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Richard is getting out of his high-backed armchair to celebrate his 20th Fringe with daily, improvised, topical chat in Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast.

Richard is getting out of his high-backed armchair to celebrate his 20th Fringe with daily, improvised, topical chat in Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast.
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Edinburgh, United Kingdom


Richard is getting out of his high-backed armchair to celebrate his 20th Fringe with daily, improvised, topical chat in Richard Herring's Edinburgh Fringe Podcast.






Avalon Live 4a Exmoor St. London W10 6BD


2017 #4: John Robins and Ahir Shah

RHEFP 2017 #4: John Robins and Ahir Shah - Suck Each Other Off A Bit. Richard reveals the hypocrisy of his parenting techniques and reminisces about the death of Lady Di. His first guest is Edinburgh Comedy Prize nominee Ahir Shah - they chat about Brexit, how looking into the sun proves your strength and wisdom and the older generations disregard for metaphorical ladders. His second guest is Edinburgh Comedy Prize nominee, Jon Robbins (sorry) John Robins. They talk about break ups, being...


2017 #1: Doug Anthony All Stars

RHEFP 2017 #1: The Doug Anthony All Stars - The Boy Who Cried Batman. The King has returned and he's at the spooky New Theatre Grand Hall where the Masons get up to all sorts of mysterious time-travelling. And Richard is very excited to be welcoming comedy legends the Doug Anthony All Stars, Paul, Tim and Paul. There's lots of chat about the Edinburgh Fringe of the eighties, the point where comedy and tragedy meet, what happens when you become the carer for your comedy partner, what...


2013 #25: Jason Manford and Wayne Mazadza

RHEFP 2013 #25: Jason Manford and Wayne Mazadza - The Final Curtain? After 75 mostly audible hours of entertainment Richard is hanging up his badger sporran and relinquishing his monarchy of Edinburgh for the last time. And he's going out in style with a man who has had lunch with Gino and Mel, Jason Manford. They chat about gate-crashing Ramadan, how to crash a car, having sex with a Dalek (for old time's sake) and how the Stig saved Manford's life. Plus growing up in the Triangle of...


2013 #24: Baconface, Simon Donald and Jarlath Regan

RHEFP 2013 #24: Baconface, Simon Donald and Jarlath Regan - It's All Bacon. Richard reveals that tomorrow's podcast will almost certainly be the last RHEFP (rhefp) ever, so if you have enjoyed these 75 hours of free goodness and resent giving him any money, then why not sponsor Rich on a potentially fatal attempt to run a half-marathon in 5 weeks time via Simon Donald is the first guest and the discussion turns to what constitutes...


2013 #23: Caroline Rhea, Barry from Watford and Alex Edelman

RHEFP 2013 #23: Caroline Rhea, Barry from Watford and Alex Edelman - Going Down On Colin. Richard is waiting for the Perrier people to turn up with his Spirit of the Fringe award, but the only person winning anything today is Colin, who in his last appearance is festooned with gifts. Though some of them will be stolen by first guest Caroline Rhea (pronounced Ray, apparently) who is on hand to talk about animatronic cats, swearing Scottish children and Larry David's inability to tell a...


2013 #12: Bo Burnham, Milton Jones and Paul Gannon

RHEFP 2013 #12: Bo Burnham, Milton Jones and Paul Gannon - Deus Ex Machina. Apologies to completists, but the first couple of minutes of today's podcast got lost in a recording malfunction, but only cos Jerry spotted it was recording wrong, so in fact the majority has been saved, rather than a little bit lost. Hopefully from thereon in it's OK as Rich chatted to Milton Jones about whether comedians need writers, Planet Mirth, Celebrity Mastermind and Christianity. Paul Gannon comes on to...

2013 #09: Omid Djalili, Ben Moor and Michael J Dolan

RHEFP 2013 #9: Omid Djalili, Ben Moor and Michael J Dolan - Positivity. Richard is excited by the news of pregnant pandas in Edinburgh zoo and has a suspicion who the father may be, but there's not time to hang around, with two guests who both appeared in the Heath Ledger film, Casanova. First up is the upside-down banana eater and Rich's 2013 flat mate Ben Moor. They chat about Keith Allen sabotaging the Oxford Revue 1988, Planet Mirth and stamped on Twixes, before Ben dashes off to...

2013 #07: Ian Lavender, Tony Law and Carey Marx

RHEFP 2013 #7: Ian Lavender, Tony Law and Carey Marx - Molly Sugden's Space Pussy. A week into the Fringe and madness may be descending. An exuberant Tony Law has been celebrating having someone to help him look after his children by making a night of it. And the night might still be going on. It's hard to tell, as he's always like this. But will mixing a pumped up Law with a quietly spoken (possibly too quietly spoken to be heard) Ian Lavender cause them to reach the same level or...

2013 #05: Susan Calman and Lee Camp

RHEFP 2013 #5: Susan Calman and Lee Camp - Like Syphoning Petrol. Rich is worried about the loss of his lucky street shoe and that his huge fame will mean he can't walk the streets any more, but Susan Calman is on hand to bring him down to earth with a bump (almost literally). In a highly-charged and flirtatious third date a few lines are crossed, mostly involving lactation. Find out where to see Calman nude, why the pair spent a cold December day in a flower shop together, how to play...

