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Chicago comedians celebrate--and savage--pop culture and current events!

Chicago comedians celebrate--and savage--pop culture and current events!
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Chicago, IL


Chicago comedians celebrate--and savage--pop culture and current events!




173: Erica Reid and Rebecca Hanson

ERICA REID (@drunkmonkeyshow) and REBECCA HANSON (@phunkybeck) give PopFury the full cross-country catch up! They talk about American Girl’s Logan doll, Rebecca’s South Dakota experiences, Erica’s trio of kittens and, naturally, Loretta Lynn’s ranch. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:40 Rebecca and Erica share how they spent their (non-romantic) Valentine’s Day. 3:40 Erica just got THREE new kittens. They are destroying her home. They even their own Twitter: @3kttns 9:35 Rebecca helped run the...


172: Alex Trepka and Andy Junk

ALEX TREPKA and ANDY JUNK share a few words of wisdom and many words of nonsense on PopFury! They talk about furniture shopping, winning back the heart of your amnesiac lover, the bucket lists of their 10-year-old selves and Alex's cinematic triumph, "AKA Bad Boy 2" SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:15 Andy and his wife just went furniture shopping. He enjoys home improvement projects on their new home even though he has no idea what he is doing. Andy doesn’t have a junk room for all the...


171: Mandy Sellers and Erin Goldsmith

MANDY SELLERS and ERIN GOLDSMITH brutally enforce the "no smoking" policy in Penthouse Studio 4W! They talk about their upcoming weddings, the Jerry Maguire video store, their tempers and one very epic bus brawl... SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:45 Both Erin and Mandy are getting married soon! Sammy wants to know how they met their fellas, when they knew they dug them and their proposal stories. 12:15 They are doing a joint bachelorette party in New Orleans. Sammy wonders if you can be in a...


170: Molly Wilbanks Anderson

MOLLY WILBANKS ANDERSON (website) returns to PopFury to talk about "the worst year" she's had as an actor, living in Los Angeles, what she misses in Chicago, and a fleeting experience at a LA Scientology center. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:30 Molly was last on PopFury waaaaay back on episode 3. Sammy sees if there are any updates to the show notes about her personal life from back then. “It’s easy to focus on the wrong things when you live in L.A.” 9:30 Sammy calls bullshit when Molly says...


168: John Sabine and Jamison Webb

JOHN SABINE (@jsabine214) and JAMISON "JT" WEBB (@jamisonwebb) road trip to the PopFury Podcast! The talk about getting burgled at XSport, John's recent passing, Jamison's retracted "rebranding effort" in high school, and possible names for their kids. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:55 Jamison recently celebrated his 31st birthday. Folks have never appraised him as his actual age. 3:45 Both JT and John have had their lockers was robbed at XSport. They recount their trials and tribulations...


167: Week From Hell (Part 2)

Last episode, SAMMY TAMIMI thought his week from hell was over...then spent 3 days in the Illinois Mason Intensive Care Unit over New Year's weekend. He shares everything that went down that weekend. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen to PopFury on Google Play Music!


166: Cynthia Bangert and Ryan Ben

CYNTHIA BANGERT and RYAN BEN and bear witness to Sammy’s week of hell on the newest PopFury! The fantastic couple also talks about who won Christmas, a romantic date of overindulgence, getting suckered into adopting 2 cats and Cynthia's sisters! Note: For those of you who want just Cynthia & Ryan, simply jump to 39:00 of the podcast! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:05 Ryan, the “owner” of the PopFury podcast gives his Owner’s Statement 3:00 Sammy’s Hell Week Part One: The Catheter (AKA Ryan's...


165: Star Wars: Rogue One

Reprogrammed Imperial Improv Droid K-11 Tier-8 (KELLEN TERRETT) visits the secret rebel base of Penthouse Studio 4W to talk about Rogue One! We break down the characters and story, fanboy over some stuff and whine about other stuff in this special Star Wars episode! SPOILER WARNING: We talk about the movie, its plot and the characters in detail. Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed this episode of the PopFury Podcast, please subscribe and rate us on iTunes or Stitcher! You can also listen...


164: Spencer Hamilton and Pat Niday

SPENCER HAMILTON and PAT NIDAY bring their music picks and songbird pipes to the PopFury podcast! The risk-averse duo chat about company cover bands, getting grilled by your gal’s pals, Pat almost drowning, Spencer’s awesome high school playlist and, naturally, peeing in weird places. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:10 Pat sang at his company’s holiday party. In unrelated news, he received a promotion. (You can listen to Pat’s audition tape at the end of the podcast!) “I had to audition to be...


163: Michaela Petro and Mallory Nees

MICHAELA PETRO (website) and MALLORY NEES (@The_Mal_Gallery) bring both kindness and vulgarity to PopFury (but mostly vulgarity)! We talk about the status of their 2016 resolutions, Mallory's freak strength, Profiles theater, Scrotox, and wonder why people just can't be kind to each other. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:00 Sammy holds Mallory and Michaela accountable for the New Year resolutions they made on the show back in January. Mallory has 1 win, 1 loss and 1 push. Sammy asks about the...


