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The Amazing Spider-Man #48 - COMING IN HOT!

Swinging Through Spider-Man returns! James and Brad continue their initial reading of The Amazing Spider-Man by hitting up issue 48. After Kraven The Hunter's escape, Spider-Man's search for the villain is interrupted by a bout of the flu and little does our hero know, but there's a new Vulture in town. Can Spider-Man survive the day? Do we care about the Raimi suit not featuring in Spider-Man PS4? Where is Kraven? Find out in this latest episode! ALSO - Spoiler alert for Spider-Man PS4 at...


The Amazing Spider-Man #47 - Kraven's Back! (First Anniversary)

Through a bit of mealy-mouthed exposition, Kraven the Hunter is thrust back into combat with The Amazing Spider-Man - and through good luck and fortune we are hear to celebrate one WHOLE year of Swinging Through Spider-Man. Thank you, for everything!


The Amazing Spider-Man #46 - Good Vibrations

After Spider-Man's dealings with The Lizard finished, we all thought he was in for a rest. No. An injured Spidey is thrown into an encounter with a new Villain, The Shocker. And is someone getting closer to discovering the true identity of Spider-Man? Yes. Here's issue 46 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Complete with our favourite EVER Spidey moment up to this point. RIP STAN LEE Music by RUSTY NAILS.


The Amazing Spider-Man #45 - Crocodile Rock (RIP STAN LEE)

Over the past week, we lost Stan Lee. Stan Lee co-created The Amazing Spider-Man and passed away this week aged 95. Clearly, we would not be here doing this without him, and Steve Ditko. May he rest in peace. Still, the journey continues. This week, Spider-Man, a sprained Spidey at that, tries to go toe-to-toe with The Lizard once more.


The Amazing Spider-Man #44 - Let's Get Swampy

No Dr Curt Connors COULD NOT hold it together for one more episode. He's gone - the promised and threatened change has happened and he is the Lizard once more. Spider-Man? He's got to keep it together and keep this under wraps and help get his old friend back! We cover issue 44 of The Amazing Spider-Man - and pray it can only get better for Peter Parker.


The Amazing Spider-Man #43 - Rhino Has The Horn

This week in Swinging Through Spider-Man, the Spider-Man podcast that knows almost nothing about Spider-Man, the boys tackle issue 43 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Tune in for: Find out the origin of the Rhino. Just what drugs is Mary Jane on? Where does Peter Parker get off? What does Dad mean?


The Amazing Spider-Man #42 - Big John's Power Hour

Last time on Swinging Through Spider-Man, we read The Amazing Spider-Man issue 41 by Stan Lee and John Romita; where John Jameson came back from a space mission covered in space spores. In this issue, issue 42, the space spores make Big John go a bit mad. Also: We meet Mary Jane Watson, and so does Peter Parker. The Rhino tries to escape the Animal Testing facility he is now locked in. Spider-Man genuinely robs a bank. -- Swinging Through Spider-Man is a Spider-Man podcast where two mates...


The Amazing Spider-Man #41 - Thiccc Daddy Rhino

If you're Russian, and you want someone to get the job done for you and your country - you know who to call. No. Not someone with access to destructive toxins and nerve agents. You need the RHINO! The infamous Spidey Villain debuts shortly after Spider-Man's tussle with the Green Goblin and he's ready to wreck it. Coming in hot over the Mexican border, he's got a target in mind. A target close to Spidey... James and Brad advance through the story of The Amazing Spider-Man with this...



The Green Goblin's clearly taken lessons from his business career into his 'personal life' as his preferred method of torture is via a PowerPoint presentation, with all the nifty animations and transitions! It's issue 40 of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. James and Brad are back to find out what has happened to Peter Parker, ever since his true identity was discovered by the Green Goblin, who also unmasked. It's got (no thrills), (no spills), but plenty of laughs.That's usually the case though,...


The Amazing Spider-Man #39 - Green Goblin Unmasked!

