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Literary Reviews, Spirit Tasting and General Banter
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Literary Reviews, Spirit Tasting and General Banter






Episode 42: Elton's John's Glasses

It's the October edition of Books, Beer and Bullshit!!! That's right it's time for another podcast that has absolutly nothing at all to do with Halloween! Mr. Frank and Mr. Jeff are of that mind that you fine Constant Listeners have been over indulged with a plethora of Halloween themed podcasts and blog posts and you just want some thing fucked up to listen to. Here it is, your monthly dose of fucked up mayhem, madcappery, and possibly menstruation! Its time once again for Books, Beer and...


Episode 41: Vodka Bitches

The proof is in the pudding Constant Listeners! Books, Beer and Bullshit has returned in the space of a month to bring you more irreverent, wacky, offbeat and controversial opinions, points of views and observations. Thanks for sticking around Constant Listeners, we will keep pumping them out for as long as you keep listening to them. With that in mind hit play and enjoy another fucking episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast!


Episode 40: I Hate The Beatles

Books, Beer and Bullshit has returned from a loooooong hiatus. But we are back and now we are a lean, mean podcasting machine! Thanks for your patience Constant Listener, we hope you forgive us. Let us appologize with Episode 40 and dig our new pimp style! There will be beer, we promise!


Episode 39: Cereal Killerz

The long awaited, never deflated, thirty ninth episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast is on the scene! A day late and a dollar short for Halloween, we conduct a readers discussion on what makes books scary. Are books even scary? We break it all down in deep political analysis in our book section. In beers, we try some local New Jersey fare. But first we must scream in our native language and then make fun of our own culture. Then it's onto the beer tasting, A Funnel Cake beer from The...


Episode 38: The One Stop Podcast Shop

Episode 38 and we're looking great! In Books: We review "The One Stop Apocalypse Shop" by Derek J. Goodman In Beer: We taste the Dogfish Head "Namaste" In Bullshit: Old Movies, New Movies (complete with a shit ton of spoilers) and observations of the publishing industry as seen through our reading habits. Press Play. Lose Over An Hour of Your Life To Us. Let Us Be Your Guilty Pleasure.


Episode 37: Doogie Plows Her, MD

Some said it was a myth. Others said it was the impossible. Still others had already moved along... But its true! We are back with Episode 37! We never went anywhere, we were here the whole time. We want to thank YOU, Constant Listener for never giving up on us. You know we will be back eventually and we will bring a whole new hour of debauchery. What have we got up our sleeves this time? A brand new book review. A DOUBLE beer tasting. And every time you think we've pushed the envelope of...


Episode 36: Ironic Beards and Gauges

You're about to listen to Books, Beer and Bullshit! Its the only podcast that goes off the rails more than a drunken train engineer. Blah, blah, blah. We kick off the show with a little impromptu readers discussion. We do that because we are trying to avoid getting down to the book review for PT Hylton's Regulation 19. It was a book. That much we can tell you. In beers, we tackle the Samuel Smith Apricot. It's organic so its good for you, or us or whatever. Also its quite fruity. In...


Episode 35: The Fox God Controls The Metal

The Fox God Controls The Metal. And the podcast! In books, we bring the mayor of the podcast, Armand Roasamilia back to give a state of the reunion address. As always, Armand has a million things going on and he gives us the scoop on all the highlights. In Beer we taste something from a brewery called Clown Shoes. It features one of the greatest beer labels of all time and one of the worst fragrances of all time. In Bullshit we dissect Mr. Jeff's latest obsession. Then we talk about a...


Episode 34: Fill My Heart With Your Scum Love

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the Books, Beer and Bullshits of our lives! In Books, we review ESCAPE FROM SHIT TOWN by Erik Williams, Sam W. Anderson and Shane McKenzie. A story so depraved it could only be published from the fine folks at Deadite Press. Will it hold up to Books, Beer and Bullshit's exacting standards or will the proverbial shit hit the fan? In Beers, we go GROWLER! One gallon of white truffle beer will be consumed for our nefarious pleasures. Can the delicate...


Episode 33: Podcasters Podcasting Podcasts

This is a very special episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit. They are all special, it's true. This one is the weird kid in school kid of special though. In books, we interview fellow book review podcasters, Livius Nedin and Robb Olson from Booked. Podcast. They are take a more serious approach to podcasting and have an unmatched passion for examining the guts of a book and the words contained within. This is an extra long interview and discussion about podcasting in the book world. Anyone...


