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Interview With Golden Girls Writer Marc Cherry

*Drumroll... * We had the absolutely amazing Marc Cherry (Golden Girls writer/producer, Desperate Housewives creator, Why Women Kill on CBS All Access) on the Golden Girls podcast!!! We sat in the beautiful pool house in Marc's home in Los Angeles and chatted about his time working for The Golden Girls. It was a nostalgic, engaging fun time and we learned many things about the actresses, his life struggling to make it as a writer and the thrills & phenomena that is the Golden Girls cult...


The Golden Girls' 1988 Royal Variety Performance with Sari Beliak and Courtney Wahlstrom

We watched the Golden Girls' performance for the Queen of England during the 1988 Royal Variety Performance overseas. We gathered round once again and invited, friend of the show, Sari Beliak (@thecrassceiling, The Onion, Reductress) and Courtney Wahlstrom (@bonecrusherqueen, The Bro Show, Big Pine Comedy Festival) the Genevieve's house to talk all about the Golden Girls' visit to the London Palladium Theatre. It was something completely new to us, strange but befitting. It was a great...


Taste Buddies with Anthony Desamito

TYfBaP alum Genevieve Rice is back with a new podcast, Taste Buddies, about the best subject in the world: food! In this very special episode, Genevieve reunites with her former co-host Anthony Desamito to talk about everything from birthdays in restaurants to the virtues of Walmart. We even talk about The Golden Girls for a hot minute. Scratch your Genevieve and Anthony itch here! Taste Buddies is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and just about any other place where podcasts are...


The Golden Girls: Their Greatest Moments TV Special with Tony Tripoli

We are back for this very special episode of TyFBaP with the most amazing human ever, the insightful Tony Tripoli (@TonyTripoli, E!'s Fashion Police with Joan Rivers, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List)! We watched the Golden Girls TV special filmed 11 years after the series ended in 2003 with the most awkward interviews from the cast, all except Sophia. It was The Room of TV specials, amazing AND terrible. Just listen to our recap and also the special is on YouTube... we really let it...


LIVE! The Golden Girls Ep 180 One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest Part 2 with Maggie Maye, Valerie Tosi and Bryan Vokey

We're LIVE in L.A. and it's the FINALE PART 2!!! We had the wonderful Maggie Maye, (@Maggiemayehaha, CONAN, Gotham Comedy Live) Valerie Tosi (@valerie_tosi, Buzzfeed, The Mermaid Comedy Hour) and Bryan Vokey (@BryanJVokey, No Sir I Don't Like It podcast, Adrenaline) on the very LAST episode of Thank You for Being a Podcast. We had cheesecake and drank wine at The Clubhouse in Los Angeles as we watched the very last episode of the series, the one in which Dorothy gets married to Lucas,...


LIVE! The Golden Girls Ep 179 One Flew Out of the Cuckoo's Nest Part 1 with Everett Byram and Daniel Moquin

It's the SERIES FINALE PART ONE! LIVE! We can't believe it! We had so much fun with Everett Byram (@rad_milk, Owned by Steve Harvey on Live TV, Buzzfeed) and Daniel Moquin (@notdanielmoquin, Boy's Club, SOVO Magazine) as we ate four types of cheesecake and sang the Golden Girls theme song! It was a proposal-sode, of course! It was the one where Blanche tricks Dorothy into going on a date with her uncle, so she can have a one-night-stand with a tennis instructor. So her date Lucas, and...


The Golden Girls Ep 177 & 178 Home Again, Rose Part 1 & 2 with Merrie Greenfield

We had the incomparable, hilarious Merrie Greenfield (The Torch Theatre, The Foundation improv, Spearmint improv) on the Golden Girls podcast! We watched the one where the girls try to crash a high school reunion to meet single men and Rose ends up having a cardiac episode and needing triple bypass. Rose's daughter visits and expresses her hate for her mother's roommates and Blanche makes a very, unlikely deal with God to save Rose. And Sophia is Sophia. It's a serious-sode! But also, not....


The Golden Girls Ep 176 Rose: Portrait of a Woman with Jen Saunderson

We had the amazingballs, superfun Jen Saunderson (@JenSaunderson, IFC's The Filling is Mutual, America's Got Talent) on the Golden Girls podcast! We watched the one where Blanche convinces Rose to give Miles a racey picture of herself for his birthday, but then shit hits the fan when Miles' friends accidentally get a glimpse. Also, Dorothy lands a job a big video game corporation where she gets to teach terrible people about who knows what. And Sophia is of course, hussling. We talked...


The Golden Girls Ep 174 & 175 A Midwinter Night's Dream Part 1 & 2 with Sarah Dorfman

We had the Golden Girls royalty that is Sarah Dorfman (@SarahPDorfman, Hollywood Hotel, VersaChalk Social Media Influencer) on the Golden Girls podcast! We watched the one where the Golden Girls throw a party during a leap year's full moon which makes everyone act strange. A lot happens: Rose is debating wether she should marry Miles for a free trip to Paris, Blanche is being courted by a career theif, Sophia is dealing with a curse and Dorothy kisses Miles and is caught by Sophia. We...


The Golden Girls Ep 173 Journey to the Center of Attention with Erin Alexis

We had Golden Girls super-fan Erin Alexis (@erinalexistweet, True Blood, Hart of Dixie) on one of the last Golden Girls podcast episodes ever! Hooray! We watched an attention-sode! It was the one where Blanche invites a depressed Dorothy to the Rusty Anchor, Dorothy surprisingly is a hit among the bar's testosterone-driven clientele and Blanche does not like this one bit. Also, Sophia decides to throw herself a wake while she's alive with the help of Rose. We talked about The Star Wars...


