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Each week Editor-In-Chief, Matt Kleinschmidt and co-hosts discuss comedy news, pop culture events, and have conversations with some the most interesting people in the entertainment industry. Providing an in-depth look at the comedy community and its cast of characters.

Each week Editor-In-Chief, Matt Kleinschmidt and co-hosts discuss comedy news, pop culture events, and have conversations with some the most interesting people in the entertainment industry. Providing an in-depth look at the comedy community and its cast of characters.


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Each week Editor-In-Chief, Matt Kleinschmidt and co-hosts discuss comedy news, pop culture events, and have conversations with some the most interesting people in the entertainment industry. Providing an in-depth look at the comedy community and its cast of characters.




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Superhero Fantasy Draft 2018 live from NY Comic Con - #127

For the third year in a row we're back at NY Comic Con for The Superhero Fantasy Draft. Four comedians go head-to-head in a fantasy football style draft to pick their Superhero fantasy team. This year Addie Weyrich, Derek Gaines, Greg Stone, and Monroe Martin square off, building their teams as they trash talk each other, steal picks, and battle it out for audience approval who ultimately decides who the winner is. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Superhero Fantasy Draft 2017 at NY Comic Con

We returned to NY Comic Con this year for another Superhero Fantasy Draft. Comedians Monroe Martin (Last Comic Standing), Jared Freid (JTrain Podcast, Adrift), Anthony DeVito (People Talking Sports, Comedy Central Half Hour) and Luis J. Gomez (Legion of Skanks, Real Ass Podcast) all gathered with us in room 1A21 of the Javits Center to slug it out and pick, debate, (and probably yell) about comic book heroes that they want on their team. In the end, only one comedian was victorious and the...


Spoilers with Monroe Martin

Monroe Martin stops by The Riotcast studios to hang with Matt. The two talk about his career in comedy and the story of his childhood in the foster system. Then, the pop culture geeks in both of them gets exposed as they cover everything from comic books, the movies they've spawned, fashion, and of course, some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For advertising opportunities email Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Joe Sib is nowhere near the top

Joe Sib wears a lot of hats, he's the former lead singer of the punk rock band WAX, he's the co-founder of the record label, SideOneDummy, and he's also been working on his stand-up comedy career for the last decade or so. Sib just released his debut album, "Nowhere Near The Top" on 800 LB Gorilla records and he sits down with Matt to talk about the trip to get to that first album, how his comedy has evolved, and he even tosses in a few good stories about a The Ramones, Bad Religion, and a...


And Jeff Simmermon is not lying

Jeff Simmermon is about to release his debut stand-up comedy album, "And I Am Not Lying." It's a culmination of many years working as a writer of stories, that have appeared on both The Moth and This American Life. Now he's following a true passion of his and turning said funny stories into works of stand-up comedy. Simmermon recounts his journey and lets us know a bit about where he's headed. Download, review, and tell a friend! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Costaki Economopoulos and Aaron Hodges are lucky dogs

Comedian Costaki Economopoulos and former SiriusXM comedy jock Aaron Hodges drop in on Matt to talk about Costaki's new comedy album and Aaron's new comedy record label. How are they related? Costaki will serve as the label's first release. It's a move that makes an incredible amount of sense because this duo are old friends and podcasting buddies, co-hosting the Quick Snaps podcast where they talk about football and bust comedy chops. It's a fun hour of three guys having a great...


Greg Stone makes friends

Matt and Bram go over all the big news of the week including comedy siblings and all the news about the upfronts including canceled shows, greenlit ones, and all in between. Then, comedian Greg Stone joins us on the podcast to talk about getting his start in comedy and where he's headed. The interview wraps up with a few embarrassing revelations. Download, review, tell a friend. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Jon Glaser hunts werewolves

He'yump! Jon Glaser drops by for an interview about season 2 of his Adult Swim TV show, "Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter." The show is returning for a second season on May 22nd and with it comes more eyepatches, more guns with blades, and more neon green. Glaser tells us what to expect and talks about some of his other great TV shows like "Delocated" and "Jon Glaser Loves Gear." It's a total blast.... geaaaarrrr! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Chris Gethard talks Career Suicide

Email podcast@thelaughbutton and follow @thelaughbutton. Chris Gethard is about to make the biggest leap of his career and it's with, "Career Suicide." A one-man show about his battle with depression beginning in his teenage years at college and how he worked his way back to where he is today. Fully aware of his mental illness and making a show that he wishes was available to him when he was in college. Chris has a similar background as host Matt Kleinschmidt, so there's an instant report as...


