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Politics and Ish Ep 03: Chatting with At Large Candidate Domingos Derosas

Episode 3 - We talk with Councilor at large candidate Domingos DaRosa on his work history, motivation, campaign and community activism.


The King of the Northshore w/ DJ Sisko

Salute to one of our favs, DJ Sisko, King of the NORTH! He would actually like me to stop saying that, but I’m a huge Jon Snow fan, and I’m a HUGE @djsisko fan so it’s only right! Sisko joins me and @mzmophila and we get right to the bag. We discuss being Mexican and speaking out about the bullshit, and building his empire from the ground up just like his dad did. We also talked about how important it is to him to not only be a good son but a good dad to his two beautiful baby divas who he...


Episode 002: What THEY can and can't do (acountability)

Who does the city council work for? We talk about the relation between issues, activism and political action as well as setting expectations and creating pressure to get things done.


Freelance your dirty talk w/Brendan McGuirk

Episode 116: In this episode we talked like a bunch of industry folk regarding being an adult and being grown. Brenden McGuirk (@brendanmcguirk) received a red light special studio session (not in the traditional way) but I’m currently testing lighting in the studio... We talk about everything from including more local urban artist in Boston mainstream media, dirty talk in the bedroom, journalism and of course men deflecting when it comes to their dating status lol. this episode is packed...


Episode 1: City Councilors who and what are they

Episode 1 provides an introduction to the Boston City Council. How many there are, Who they represent, And their basic job description. As the primary approaches just weeks away where the top 2 in each of the 9 district races will advance to November and the top 8 in the at large race will continue to November


We lookin ah hype w/ Warlock

In this episode I sat and talked to 3 of my favoritest DJ's: Warlock, Legend, and Mikey D. The 3 of them literally played me for this ENTIRE episode, but it was ok because they all know me pretty well so it was all love - well, for the most part anyway! We discussed dating, dj'ing, groupies, the female dj movement, the fact that nobody wants to be my boyfriend, and how all my dj friends are somehow just having mad kids out of the blue. We talked the most crap for mad minutes and I know you...


Who Gives a F**K: Boston Carnival Edition

If you know me, other than talking about love sex and relationships I’m a Caribbean carnival junkie. Inside this Episode I invited some of my good friends that understand the concept of keeping the carnival spirit alive. They wait for no one, they give no fucks, they put on their own events, they hold private events, they participate in others events. They are a brotherhood of likeminded fun people that like to have a good time. They travel learn ideas and concepts and bring them back home...


Platon Deez

In this episode we sat down with our OG’s Carlos and Jill, and added in our new baby, @SimplyJazzz, to discuss our favorite topics: love, sex, and relationships! We chopped it up about platonic friendships, remaining friends after sex, gender roles, how ladies shoot our shot, and Sauce’s “Hot Girl Summer”. This conversation is packed with scenarios, and the typical HNH style fun, foolishness and fuckery so listen with a friend and don’t forget to like, comment and share!


Downtown Boston niggas are Boujee

I’ve been watching this man, @mickthemayor, talk the most reckless shit on the social medias, so I was completely prepared for him to have NO BEHAVIOR as a guest on the show. But to my surprise, the entire time sitting in front of him, all I wanted to do was squeeze his face and hug him!!! And Rosco (@rosco_maddsound)! Hmmm...Well, he aiight too, lol!. In this episode, my 2 low key online bffs sat down to chat it up about the politics concerning the Boston night life scene specifically...


Blow some air up her ass w/It's lit Boston

A long awaited episode! #Hennyandhotwings - I mean (Henny and Watermelon), meets #itslitboston, and we brought along special guest host @mzmophila for the ride on another wild fire, out of pocket, anything goes episode!! I laughed, almost punched a few people, cussed, learned a lot, and now me and Sam (@sir_comfortable) go together! Tune in to IG TV later for a special behind the scene clip of the aftershow!


Serving 110: We just out here drunk and single af

April (@aprileudora)called me and was like "Im in town", so I said " Pull up! Let’s record!!!!!" She was like can my friend Tricia (@triciareed3) come?" YURPPPP.... So at 9:30pm we sat in front of the mics and made a mockery out of having straight girl talk! While you listen to this episode (WITH A FRIEND), just understand that there was a lot of wine and LEGAL Marijuana involved. So if you feel like you are eavesdropping on one big ball of confusion, YOU ARE! This episode is all about being...


