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Literary Reviews, Spirit Tasting and General Banter

Literary Reviews, Spirit Tasting and General Banter
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Literary Reviews, Spirit Tasting and General Banter






Episode 42: Elton’s John’s Glasses

It’s the October edition of Books, Beer and Bullshit!!! That’s right it’s time for another podcast that has absolutly nothing at all to do with Halloween! Mr. Frank and Mr. Jeff are of that mind that you fine Constant Listeners have been over indulged with a plethora of Halloween themed podcasts and blog posts and you just want some thing fucked up to listen to. Here it is, your monthly dose of fucked up mayhem, madcappery, and possibly menstruation! Its time once again for Books, Beer...


Episode 41: Vodka Bitches

The proof is in the pudding Constant Listeners! Books, Beer and Bullshit has returned in the space of a month to bring you more irreverent, wacky, offbeat and controversial opinions, points of views and observations. Thanks for sticking around Constant Listeners, we will keep pumping them out for as long as you keep listening to them. With that in mind hit play and enjoy another fucking episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast!


Episode 40: I Hate The Beatles

Books, Beer and Bullshit has returned from a loooooong hiatus. But we are back and now we are a lean, mean podcasting machine! Thanks for your patience Constant Listener, we hope you forgive us. Let us appologize with Episode 40 and dig our new pimp style! There will be beer, we promise!


Episode 39: Cereal Killerz

The long awaited, never deflated, thirty ninth episode of Books, Beer and Bullshit Podcast is on the scene! A day late and a dollar short for Halloween, we conduct a readers discussion on what makes books scary. Are books even scary? We break it all down in deep political analysis in our book section. In beers, we try some local New Jersey fare. But first we must scream in our native language and then make fun of our own culture. Then it’s onto the beer tasting, A Funnel Cake beer from...


Episode 38: The One Stop Podcast Shop

Episode 38 and we’re looking great! In Books: We review “The One Stop Apocalypse Shop” by Derek J. Goodman In Beer: We taste the Dogfish Head “Namaste” In Bullshit: Old Movies, New Movies (complete with a shit ton of spoilers) and observations of the publishing industry as seen through our reading habits. Press Play. Lose Over An Hour of Your Life To Us. Let Us Be Your Guilty Pleasure.


Episode 35: The Fox God Controls The Metal

The Fox God Controls The Metal. And the podcast! In books, we bring the mayor of the podcast,Armand Roasamiliaback to give a state of the reunion address. As always, Armand has a million things going on and he gives us the scoop on all the highlights. In Beer we taste something from a brewery called Clown Shoes. It features one of the greatest beer labels of all time and one of the worst fragrances of all time. In Bullshit we dissect Mr. Jeff’s latest obsession. Then we talk about a...