Episode 32: Our Growing Staff

Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast is back already! Can you believe it?! In Books: The President of The United States of Horror, Jerry Benns of Charon Coin Press joins us to discuss the State of Horror anthology series and all things publishing. In Beers: It's a double tasting and a special in-studio guest. In Bullshit: Off the rails BSing this week includes Beer Babies, Micropenises, Natalie Portman's small assets and BS requests from you, the Constant Listener. Let your staff grow with...


Episode 31: Leaky Venezuelans

As promised we return to interviewing with best selling zombie writer, Mark Tufo. Mark Tufo is not only a wonderful zombie story teller but also a great guy. We do have to apologize for the audio quality of our interview, the audio gods were not on our side for this interview (either that more Mr. Tufo needs a better set up). But it should be listenable and enjoyable. So if you love Mark Tufo we hope we will have unearthed some news tidbits for you and if you're not familiar with him then...


Episode 30: Greatest Shits

Who would have thought that the big 3-0 would be such a milestone? We at Books, Beer and Bullshit are going to make a big stinking deal out of it! As we always do, we celebrate our decadant episodes with a top ten list and we pulled out the big guns this time. Thirty episodes and two and a half years worth of podcasting have produced an impressive collection of podcast history. In Episode 30, we celebrate where we have come from by listing our top 10 bullshit moments of the podcast. That...


Episode 29: Fecal Matters

Episode 29 is on tap for you fine Constant Listeners. In books, we get a lot of junk off our chests as far as books are concerned. There is no book review or interview this episode. Instead we make a productive bullshit session out of our lack of dedicated reading for the podcast. And you know what? It works! Listen in as we lament on the things that bug us in the current book markets. Now! Only on Episode 29 of the Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast! Now in 2-D!


Episode 28: The Defrosting of My Cockles

The Books, Beer and Bullshit two man wrecking crew is back once again to ruin an hour of your life! In books we review Carlton Mellick III's, CLUSTERFUCK. It's about time we got around to CM3 and he did not disappoint. In addition to our book review, Mr. Jeff tirades on the unsavory publishers who reprint books that are public domain. There are chips on shoulders that need to be griped about. In beers we give you a trio of samplings. There is a ginger beer, a mead and a craft beer. We will...


Episode 27: A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut

Books, Beer and Bullshit returns and we've brought the two nuts with us! Mr. Frank and Mr. Jeff return from an extended hiatus to bring more calamity in the world of Books, Beer and Bullshit. Bet you didn't see that coming did ya? Books covers Wrath James White's VORACIOUS. Beer is a double shot this show! Bullshit is a lot of pornographic talk and a lesson to you you writer folks who want to be reviewed on this show. If you're reading this you've already won half the battle. Short and...


Episode 26: Give 'Til It Hurts

Happy New Year Constant Listeners!, Allow us to be the last to wish you good health and prosperity in the new year. How else does Books, Beer and Bullshit kick off a new year of debauchery? Why, with the mayor of the podcast, Armand Rosamilia! Armand joins us for the forth time to talk about his new radio career, a slew of book releases and a VERY worthy cause he is organizing. Give until it hurts people! Then in beers we get religious and yell Sweet Baby Jesus! with the Sweet Baby Jesus...


Episode 25: Catch The Flow

You're about to listen to Books, Beer and Bullshit! Could this be the final show of 2013? Time will tell (but it could be) so make this one count! In books, we try out something entirely different. A recommendation for Mr. Jeff himself flavored with a collaborative effort from a Jersey boy. It's WICK by Michael Bunker with Chris Awalt. This is not our usual type of book to review but we both enjoyed it. Perhaps after this review a constant listener or two would like to pick it up and give...


Episode 24: None More Black

Readers discussion this time around. We pick apart eBooks. Are page numbers going the way of the dinosaur? Will word counts be the new measure of a book and reading progress? Who the hell knows, but we wax philosophical on that subject and others in the Books section. Then things get spicy in Beers. Namely Billy's Chilies Beer. Finally, our long drawn out search for a true hot pepper beer has come to an end. The final results are in. The signature sniff's have been snuff. Will Mr. Jeff and...


Episode 23: Keepin' It Greek

The long awaited October Episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit has arrived... in November! Good things come to those who wait Constant Listeners! Kevin Strange has had to wait quite a long time for his epic second interview with BB&BS to air. We hope it it was well worth the wait. The material is a bit dated but the material is still solid StrangeHouse and should be checked out ASAP! The October Offensive sallies forth in to November! Beer bring a taste of the season as well. A little late...