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The politics of drunk sex

The politics of drunk sex by MsHotSauce


Marry the Broke man He will love you better

The whole day before recording this episode Carlos and I argued about everything. So I thought it would only be right for us to continue to fight it out but this time on the podcast. We discussed an article posted in the HNH Facebook group (ya’ll should join) about black women being fed the narrative that we should marry for love and not for money. Many people had a problem with this and we got into the logistics of the whole thing. Somehow we ended up dissecting my entire love life or...


The ultimate fight is between your heart and your mind

Every once in a while we have a show that we both completely need to have for mental health reasons. I’m not sure we started this episode with anything to really talk about, but it ended up being a show that was accidentally therapeutic to all of us. This episode was one about LOVE and learning how to be selfish in the pursuit of happiness. We were joined by the ever so talented Mark Merren (@Motivatemerren)who schooled us on the art of loving yourself from literally the inside (he's a...


At least I didn't give you a disease

At least I didn't give you a disease by MsHotSauce


Break babies and broken guy codes

Well THIS episode escalated quickly! I mean damn right out the gate this episode went full throttle down a hill with no breaks. Some how we were able to tame the beast and get down to the bottom of the issue. In this episode we sat down with author @spiffsantana and radio host @la_jacqueline for part two of battle of the sexes but it ended up being a good therapy session for all... Make sure you comment along the way so we can listen with you.


The (sex)Chronicles of Henny and Hotwings

When Henny and Hotwings meet The Chronicles it gets a tad bit out of control. Two very unfiltered podcasts join forces to talk hella trash about everything love, sex, and relationships. They were missing one of their members @astroboywrld_ aka "Light skinned" so you already know we have to do a part 2 of this combination. Grab some tea or some Henny and heat up your chicken wings and let me know what you think by sliding up in our DM's or commenting on any of our social media.


Episode 69: Beauty and the Gangsta: an Urban Love Story w/TaviaP and KadoB

I swear HNH Has the most interesting listeners, and we are ever so grateful to get to speak with them... In this episode we experienced Relationship goals in the realest way. These days women are looking for a ring for validation of their relationship thanks to Beyonce, but she forgot about the people that take it one step further... "Tatt my name on your face so I know it's real" Artist/Gangsta @kadobarlatier and his "Wife" @taviapshoes (a dope ass shoe designer) from out of Boston tell...


Episode 68: 625 Dates and a pack of Newports w/Crystal Tyson

I bet you all remember Crystal Tyson from Episode 52! Crystal finally met a man that had us all sitting on the edge of our seats expecting the most from him. I mean we were all pretty heavily invested in Mr. NewPort... Everyone was waiting for the fire works that came from Date 13 *que dramatic music* then Date 5 happened and we were crushed... Here is the story.... LISTEN to this episode and comment through out. Rob B, joined us in this conversation to shed some light on the whole situation...


Episode 67: I wanna surf board your brain waves w/Rob Badgett

A lot of self reflection and reading of the self was done in this episode. Relationship expert, artist, and authors of "His Love letters for her" Rob Badgett stopped by to give the girls some motivation and unsolicited therapy. Jill Badu shoots her shot throughout this episode but it was unanimously agreed upon that we would all just enter into a love triangle and love each other unconditionally (well maybe not exactly) this was a great sit down and I can't wait to hear what you guys think....


Episode: 66 "Saucy the Sexy Sausage" 100 days of sauciness half way

Quick update on @mshotsauce2u and her 100 days of Sauciness(happiness). In this episode Hotsauce sits down with her BossFriend @Sofresh98 to spill it. Here is where you'll find out just how miserable she actually is (it's weird writing in third person)... All kinds of transparencies in this episode. Some skeletons and shit... comment throughout the episode. let me know you're listening...


