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Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca is a loosely formatted self-improvement podcast dedicated to exploring matters of the Spirit and getting Bob friends. After suffering from numerous mental and physical ailments (mostly self-diagnosed) throughout his life Bob decided to make a change.

Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca is a loosely formatted self-improvement podcast dedicated to exploring matters of the Spirit and getting Bob friends. After suffering from numerous mental and physical ailments (mostly self-diagnosed) throughout his life Bob decided to make a change.
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Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca is a loosely formatted self-improvement podcast dedicated to exploring matters of the Spirit and getting Bob friends. After suffering from numerous mental and physical ailments (mostly self-diagnosed) throughout his life Bob decided to make a change.






223 Releasing the Bully (w/ Ed Helms)

It’s finally time for Bob to claim the pain and despair caused by his childhood bully Barto Lundstrum (Ed Helms). Bob confronts Barto about their past scuffles and moves forward to learn how Barto’s new energy drink company “Motor Juice” has been treating him. Plus, Bob has a special announcement about the future of the show.


222 Strike Back (w/ Rob Huebel)

After making a series of questionable investments in such enterprises as Jetflix and Quinoaffles, Bob talks to his financial advisor and self-defense instructor Dick Butterfield (Rob Huebel) about how to get out of a financial hole. Later, Dick shares the tragedy that shaped him, and teaches Bob how to deal with skateboard toughs and avoid being a victim.


221 Listening Club (w/ Brian Huskey)

On a special episode of Affirmation Nation, Bob is joined by his spiritual enemy Vernon M. (Brian Huskey) to work out their differences through the power of listening. They’ll identify their issues, participate in a counting exercise, and do some role playing in order to stay in the listening club.


220 Psycho Cabaret (w/ Jackie Clarke, John Flynn)

Terri Shiavo (Jackie Clarke) and Terri Mounchhousand (John Flynn) are a visionary couple behind the movement of cabaret and dramatic theater. They join Bob to help him navigate through this community as they speak on spotlight and chair work, what is in Bob’s backpack, and what a Bob Ducca Cabaret would look like. Plus, Bob pays tribute to the Lords of Dance and Ladies of Theatre.


219 A.R.I.T. (w/ Brandon Johnson, Jason Mantzoukas)

Bob is ecstatic about welcoming Greg Mills (Brandon Johnson), CEO and founder of Age Related Interracial Transitioning to speak on his revolutionary movement. They’ll discuss Greg’s practice of pairing young male ethnic individuals with high power older white females, how Bob & Greg met in a support group for the elderly, and Greg’s next project called Powerful Children.


218 Lucid Dreaming (w/ Paul Scheer)

Bob has been plagued with intense dreams lately and shares his thoughts on the Dream Realm before welcoming Lucid Dream expert Phil Garvin (Paul Scheer) to help him with his nightmares. They’ll discuss the ability to be able to control your actions while lucid dreaming, the three steps it takes to achieve lucid dreaming, and ways to give yourself a reality check to make sure you are not currently dreaming.


217 AcroSage Barefoot Boogie (w/ Will Hines)

Bob shines a light on a new friendship he has gained with his special guest Donald Nills (Will Hines), an assistant manager of the night shift at CVS as well as an AcroSage massage therapist. Donald tells us about how he found the transformational and inverted massage technique of AcroSage, leading classes in a non-judgmental dance experience during his Barefoot Boogies, and he participates with Bob in the exploration of the online movement called There’s No Such Things As Coincidence.


216 Being Your Own Parent (w/ Erin Gibson, Jason Mantzoukas)

Bob finds himself in the rare position to help his special guest Melissa Staple (Erin Gibson) raise awareness on the new movement of being your inner parent. Melissa tells us about how she discovered her inner parent philosophy, why you should release your own parents to successfully be your own parents. NOTE: Outer parents will not be discussed in this podcast.


215 Pleiadian Light Beings (w/ Suzi Barrett)

Bob is given the chance to speak to extraterrestrial light beings with the help of channeler & medium Leni (Suzi Barrett) formerly known as Debbie Davis. We’ll learn how Leni gained the ability to contact the Pleiadians, the most disturbing and uplifting message she has received from these light beings, and they’ll attempt to connect with their plane of reality.