2013 #04: Brendon Burns, John Lloyd and Keith Farnan

RHEFP 2013 #4: Brendon Burns, John Lloyd and Keith Farnan - Thistles Up Your Anus. Richard is bamboozled after receiving flowers from a man and the unexpected feelings that has awakened, and on top of that an unexpected double booking has occurred. So two guests for the price of one with Wrestling fan and victim of marsupial abuse, Brendon Burns and carrot-chemical obsessive, furniture snob John Lloyd. And the double-header works so well that we might do it more. If you've ever thought...

2013 #03: Norman Lovett, Christian Reilly

RHEFP 2013 #3: Norman Lovett and Christian Reilly - Colin's Revenge? Richard is reeling from a not really all that near death experience, but luckily Norman Lovett is on hand to provide laconic wisdom and laughs and the kind of honesty that comes with being one of comedy's elder statesmen. There is some frank discussion about Jimmy Savile and what he might have been trying to achieve in those mortuaries, whether Keith Allen can solve the world hunger crisis, what Phillip Schofield likes to...

2013 #02: David Baddiel, Katie Mulgrew

RHEFP 2013 #2: David Baddiel and Katie Mulgrew - The Queen's Tiny Head. The Fringe is only just up and running and Richard has already has his perceptions turned around by a performer who has made him question the way we all eat bananas. Today's guest is David Bad-eel who is doing his first stand-up show at the Fringe for fifteen years and it's all about fame (not the musical). Find out if David has any non-famous friends, what it was like doing a TV show with wet-lipped Michael Gove, how...

2013 #01: Jenny Eclair, Alfie Brown

RHEFP 2013 #1: Jenny Eclair and Alfie Brown - Urine Teeth. Rich's 22nd Edinburgh Fringe is underway with vandal, novelist, punk poet and reprobate Jenny Eclair as the first guest of the new run. She's a character witness in Cupboardgate with a controversial theory about who was responsible and she's worked with (though not as far as we know 'worked with' Keith Allen), so there's plenty to talk about. With memories of embarrassment and sexual awakening on the Twister mat, reviews for pubic...

2012 #25: Rumpel, Orbax and Pepper, Keir McAllister

EPISODE 50: Freaks and Geeks - Rumpel, Orbax and Pepper and Keir McAllister. The Fringe is over and Richard is winding down like a non-Duracell bunny. There's a definite end of term atmosphere and some literal clock-watching, but there's still much to entertain - even if it is mostly visual. Kangaroo King Rumpel returns after last year's bizarre appearance and this year he is dressed up and spouting pearls of wisdom from amongst the madness. Crikey! Then Oryx and Crake (not their real...

2012 #24: Phil Nichol and Tony Jameson

2012 #24: Fireworks - Phil Nichol and Tony Jameson. After last year's lost podcast with Phil Nichol, Richard is praying all will work today lest Phil starts to take it personally. Nichol takes us through some of his less successful Fringe shows and how he got involved with acting and pretending to be Terry Gilliam. He's got some stories about spectating on public sex, walking on the moon and Buzz Aldrin and even tries to tell Herring's audience some jokes (something they are very...

2012 #23: Martin Mor and Ro Campbell

2012 #23: Rasputin Beard - Martin Mor and Ro Campbell. Richard has egg all over his trousers, but it's not the result of experimenting with sex with birds after recent cloacal revelations - he's been competing for an Edinburgh trophy at the Malcolm Hardee Awards. Has he finally won something in Edinburgh? ... No of course not. His guest is Martin 'Bigpig' Mor, an intimidating, but gentle giant and Rasputin lookalike (will he do a show about what it's like to have the same facial hair as an...

2012 #22: Simon Evans and Lloyd Langford

2012 #22: Tokyo Honeymoon - Simon Evans and Lloyd Langford. Richard is showing off because Nicholas Parsons came to see his Talking Cock, but the audience seem unimpressed by his celebrity connections or his attempts to foment an Anglo-Scottish war. Simon Evans is the guest for the first three quarters, but then he has to go to be Prime Minister (in a play alas) and so stand-up spot Lloyd Langford gets a mini-interview too. There's as dire warning from history about how politeness can save...

2012 #21: Nick Doody and Steve Gribbin

2012 #21: Monkey Jesus - Nick Doody and Steve Gribbin. Rich is delighted that at last some funny news stories have appeared for him to joke about, like badly restored frescos and Prince Harry's embodied anus, but the audience aren't so sure that he is as funny as he thinks he is despite him having a T-shirt which PROVES he is the 6 star King of Edinburgh. Nick Doody is sitting on the guest stool today and chats about how it's a bad idea to consult a comedian if you have blood in your urine,...

2012 #20: Felicity Ward and Hayley Ellis

2012 #20: Performers from the Moon - Felicity Ward and Hayley Ellis. Richard is almost better, though he's reeling from the demolition of the Time Gentleman Please pub and from not being on the comedy awards list despite not being eligible. But his guest Felicity Ward (who has only come from Australia - it's not like she travelled through space) is in a cheery mood, enjoying her run of her already award-winning show The Hedgehog Dilemma though her dilemma about hedgehogs is predictably...

2012 #19: Michael Legge and Jarlath Regan

2012 #19: OMO Sexual - Michael Legge and Jarlath Regan. Richard has a bit more of a spring in his step than he's had for a few days and he's been given a t-shirt by one his potential stalker killers - it's nice that they can give as well as take - and he's enjoying his most recent iTunes review. He's joined by Michael Legge, a man who eschews honey, but is less discriminating about what fluids can go in and on to animals. You will find out if he believes in ghosts, how Twitter lost him two...