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When your friends are therapists in real life

Laurel or Yanny? Depending on what you hear it may mean that you require some therapy in your life. Sometimes when you can't afford to see a professional you gather your true friends and talk through all life's problems. Jill, HotSauce, and So fresh sat down for some much needed Friendship time... I think we all almost ended up crying. This episode was a big eye opener and also extremely emotional.


Nobody cares that you have super powers

Nobody cares that you have super powers by MsHotSauce


Marriage goals: While I hold the baby you suck this D

Marriage goals: While I hold the baby you suck this D by MsHotSauce


Creatives Polygamy Youre fired OH MY

WILD!! thats all I can say to describe this episode. What didn't we talk about? We sat down with @thereuptv and we were supposed to talk about their music, they quickly found out what the show is NOT about. We talked: Creatives, Sex, Polygamy, drugs, smell test, having kids, and someone even got fired on air. Make sure you roll something awesome and grab a drink and be prepared to laugh


The truth about men and their feelings

Back around episode 38 we found out that *Gasp* men actually have feelings... Unbeknownst to me there was even more to that, men actually are seeking out women that they care about and want you to communicate with them about almost everything. They can be taught, they want to know what Not to do to piss us off. We invited HNH resident Carlos (@stillreppin) back for this one and our good friend Black Cesar (@osamacesar) to come chat with us in more detail about these so called manly...


Who runs the world GIRLS

Who runs the world GIRLS by MsHotSauce


Supposedly All Men Arn't Trash

A random man named "Marcus" decided to infiltrate the HNH Podcast to clear the air and let us know that All men are not trash. He also claims to be the author of the "F-Boi pocket Guide" he's now reformed... so he says. Jill Badu goes in on him as usual. Its rather comical to listen to her attack him. I sat back and laughed for most of the conversation. Men let me know if you agree, ladies... let me know if you have any follow up questions.


Computer Love an updated look at internet dating

Computer Love an updated look at internet dating by MsHotSauce


The confessions of mean girls

This week we had some of my favorite facebook ladies Adrieanna, Alexia, and April (from episode 64) on the podcast. It was Super Bowl Sunday and we decided that we would talk some trash instead of pretending to care about anything else. What I learned is that when a bunch of awesome women get together a whole lot of trash will be talked. Makes sure you leave any questions and comments on whatever media source you are listening from.


Hoodwinked and bamboozled by the COLLECTIVE

My first week of recording for 2018 was very interesting... We were supposed to have Bobby Shakes come in and talk to us about our end of 2017 and our future goals and he ended up bringing by a squad of young entrepreneurs that had a lot to get off their chest... We at Henny and Hotwings are big on supporting local artists so we thought it was only right to hear the many side of being in the music business.


Monique is the most decorated monkey in the jungle

Podcasting for me is often therapy and sometimes when my friends are feeling some type of way, I take them on a date to the studio and we sit down and talk about life and everything under the sun, In this episode we discuss a bunch of hot topics including: Monique, Amazon, H&M, my ADD, erotic poetry, Erykah Badu, and a bunch of other things. Listen up and tell me what you think... comment and tweet to us while you listen


Me too or Not Me

We ARE BACK!! In this episode we take a look at the #metoo movement, and discuss the Aziz Anzari case. We were able to find a diverse group of people from different walks of life that lent their input to this very sensitive subject. we really wanted to focus on the male point of view by starting the dialog around expectations and speaking up... Do we all need to be reprogrammed? where do we start...


Spit in her mouth but don't look in her eyes SPEW

Mash and Flash are back!! Do you guys remember these guys?? The homies from NY are back and they sat down for our longest episode yet. We touch on just about everything from giving back change, to spitting in women mouth... Later in the episode we are joined by Little Mz Portis from Atlanta!!! one of HNH's most loyal listeners came to visit so we brought her into the studio to continue the conversation about strippers, men giving 100% dick, and snatching souls. Make sure you have a lot of...


Beauty and the Gangsta: an Urban Love Story w/TaviaP and KadoB

I swear HNH Has the most interesting listeners, and we are ever so grateful to get to speak with them... In this episode we experienced Relationship goals in the realest way. These days women are looking for a ring for validation of their relationship thanks to Beyonce, but she forgot about the people that take it one step further... "Tatt my name on your face so I know it's real" Artist/Gangsta @kadobarlatier and his "Wife" @taviapshoes (a dope ass shoe designer) from out of Boston tell...


625 Dates and a pack of Newports w/Crystal Tyson

I bet you all remember Crystal Tyson from Episode 52! Crystal finally met a man that had us all sitting on the edge of our seats expecting the most from him. I mean we were all pretty heavily invested in Mr. NewPort... Everyone was waiting for the fire works that came from Date 13 *que dramatic music* then Date 5 happened and we were crushed... Here is the story.... LISTEN to this episode and comment through out. Rob B, joined us in this conversation to shed some light on the whole...


Episode 67: I wanna surf board your brain waves w/Rob Badgett

A lot of self reflection and reading of the self was done in this episode. Relationship expert, artist, and authors of "His Love letters for her" Rob Badgett stopped by to give the girls some motivation and unsolicited therapy. Jill Badu shoots her shot throughout this episode but it was unanimously agreed upon that we would all just enter into a love triangle and love each other unconditionally (well maybe not exactly) this was a great sit down and I can't wait to hear what you guys...


"Saucy the Sexy Sausage" 100 days of sauciness half way

Quick update on @mshotsauce2u and her 100 days of Sauciness(happiness). In this episode Hotsauce tells all....just how miserable she actually is... All kinds of transparencies in this episode. Some skeletons....and shit... comment through out the episode. let me know your listening...


Episode 65: Reformed Fuc Boi Feat Uncle Al

One of my favorite Cheefers Uncle Al (@george_doobie)joined us for this smooth talking episode to discuss some thangs, like... his "fucboi" reformation, High sex vs Drunk Sex, finding a new sex partner. We also went over a few current event topics like the NFL, Jeff Bezos being the richest man in the world, and what it would feel like to have billions of dollars. No real direction in this episode but we covered it all. Enjoy and don't forget to comment, like, and share with...


Episode 64: Esbians aka Non sexual Lesbians (April Standford)

Boston born singer, socialite, and one of Henny and Hotwing's favorite people @aprilstanfordmusic finally sat her ass down in the Hot seat and had some girl talk with @mshotsauce2u and @jill_badu. We talked about Gabrielle Union-Wade and her sexual reciprocation when it comes to tossing salad, 2 month or less serious relationships, moving to DC to pursue her goals and dreams, personal sex tapes, and everything else that comes naturally in a #HNH conversation... make sure to subscribe,...


Episode 63: He was too BIG so I dumped him

Just us girls in the studio this week bonding again. Two weeks ago we found out that @jillbadu was in a relationship. This week we find out why they broke up. We also talk about letting your partner know what you do like and what you don't like in the bedroom. Are man nipples sexy? Do women ever really get used to a man with a huge penis? So many questions were answered in this episode... At least I think they were.