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Episode 118 David Neagle - Financial Coach How Are You Thinking?

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews financial abundance coach, David Neagle (@DavidNeagle) about financial abundance. After a horrific accident that left him near dead, David was able to change his life by shifting his mindset and creating financial abundance from poverty. Amazing and positive guest that explores the power of your financial and limiting beliefs and how to transform them into what you want to create in your life!


Episode 117 Matt McKeever - Real Estate Investing/Youtuber

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews popular Real Estate and Financial Independence Youtuber, Matt McKeever (@mattmckeever85), about his journey from corporate nine to fiver to financial independence and freedom through real estate and the creation of his highly successful youtube channel! Matt talks about taking the forced leap into early retirement and why everyone, even if you don't plan to retire early, should be investing!


Episode 108 John Opdyke - Founder of OpenPrimaries.org/Political Activist

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews political activist and founder of Openprimaries.org, John Opdyke (@OpenPrimaryUSA). John talks about how the current political system needs reform to avoid corruption in elections and how the current primary system favors the political parties and not the people. His mission is to spread the message of an open primary system that empowers all voices in the American narrative and educate the people about the political process. Thought provoking and...


Episode 107 Graham Elwood - Founder of LA Podfest/Filmmaker

Orginal Out of the Box Podcast guest, Graham Elwood (@grahamelwood) is back for round two! Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Graham in a very special episode! Graham has just wrapped on his new documentary film, Earbuds: The Podcasting Documentary. Graham hosts the film review podcast, Comedy Film Nerds, and is the founder of the LA Podcast Festival, as well as a National touring comedian, director, and producer. This intriguing interview is the ultimate episode for podcast nerds!...


Episode 106 Davina Kotulski - Author/Life Coach/Psychologist

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews psychologist, author, and life coach, Davina Kotulski (@drkotulski) regarding her new book, "Behind Barbed Eyes". The novel is based on Dr. Kotulski's work working with women in prison for many years. Dr. Kotulski discusses the dire need for rehabilitation in the prison system, which is primarily filled with abused, neglected, and underprivileged low income and women of color. Very informative episode with a thoughtful and activist guest!


Episode 105 Scott Santens - Universal Basic Income Advocate/Writer

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interview Basic Income expert and advocate, Scott Santens (@ScottSantens) about the concept of a Basic Income. With growing unemployment, massive government bureaucracy, and lack of individual freedom in the current welfare system, Basic Income is a bi-partisan policy that has been proven in many test samples to solve some of our current issues. This passionate and thoughtful podcast guest explains many of the misconceptions about this progressive policy.


Episode 104 David J. Ley PhD - Clinical Psychologist/Sexuality Expert

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews clinical psychologist, sex expert, and author, David Ley (@DrDavidLey) about sex addiction and human sexuality. David is the author of several books about human sexuality and has appeared on Dr. Phil, Anderson with Anderson Cooper, and The Today Show as a sexpert. This fun and funny interview focuses on sex as a self-expression as well as sex education and acceptance of one's self, desires, and preferences. Very positive and educational podcast!


Episode 103 Sam Dogen - Personal Finance Blogger/Financial Samurai

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews personal finance blogger, Sam Dogen (@financialsamura ), who runs the popular website, Financial Samurai. Sam started his blog in the depths of the recession to show how he engineered his own layoff, got out of the rat race in his 30's, and his continuing efforts to teach people about personal financial independence through the right mindset and abundance thinking! Sam is known as one of the premiere personal finance "hackers" online, providing...


Episode 102 Sandylu Guerrero - Life and Business Coach

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Life and Business Coach Sandylu Guerrero (@uhaveachoice) about her transformation from divorced and losing several loved ones to getting her life together and now inspiring others with her Life and Business coaching business! Sandylu is an executive business and life coach who helps people to see what they are doing that's working and not working in their lives to create amazing results. This inspiring, smart, and motivated woman shares her...


Episode 101 Yasmin Lee - Transgender Advocate/Adult Film Actress

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Yasmin Lee (@TSYasmin), a transgender rights advocate and actress. Yasmin talks about what is means to be transgender and her transitioning from male to trans. This is a great episode with lots of interesting information for anyone curious about this truly Out of the Box personality!


