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Sacred Owl is All Right

In this episode Sacred Owl didnt show up, he didnt call and he didnt answer his phone. The guys were worried about him, but it turned out that he was “All Right”. Luckily Sacred Hammer took over and all was all right. After all you know what they say, “the show must go on”. Tom Brokejaw stops in for a hilarious Electric Radio Show news brief, and this week in the underground spotlight is Sweet & Lynch with the song “AfterLife”. COme party with The Electric Radio Show right here and at...


Spring’s Big Sprang

Spring has sprung and it’s a great time of the year, The Electric Radio Show is getting ready to take some time off to reflect on the wonderful things that life has to offer. In this episode Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee lite will talk about what you might be willing to do for a raise. Also, Andre tells us about one of the best pranks pullled by A fast food resturant, and of course you will laugh, hard. The Bad Wolves are in the Underground Spotlight this week with their cover...


Sunny’s Day

This is a very special epsiode for a very special reason, Jack’s dog Sunny has passed away and in this episode we remeber her. She has been in every studio that Jack and Andre have worked together in. Jack had her for 17 years. You will laugh and you will cry in this episode. It’s called Sunny’s Day for obvious reasons. We will miss her so much, we have setup a memorial page for her on The Electric Radio Show website. Head to In this episode the guys do...


The Spring Breaker’s Party

It’s Spring Break and this is your official Spring Break show to take with you wherever you go! Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee Lite take you on a Spring Break journey of laughs and fun. This episode features the band “Everest” with the song “Loaded” (Perfect for that spring break party) Sacred Owl has your Zodiac Maniac Report and Tom Brokejaw stops in for The Electric Radio Show news Brief. Also the guys talk ugly babies,and Tomb Stone Trends. It’s The Electric Radio Show,...


A Different Kind Of Green

Happy St. Patty’s Day. The Electric Radio Show is celebrating with laughs and fun, come join the guys as they discover A Different Kind Of Green. In this episode Rapper “Raw Blue” is in The Undereground Spotlight with his song “Coming Up” Also Sacred Owl has his Zodiac Mainiac Report & Andre Kane has the Hollywood Hotwire. It’s Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite, It’s The Electric Radio Show found at


Beads In Your Mouth

The Electric Radio Show is back with some knee slappin’ comedy for your pleasure. This time around in The Undeground Spotlight is Operation MindCrime with their song “The New Reality”. Sacred Owls Zodiac Maniac report is ready to go and Andre Kane has your Hollywood Hotwire. News fun info and lots of laughs. It’s Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite. It’s The Electric Radio Show found at Are you Ready???


Happy Birthday J&A

It’s Jack and Andre’s Birthday Celebration! Andre’s birthday is on March 2nd and Jack’s birthday is on March 7th. So Happy Birthday J&A! In this episode Rausch is in The Underground Spotlight with the song Swan Song, Sacred Owl brings us The Zodiac Maniac and Tom Brokejaw is back and ready for some laughs. Its The Electric Radio Show found at


Don’t Pee on Chang

The Winter Olympics are coming to an end in Pyeongchang, So lets Celebrate! In this episode of The Electric Radio Show, Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee-Lite have fun and lots of laughs as usual. The Band Rausch is in The Underground Spotlight this week with their song “Good Day”. Check out the brand new Rausch tune called “SwanSong”. Sacred Owl has the Zodiac Maniac report as well and Andre revelas the key to a better nights sleep. It all goes down right here on The Electric...


The Return of The Hammer on V-Day

The Electric Radio Show is back on a very special Valentines Day with a very special gift to you. That gift is Jack Hammer is Back in action. He had his surgery and he is doing better. He is still in the recovery process but that wont keep Jack away from the mic. In this episode Kicking Sunrise is in The Underground Spotlight and Sacred Owl has your Zodiac Maniac report. Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee-Lite the crew is ready to go this Valentines...


