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Drunk sex is a podcast about human connection with no inhibition.

Drunk sex is a podcast about human connection with no inhibition.
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Drunk sex is a podcast about human connection with no inhibition.






The OHM-tini: Yoga and Sex

This week on Drunk Sex, we interviewed London, a full-time yoga instructor and fantastic human, to learn about all the amazing ways yoga impacts sex. There's flexibility, of course, but this episode is about so much more: the ways self love impacts your sex life, why studying sex and yoga will teach you more about yourself than you thought possible, and how learning meditation and mindfulness can make your sex life one million times more amazing. The drink of the episode was the OHM-tini,...


Bread and Butter: Food, Sex, and How to Get a Kickass Libido

Avocados are Sex Vitamins, pinot noir is the Elixir of Life, and meditative masturbation is a thing that will vastly improve your orgasms. How does all of this come together, you ask? (OK, maybe you didn't.) As it turns out, what you eat and how you approach wellness seriously impacts your body's hormones, and in turn, your libido along with how crazy awesome sex feels. Naturally, Katie set out to understand what would give her the world's best sex drive, turning to health and wellness...

Bourbon Sweet Tea: The Consent Episode

The consent episode of Drunk Sex kicked off with a delicious combo: bourbon and sweet tea. In honor of the "sex=tea" metaphor coined by an awesome blogger, we dove into one of the most nuanced but most important subjects about sex: Consent. Our guest Abby bravely shared a very difficult story from her past in hopes to help people understand just how important establishing consent is prior to any kind of sex, so we over some of the messier questions on the matter: What happens when you know...

The Flamethrower: Tinder and Grindr

We knew the Tinder episode would be good, but we didn't know it would be THIS good, y'all! Our guests Jenny and Joe came to the studio to talk about Tinder and Grindr along with a few other dating apps. (Here's to you, Farmers Only.) After taking a dive into the Carafe of Truth, AKA the world's best drinking game, we talked about sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships, sex in public, and masturbating in front of people you shouldn't. The following conversation omitted nothing, from...

Sex on the Floor: Open Relationships

For the seventh episode of Drunk Sex, we drank Ouzo (aka the Floor Drink) and talked about open relationships with our awesome guest Joe. After pouring our drinks the right way (more on that later), we dug even farther into masturbation and STDs during the Carafe of Truth, discussed the differences between open relationships and polyamory, and mentioned how we started to think differently about sex after a lifetime learning about the merits of monogamy. There's mention of what cheating...

Episode 6: The Masturbator J.B.

Over the weekend, Drunk Sex got rugged with some manly men to talk about what makes men . . . manly. Basically, we dug into masculinity and broke down what's great about it as well as the not-to-great stuff we tend to expect out of our dudes and why. With the help of my trust bartender Natalie, we talked pegging, basketball, birdwatching, the seven norms of masculinity, money, and the Pussycat Dolls along with pressure to get laid, big dicks, and breakups. Combine that with a Testosterone...

Episode 5: The Screaming Orgasm

This time around, we sat down with our lovely friend Erin to talk about our favorite subject (well, besides pizza): the female orgasm. Whether you have them with the flick of your wrist or struggle to come even when you're alone, having an orgasm can be even more elusive than that $500 Taco Bell survey prize. (I can't be the only one who always enters that.) We talked about everything from clit-to-vag distance, faking it, the unicorn that is the G-spot, and the four different kinds of...