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An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.

An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.
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An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.






Episode 169 - Let's Do Some Good

Today's episode of the podcast is another solo episode! This week wasn't planned to be a solo episode, but after a few guests had to reschedule this week, I decided to improvise. As I mentioned in the first solo episode, one of my biggest issues when I started the podcast years ago was a lack of consistency. This was something I wanted to change and vowed I would. So in the wake of my frustration of not having a guest, I decided to take a deep breath and not let it ruin my week. If you...


Episode 168 - D23 and Long Beach Comic Con Recap

On today's episode I recap the news and experiences we had at D23 and Long Beach Comic Con! There's no guest on this episode as I wanted to take the time to share some of the big news from D23 and talk about our experiences at Long Beach Comic Con. We recieved so much news at D23, primarily focused on a lot of the Disney+ programming. There was a lot of news from Star Wars, Marvel, The Muppets, and of course The Simpsons. It was great to return to Long Beach Comic Con this year. It seemed...


Episode 167 - Luke Null

On today's episode I have comedian, writer, and musician, Luke Null! Luke is best known for his work on Saturday Night Live as he was part of the Season 43 cast. Luke also just released his first comedy album called, "Guitar Comic", which I cannot suggest enough. Luke and I had never met before, but was somebody I was a fan of that I wanted to learn more about it. I decided to reach out to him and was thrilled that he was willing to come on the show. I talked to Luke about growing up in...


Episode 166 - Janet Quinonez

On today's episode I have comedian and writer, Janet Quinonez! Janet and I first crossed paths during my time at Metldown as she and her husband were regulars at shows. I knew Janet had a popular comedy show here in Los Angeles called Drunkalogue, and knew that she would be a great guest to talk comedy and building her career. I talked with Janet about getting her start in radio, living in Texas and moving to LA, deciding to make the career change from the corporate world to TV writing,...


Episode 165 - Alex Kack aka Green Shirt Guy plus Emmys FYC

On today's episode I have viral sensation Alex Kack, aka Green Shirt Guy! Alex became a viral sensation this past week after he was caught on camera laughing at the response of some protesters at a Tuscon City Council meeting. After talking with Alex I also took the time on this episode to talk about two of the recent Emmy FYC events that Netflix invited us to for "Russian Doll" and "When They See Us". I talked with Alex about what it's like to become a viral sensation and know that he...


Episode 164 - Matt Knudsen

On today's episode I have actor and comedian, Matt Knudsen! Matt and I have been Facebook friends for a few years, but it took us a bit of talking to actually remember how we met. Matt is an incredible actor and comedian who has been seen on CONAN, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Kominksy Method, and The Big Bang Theory, just to name a few. I talked with Matt about moving to Los Angeles and starting comedy, the weird first comedy show he was part of, his...


Episode 163 - The One With Me

Today's episode of the podcast is a change of pace from our normal episode. There's no guest today, no co-host today, it's just me. Leading up to the San Diego Comic-Con episode, I didn't release an episode for 2 months. I wasn't taking an hiatus or anything of that nature, episodes just simply didn't happen. I went through a lot during those two months. A lot of self discovery, and a lot of loss in someways. During that time I found my way to Ron Funches new podcast "Gettin' Better", which...


Episode 162 - LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con 2019

On today's episode we are coming to you LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con 2019! This is our fifth year returning to SDCC to do a live show, and this years show did not disappoint! A few days leading up to Comic-Con, I actually didn't know if this panel/show was even going to happen. Guests continued to fall through, and a few days before the convention my co-host also dropped out. Luckily though with moments notice, Todd Masters and Stacie Carver from Toddland quickly jumped on as guests. I...


Episode 161 - Eddie Furth & Ryan Pigg

On today's episode I have the Creators & Producers of the new Netflix show, "Historical Roasts", Eddie Furth and Ryan Pigg! I first met Eddie and Ryan very briefly in passing during my time at Meltdown when Historical Roasts and Fictional Roasts were regular shows at NerdMelt. However, this was the first time we've actually sat down and talked and it was such a great time! I talked with Eddie and Ryan about their time as interns at NerdMelt and how they created the show during one of their...


Episode 160 - Guinevere Turner & Mary Harron

On today's episode I talked with writer Guinevere Turner and Director Mary Harron! Guinevere and Mary are best known for writing and directing the hit film, "American Psycho", and their new film "Charlie Says" is in theaters now! I was so incredibly excited to talk with Guinevere and Mary as "American Psycho" is one of my favorite films. I actually didn't know I would be talking to Mary on this episode. As soon as I hung up with Guinevere, their publicist let me know they actually had Mary...


Episode 159 - Brooke Trantor Returns!

