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Manic Mondays is a weekly comedy show designed to make your Monday mornings suck just a little bit less. Hosted by Devo Spice the show features funny music as well as regular features such as News Of The Stupid, Horrible Movie Reviews, and Impossible Interviews.

Manic Mondays is a weekly comedy show designed to make your Monday mornings suck just a little bit less. Hosted by Devo Spice the show features funny music as well as regular features such as News Of The Stupid, Horrible Movie Reviews, and Impossible Interviews.


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Manic Mondays is a weekly comedy show designed to make your Monday mornings suck just a little bit less. Hosted by Devo Spice the show features funny music as well as regular features such as News Of The Stupid, Horrible Movie Reviews, and Impossible Interviews.




Manic Mondays, Episode 334

Click here to listen: Treats 2013 This week, Devo Spice lets his Halloweenie hang out and passes out audio treats for all you kiddies! Also, don’t forget to show your support for Insane Ian’s current Kickstarter campaign to produce musical reviews of popular video games by clicking that whole linky-thing I just typed! 1.“Boo! (I’m […]


Manic Mondays, Episode 331

Click to listen: The REAL Government Shutdown Episode! Yeah, so, last week we said it was the Government Shutdown Edition… yet, there were NO songs about the government shutdown featured! This week, the internet has redeemed itself and Devo Spice dedicates EVERY SINGLE SONG to our wonderful governing system. GO GO USA! 1. “Shutdown” by […]


Manic Mondays, Episode 330

Click to listen: Government Shutdown Edition The shutdown of the United States government must be to blame for the lack of comedy songs about said shutdown. #thereaintsquat So instead, Devo plays another Breaking Bad tune, some pot music, and dishes out all around bad advice! Ahhhhh, fits like a glove. 1. “How Breaking Bad Should [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 329

Click here to listen: Monday Morning Messiahs Devo saves your Monday with songs about some of our fave saviors: Joss Whedon, Mario and, uh, Jeremy the Ninja! Why not! Don’t forget “News of the Stupid” to rescue you from whatever slightly idiotic thing you may have done this weekend! Trust us. Comparatively, you’re a genius! [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 328

Click here to listen: Hostile Takeovers! Bring it on, week! This episode fills your Monday with the appropriate pomp of an $800 million opening day for Grand Theft Auto V (a rap song), some fuel to the fire of the most legit internet petition we’ve ever heard of (GWAR! SUPER BOWL 2015!) and we’ll stab [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 327

Click here to listen: Trout Fishing for Doritos and Meth This week Devo officially acknowledges Seamonkey at the controls with a squick offering, interviews Todd Chappelle about his alcohol-fueled inspiration and love of triangular snack foods, and gives us a Swift kick in the laboratory with a Breaking Bad parody. All this plus News of [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 325

Click here to listen:Camp Grenada, 50 Years Later This week we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Allan Sherman’s classic song, and the release of an EP from last May that nobody ever heard about. 1. “Hello Muddah Hello Faddah” by Allan Sherman — from the album My Son The Nut 2. “Brutal [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 324

Click here to listen:WHY?! This week Insane Ian reviews Saints Row IV and we hear a news story that can make men everywhere cringe. 1. “Saints Row IV” by Insane Ian 2. “Bee Colony Collapse” by Weebl’s Stuff 3. News of the Stupid 4. “Bunny’s Big Day” by Baldbox


Manic Mondays, Episode 323

Click here to listen:Isn’t It Moronic? This week Devo Spice deals with such serious topics as Russia’s anti-homosexual agenda, people’s inability to grasp basic grammar, and having your pubic hair pulled out by the roots. 1. “Waxing Lesson” by Reformed Whores 2. “American Lesley Jane Kicks Vladimir Putin’s Ass” by American Lesley Jane 3. News [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 322

Click here to listen:Girl Balls This week Devo Spice explores the worlds of girl balls, kittens, and Heroes. 1. “Holding Out For Hiro” by Blythe Renay — from the album Worst Tribute Ever: A Tribute to The Great Luke Ski 2. “Girl Balls [in Your Face Mix]” by KILL THE BAND — from the album [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 321

Click here to listen:Douchebag McShitforbrains This week Tom tells the story of the accident he got into last week, and we explore Rolling Stone’s taste in cover art subjects. 1. “Comedian On Vacation” by Tim Cavanaugh 2. Story Time: Tom’s First Accident 3. “Learn How To Drive” by Barry and the Bookbinders 4. News of [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 320

Click here to listen:Programmed for Comedy Wes Kawaja fills in for Devo Spice while Devo is busy getting things done for his Stupid Day Job™. 1. “Dig Dug” by Insane Ian 2. “Talk Nerdy To Me” by Possible Oscar 3. “Another Irish Drinking Song” by DaVinci’s Notebook 4. “Party In The CIA” by “Weird Al” [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 319

Click here to listen:Queen of Tax Fraud! This week Devo wants a taco and Nuclear Bubble Wrap have a Kickstarter campaign. 1. “Do You Want A Taco?” by Psychostick — from the album Sandwich 2. “Lizards in the Sky” by Nuclear Bubble Wrap 3. News of the Stupid 4. “I’m Worried, Justin Bieber” by Trevor [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 318

Click here to listen:Legal Advice On this week’s show Devo deals out some much needed legal advice and we once again make fun of Florida. Also, we have an interview with Rob Paravonian. 1. “Makeshift Vagina” by Bonecage 2. Bad Advice With Devo Spice 3. “Sharknado” by Todd Chappelle 4. News of the Stupid 5. [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 317

Click here to listen:Guest host: Mur Lafferty! On this week’s show Devo is away and foolishly left the keys inMur‘s hands. She discusses back to the basics, an oldie from the BBC, and dealing with breakups, Rachel Bloom-style. In stupid news, Florida Man and Florida Woman are the worst superheroes ever. Mur also shamelessly plugs [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 315

Click here to listen: Live From LukeSkiCon! This week’s episode features all live performances from LukeSkiCon 2013! Enjoy! 1.”Luke Are You Carrie?” by the great Luke Ski and Carrie Dahlby 2. “If I Had A Rocket Launcher” by Insane Ian and Possible Oscar 3. News of the Stupid 4. “My Atari” by Devo Spice featuring [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 314

Click here to listen: π On this week’s show we talk about some developments in the world of Doctor Who and get an interview with Jessica Delfino, founder of the New York Funny Songs Fest. 1. “Dog Eat Dog” by Weird Al Yankovic — from the album Polka Party 2. News of the Stupid 3. [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 313

Click here to listen:See Something Say Something This week’s show features music from artists who were featured at the New York Funny Songs Fest. 1. “See Something Say Something (the War On Tourism)” by KILL THE BAND — from the album Mock Bottom 2. News of the Stupid 3. “If You See Kay” by Todd [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 312

Click here to listen:It’s All Fun and Games Until A Princess Loses Her Cool This week we explore video games and Disney princesses along with the stupid side of Twitter. 1. “Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue” by Consortium of Genius — from the album Music for Supervillains” 2. News of the Stupid 3. “The Ultra Epic Video [...]


Manic Mondays, Episode 311

Click here to listen:Adult Supervision Required This week Devo Spice celebrates boobs, including Insane Ian. 1. “Boobies” by Nice Peter 2. News of the Stupid 3. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael Bay Version)” by College Humor 4. Demenita Breakdown: Acouschtick by Insane Ian 5. “The Sounds of Chickens” by Insane Ian