man who had just attacked one of the hotel's maids. If you like this content, subscribe for more daily Reddit videos! --- This episode is sponsored by ·...


r/Pettyrevenge Park Like a Jerk? I'll Block You In!

r/Pettyrevenge Here's a general word of advice to you. If you drive your car to car repair shop, don't steal a parking space from an exhausted auto mechanic. Is it really a good idea to piss off a car expert, and then leave your car in the hands of a person who knows exactly how to mess up a car? Well, an entitled idiot tries exactly that when he steals OP's parking spot. OP gets revenge in a rather petty but satisfying way! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make...


r/AmITheA**hole For Refusing to Give My House to My Friend?

r/AmITheA**hole OP's friend is getting married, and OP agrees to let her friend use his house as her wedding venue. However, OP's fiancé doesn't like OP and refuses to allow OP to attend the wedding... but they still want to use OP's house. OP is like, "Wait, you're not inviting me to the wedding, but you still want to use MY house for your wedding. Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen." The wedding couple freaks out on OP and calls him a bitter a-hole for refusing to give them his house. Does that make...


r/Maliciouscompliance My Dad Beat & Abandoned Me, So I Stole His Stuff!

r/Maliciouscompliance Unfortunately, OP has a horrible father who thinks that it's a good idea to beat his kids as a way to discipline them. When OP's father finally tells OP to leave the house and not come back, OP happily complies and begins living independently. He later finds out from a friend that his dad is leaving on vacation for a few days, so OP sneaks back into his old place and steals all of his dad's stuff. To be fair, it was stuff that the dad bought with OP's money, so...


r/AmITheA**hole for Ruining a Karen's Wedding?

r/AmITheA**hole In today's episode, OP is forced into being the best man for his friend and an incredibly toxic bride. The bride tries to micromanage OP's life and control his girlfriend's body. The bride actually demands that OP's girlfriend wear a frumpy dress to hide her pregnancy, because the bride doesn't want the pregnancy stealing attention from her wedding. So, OP decides to ruin the wedding by trashing on the couple during his best man speech. Is he the butthole in this...


r/Maliciouscompliance My Landlord Tried to Scam Me into Paying Double Rent

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP has to break his lease and move out of his apartment early. According to the lease terms, he doesn't have to continue paying rent on that apartment if he can find a replacement tenant. He does exactly that, but his landlord says that he has to keep paying rent because the landlord is going to give his apartment to somebody else. OP says, "Nope! I don't think so!" and slaps him with some malicious compliance contract law and doesn't pay an extra...



r/Choosingbeggars In today's episode, we have the world's MOST INSECURE choosing beggar. I'm not even exaggerating -- this guy absolutely flips out because OP implies that he doesn't know what he's talking about. He goes on and on about how amazing, rich, and successful he is. He even spends some time bragging about his amazing sperm. It's like... "Buddy, what does any of this have to do with a TV?" --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast....


r/Entitledparents Entitled Father Almost Kills Me With Covid!

r/Entitledparents OP works as a tutor for young kids. Recently he's been doing online classes for obvious reasons. He has two entitled parents as clients who absolutely INSIST on in-person sessions because they believe that their kid is just incapable of learning through online sessions. OP begrudgingly agrees, and of course when he shows up the kid's father is coughing every 5 seconds. Want to take a guess as to what the father is sick with? I'll give you a hint: it rhymes with...


r/Prorevenge Don't Pay Me? I'll Destroy Your Scam Business & Take Your House!

r/Prorevenge In today's episode, we have 2 stories from developers who get hired to make a website for a client. Both clients try to screw over OP by making them try to work for free, and both times OP gets spectacular revenge! In one of the stories, OP manages to use his developer skills to utterly destroy the client's business piece by piece until the client has to close shop and even loses his house to foreclosure. How many times do I have to say it? Don't mess with the IT guy! --- This...


r/AmITheA**hole For Getting My Racist Family Member Fired?

r/AmITheA**hole OP is an Asian man married to a woman who has an extremely toxic family. OP's father-in-law and sister-in-law basically hate him just because he's Asian. Coincidentally, both OP and his sister-in-law are professional chefs, and the sister-in-law mocks OP's cooking every chance she gets. Eventually, one of their conflicts goes public and gets posted on social media, leading to the sister-in-law getting fired and all of her friends calling her out on her racist behavior. ---...


r/Idontworkherelady "Officer, I'm a Pizza Guy, Not a Drug Mule!"

r/Idontworkherelady OP works at a pizza delivery place, and one day he gets a rather unusual call from a customer who ordered a large cheese pizza. He shows up at the customers house with the pie, but for some bizarre reason they refuse to pay for it, so he just leaves. A week later 2 cops show up and drag him to the police station where they interrogate him over his involvement in a massive criminal conspiracy. They keep accusing OP of trafficking drug money, but OP is like, "Dude, I was...


r/AmITheA**hole For Not Giving $40,000 to a Thief Who Stole From Me?

r/AmITheA**hole OP doesn't have any kids of her own, so she starts saving money for her nephew's education. Eventually, she raises over $40,000 to pay for college. She agreed to keep this a secret from her nephew because his parents want him to work to earn scholarships, rather than just lazily expecting money. Well, it turns out that the nephew has been stealing money from her purse for years, and OP finally finds out about it. She changes her mind about giving him the $40,000, which of...


r/Maliciouscompliance My Manager Told Me To Quit, So... I Quit! BYE-BYE!

r/Maliciouscompliance In today's episode, OP's company has an obnoxious policy about phone use. A manager catches OP on his phone, and of course the manager decides to lecture OP despite the fact that OP is the most useful and productive worker in the entire company. OP takes his manager up on his offer to quit, leaving his manager dumbstruck. Be careful what you wish for, boss! --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. · Music +...