162: Diane Teng and Andy Junk

DIANE TENG and ANDY JUNK are totally adults now and you can hear them talk like mature adults about very adult things like buying lipstick, buying a house, traveling to Myanmar, teddy bears and allergies! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:05 Diane needs advice on how to buy lipstick and explains make-up costs to the fellas. “You know who taught me how to put eyeliner on? My high school theater director…” 7:10 Andy has bought a house. His mommy helped him with how to do it. 12:50 Diane Teng...


161: Rob Grabowski & Laura Marsh

ROB GRABOWSKI and LAURA MARSH board the S.S. PopFury and set sail for silliness! We discuss performing on cruise ships, the ship life, bad auditions and Laura’s newest obsession with animal noises! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:10 Rob is leaving Chicago to perform for Second City on a cruise ship for 4 ½ months! 4:05 After college, Laura worked on a cruise ship for Disney. SAMMY HAS ALL THE QUESTIONS! “It is very similar to being wrapped up in a carpet and doing aerobics in the sunshine.”...


160: Caroline Nash and Laura Marsh

CAROLINE NASH and LAURA MARSH celebrate the return of PopFury by relentlessly plugging their sketch show! We chat about Laura’s (lack of) crafting skills, Christmas commercials that make us cry, online dating, regrettable purchases and explain to Laura what a ‘facial’ is. This is coincidentally the one-year anniversary of the first time this hilarious duo debuted on PopFury. You can listen to the that episode HERE. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:05 The heartless Laura and Caroline didn’t care...


PopFury Presents: Gumshoe Gal Episode 3

Gumshoe Gal Caroline Nash and Sidekick Sammy would rather get tasered--twice--than face the legal wrath of L. Lin Wood or repeatedly hear the dreaded "P-Word." We wrap up our coverage of CBS' The Case of JonBenet Ramsey docuseries with ruminations on whether Burke Ramsey did it and why Patsy would cover up the murder of her daughter. You can e-mail us with questions and comments at GumshoeGalPodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Twitter (@TheGumshoeGal) or Facebook! The intro and...


PopFury Presents: Gumshoe Gal episode 2

Gumshoe Gal Caroline Nash and Sidekick Sammy recap the JonBenet Ramsey case. From meeting the dreamy team to bashing a be-wigged dummy by a Burke-a-like, we race through this episode faster than Patsy on a 911 call. You can e-mail us with questions and comments at GumshoeGalPodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Twitter (@TheGumshoeGal) or Facebook! The intro and outro music is provided courtesy of Rob Cavallo.


PopFury Presents: Gumshoe Gal episode 1

Gumshoe Gal Caroline Nash and Sidekick Sammy recap the JonBenet Ramsey case, take listener mail and discuss the upcoming CBS investigation of the murder on its 20th anniversary. We will be releasing 1 podcast per episode of the CBS miniseries, so follow along as we discuss Jim Clemente's and Laura Richards' investigation into the case. You can e-mail us with questions and comments at GumshoeGalPodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Twitter (@TheGumshoeGal) or Facebook! SHOW...


159: The End

PopFury host Sammy Tamimi and favorite guest Daniel Strauss tackle reader questions on the PopFury podcast finale. As always, thanks for listening. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Last INTRO ever 1:35 This is the last episode of PopFury. Sammy shares his download numbers. The most downloaded episode was the Steve Harvey episode with 2,343 downloads. The least downloaded was 33. Daniel “treats” Sammy with a Billy Corgin impression. 9:00 Daniel wonders why he’s here if none of the listener questions...


158: Kellen Terrett and Ryan Ben

KELLEN TERRETT and RYAN BEN talk so much about their lovely ladies, it might as well have been a 5-person podcast! They talk about living with their ladies, globetrotting with their better halves and even training with their significant others. Along the way we also talk about teaching kids to swim, flying cockroaches, creepy clowns and the softer side of ISIS. Also, thanks to Ryan's generous promise, Ryan and PopFury will be donating $120 to charity of Sammy's choice. Finally, Sammy...


157: Diane Teng and Carolyn Sinon

Olympic Dream Team DIANE TENG (website) and CAROLYN SINON pair up for PopFury Gold! They tell the tale of the too-tall shirtless banker, clarify why women need so many underwear, explain what makes underwear look good on men, worry about the dangerous "Justin Beaver" and are turned off by BBC's new show, Naked Attraction. SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 0:30 Carolyn and Diane are single (again). Diane shares the tale of her date of the too-tall shirtless financial banker. Carolyn has returned to...


156: Michaela Petro and Mallory Nees

MICHAELA PETRO and MALLORY NEES sweat through a hot, hot, hot episode of PopFury! They talk about animal attacks, Mallory's failing body, Tom Hiddleston, onstage nudity and the most romantic things they've done for a significant other! SHOW NOTES 0:00 Intro 1:00 Mallory is too cheap to use air conditioning. Michaela is too worried about Beijing to use air conditioning. “Gurl...I wanna knock the bottom out of that.” 4:20 They share the best and worst sex line a guy has tried to use on...