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An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.

An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.
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An entertainment and comedy podcast hosted by Tim Drake. Tim talks with comedians, actors, and musicians, while also delivering weekly entertainment and pop culture news.






Episode 145 - 31 Days of Horror and LA Comic Con

On today's episode, Austin and I go through the last month and talk about all of our experiences filming our "31 Days of Horror". We've had such a great time filming at all of these haunted locations and telling their history and their stories. We of course are skeptical on these kind of stories, but we love telling them. While filming, we definitely had some weird experiences that we talked about on the episode. We also talked about my weekend at LA Comic Con and Austin's weekend back in...


Episode 144 - Halloween Songs

Today's episode is the 4th in our series of special Halloween Episode! We decided to cover a topic that we realized there wasn't very many of... Halloween Songs. We usually just hear "The Monster Mash" on repeat over and over again, but we found a few of the other songs we enjoy that are also part of Halloween. We talked about what makes a good Halloween Song, some creepy stories behind some of the songs, new songs that we hadn't heard yet, "Nightmare Before Christmas" cover songs, and...


Episode 143 - Beowulf Jones

On today's episode I have Beowulf Jones! Beowulf is the Producer of the RISK! Podcast Live LA shows, as well as the Host and Producer of the storytelling show "Turtle" at The Ruby here in LA. I first met Beowulf when I was working at the Nerdist Showroom at Meltdown. Beowulf was one of the main techs at Meltdown and one of the first people to welcome me into Meltdown fold. I talked with Beowulf about growing up in Canada, working on Wall Street, getting started in comedy, moving to New...


Episode 142 - Goosebumps and Scary Stories

Today's episode is our 3rd episode in our special Halloween episodes! Today we are talking about two of our favorite book series when we were kids, Goosebumps and Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark. Don't be thrown off in the episode by the fact that I'm an idiot and keep calling Scary Stories, "Scary Tales". For some reason I couldn't get "Scary Tales" out of my head. We talked about all of our favorite Goosebump books, the art in the books, going to bookfairs, the Goosebumps movies, the...


Episode 141 - Moses Storm

On today's episode, we have comedian and actor Moses Storm! We've wanted to have Moses on the show for a while and were so glad he was able to fit us into his incredibly busy schedule. I first saw Moses' comedy last year when he performed on CONAN. During the same time he was on CONAN, he was also working on the YouTube Red show "Youth and Consequences" with Austin. On the episode we talked with Moses about getting his start in comedy, moving to LA, working out his CONAN set, hosting the...


Episode 140 - Halloween Traditions

Today's episode is our second Halloween Special episode! Today Austin and I are talking about all of our favorite traditions growing up and the new traditions we've started making. We also talked about our favorite costumes as kids, trick-or-treating in the cold, our favorite candy we would get, making Halloween decorations, figuring out this year's costumes and so much more. Make sure you're following our instagram @onthemicpodcast to see all of our videos for our "31 Days of Horror"....


Episode 139 - Barlow Jacobs

On today's episode I have actor Barlow Jacobs! Barlow is currently in the new film, "The Old Man and The Gun", alongside Robert Redford, Sissy Spacek, Tom Waits, Danny Glover, and Casey Affleck. Austin and I had the chance to see the film over at FOX a few weeks ago and loved it. I talked to Barlow about how his film career started, his Sundance experience, meeting Director David Lowry, lessons he's learned on set, and so much more. You can also see Barlow in "The Master", "A Ghost Story",...


Episode 138 - Horror Not Whore

Today's episode is the first of our special Halloween episodes we are doing for October! We recorded this up at the Hollywood Sign, which believe it or not, is haunted! If you want to know why it's haunted, look for our upcoming "31 Days of Horror" video later this week. On the episode we talked about getting into the Halloween spirit, misprouncing horror as whore, how we kickoff October, favorite horror movies and more. These episodes are slightly shorter since they are speciality...


Episode 137 - Reinaldo Marcus Green

On today's episode, we have Writer & Director, Reinaldo Marcus Green! Reinaldo's debut feature film, "Monsters and Men" hits theaters this weekend! After winning the Special Jury Price at this year's Sundance Film Festival, "Monsters and Men" and continued to receive great praise from movie goers and critics alike. The film offers a unique take on the sensitive topic of police brutality and is a film we feel everybody should see. We talked with Reinaldo about how he and Austin met at the...


Episode136 - Katie Sarife & Tyler Steelman

On today's episode we have an actor doubleheader with Katie Sarife & Tyler Steelman! I briefly met Katie and Tyler earlier this year at the "Youth and Consequences" Premier as Katie was one of the stars of the show and Austin guest starred in a number of episodes. We had such a great time with Katie and Tyler on this episode, and it ended up becoming our longest episode at just barely over 2 hours. We talked with Katie and Tyler about their careers, teaching acting, Katie's role in Episode...


