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Welcome to the podcast version of Talking Nonsense..and by that I mean we cut music out... We're talking all things pop culture, weird news, TV, movies...all without dropping any F bombs, because radio n stuff! Give it a shot, check us out on every Sunday to hear the show first!

Welcome to the podcast version of Talking Nonsense..and by that I mean we cut music out... We're talking all things pop culture, weird news, TV, movies...all without dropping any F bombs, because radio n stuff! Give it a shot, check us out on every Sunday to hear the show first!
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Milwaukee, WI


Welcome to the podcast version of Talking Nonsense..and by that I mean we cut music out... We're talking all things pop culture, weird news, TV, movies...all without dropping any F bombs, because radio n stuff! Give it a shot, check us out on every Sunday to hear the show first!




iPhone Tennis, we have some complaints

The new iPhone is on its way, so what does that mean for pop pop Eric who thinks they have gotten just too damn big? Probably just a. lot of complaining about it.


Jury Dooty

Hey! Heres some stuff we talked about. -Erics jury duty fun -Random news nonsense -How twitter is a hell hole -A news story about a plane with Vanilla Ice on it had an issue with vomit...which of course led us to the latest "Not Dead Yet" podcast..yes, this podcast talked about another podcast and why you should listen to it.


That is NOT how you make a baby!

Hey there! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend, nothing but rain and heat here in S.E. WI, which was awesome! Take that Harley riders and your dumb anniversary rally. Now beat it and take your flies with you. So here's what was discussed last Friday on "On Random" Really dumb laws that exist for like, no reason. Weird news, like Volkswagons hail cannon, how not to make babies, a horned up dolphin and some other random nonsense. Here's hoping we'll talk this Friday on Alt 360 Radio and...


Redneck Uber

Hey! Thanks for stopping by was your week? Oh good! So anyway, this is what we talked about during Fridays show.. - Hurricane Lane - Redneck Uber - Flat Earthers are just trolls - Our Ikea adventure - Falling Sheep


Just hangin out, talking about the weird news of the week

Honestly, I can't even remember what we talked about..why even read notes though? Its a podcast..for listening...with your ears!


I was under the impression that the female was caucasian

Hey buddy, thanks for stopping by. Here's whats happening in todays On Random "The Talkie Bits". -Oh Rosanne, you are one crazy human -Where Eric played in little league and why he can't have kids -Avenged Sevenfold cancel their tour -Weird news, Florida or somewhere else? -Old man fight! -"Local Man" falls for more dumb scams -More random news things


One Eyed Pete - weird news, Comic-Con Star Trek / The Orville stuff

Talkin all kinds of nonsense this week! - Nude yoda - Comic Con things, Start Trek Discovery / The Orville - Why network TV sucks - Water on Mars! - I actually forgot what else we talked about...huh, ahh well.


Would, wouldn't. The dumpster fire keeps on burnin

Hi, how are you? Good good...ok, enough small talk. - Would Russia? Wouldn't Russia? - Floida or somewhere else? - Amazon outage causes all kinds of problems - Yeah Science! Jupes has a few more moons!


Englands World Cup loss and Florida man, at it again.

Hey there! In this weeks edition of "On Random, The Talkie bits" .... - Englands World Cup hopes are crushed - The Thai Soccer team is rescued! Thank science! - RIP Baked bean dog, you were a very good boy. - Sarah Palin, idiot. - Random music news - Florida man is at it again. Catch the full show with randomly selected music every Friday 6pm central right here! Requests? Comments? Leave a voicemail! 1-262-299-0205


Happy 4th of July!

Hey there! Hope everyone had a great 4th, and to our UK listeners..thanks for giving us the reason to day drink during the middle of the week. You guys are alright. Here's some random topics we discussed during the show. Our local 4th parade, it sucked. It always sucks, not sure why we expected any different. New shows being added to Netflix James Hetfield responds to celebs in Metallica shirts. What Trump supporters think about Space Force (from the Daily Show) And some other stuff I...


A tribute to Vinnie Paul, Then on to the weird news. Space Force!

Man this sucks, we keep losing awesome musicians. We open with the news of Vinnie Paul of Pantera and Hellyeah passing away. Then on to the usual random nonsense. How does anyone run into a parked car in a parking lot? Dumb or careless? Space Force! If Trump can start a space force without actual space ships or a way to "force" anything..then I can nominate myself as the captain of one of those ships. Star Wars / Trek talk happened in there somewhere The glorious return of a terrible...


It's about time to buy a guitar, then quit in 6 months...again

-Yes it's that time again, that time when I decide I'm going to learn guitar..spend a bunch of money..then quit in about 6 months. Do it every ten years or so. We discuss it, and I find out how cool Stacey is about it! News things -A Hawaii volcano update -Burger Kings World Cup idea goes horribly wrong -We may be close to a massive tequila shortage! -More flooding in Texas - Music News, Bad Wolves donates proceeds from their cover of The Cranberries song Zombie. Good stuff. Check out...


Don't stick your head in a tailpipe

Hey there buddy, how ya doin? Good good, glad to hear it. Hope you caught the show on Friday.. but if you missed it, here's the talkie parts ... - Getting so wasted at a concert you don't actually enjoy the concert. - A dumb dumb gets her head stuck in an exhaust pipe. - Metallica receives the Polar Music Prize after a badass version of Enter Sandman is performed by Cardinal Copia, Candlemass and Vargas and Lagola -...


On Random - Starting Over

Hey kids! So here's whats happening, we decided to end the podcast "Talking Nonsense". Why? Well, honestly...we got burnt out on the news. The amount of B.S. politics to crawl through got to be super frustrating. Politics suck, people are looking for an escape from that stuff. SOOO here's what we're doing. We're going to take our music radio show, bump it up to 2 hours and add more fun stuff! What that is exactly.. not sure yet, but we'll take the talkie parts from the show and post it as a...


May 6, 2018 - Earth is getting really tired of our stuff

- Insight is on its way to Mars! - Earth seems like it wants us to leave - Hawaii Volcano - Florida Sinkholes - Getting drunk and weird with a car - Microwave urine - Another serial pooper!


April 23 - All aboard the poo poo train!

- A few people passed away - Fortnite or tornado, which is more important ? - Louisiana votes on making sex with animals illegal ...10 voted no. seriously. - A train full of human waste inspires Eric, award winning stuff right here.


April 9, 2018 - Do not kick a moose

Weird news n stuff. you know, the usual.


March 26, 2018 - Heads up midwest!

Hey there! Sorry about the late notes..was busy with voice over stuff. Besides, who actually reads these damn things anyway? - A Chinese space station may smash into our studio, no kidding! - After the passing of Stephan Hawking, is A.I. ready to make its move and destroy us all? - Another UFO sighting - March for our lives - A bucket of rocks, that should do it - Fun with local news bloopers


March 11, 2018 - Not Dead Yet, and the mug that changed our lives.

- How a mug from legendary radio host Tommy from the Not Dead Yet podcast changed our lives - 4k TV, almost as life changing as that mug - The Hot Coil Challenge - Rick Perry... dumb dumb - Rick Scott, not as bad as Rick Perry - 21 year old cereal, gross - Sad news for beer lovers - Staceys Headline of the Week? Nope, not today 1-262-299-0205


Feb. 28, 2018 - No news, just talking Star Trek Discovery and Black Panther

Paul and Dave are back to review Black Panther! Before that Eric and Stacey run their mouths about Star Trek things. Enjoy!