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The Network is Primed to bring you all forms of Geekery, Scifi, News, Interviews, and More from our network shows. Legends of the Panel, Active Geek, Warp My Tardis, and Micro Burst.

The Network is Primed to bring you all forms of Geekery, Scifi, News, Interviews, and More from our network shows. Legends of the Panel, Active Geek, Warp My Tardis, and Micro Burst.
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Charlotte, NC


The Network is Primed to bring you all forms of Geekery, Scifi, News, Interviews, and More from our network shows. Legends of the Panel, Active Geek, Warp My Tardis, and Micro Burst.





Redistribution of Warp My Tardis Welcome to Season 4 of WarpMyTardis Podcast, Hosted by KJ The Comic Guy and Mr Chulak. On this episode your hosts talk about the hiatus of the last month, and then break right into the new seasons of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville, and the CBS Series, Star Trek: Discovery. At the end of the show, Mr Chulak gives his first impressions of the new Roswell Show on the CW Network. After the usual catch up and banter between your hosts, KJ and Chulak got right into...



Redistribution of Legends of the Panel Welcome to Season 5 episode 3 of Legends of the Panel Podcast, Hosted by Mr. Chulak, KJ The Comic Guy and The Lady Archer. On this episode we are missing a Chulak as he prepares for an out of state wedding, so KJ and the Lady Archer are back at it again! After talking about the many movie trailers that were part of that major sporting event where New England and Los Angeles didn't decide to do anything until the last 15 minutes (Yup that's right KJ who...


Legends of the Panel: Season 5-Episode 2 DC Woes, Movie and TV blunders

We're back with our 2nd episode of the season. We jump right into DC's movie woes, Universals retry at their monster arsenal. KJ talks his comic book pulls from this week, and finally we talk about the upcoming Toronto Comi-Con.


Legends of the Panel: Season 5 Episode 1

Season 5 kicks off with a full crew. In this Hour and a half episode the crew talk everything from Spider Man Far from Home Trailer, Titans, Punisher Season 2, Young Justice , and what we have been doing during the holidays. Be sure to tune in and see what we have in store for you.


Geek Culturecast Show: Geeks with Dice

Thanks for subscribing and thanks for listening. You can find us on social media @geekculturecast on Instagram and Twitter as well as on facebook as Geek Culturecast network. On this episode, Mr. Chulak and KJ The Comic Guy talk about upcoming projects like Geeks with Dice, a new Actual play RPG podcast. Find out all about what is happening on the network and some upcoming appearances too.


Legends of the Panel: Soda Pop, FanExpo Toronto and What is that??? We are making appearances???

Thanks for listening, downloading and following Legends of the Panel on the Geek Culture Cast Network. Reach out to us on Twitter @LegendsPanel and on Instagram @legendsofthepanel or email us at On this episode, Mr Chulak is just back from South Carolina and the Columbia Comic Con (Soda City) Where he had an awesome time meeting voice actor Billy West and photo op with Luke Cage actor Mike Colter. We then spend most of the night with KJ speaking...


Warp My Tardis - Season 3 Episode 14: 20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Thanks for listening and thanks for downloading Warp My Tardis podcast, a proud member of the Geek Culturecast Network. You can reachout to us on Twitter or Instagram @warpmytardis or email On this episode, KJ and Mr Chulak deal with come compression issues, but they review the Walt Disney classic from 1954 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. KJ and Chulak talk to both the movie as well as the original Jules Verne book. Now identified as the beginning of the...


Legends of the panel - Year End Roundup and No more Gwenpool?

KJ and the Lady Archer meet for this last show of the year. Talking about disappointment in Star Wars, more disappointment in Marvel for the series they are ending. We talk about FCC, Net Neutrality and what that means for our favorite streaming services. *Note this show does contain adult themes and course language*


Legends of the Panel: Infinity Wars, Disney/Fox, Origin of the THANOS Myth

KJ and the Lady Archer are down one mic this week. Join us as we tin-foil hat about who survives the first Infinity War movie, what we look most forward to in the coming months of movies (DC and Marvel) as well as we share our feeling about the Disney 20th Century Fox Entertainment deal.