Episode 100 Martin Winiecki - Tamera Healing Biotope 1

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews Martin Winiecki, member of the Tamera Healing Biotope in Portugal. Tamera is an experiment on living a new way of life which is based on love, trust, and the order of the Natural World. Members of Tamera practice absolutely honesty, feedback, free love, support, and peace in a sustainable biotope. Martin talks about one of the founder's , Dieter Duhm's, new book "Terra Nova: Global Revolution and The Healing of Love" which explains this concepts...


Episode 99 Jennifer Hadley - Therapist/Minister/Spiritual Teacher/Life Coach

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews therapist and spiritual coach, Jennifer Hadley (@JenniferHHadley) about her life's work! Jennifer is a profound teacher who teaches how to get over grudges and get your life back. This positive guest talks about how to get out of your head and into your heart to solve most of life's problems. This is a very fun and inspirational episode with a wise coach and teacher!


Episode 98 Rosie Tran - The Matrix are you in or out?

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) talks about the real life "Matrix" that we all live in. "The Matrix", as Rosie describes, is the self-created reality that we all live in, which includes the "masks" that we wear at work, with friends and family, and sometimes with ourselves. Rosie teaches you how to get out of this World by first recognizing that it exists and then discusses the steps to break free and be more authentic!


Episode 97 Bonnie Rotten - Los Angeles Podcast Festival (LA Podfest) with Bonnie Rotten

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) goes LIVE from the Los Angeles Podcast Festival (@LaPodFest) for the first time! This special episode with guest, @TheBonnieRotten, was recorded in front of a live audience at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. Bonnie is the AVN 2014 Performer of the Year (the adult film industry equivalent of The Academy Awards). They talk about everything from Bonnie's personal story to her transition from adult film star to new mommy in this unique episode!


Episode 96 Saleem Khatri - Founder of Instavest/Entrepreneur

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews CEO and founder of Instavest, Saleen Khatri (@goinstavest) about his investing start up. Instavest is a new platform that allows people to leverage each other's knowledge to make smarter investments and provides transparency to those that are making the recommendations. Basically, if someone is making a recommendation, their portfolio needs to be visible. Essentially Instavest is asking investors to put their money where their mouth is! Fun and...


Episode 95 Keni Styles - Former Adult Film Star/Human Trafficking Advocate

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews former adult film star Keni Styles (@KeniStyles). Keni is truly one of the good guys! From orphan to adult film star, Keni has transformed his life and is now serving women in Southesast Asia who are victims of sexual trafficking! Keni works with various groups to help victims, some as young as 11 years old from the chains of sexual slavery. Many women are beaten, forced, and psychologically abused into this industry. Inspiring and amazing voice...


Episode 94 Michael Strasner - Transformational Life Coach

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews transformational life coach Michael Strasner (@MichaelStrasner) about his new book, "Living on the Skinny Branches" and his work as a trainer and life coach for over 30 years! Michael is committed to changing people's lives for the better by helping them to see what is working in their life and what isn't working by using techniques like understanding the feedback that the World around you is constantly giving out to shift your life in the...


Episode 93 Sochua Mu - Nobel Peace Nominee/Human Rights Activist

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews human rights activist and member of Cambodian parliament Sochua Mu (@MuSochua). Sochua is the equivalent of a secretary of state and has been nominated for a Nobel peace prize for her work in human rights, woman's rights, and helping to stop the spread of sex trafficking. Sochua has been inspiring and working towards empowering those oppressed by the corrupt system to become active in their political world and their communities to make a positive...


Episode 92 Tobi Skovron - Founder Zingy.com/Entrepreneur

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews entrepreneur and founder of Zingy Pet, Tobi Skovron (@ZingyPet). Zingy is a new app that connects dog owners with safe, respectable, and highly rated pet care takers. Tobi talks about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, stay inspired, and keep yourself going in the tough World outside the 9 to 5! Fun episode with an outspoken and passionate guest.


Episode 91 Andrew Morgan - The True Cost/Documentary Filmmaker

Comedian Rosie Tran (@FunnyRosie) interviews documentary film maker, Andrew Morgan (@Andrew_Morgan) about his new film, The True Cost. The True Cost delves into the dark world of fast fashion, exposing the human cost, negative environmental impacts, and sociological and psychological affects of the fashion industry's disposable fashion and the profit/bottom line mentality. Amazing podcast with ideas and empowering steps on how you can change your life with small changes that can really make...