214 Sound Healing Therapy (w/ Mary Holland, Jason Mantzoukas

Bob gives thanks to some of the famous Blues people who have given him and so many others so much solace before welcoming Sound Healing Therapy expert Susan Windchime (Mary Holland) to the show. They engage in some Sound Healing Therapy which helps Bob access memories from his past, go through the many different healing sounds, and talk about Ms. Windchime’s upcoming workshop tour.


213 Mindfulness: Living in the Moment (w/ Nick Wiger)

Bob decides to conquer his recent issues with time by debuting a poem called Father Time and then welcoming Dr. Hemmet Squirtle (Nick Wiger), renowned Professor of Mindfulness at Valencia City College. They discuss how to get yourself in the moment, some of the mindfulness workshops Dr. Squirtle has taught at chain restaurants, and both participate in a word association exercise in order to be in the moment.


212 Deny Indulge (w/ Charlie Sanders, Jason Mantzoukas)

Bob is back from his Gentleman's hotel to bring you an insightful chat with Melvin Zander, an up and coming force in the self-help community. Melvin shares his personal journey which has lead him to his wonderful self-help program, Deny Indulge, a program that has changed his life for the better and can change yours too. Plus, Bob takes us through a recent tragedy involving his severe allergies.


211 Depresskimos

Bob begins burning off the fumes of dealing with family over the holidays as he makes an important announcement about the future of the show and shares the types of and reasons for suicide as classified in the Bob Ducca Statistical Manual for Mental Conditions. Plus, Bob leaves us with a poem inspired by being unable to attend the Orthopedic Sock Hop.


210 Holistic Movie Reviews (w/ Jon Daly, Jason Mantzoukas)

Bob brings in the new year in a healthy way by welcoming Holistic movie reviewer Nurgen Shirley. Nurgen speaks on tantric love making, how movies are like different colors, the importance of tiny fun mantras, and leaves us with some much needed movie reviews.


209 Christmas Ailments LIVE from UCB-Sunset (w/ Nate Corddry)

Bob is stricken with the Christmas spirit this holiday season and joins Nate Corddry LIVE from UCB-Sunset to share some of the Christmas ailments he suffers from as a special gift to you all.


208 Making Love to the Moon (w/ Sarah Burns)

Things get heated as Bob welcomes Dr. Camille Goodman, author of Making Love to the Moon. Bob & Camille find their attraction levels rise as they talk about having physical encounters with the moon, how astrologic positions effect people’s love life, and past life sexual regression.


207 Angel Scholar (w/ Brian Huskey)

When Bob's interview guest doesn't show up he goes on an emotional journey with engineer Brett. He must dig within himself and into the archives to share an interview with special guest MP, a renowned angel scholar/communicator. They'll talk about how MP became to be an angel scholar, the best way to seek guidance from angels, and what it’s like to have the gift/curse of being in tune with angels.


206 The San Diego Mindset (w/ Nick Kroll, Jason Mantzoukas)

Bob is excited to have his friend and eating expert Sandy join him to talk about his ground breaking movement “The San Diego Mindset,” indulge in his San Diego diet, challenge some of the popular conceptions within the new age community, and to play a game called Teachable Moments.


205 S.M.A.S.H. (w/ Owen Burke, Jason Mantzoukas)

Private citizen Trent Dobkin joins Bob to talk about being a man, being the ruler of your own destiny, dressing well, advice on meeting the perfect lady, and to break down his 5 point plan S.M.A.S.H. Later, Bob calls up Trent to give a follow up on taking his advice to meeting his perfect lady.


204 Tijuana Skin Grafts (w/ Nate Corddry, Jason Mantzoukas)

Old friend and self-help entrepreneur Deshaun Topcockler joins Bob to tell us all about the healing ways of Reiki, his adopted at risk teen son, how his life has changed after becoming a big time practitioner, and to practice some Reiki on Bob.