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The Peep Show

Happy April fools Day! In this episode, even though its April fools Day the guys are excited because Dee Lite promised to give them a Peep Show! They are almost positive it is not just an April fools Joke, as a matter of fact it is not! Come have some fun and listen in to The Electric Radio Show! It's time to party!! For more info head to


Green Eggs & Kegs

It's almost St. Patty's Day and we are getting ready by drinking lots of green beer and some other stuff also. Come celebrate with us this week as we party and have lots of laughs. It's The Electric Radio Show found at


Crack Dont Smoke Itself

It's Another great show from the crew at The Electric Radio Show. Thank you to all of you who download the show each week and to those of you who write in to let us know how much you love the show. It really means so much!! This week in The Underground Spotlight is the band Juxta Feat Ugochill with the song The Beautiful Ones, also Clay Johnson stumbles on in with his news report. Andre is back and feeling much better and the crew is ready to rock this time around on The Electric Radio...


Down With The Sickness

Once again our Andre is home in bed feeling like crap. What can we say, he has kids, they bring home germs from school. But like we always say, one monkey doesn't stop this circus. Jack Hammer Sacred Owl & Dee Lite bring you one hell of a great show this week...In the Underground Spotlight is a band called "Reason Defined" with their song "Pointing Fingers" Also Clay Johnson is in with his ERS News and the guys play a game of Fact or Bullcrap! Don't miss the show!! Andre will be back next...


V-Day Private Session

Happy Valentines Day to all of our listeners. Make it great day! Guys don't forget to pick up flowers from the guy on the side of the road today on your way home from work. In the Underground Spotlight this week we have a band called Sir Curse with their song called "Tarot". Also Clay Johnson is here with his news!! Come laugh with us in this Valentines day special!! it's The Electric Radio Show found at


A Message For Britney

This is a very special episode for The Electric Radio Show, A news guy has been brought in and hired. Thank you to all who sent in audio and demos. You all were excellent. When you hear who the guys hired you will understand why he was hired. In The underground Spotlight this week is a band called Fairground Saints with their song "Cant Control The Weather" Also in this episode the guys have a very special message for a listener who dates a girl named Britney. This is for you Britney,...


Live From The Polar Vortex

It is cold all across the country this week as The Polar Vortex sets in and we freeze our asses off. So come try to stay warm with us. We will keep you laughing and even crying. This show is dedicated to Jack's dog Bridget who sadly left us last week. She was part of our show and LOVED hanging out in the studio with us while we were on the air. She will be greatly missed. Also this show is dedicated to a close friend of Andre's who left us last week also, They were close childhood friends...


Colder Than A Witches Tit

It was super cold in the Northeast and most of the U.S. as the snow moved through. So, The Electric Radio Show decided to heat things up with this show called "Colder Than A Witches Tit" because it really was! So come join the party and let's rock! For more info head to



It's been said that The Electric Radio Show is the hottest up coming show on the air today, The podcast is no different. The guys put a lot of work into this show. In this episode Melissa Otero is in The Underground Spotlight with her song Angels & Demons. Also, the guys get their hands on lots of coffee and get a little too amped up on Caffeine. Come check it out and you will be sure to laugh along with the guys. It's Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite, It's The Electric Radio...


Just A Little Head

The Guys Are Back!! In this episode in The Underground Spotlight is artist Romy Conzen with the song Aiaio. Find out why we call this episode "Just A Little Head" also could our news guy Tom Brokejaw be retiring? What are we going to do? The Crew is here and were back ready to kick 2019 into high gear. Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite, The Electric Radio Show. If you would like to be our next news person, send us an audio file of yourself doing some news stories, send it to...


Twenty 18 And Out

Join us as we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome in 2019! This show is filled with laughs and fun! In The Underground Spotlight is a group called Three Feathers with their song called "Know It Well". For more info on The Electric Radio Show please head to .We would like to thank all of our listeners and fans for hanging with us through 2018 and for emailing us and showing so much love for the show. It means so much to us that you like the show so much! Here's to...