A new era of The Amazing Spider-Man begins. John Romita Snr takes over from Steve Ditko while Stan Lee pens the stories. Spider-Man is back with issue 39! And we're back. Join us as we experience the unmasking of the Green Goblin - who enacts his revenge on Spider-Man


Steve Ditko: The Amazing Spider-Man #1 - #38

It's an end of an era - so we took a look back at our favourite memories of the first 38 issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. We also asked you about your favoruite panels and stories! Thanks for getting back to us. In this episode, we talk at length about some of our favourite story beats, and discuss your thoughts on Steve Ditko's run on Spider-Man. With Stan Lee, the pair defined a famous character. Be sure to listen to the last five minutes so you can get the skinny on the first...


Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)

If you want something to reinforce your newfound love for a character, there's nothing like a AAA Playstation 4 game. Marvel's Spider-Man is just that, and it's a refreshing tonic for James and Brad who are absolutely not shoving in a filler episode to buy Brad time to produce artwork for the podcast. Even then, it's a brilliant time to dissect, critique and enjoy this fantastic game. Truly, despite some of our thoughts and criticism, this game is a world-beater and gets our stamp of...


The Amazing Spider-Man #38 - Joe's The Name!

James and Brad have finally finished their journey through the first era of The Amazing Spider-Man. The last Steve Ditko drawn comic is down and out. A new era begins shortly. So, do you want to know about a Guy Named Joe? Do you want to see Norman Osborn do his best Breaking Bad? Do you want to know what happens when Jeremy Clarkson fights a chef? Of course you do! Listen on!


The Amazing Spider-Man #37 - Weebles Wobble

Spider-Man, Fleshy Robots, Osborns! The boys continue their journey through the Spider-Man lore by meeting Norman Osborn and Doctor Stromm. Patch also returns.


The Amazing Spider-Man #36 - Loot Box

Hi! Another episode of Swinging Through Spider-Man takes you, the listener ever closer to the present day by dragging a run of the mill 60's Spidey comic out to a 45 minute run time. This time, we've got the penultimate Steve Ditko comic, issue 36 of The Amazing Spider-Man. Big Steve is just about done with Marvel and Stan Lee right about now, so he's phoning it. Which makes for some amazing comic book art, if we do say so ourself. We dissect the story of issue 36 for the very first time...


Episode 39: The Amazing Spider-Man #35 - Safe Word

Spider-Man is finding his feet as a superhero, and that's good - because he's got to tangle with the Molten Man again! Packing a punch, James and Brad talk about Spidey's second punch-up with the Molten Man! These two slug it out, and out, and out, and out in a never ending punch fest. Who needs story when you can hit each other in the face? You can send us feedback and thoughts at swingingthroughspidey@gmail.com - we'll read them out! Shout out to Rusty Nails for composing our intro!


Episode 38: The Amazing Spider-Man #34 - A dose of Krokodil

Pete's back in style, his aunt is healthy - he's going back to school. Things are looking up? Maybe. Kraven has his eye on our boy. And he's coming. You can send us feedback and thoughts at swingingthroughspidey@gmail.com - we'll read them out!


Episode 37: The Amazing Spider-Man #33 - If This Be My Destiny!

Things are getting dire for Spider-Man. His Aunt is dying, his love life has failed, he is broke - and he's also getting crushed to death following a failed encounter with Doctor Octopus. It's part three of Spider-Man's first 'arc' - and it's the final part of 'If This Be My Destiny' so go back and catch the last two or three episodes before diving in. James and Brad cover The Amazing Spider-Man #33, a life and death situation for Spidey. Will Curt Connors be able to fix the formula, will...


Episode 36: The Amazing Spider-Man #32 - An Octopus's Garden

Aunt May is in poor health, Spider-Man is struggling and Pete is being Pete. Business as usual for the Amazing Spider-Man? James and Brad tackle the second story in the three-part 'If This Be My Destiny 'Arc, widely known as the best Spider-Man story going, and if not that, the most iconic. As The Master Planner continues to get the better of Spider-Man, the wallcrawler continues to fall into the traps laid out for him. Our hero seeks help from an unlikely source, and it all ends with a...


Episode 35: The Amazing Spider-Man #31 - Patching things up

Destiny. If this be his? That's the title of this new arc and well - what to expect? Well, things haven't gotten that much better for Peter. He is hated by his new college classmates - including the Three Muskateers of Flash Thompson, Harry Osborn and Gwen Stacey. His aunt has fallen ill, and his beau is tangling with a marriage proposal from another man. At least there's always Spider-Man! Well, if he can get on the right side of a bunch of masked criminals roaming around the streets of New...