Serving 109: Henny Infused Barber Shop Talk

Ever wonder what it would be like to have women join in on a typical male conversation in the barber shop? This episode reminded me about what Henny and Hotwings is really about. We hit record with a house full of negros sipping on henny and gingerale and made some magic. If you don't end up trying to scream out your opinion through your speakers then we didn't do our job. Listen with a friend, share, comment, and don't forget to leave us a review on Apple


Episode 108: You're invited to our porn watch party

Henny and Hotwings’ resident sexpert Mikey D (@djmikeydmuzik) *insert rolling eye emoji* is back! If you are a long time listener, then you know Mikey D, which means that you ALSO know that this episode started wrong and ended wrong!!! After he made us a wonderful dinner of filet mignon and potatoes, he proceeded to piss us off and make us laugh at the same time for over an hour in this latest episode. Make sure to comment, share, and don't forget to LISTEN with a friend


Episode 107: Who you loving who you wanna be pegging

Best friends Risha (@rishawritesit) and Pheonix (@ph3onix_89) joined us on this episode, where we had girl talk about strengthening the community, sex (not to be confused with “community sex”), polyamory, and about how we have NO hoes. We kept it semi clean (NOT), got drunk, and just had an overall great conversation. We got real righteous sometimes and a lil ratchet at others and I’m completely convinced that you will love every minute! Tune in, comment, and listen with a friend!


Episode 106: Love yourself first SIS

When you tune into a Henny and Hotwings episode, you never knowing where our relationship talk is going to go - and this episode is no exception! This time, we get into the importance of having a good relationship with yourself before trying to have one with someone else. Personally, I never know what that looks like, so I asked a couple of experts who wrote books about all of this. At some point we get into some “positive male bashing”, we explored why this type of bashing even happens in...


Episode 105: Stop throwing your pums on fathers day

What else do you do on Father’s Day besides try to capture a potential Zaddy(by the way I have Zaddy shirts on sale mshotsauce2u.com)?This dad however is not on the market. @Supah_bonez joins us again and gives his insight on fatherhood, married life, being a serialpreneur, and gives the ladies a little advice on how to position yourself to lock down a good man. Like, Comment, and PLEASE SHARE!!


Episode 104: I served shots out of my foreskin

DISCLAIMER... Well there are 2 disclaimers: 1. The audio on this is unfortunately very bad, during the recording something happened and the mics were disconnected. Remember I just changed studios so im still working out the kinks. It’s a really great episode which is why I still want to release it. I don’t want y’all to miss this! So just turn the volume up and turn the volume down when I speak (my mic was the only one that stayed connected). 2. We have never discussed the LGBTQ community...


Episode 103: Oh, So You Don't Hate Women?

My whittle Big baby @wheresbigtunez finally joins us on the show. I had some concerns, I was convinced that he hated women. To my surprise his success in the entertainment business has produced a well rounded PR “answerer of questions”. Listen as I try to convince him he hates women and he curves every single on of my questions. Make sure to follow him and book him for your next event @wheresbigtunez. BTW my computer died in the middl of the show so there is a brief little Pause.


Episode 102: Men want you to be their whores and their moms

In this episode we examine what it means to be a proverbs 31 type of woman and Boujeezoe is NOT for it! ... Listen to this episode to gain some perspective and draw your own conclusions. @humbleaura is actually one of the most interesting thinkers I have ever met. I can listen to her go off all day! I think I laughed through out this whole episode. Make sure to comment, double tap and give us a little heart, subscribe, and tell one of your besets friend and or one of your enemies.


Episode 101: I Can't Date White Guys

Hey Ya'll!! I guess it's safe to say that we are backkkkk... for like the 4th time! As we test out the new studio AND the new system we ask that you bare with us. Once we get this shit down pat.... it's only UP from there. I hope ya'll come along with me for this ride. In this first episode, we find out that Hotsauce had a boy friend and she's aint even know. Then we shifted gears to Jill's recent very interesting experience going on a date with a white guy.