Santas Big Fat Sack

The Electric Radio Show Christmas show is here! Sacred Owl isn't in but Sacred Hammer stops by! In The Underground Spotlight is a band called Pros & Icons with their song Catch Me. Also would you be willing to give up your phone for a year to win money? Were gonna tell you how you can win that money!! Also Dee Lite gets Drunk? Come celebrate Christmas with us this week on The Electric Radio Show found at Merry Christmas to all our friends and family who...


Shredding With Schrader

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Real John Schrader is in the house! He is on with the guys to talk about his new Christmas Music and how you can get it for free! Also in The Underground Spotlight this week is book author Erin Sullivan with her book "Peace is a choice you make" Lots of laughs and some Christmas tunes to get you in the mood for the holiday season. It's all here, laughs and entertainment that only The Electric Radio Show can bring you! For more info head to...


Sauced on Hanukkah

The Electric Radio Show would like to wish all of our Jewish friends and family a very heart felt Happy Hanukkah. This show is for you! We have a lot of Jewish friends, so we put together some comedy and fun for all of you. Don't worry, if your not Jewish its just as funny and just as fun. In the Underground Spotlight this week is a singer named Kate Russel with her tune Dynamite. Come have some laughs with us and find out why we call this episode "Sauced" on Hanukkah, its not because were...


That Jerky Boy Johnny

The crew is all here! It's The Electric Radio Show and this show is a funny one! From The hit tv show Family Guy and also Creator of The Jerky Boys, Johnny Brennan is on the show this week to talk about what he's been up to. In The Underground Spotlight this week is a band called Hagerty with their song "Hold Me Close". This is one show you do not want to miss. It's The Electric radio Show found at WARNING:This show has some harsh language in it. Deal with it,...


Thanksgiving is Near

In This episode of The Electric Radio Show, Thanksgiving is upon us and we are getting ready to eat. In The Underground Spotlight this week is an artist named Jimmy Hennessy with is song "Coming Home" Perfect for Thanksgiving. Also The Electric Radio Show had a rare opportunity a few years ago to interview the great Stan Lee, so in honor of his recent passing we air his full interview in this episode. It's a very special episode indeed. Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite, It's...


An American Hero

Veterans Day is right around the corner, some of you may not know but Jack from the show is a Veteran. We would like to thank all Veterans for their service to our country. We truly appreciate each and every single one of you. You are all, An American Hero. In The Underground Spotlight this week is a band called Big Guns with their song Life Goes On. We also talk about the new Titanic 2 they are building. We wanna know, would you sail on it? All that and so much more, It's Jack Hammer, Andre...


Home For Halloween

This a very special show for The Electric Radio Show. The airs on 65 radio stations around the country as well as this podcast. The guys are originally from NY. They haven't been on NY airwaves in over 10 years. Until Now. The Electric Radio Show is coming home to where it all started. Find out where.. In the Underground Spotlight this time around is a band called Vessel Of Light with their song Wood Shed. Jack Hammer, Andre Kane, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite. The Crew comes home for Halloween...


Life After Death: Return to The Shanley

We are well into Shoctober, The Ghost hunts continue! This week is an ERS Special, Jack Hammer, Sacred Owl & Dee Lite return to The Shanley Hotel in Napanoch NY. Andre could not make the investigation but that doesn't stop the guys from having one of the best ghost hunts they have ever done. They have some very special guests join them, one of them is an old friend of jacks. Do not miss this show. Come find out why the guys decided to call this show Life After Death: Return to The Shanley....


The ERS Ghost Tapes Part 2

Welcome to The ERS Shoctober Halloween Special Part 2. Back in 2014 We had 2 people who were working on our show who are not on the show any longer. Traci Adair & Mad Mike. They are both still very good friends of ours. These are the lost tapes of The Electric Radio Show Ghost Hunts. Some will make you laugh and some will chill you to the bone. What you are about to hear are real ghost hunts. Nothing is faked for entertainment purpose. In some of these hunts we have real ghost hunters with...