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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.

IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.
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IWS is a free-flowing conversation between Matt-Man and Jayman and their guest, callers and various imaginary friends and show correspondents.








Grillin' And Swillin' In Detroit Rock City

After a harsh and hilarious smackdown and sacking of Paducah, KY., the IWS Radio staff needs to take a deep breath and relax for a bit, however; we are currently without a permanent offcie. So, we have bought a house in Detroit and are having a Pool Party and Cookout Blowout!! Awwwww Yeahhhhh!! Join us as we party down, dodge bullets, and blow off steam in the Motor City at our temporary digs. We'll supply the burgers, the booze, the laughs, and the clothing optional Paducah Community...


Happiness is Paducah Kentucky in Your Rearview Mirror

For EIGHT LONG YEARS Matt-Man and Jayman and the entire staff of IWS Radio have done nothing but praise our adopted hometown of Paducah, Kentucky. We worked hard to cultivate a strong friendship built on mutual admiration and respect. We were in the process of building the most amazing and beautiful World Headquarters there. Just as we were ready to hold our grand opening Paducah hung up on us. LITERALLY! Needless to say Matt, Jay, Jamie and our entire staff are in shock. We're hurt. We're...


Celebrating The Virtue Of Our Vices

People have vices...from smoking, to eating six burrito supremes in one sitting, to drinking cheap wine, to engaging in hot meaningless sex, and the staff at IWS Radio are no different. Oh sure, succumbing to one's temptations are a sign of human moral frailty, but by golly, acting on one's immoral desires are also fun, and lead to hilarious stories for a podcast!! So...Jay, Matt, and the IWS team are going to come clean about their personal vices and celebrate them as well with witty...


A Big Gay Pride, Canada Day and Fourth of July Extravaganza

It's gonna be a great big fabulous rainbow colored star-spangled maple leaf extravaganza on IWS this week! This might be our most ambitious undertaking yet. Matt and Jay are hosting our annual Big Gay Pride Show and combining it with a celebration of Canada Day and the 4th of July! How will we fit it all in? Who knows, but if anyone can do it we can! Probably. Well, I guess we'll find out. Also, Matt and Jay did something very special this week that they will tell the masses all about. You...


National Sperm Appreciation Day

It's that time of year folks; it's a time and a day to celebrate your real daddy and for some of you moms out there, celebrating your baby daddy. It's Fathers Day, and IWS Radio is cooking out, swilling some drinks, playing some good/bad music, and telling stories about our the dads who raised us, and lead down a lifelong path to obscurity, uncertainty, and in some cases, heartache. Join us LIVE as we celebrate dads from all walks of life, engage in witty banter, keep you updated on the...


Joke Show VIII: The Funny Never Dies

Good evening ladies and germs! We know you're out there because we can hear you breathing. It's time once again for IWS Radio's annual Joke Show! Get ready to laugh until you cry folks cause the funny is gonna be coming at ya from all angles. Matt and Jay will share funny stories, one liners and some of their favorite comedy bits from their favorite comedians. Maybe we'll even get into a comedy discussion about things like working dirty vs clean and different styles of comedy and stuff like...


The 800 Pound Multiracial Gorilla In The Room

Yet again, racism and bigotry have grabbed the headlines in the media and on social media when Roseanne Barr referred to former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett as an ape and a terrorist. Even during her pre-history, race relations in the United States have been ignored at her best and Lit AF at her worst. So... Jay, Matt, Jamie and the rest of IWS Radio team are going to discuss race relations as only a bunch of white people can. We'll be discussing causes, solutions, stereotypes, and try to find...


A Memorial Day Celebration of Life

Nobody loves and respects the men and women who gave their lives to defend American more than Matt-Man and Jayman. Nobody! It's Memorial Day weekend and IWS Radio is going to observe it in a very somber, respectful and hilarious manner. We'll talk about Memorial Day and all the remembrances plus all the people who think sharing a patriotic meme on social media makes them a great American! And, we'll talk about cookouts, furniture and car sales, and all the other stuff that makes up holiday...


IWS Radio: The Champagne Of Podcasts

Hello friends and frenemies of IWS Radio...Jay, Matt, and the rest of the gang are preparing mentally for the unofficial kickoff to Summer that happens Memorial Day weekend, so this episode, we are playing some of our favorite audios from the past 8 years of top-notch IWS Radio comedy magic. Many of these audios, much like a fine bottle of champers, have become even tastier and funnier with time. Along with the vintage hilarity, there will be our typical witty banter, good/bad music, alcohol...


A Very Special Social Media Mother's Day Extravaganza

It's Mother's Day again and honestly Matt-Man and Jayman have had about enough of this stupid made-up holiday. So, it's time to do something a little different. Oh we're still gonna celebrate the day, but we're going to do it by reading special Mother's Day posts we see on social media. The good, the bad, the ugly, and hopefully, the hilarious. We'll also have the phone lines open for anyone who would like to call and share a sweet or possibly crazy mom story or two. As always our Canadian...