The Golden Girls Ep 172 Ebbtide VI: The Wrath of Stan with Carmen Morales and Mo Urban

We had the amazing Carmen Morales (@thefunnycarmen, FOX's Laughs, HBO Latino) and the very best person Mo Urban (@SomeMoComedy, Comedy at the Wench, Cunts Being Cunts Talking About Cunts Comedy Show) on the Golden Girls podcast! Hooray! It's a court-isode! We watched the one where we find out that Sophia is a nightmare to buy shoes for. Also Rose finds a story to report for her TV job regarding Uncle Angelo's slumlord who, as we know, is Dorothy and Stan... which leads to a court scene!...


The Golden Girls Ep 171 Questions and Answers with Zach Stein

We had the always great Zach Stein (@hack_stein, Friends Forever Podcast) on the Golden Girls podcast! It was a puppy-sode! And Jeopardy is in town! We watched the where Dorothy is auditioning for Jeopardy and she's taking studying and winning way too seriously. Also, Rose is back to her Candy Striper volunteer work at the hospital and it's so stressful that the girls give her a dog. We talked about getting hit with broomsticks, dog gardens and abiding by dream law. Music by Mike Dennison...


The Golden Girls Ep 170 The Commitments with Kristin Lytie and Molly Dean

We had the totally great Kristin Lytie (@KristinLytie, Beast Village Comedy Festival, Spaceship Comedy) and also the awesome Molly Dean (@WLDbrryHashTart, The Freakin' A's, Comedy On Fire) on the Golden Girls podcast! Hooray! We watched the one where Dorothy is fixated on a Beatles cover band and she falls in love with a George Harrison impersonator. Also, Blanche starts dating a guy that will doesn't want to have sex with her at all and Blanche basically explodes. We talked about...


The Golden Girls Ep 169 Goodbye, Mr. Gordon with Chris Wilmoth

We had the fantastical Chris Wilmoth (@TheRealBRoch, Rent Money Comedy, Off The Rails at the VFW) on the Golden Girls podcast! Huzzah! It's a molest-isode! We watched the one where Dorothy gets together with an old high school teacher who is, as we all agreed, super creepy. Also, Rose is producing a show at the TV station and gets Dorothy and Blanche to be guests and let's just say, things go terribly wrong. And Sophia is sassy. We talked about early 90's digital typewriters, walking...


The Golden Girls Ep168 Older Boyfriends with Hannah Heard

This week our guest is the great Hannah Heard (@hahahannah421) on the Golden Girls podcast! Hooray! It was the one where Sophia finds a boyfriend in the personals but it comes with a price, his sister, and she has a very bad plan for their relationship. Also, Rose is visited by an old lover who she does not remember at all. C-plot: Blanche gets striped of all her womanly powers. We talked about houses made of trash, dropping sick old blindfolded women in the middle of town and no-incest...


The Golden Girls Ep 167 The Pope's Ring with Julie Seabaugh

We had the superbly, amazing comedy writer Julie Seabaugh (@Julie Seabaugh, Rolling Stone, Variety) on the Golden Girls podcast! We had a pope-isode! We watched one where the Pope is coming to visit Miami and Sophia is hunting him down so he can help bless her dying friend Agnus. Also, Blanche points out that Miles might be cheating on Rose. C-plot: Dorothy and Blanche compete to see who can give Rose the best present. We talked about how to deal with greeting cards, gymnastic sex horse pain...


The Golden Girls Ep 166 From Here to the Pharmacy with Danielle Arce

We had the superbly great Danielle Arce (@DanielleArce, Breakfast Babes, DanielleLand) on the Golden Girls podcast! We watched a soldier-sode! It was the one where one of Blanche's hook-ups comes back from the fighting in the Gulf War to be with Blanche again... But Blanche doesn't remember him. Also, Sophia is writing her will and she's trying to make sure Dorothy gets nothing. We talked about full-frontal nude Harvey Keitel, grave-robbing and Danielle's super nice projector. Music by Mike...


The Golden Girls Ep 165 Room 7 with Valerie Roberts

We had Golden Girls superfan Valerie Roberts (@ValleyValAZ, Tempe Center for the Arts) on the Golden Girls podcast! Valerie won all 3 Golden Girls prizes at our last live show at the Big Pine Comedy Festival, so yes, we had to have her on. It’s a ghostisode! We watched the one where Blanche’s family plantation is being torn down and she will do everything to stop it! Also, Sophia gets a visit from her dead husband. We talked about ghosts, ghosts and more ghosts. Music by Mike Dennison...


The Golden Girls Ep 164 Ro$e Love$ Mile$ with Bill Laskowski

We had male comedian Bill Laskowski (@BillLaskowski, Big Pine Comedy Festival) on the Golden Girls podcast! It was an Italy-sode! It was the one where Dorothy goes on a cruise with a new lover and leaves Blanche in charge of Sophia, who decides that this is a good time to visit Italy all by herself. Also, Rose is fed up with Miles because he's become very cheap lately. We talked about harassing Rodeo Drive store employees, smelling dudes' armpits and strong-arming your way to navigating a...


The Golden Girls Ep 162 & 163 The Monkey Show Part 1 & 2 with Kerrilynn Gallagher

We had the magical Kerrilynn Gallagher (@kergal14, PHX People, Lady Killers) on the Golden Girls podcast! It was a hurricanisode! From the infamous NBC's Hurricane Saturday, a one-off cross-over programming block with Empty Nest and Nurses! It's the one where a hurricane's a comin' and Sophia is the only one who seems to care, Dorothy catches her sister Gloria having sex with Stan who is still in therapy from Ep 160 and Blanche and Rose try to save a lighthouse through a fundraiser. A LOT...