Legends of the Panel: Justice League & Punisher Review

Chulak and The Lady Archer sit down and review The Punisher, and Justice League. We give our hard honest reviews of both IP's . We still want to know what you think of the Movie, and TV Show. If you haven't seen Punisher yet we recommend that you wear goggle for the blood splatters on the screen. #GCCN #Geek #LOTP @Legendspanel @Geekculturecast


Warp My Tardis: The Orville

Seth Macfarlane is at it again on FOX, with his newest debut of all things a space comedy scifi show, The Orville. What do Chulak and KJ think of this creators newest show. Does Macfarlane have the chops to deliver a 1-2 punch to the very serious STD debut on CBS? Or will this show be another cancellation from Fox which Macfarlane is known for?


Legends of the Panel: Top 3 Over/Under Rated Comic Movies

The crew are back at it again with everything being thrown at the listener this time. We cover Marvel's stupid idea with the Weeknd, Flash's Tv Return, the Top 3s as we call them, and finally 2 kick starters to get behind. Tell us your top 3s using the #GCCN tag.


Warp My Tardis: Star Trek Discovery

KJ and Chulak visit the newest edition of the Star Trek franchise. Does it hold up to the scrutiny, is it worth a $5.99 price tag PLUS adds? Does CBS miss the mark yet again? Find out on WMT.


Legends of the Panel: D2 Returns!!!

The Prodigal Son returns to the GCCN family. D2 a long lost host of a time gone by stops by the Legends of the Panel studio to make his first LOTP debut. We talk Kingsman, Fan Expo, and banter to your hearts content. Don't miss the return of D2 in this episode.


Warp My Tardis: Goonies

Goonies never say DIE! Kj and Chulak jump into one of our child hood favorites. With jam packed future actors in this cast, how can we not look back and say, dang what a great movie. Pirates, Treasure, and Baby Ruth's wait for you in this movie wrap up.


Warp My Tardis Podcast: Big Trouble In Little China

Jack Burton and the Pork Chop Express come right at us this episode. Chulak and Kj jump back into this kungfu, horror, action, and dark magic film. No need to worry about white washing in this movie folks, it's wrong on soo many levels we can over look that. Be sure to come listen to our review of this campy, crazy, and stereotypically funny movie.


Warp My Tardis: Star Wars vs. Harry Potter

Which nerd fandom will win? Will the force users over power the elder wand? Both franchises hold a special place in our hearts, tonight on the show special guest The Lady Archer stops by just to chime in. In this episode we weigh the pro's and the con's of each franchise. We talk about which franchise will outlast the other, and which characters would win outright in a duel.


Legends of the Panel: Back in the US Studio

The whole crew is back in the studio after a long while. Chulak showers The Lady Archer with all of her gifts from KJ and the Toronto Comicon adventure. We digest all of Iron Fist, talk about upcoming movies, and finally give you our honest opinion of the movie Logan.


Legends: Toronto ComicCon Sizzle 2017

Chulak is in CANADA! He and KJ talk about preparations for attending Comic Con as well as Milk... in Bags. Discussions include the preparations for travelling internationally for a comic con as well as what to think about and not think about when visiting local comic book shops and geek stores before the con (How am I going to fit that $700 Statue of Boba Fett in my luggage?)


Warp My Tardis: Richard Hatch (Captain Apollo) BSG

The Crew with Special Guest Miles Greb (Creator of After the Gold Rush Comic) honor the late Richard Hatch. Richard Hatch was well known for playing the role of Apollo on the original Battlestar Galactica Tv series, and his role in the new series as Tom Zerak. We talk about his role, as an actor, humanitarian and how he related his characters to us today. Tune In in Honor of this late great actor. R.I.P. Captain Apollo, you will be missed.