That 70's Show: Disco Ball Of Hilarity

Jay and Matt are firing up the IWS Time Machine and truckin' on back to the days of pastel leisure suits, ABBA playing on the 8 track player, and young boys everywhere getting their first erection while watching Charlie's Angels. That's right...we're headed to the 1970's. We are celebrating the good, the bad, and the ugly of the 70's as the disco ball of hilarity spins around. We'll have clips of 70's shows, good/bad music, reminisce about our own lives in the 70's, and talk about the...


Looking For Love in the Dark Corners of the Internet

It used to be hard to find THE ONE. You had to go out and meet people. Go to bars, or parties, or singles functions at church or community centers, or get set up by friends or put personals in alternative weekly newspapers. It was all so difficult and required a certain amount of social skills. Well, thanks to the internet that's a thing fo the past. But, how well do online personals sites work? It seems as though there are a dozen horror stories for every happy ending. Well, Matt-Man and...


Good Poetry Is Heartfelt, Bad Poetry Is Hilarious

It's National Poetry Month and IWS Radio is celebrating good poets and poetry, and hilariously mocking iambic hacks who claim to write, "deep and avant-garde free verse." The laughs and rhymes will abound with witty banter, good/bad music, poetry readings, alcohol taste testing, and of course, light-hearted talk of Donald Trump and Peegate. In addition to those rhyming rib-ticklers Jay and Matt, we'll have Bionic Bill, Tiny Head, Guy, Bobby, Dixie Ozark, Jamie Mapleleaf, and we'll have a...


Grip It, Rip It, and Name It Baby!

The colors of the lights in the IWS studio are lit up in all their luminous glory. The phone lines are open and clear of feedback and static. And, the laughs are rolling through the internet like a beautiful babbling brook inviting our vast and diverse worldwide audio to slow down, relax and join all the fun and games of IWS Radio. Hello again friends. Join Matt-Man and Jayman for a tradition unlike any other. It's our celebration of The Master's and the game of golf. We'll also celebrate...


Easter Fool's Day 2018: May The Farce Be With You

IWS Radio is giddy because not only do we love Easter, the resurrection of Jesus is even more iconic when it falls on April Fool's Day, and we are going to hilariously celebrate the hell out of that juxtaposition!! Christ will be exiting the cave in the form of witty banter, alcohol taste testing, jokes that will send Jay and Matt straight to hell, bad and good music, and special guests such as Rev. Moneymaker, Guy Ahnyurdyck, Paul Piatt, and Bionic Bill. All of that, plus the HOT Canadian...


Palm Funday with Porn Stars, Housewives and Jesus

Happy Palm Sunday kids! We celebrate Jesus being a bad-ass riding a donkey through the gates of Jerusalem saying "come at me bro!" Of course there's a lot of other crazy stuff happening. We've got Trump Stars Gone Wild taking lie detector tests, doing interviews and generally causing problems for our poor, misunderstood, always under attack Commander in Chief. There have also been lots of upsets in March Madness including a devastating loss by Kentucky that has the whole staff at IWS Radio...


Spring Break 2018: Pompano Beach Pandemonium

The IWS Radio team is ready to shake off the winter blues and get their Spring Break party on. We're broadcasting LIVE from the Backflip Beach Bar at the Plunge Beach Hotel in the Pompano Beach area, and we will be full of drunken, sexy, sun-soaked hilarity. We'll be talking Spring Break shenanigans, the move of our IWS African bureau from Burkina Faso to Ghana, broken March Madness brackets, and of course witty banter, good/bad music, booze testing, Toilet Talk with Tiny Head, as well our...


Slipping Slowly into Madness

March has arrived and it's pure madness out there folks! We've got time changes to deal with. Trade wars have been launched. A Donald Trump - Kim Jong Un meeting of the minds. St. Patrick's Day celebrations are about to happen BIGLY! And, on top of all that, it's time for the NCAA Tournament AKA: March Madness! Oh, and apparently there are some tool worshipers out there. How can people keep it all straight? Well, that's where Matt-Man and Jayman come in. We're gonna try to help you...


Birthdays, Oscars, And Corn Dogs

March is here and IWS Radio is coming in laughing like a lion. Jay, Matt, and the IWS team are going to open up March by celebrating Jayman's 50th Birthday and his obligatory downward spin in life that comes with turning a half-a-decade old. We will be talking the Academy Awards as we make fun of Hollywood and make our ill-informed Oscar picks, but that's not all!! It's National Corn Dog Day which we'll celebrate in hilarious fashion and we'll discuss how Jay and Matt have been recently...


The Forty-Five Greatest Men in American History

American has produced some of the greatest men the world has ever known. Men who have inspired others to greatness and quite simply saved the world from fascism, authoritarianism and communism. But, only forty-five men have been able to rise above all others to become President of the United States. These are the best of the best and the worst of the worst. IWS Radio is here to celebrate these great, yet flawed men. Matt-Man and Jayman will talk about their favorite presidents and which...