The Super Bowl Past Time Show

It’s Super Bowl time! You all know The Super Bowl Half Time Show, well Lets take a listen to The Super Bowl “Past” Time Show with The Electric Radio Show. And of course your going to take this journey laughing the whole way and having lots of fun. It’s Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite. It’s The Electric Radio Show found at


The Zoo Hypothesis

The Electric Radio Show is here friends. This week is no diffrent as the crew makes you laugh and assures you have a great weekend. Batel joins the show this time around and as always Tom Brokejaw is here. Sacred Owl has your Zodiac Maniac report and the band “Pretty Boy Floyd” joins The Underground Spotlight this week, It’s Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee Lite. It’s The Electric Radio Show found at


The Outbreak

The Electric Radio Show is trying very hard to NOT get sick with the Flu. As we all know its going around and it is very serious. So join us as we all prepare for “The Outbreak”. We are ready, Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee Lite are here with hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap. Be well friends and we wish you a non sick flu season. Lets roll!


As Cold As They Wanna Be

It’s 2018 and the crew is back in action here at The Electric Radio Show. The guys are freezing as is most of the country. Jack is back and feeling better, take a listen you will understand what that means. Jack Hammer,Andre Kane,Sacred Owl & Dee Lite, The Electric Radio Show is ready to take on 2018 despite the cold. For more info check them out at


Santas Gonna Come

This episode is full of laughs, It is “The Official” Christmas Show. From all of us here at The Electric Radio Show Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkuah to you and your family from each and every one of us. We hope Santa comes for you. Dont forget to play this show at all your Christmas Parties and for your family this year.


A Very Schrader Christmas

Christmas is coming soon, and the ERS Crew got a great Christmas gift this year. They got to spend the day with their good friend John David Schrader of The John Schrader Band. They talk about his latest C.D. called “21 Summers” but also John brings a gift for you also, click HERE to Downlaod his Christmas Songs for free.To visit more with John head to . This weeks episode is brought to you by Chunky Pig Love, The best Popcorn you will ever taste, make sure you order...


Fingerlings Ms. Ruxpin

They are back once again for another laugh packed,energized,fun filled adventure! It’s so funny you might just pee a little… Come find out why they call this one “Fingerlings Ms. Ruxpin”. Jack Hammer,Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and DeeLite!! The crew is all here. For more head to The Home Of The Electric Radio Show.


The Black Friday

This week on The Electric Radio Show, It’s Thanksgiving and it’s “The Black Friday”, Come laugh with us as we celebrate…Joonas Suotamo joins the show this week, He plays Chewbacca on The Last Jedi and The Force Awakens!! We promise your going to laugh and have a good time with us.. Come have fun with your friends right here on The Electric Radio Show!! Listen while your on line at Walmart or wherever you shop for Black Friday.


Too Soon For Christmas

The Holidays are fast approaching, Thanksgiving is almost here and Christmas and Hanukkah is in the air! Stores are playing Christmas and Holiday music and people have already begun to shop for the holidays! But this seems to be happening a bit too fast! come join The Electric Radio Show as they get ready to celebrate the holidays in the latest episode called “Too Soon For Chistmas”. Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl and Dee Lite are all here and are ready to give thanks. For more info...


Thank A Veteran

As the guys get settled back into Studio A at The Electric Radio Show from a long Shoctober, It seems they are already back into action as the fun takes off and not a beat is missed. Jack Hammer, Andre Kane,Sacred Owl and Dee Lite get ready for Veterans Day. Jack Hammer himself is a Veteran and everyone on the show takes this holiday very seriously. If you are a Veteran or a Service Member, we thank you from the depth of our hearts for your service. If you are not A Veteran make sure you,...


The Last Hunt 2017

The Crew did one last Ghost Hunt to wrap up Shocktober. This is a live broadcast from a town in New York called Sugarloaf, with diffrent haunted areas including an unmarked Cemetary they found in the woods. This is a great way to wrap up Shoctober with the final ghost hunt. It’s been a very strange month thats for sure. Take a listen as Jack Hammer,Andre Kane,Sacred Owl and Dee Lite wrap up the month of Shoctober with The Last Hunt 2017. For more visit


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