On today's episode, Actor, Writer, Director, and Producer, Brooke Trantor returns to the podcast! Brooke made her first appearance on the podcast on Episode 98, almost exactly 2 years ago! It was great to have Brooke back on the show to catch up and talk about her new film "Yours Are Mine", which is currently on the film festival circuit. Brooke and I talked about loving our East Hollywood neighborhood after realizing we only live a few streets apart, going to the movies, social media and...


Episode 158 - Nathan Catucci

On today's episode, I have Writer and Director Nathan Catucci. Nathan's first feature film, "Impossible Monsters", premiers this Satuday, March 9th at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose. I rarely go back and watch a film twice when prepping to record shows, but "Impossible Monsters" is such a fun, twisted thriller that I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss anything. "Impossible Monsters" follows an ambitious professor who gets caught up in the murder of a participant in his sleep...


Episode 157 - 2019 Oscar Picks

Today's episode is our annual Oscar Predictions! We are so excited for this year's Oscars, even without there being a host! There are so many great nominees and we can't wait to see who takes home the Oscar Gold. Austin and I always look forward to sitting down and making our Oscar Predictions. We so rarely split on our picks, but this year we had a several, including Best Picture! Before we give our Oscar Picks, I want to say a quick thank you to the Oscar Shorts Program for letting us be...


Episode 156 - Oscar Week (Pt. 3) feat. Guy Nattiv, Jeremy Comte, & Marshall Curry

Today's episode is Part 3 of our Oscar Week coverage! Today's films come to us from the Live Action and Documentary Short categories. I talked with 3 of the Oscar nominated filmmakers, starting with Guy Nattiv from "Skin", Jeremy Comte from "Fauve", and Marshall Curry from "A Night at the Garden". Today's collection of films are all incredibly intense films with powerful themes and messages. I talked with each of the filmmakers about how their films stories came about, how Marshall learned...


Episode 155 - Oscar Week (Pt. 2) feat. Louise Bagnall, David Fine, Alison Snowden, and Trevor Jimenez

Today's episode is Part 2 of our Oscar week coverage! Today's films focus soley on the Animated Short film category as I talk with 4 of the Oscar Nominated filmmakers, starting with Louise Bagnall from "Late Afternoon", David Fine and Alison Snowden from "Animal Behaviour", and Trevor Jimenez from "Weekends". The animated categories are always some of my favorite because animation offers a lot of freedom to story telling that you can't do with live action, and really lets the filmmakers...


Episode 154 - Oscar Week (Pt. 1) feat. Skye Fitzgerald, Ed Perkins, Andrew Chesworth, and Bobby Pontillas

Today's episode is Part 1 of our Oscar week coverage! All this week I am interviewing the Directors behind the Oscar Nominated short films. Today's episode features 3 filmmakers, Skye Fitzgerald from the Documentary Short "Lifeboat", Ed Perkins from the Documentary Short "Black Sheep", and Andrew Chesworth and Bobby Pontillas from the Animated Short "One Small Step" I talked with all of these filmmakers about finding out their films were nominated for an Oscar, as well as all of the...


Episode 153 - Aaron Bleyaert

On today's episode, I have two-time Emmy winner, head of Conan Digital, and creator of "Clueless Gamer", Aaron Bleyaert! I first met Aaron at one of the final Meltdown shows and have always been a fan of his work on Conan. It was great to finally make this episode work with Aaron's incredibly busy schedule. On the episode I talked with Aaron about his recent visit to the Sundance Film Festival, finding your own voice in entertainment, discovering his love for TV at Michigan State, videos...


Episode 152 - F**k You, Kevin

On today's episode, Austin and I catch up are a month long unintended hiatus. From the moment January 2019 started, things became insanely busy for us without any warning. I was Producing shows for the Sundance Film Festival, Austin ened up filming a role in a movie, I also ended up getting sick and Austin made some career strides all while prepping for an art show and a small move. Before we knew it, January was over. I also had a run in with a guy named Kevin who inspired a new sign off...


Episode 151 - 2018: The Year We Learned Things

Happy New Years, Everybody! Today is our annual New Years Eve episode of the podcast! Austin and I sat down and reflected on the whirlwind of a year that 2018 has been. With our first full year living in Los Angeles under our belts, we have a lot to look forward to in 2019. So often we see the circular post of "this past year was horrible, here's to next year" only to be repeated time and time again on New Years Eve. We've instead decided to look at how things may have beaten us up this...


Episode 150 - Christmas 2018: Treevenge!

Merry Christmas, Everybody! Today is our annual On the Mic Christmas Episode! Since moving to Los Angeles our Christmas Episode has changed a little, but it's still a bunch of holiday cheer and nonsensical ramblings. While Austin heads back to Utah for Christmas, Tim will be enjoying a lovely sunny Los Angeles Christmas. On the episode, we talked about our Christmas plans, new movies out for Christmas, our annual Christmas treat, gift exchange, giving back not just during the holidays, but...