Episode 135 - LIVE from Long Beach Comic Con

On today's episode we are coming to you LIVE from Long Beach Comic Con! Austin Grant and I took a short drive down from Los Angeles to check out the 10th Annual Long Beach Comic Con. While we love the big conventions like SDCC and NYCC, smaller conventions like Long Beach offer us far more opportunies to meet and see so many great artists and comic book vendors. On the episode we talk about all of the great cosplay that we've seen, some of our favorite artists at LBCC, Austin forgetting to...


Episode 134 - Back From Hiatus!

We are back from our August hiatus! On today's episode Austin Grant and I catch up and talk about everything we've been doing throughout the last month. We usually take the month of August off to work on projects we put on hold to prep for San Diego Comic-Con. We talked about Austin's art store and upcoming events that he will be selling art at, acting and clown classes, our new sketch comedy channel, upcoming conventions, and so much more! Don't miss us this weekend at Long Beach Comic...


Episode 133 - LIVE from San Diego Comic-Con 2018

Today's episode is LIVE from 2018 San Diego Comic-Con! Austin Grant and I took the show back to San Diego for our 4th year with our first panel exclusive! We always love doing this show at SDCC, even though the auditorium doesn't draw the biggest crowds. We talked about our SDCC experience so far, spending the morning in Mexico, hating the bird scooters, discovering new shows and comics, our missing guest this year, and more! Thank you to San Diego Comic-Con for having us back this year....


Episode 132 - Todd Masters of Toddland

On today's episode, Austin and I took the show down to Newport Beach to sit down with Todd Masters, the brains behind Toddland! Toddland has become one of the hottest companies at San Diego Comic-Con with their exclusives for Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, and brand new for this year, American Dad. Their exclusives sell out incredibly fast and they're our favorite items to order. Most of my SDCC spending is usually at Toddland. We talked to Todd about this years exclusives, the joys of being a...


Episode 131 - A Hollywood Peacock Surprise

On today's episode, Austin Grant and I catch up on the last week and discuss the week ahead. The 4th of July is just two days away and Austin and I talk about our plans for the 4th. Austin is currently driving back from Salt Lake City (again) helping his girlfriend move to Los Angeles. We also talked about sexual assault & harassment and how it's affected our significant others, how Austin and Ashley met, some of their plans, and making the move, and so much more. We recorded this episode...


Episode 130 - AT&T Shape at Warner Brothers

On today's episode, Austin Grant and I sit down and recap our time at the AT&T Shape event at Warner Brothers. Austin was only able to attend part of the first day as he had to head back to Salt Lake City to star in a movie. We talked about what we were able to do at the event while Austin was there, as well as the parts Austin missed out on. We had great panels with some of the filmmakers behind Ready Player One, panels with Issa Rae & P. Diddy, and incredible tech displays highlighting...


Episode 129 - CBS Emmy FYC

On today's episode, Austin Grant and I sit down to recap the CBS Emmy FYC Event. Austin and I went to the CBS Redford Lot in Studio City for Emmy presentations from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Jane The Virgin, Star Trek: Discovery, The Amazing Race, and American Vandal. There were a few of these shows that neither of us have had a chance to watch, but after seeing their Emmy presentation, we are definitely compelled to dive...


Episode 128 - Jonathan Giles

On today's episode, I talked with comedian Jonathan Giles! Jonathan and I first met doing an open mic at the Nerdist Showroom only to find out that we were actually working together there as well. Austin Grant joined us on this episode as we got to know more about Jonathan and his career. We talked with Jonathan about how he started comedy in Chicago, moving to Los Angeles, being a part of NBC's Late Night Writers Program, reminiscing over some of our favorite NerdMelt memories, a lot of...


Episode 127 - Food Addiction, Murder, and Solo

On today's episode, Austin Grant and I sat down to catch up on what we've been up to the last few weeks. On this episode, Austin and I talk about his new art endeavors, attending the World Premier of Solo: A Star Wars Story, blood covering Hollywood Blvd, food addictions, Austin's weird audition, San Diego Comic-Con planning, and more. We have a lot of things coming up, including the launch of our new sketch channel with recently debuted the first sketch, Avengers: Xfinity War. Stay tuned...


Episode 126 - Here's Jonny

On today's episode Austin and I sat down with our good friend, Jonny Byrne! Jonny came to LA to escape the icy tundra that is he calls home, Chicago. It was so great to have Jonny in town and be able to show in around the city. We journeyed up to Lake Hollywood to record this episode. We talked to Jonny about his experience in Los Angeles, going to UCB, meeting Bobby Moynihan, going to Groundlings and meeting Jim Rash, living in Chicago, Second City, and more! We also gave some play by...