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Episode 16 - Bloodstained Curse of The Moon

A blood moon hangs heavy in the sky and demons lurk around every corner, but fear not! The Doki Doki Game Club is back in action with an exciting new episode! This time we’ve got a whip-cracking-whopper for you with a giant-sized special episode devoted to the brand-spanking-new retro platformer Bloodstained Curse of The Moon! So grab that that holy airloom weapon that’s totally not Vampire Killer, and team up with your allies who are most definitely not Sypha, Grant, and Alucard, and...


Episode 15 - Mitsume ga Tooru

The boys are back in town and they’re once again plumbing the depths of gaming history to bring you the hidden gems of yesteryear! This time our very own Mr. Joseph Luster has journeyed to the far east and returned with the obscure action platformer Mitsume ga Tooru. Listen as the Brokis regale you with jovial jocularities unparalleled!


Episode 14 - Flashback

We’ve awoken from a hoverbike accident to find the space police are hot on our trail, but the problem is we don’t know why! Join us as we travel the galaxy in search of answers and chew the sci-fi fat over the cinematic platforming classic FLASHBACK!


Episode 13 - Kirby’s Adventure

Doki Doki Game Club is huffing and puffing into your hearts and minds with an exciting new episode devoted to the NES classic Kirby’s Adventure! Join us as we swell with the corpses of our enemies and convert their nutritious remains into a slew of unique podcast powerups!


Episode 12 - Battletoads

TOAD-ALLY AWESOME! Doki Doki Game Club is hip-hopping back into your ear canals with another exciting episode, and this time the boys are teaming up with those radical ribbit-ers, the Battletoads! So smash that piggy bank open and head down to your nearest arcade, because we’re diving deep into the murky waters of this beloved froggy franchise!


Episode 11 - DuckTales 2

EVERY-DAY-WE’RE-OUT-THERE-MAKIN’ PODCASTS, A-WOO-OOH! That’s right, we’re rufflin’ tail feathers and quacking up over the lesser known sequel to the NES Classic, DuckTales 2! Join us as we attempt to solve mysteries and rewrite history across the globe in one adventure after another! Let us regale you with jaunty stories of shipwrecks, mystic islands, and haunted Scottish castles!


Episode 10 - Gunners Heaven

We’re back, and this time we’ve got wild hair, an itchy trigger finger, and a hankerin’ for treasure! That’s right, the Brokis are a-blastin’ their way through a robo-anime-landscape in the run-n-gun Playstation title Gunners Heaven (aka Rapid Reload). Will we be able to shoot our way out of this high octane action or will we end up in the game over afterlife? Listen to find out!


Episode 09 - Impossible Mission

MISSION: INFILTRATE THE UNDERGROUND LAIR OF PROFESSOR ELVIN ATOMBENDER LOCATED IN THE MOUNTAIN RANGES OF [REDACTED], LOCATE THE ENTRY PASSCODE TO HIS CONTROL CENTER, AND STOP THE NUCLEAR LAUNCH... The world is in peril, but the Agents of D.O.K.I. are on the case! Operatives Brandon, Brian, Frank, and Joseph have joined forces once again to deliver a Grade-A, double-0 podcast chock full of espionage and adventure! This time around, they’re talking about the originator of the rogue-like...


Episode 08 - Jack Bros.

We’re back and we’re seeing RED! That’s right, we’re finally diving into Nintendo’s half-baked novelty the Virtual Boy to learn a thing or two about the top-down, labyrinthine shooter Jack Bros. Question is, can the Doki Doki Game Club stand the strain of this crimson-hued monstrosity? Will the Brothers Jack return to the land of the demons in time? Will the guys ever let Frank pick another game to play? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!


Episode 07: Kid Dracula

Behold! The cursed sun sinks below the horizon and the glorious moon climbs high overhead. Her pale beams shine upon the alabaster crypt and the sarcophagi within stir as the lids give way revealing your undead hosts! Luckily for you, and the villagers in the town below, it's not fresh virgin blood they're after, but instead the life sustaining power of a good podcast! Succumb to their glamours as their silvery tongues regale the adventures of that adorable little blood sucker Kid...


Episode 06: Battle Mania Daiginjou

Strap on your jet packs and load up your laser rifles, Bro-kis, ’cause we're back with another exciting episode of DOKI DOKI GAME CLUB! This time around the boys take to the skies with a pair of fun-lovin’ anime babes to bring down the sinister forces that threaten Heisei Babylon in the 16-bit, high-flying, hilarious shmup masterpiece: Battle Mania Daiginjou! Special thanks to our very own anime babe, Rachael Marino, for her super sugoi efforts in translating this week’s Back of The Box...


Episode 05: Pocky and Rocky 2

Doki Doki Game Club is back in action with our first episode of the New Year! This time we're heading eastbound and down to the mystic land of feudal Japan to play the magical cute-em up Pocky and Rocky 2. Like the titular Shinto priestess and her faithful racoon companion, we've allied with a special guest in the form of our patreon backer and old pal, Joe Shieh of Robotronic Dynamite fame. Together with Brandon, Brian, and Joseph, the quartet cracks into this unusual 16-bit action game...


Episode 04: Moon Crystal

Lunar lunacy has us in her silvery clutches so we've set out under the cloak of darkness in search of the coveted Moon Crystal! Will you don the mantle of the faithful and join us in our mad pursuit of the sacred jewel? In this latest episode of DDGC, Brandon, Brian, Frank, and Joseph unearth arcane secrets about a hidden gem of retro gaming that defies all logical explanation! Discover the forbidden truth behind one of Japan’s best kept Famicom secrets. Listen as the boys tell tales of...


Episode 03: Daze Before Christmas

Grab your mistletoe and pucker up, my little Sugar Plums, because Doki Ho-Ho-Hoki Game Club is back and we're stuffing your stockings with glad tidings, great joy, and a brand new episode! This time around we're single-handedly saving the holidays as we don the mantle of Ol' Saint Nick himself to chat about Daze Before Christmas for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In this wintry wonder, Brandon, Brian, Frank, and Joseph log the nog and separate the chestnuts from the coal,...


Episode 02: Joe & Mac

BOOM BOOM ACKA-LACKA LACKA BOOM! That's right Cave Dudes, we have returned and we are pounding out a primal rhythm of gaming goodness on your eardrums. This time, we're going way, WAY back to learn the ancient art of Caveman Ninjutsu with Joe & Mac on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System! Brandon, Brian, Frank, and Joseph—your prehistoric purveyors of party—are gnawing the meat clean off the bone with this one. Beginning with a bedrock foundation of the SNES classic, the boys...


Episode 01: Little Nemo - The Dream Master

Pull on your PJs, grab a bottomless bag o' candy, and climb inside the moist innards of the nearest woodland creature, because today we're talking about Little Nemo - The Dream Master for the Nintendo Entertainment System! Brandon, Brian, Frank and Joseph do a deep dive into this one, covering everything from Windsor McCay's original comic strip, to the animated film, and last but not least, the game itself! Be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes, Google Music, Podbean, or any other...


Preview Episode

Welcome to Doki Doki Game Club! Wowweee Zoweee, have we've got a preview for you.We're kicking the tires on this jalopy to see if she runs and turning the fruits of our efforts on an unsuspecting world. Settle back and take a listen while Brandon and Joseph spill the beans on exactly what Doki Doki Game Club is with a lovely little chat about the impetus, format, and future of the show!