Episode 65: Reformed Fuc Boi Feat Uncle Al

One of my favorite Cheefers Uncle Al (@george_doobie)joined us for this smooth talking episode to discuss some thangs, like... his "fucboi" reformation, High sex vs Drunk Sex, finding a new sex partner. We also went over a few current event topics like the NFL, Jeff Bezos being the richest man in the world, and what it would feel like to have billions of dollars. No real direction in this episode but we covered it all. Enjoy and don't forget to comment, like, and share with...


Episode 64: Esbians aka Non sexual Lesbians (April Standford)

Boston born singer, socialite, and one of Henny and Hotwing's favorite people @aprilstanfordmusic finally sat her ass down in the Hot seat and had some girl talk with @mshotsauce2u and @jill_badu. We talked about Gabrielle Union-Wade and her sexual reciprocation when it comes to tossing salad, 2 month or less serious relationships, moving to DC to pursue her goals and dreams, personal sex tapes, and everything else that comes naturally in a #HNH conversation... make sure to subscribe, Share,...


Episode 63: He was too BIG so I dumped him

Just us girls in the studio this week bonding again. Two weeks ago we found out that @jillbadu was in a relationship. This week we find out why they broke up. We also talk about letting your partner know what you do like and what you don't like in the bedroom. Are man nipples sexy? Do women ever really get used to a man with a huge penis? So many questions were answered in this episode... At least I think they were.


Episode 62: Only girls can date if they are BROKE

The question: "Should you be dating if you are broke?" This question kept coming across my social media and we decided to bring it to the table. #HNH favorite @larryjordanbim and @Lonni002 joined in on the conversation to discuss the basics of how, why, and should people date while they are broke (broke meaning having no money to pay for food or a nice evening out on the town) Make sure you follow us on IG for some video snippet @hennyandhotwings


Episode 61: Happy Birthday HotSauce and 100 days of Sauciness

It was my birthday so I decided to take advantage of our new studio and record an episode. Jill badu and I talked about my simpleness, my journey, and everything else under the sun. In this episode I decided that I would do a 100 days of happiness challenge aka #100daysofsauciness that would launch the start of my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq9NFWT1GVFnslRrj9n-YwQ?view_as=subscriber (make sure to subscribe). Behind the scenes of #hennyandhotwings will also be part of...


Episode 60: Juiced Up off the Henny w/FrankeeLu

What do you do when you have dreams and goals, but you're a single mom and want to get up out of the state you were born and raised in and start over somewhere else...? YOU DO IT! You pick up your life and you follow your dreams. We sat down with queen @frankeelu who did just that. She spoke to us about the struggles, the victories, and her new life living in ATL... Of course the conversation gets a little too real, (Bottle girls vs strippers, R.Kelly, Getting head, The Kardashians , sex,...


Episode 59: A bottle of Henny and Opinionated Males

When the creators of the opinionated male blog stop by and provide some strong opinions about sex, love, and relationships all seems right in the world. We ended up speaking for 2.5 hours after this initial conversation because we had some much to talk about. We get into things like waiting 90 days to have sex, child support, introducing your kids to a partner, and whats attractive and whats not. @mshotsauce2u talks about her sabbatical from males and her plans moving forward. Opinionated...


Episode 58: Loving You, Sexing Him but I'm honest

a discussion about open relationships. Neither one of us has really thought about it but decided that we will stick our nose into the world of open relationships. explore some rules and parameters that people use to try to make it work. Are open relationships just honest regular relationships. Leave your comments and questions on any social media @hennyandhotwings or what ever medium you choose to listen from.


Why women are psychos on PMS

The emotional world of women during PMS. This episode Was recorded while @mshotsauce2u was under the crazy shield of PMDD (a more advanced strain of PMS) and wanted to bring light to the craziness that goes on in the headspace of a woman the weeks before she starts the worst week of the month ... Let us not judge but let this be a guide/insight for partners, friends, and children on how to stare clear and proceed on the side of caution when dealing with a women with pms or pmdd....


HNH Brunch Party Meet The Bachelors

HNH Brunch Party Meet The Bachelors by MsHotSauce