Anthony DeVito is having a moment

Email: and visit Comedian Anthony DeVito is having a moment. In about a month's time he landed his first late night stand-up spot, earned a half hour on Comedy Central and got passed at one of New York's most legendary comedy clubs. To say things are looking up for him are an understatement. But he started years before that, he attended comedy clubs as a child and got the stand-up spark, one that lasted him through college, travel, and even a...


Jim Tews was in band

Matt and Bram are joined by Nick DeSimone on the podcast this week as they learn all about his secret talent. We discuss comedy movie sequels and Netflix. We're then joined by comedian Jim Tews, who just released his debut comedy album, "I Was In Band." Jim stares stories about his time in middle school band, his time in the Coast Guard, starting stand-up comedy in Cleveland, then we go deep into great comedy clubs. It's a kickass episode that you need to tell all your friends about. Learn...


Tim Dillon is going to hell

We're coming in hot this episode. If you want to ease into a podcast, this is not the right one for you. Bram and Matt start right off with the barbs as they welcome Olivia Timm onto the show to give the "Millennial Point of View" whatever that is. Then Tim Dillon sits down with Matt to talk about how jury duty made him realize he wanted to be a comedian, giving unorthodox tours of NYC, the super-rich, politics, and a conspiracy theory or two. It's a wild conversation from front to back....


Seth Olenick and the funny business of photography

Seth Olenick is a professional photographer who has spent the last 15 years or so photographing comedians. He recently finished a 7 year project to put together a coffee table book, "Funny Business" as he documented both established and up-and-coming comedians. Many of the latter who would later make it big time. Whether through chance encounters or referrals, Olenick chased down nearly 240 comedians for the project, and that's just for the one book, his career goes even deeper than that....


Kevin Gootee is a comic watching comics - #114

It all started at an open mic. Comedian Kevin Gootee was critiquing a comedian on stage and the idea struck him and the start of Comics Watching Comics was born. Think Last Comic Standing meets @Midnight, Gootee recruits his comedian friends to talk about other's stand-up. He sits down with Matt to break it all down and talk about his motivation to follow his dream to be a stand-up comic. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Shane Mauss has a good trip - #113

We're back from SXSW and oh what great fun it was. Matt runs down the trip with Bram as they run down the week, followed up by a lot of half-hour special conversation. Then, guest comedian Shane Mauss joins us on the podcast to talk about his current tour, "A Good Trip" which is his one-man show out on the road talking about his experience with psychedelics. But Mauss isn't just out to get high, he's on a mission to talk about his experiences and maybe even find out about some of the science...


Katie Goodman is halfway closer to death - #112

Katie Goodman is a comical badass. She's a Feminist and mother. She also spent a large chunk of her life in the theater, cranking out hundreds of productions, formed women's comedy troupes, released comedy albums, written songs, teaches theater to children. She's given keynote speeches and put on events to raise money for Planned Parenthood. See, a badass! As luck would have it, she sat down with Matt on International Women's Day to talk about her latest comedy album, "Halfway Closer To...


Seaton Smith takes on the world - #111

Matt and Bram talk about something Colossal that happened this week with comedy festivals and then take on recent news of comedians behaving badly. Then comedian Seaton Smith joins us to discuss, well everything, getting passed at the Comedy Cellar, how to start a cult, politics, our President, his time on "Mulaney," and his comedy heroes. We get into it! Download, rate, and tell your friends. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Michael Palascak's one thing - #110

Matt and Bram breakdown the news of Louis C.K. and Netflix and the super wild notion that Joe Piscopo might run for public office in New Jersey. We then welcome comedian Michael Palascak onto the podcast. Mark first met Michael at Gilda's Laughfest last March and he's releasing his new comedy album, "That One Thing" which premiered exclusively on Audible and is now available to the rest of the world. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ryan Beck chooses his own adventure - #109

Matt is once again joined by Metal Insider's Bram Teitelman to take the slow and sensual route to this week's podcast but those plans are scrapped pretty damn quickly. We're covering the big stories of the week including the Grammys (and maybe too much Beyonce), Rolling Stone's top 50 comedians, Wayne's World hitting a 25 year anniversary, and the enduring legacy of Beavis And Butt-head. We then welcome comedian Ryan Beck onto the show to talk about his career in comedy and keeping the eye...


Harrison Greenbaum is magical! - #108

The Laugh Button's editor-in-chief Matt Kleinschmidt is once again joined by Metal Insider's editor-in-chief, Bram Teitelman. Joining us this week is also, Brittany Brave from The Laugh Button who is also a UCB student and publicist living in NYC. The three of us break down the week in news and there's a lot of it. From Conan's joke theft lawsuit, Saturday Night Live's breakout this weekend, and festival season kicking off. Comedian Harrison Greenbaum joins us for an interview about his...