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Episode 31 - The Midterm Election Halloween Spooktacular

Salute to the patriots! It’s 5 days away from the midterm elections. If you’re anything like us you’re probably thinking… ugh, who gives a fuck?? I don’t give a shit! We hear you. Trust us, we hear you. This shit is EXHAUSTING. It’s easier to turn it off and not pay attention and not give a shit. But this year, there’s a lot on the line. Vote like someone’s life depends on it… because many of them do. This is a matter of human decency and the right for all people to be equal. Just go vote...


Episode 30 - Greyhound: I Don't Know. I'm On Break.

Salute to the patriots! We’re back, I guess. We’ll keep coming back until the world ends, it doesn’t feel that far off at this point. We get into the gross week in the gross politicians doing gross things and how gross it is that people are thinking real gross and liking these gross semi-human-monster-people. Fascism is lame. You shouldn’t like fascism. This fucking week has been ridiculous. We’re exhausted but we try to make it funny. It’s more American than denying all allegations against...


Episode 29 - A Final Plea To Kanye West

Episode 29 - A Final Plea to Kanye West Salute to the patriots! We’re here for another week. The news was horribly annoying this week so we spend the first segment catching up with each other. Then we get into some real patriotic bullshit that makes both of us completely exhausted! It’s more American than drinking a 30 pack and jumping off the roof and missing the pool in a confederate flag bathing suit. Here’s the breakdown: We award Voodoo Terror Tribe as the Most Patriotic Band We’re...


Episode 28 - I Hate That I Hate You

Salute to the patriots! It’s the week of worst case scenarios and Washington DC is in a full swing frat kegger complete with mocking date rape victims! It’s so fucking American up in the Liberty Lounge that we put roofies in each other’s water before we recorded. Here’s your breakdown: Drew tells black girls to holla at Pat This whole week was worst case scenario Raping white men and their friends control everything. You rape too? High five! So many popped collars and khaki shorts. The Keg...


Episode 27 - Boys Will Be Douche Bags

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are joined this week with the always level headed man of the hour Phil Caruso! You may remember him from our field trip to Philadelphia. Join em all in the studio talking that full blown American bullshit. It’s so patriotic Kanye’s gonna not release an album and instead design a sweatshirt about the episode. Here’s the breakdown: Brett Kavanaugh yells and cries about beer You don’t immediately get mad and defensive if you’re innocent We all know Kavanaugh...


Episode 26 - Understanding Capitalism Is Yeezy

Salute to the patriots! We saw (and apparently were the only ones who did) the new Michael Moore documentary and we take this opportunity to talk about it. You should go see it before it’s out of theaters in the next 5 days. Yo Michael, just put the next one on Netflix… people would watch it. No one wants to go to the theater for a documentary. Come on dude… Here’s the breakdown: Bernie Sanders stops by the Liberty Lounge to ask Andrew for his advice on gaining the trust of a black man Drew...


Episode 25 - Spoiled Mayonnaise

Salute to the patriots! We’re back again talking about all of the special America-ness of this week. The themes in this episode seem to reflect a common theme of the world right now - white masculinity is getting increasingly toxic. Deny all of your bullshit behavior, pass your friend a football, kneel when he throws it back, and press play. Here’s your breakdown: George Popodop comes in for an interview and Drew ain’t having it. Only 14 days in prison for this guy? He lied to the FBI and...


Episode 24 - The Fight To Heal America

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are back to hype you up for the America af pep rally rolling through your city like a goddamn hurricane of liberty. On this week’s episode Alex Jones attempts a takeover, we sell a million dollar idea for a balls out fight that will fix all of the toxic masculinity in America, and Obama makes Drew wanna punch a MAGA hat. Just press play. Here’s the breakdown: Alex Jones is CANCELLED - he’s paranoid… and he records in a bunker… How can anyone listen to Alex...


Episode 20 - The Race Is Green

Salute to the patriots! Pat & Drew are back for another week to give you that full blown patriotic bullshit. The race is green. The most pro black president says these black pastors. Drew has some opinions. We are completely exhausted with trump. Kindness is the only way to make actual change. Pat picked up Drew at the train station. Newark is depressing not a happy fun place. All privilege is is having enough money around you to have a safety net We sound like socialists! If money was...


A Message Regarding The Next Two Weeks

Patriots need vacations too.


Episode 19 - White People Ruin Everything

Salute to the patriots! The boys welcome you this week again from Drew’s house at 7:30am on a Saturday for another lecture on that All-American Bullshit. Funny? yes. Insightful? Yes. Ignorant? Most definitely. Let’s have more American fun than a kiddie pool full of Budweiser and women in too small bikinis with diabetes. Get me another cake pop! Here’s your breakdown: Teen Titans Go!: A meta film for an exhausted superhero landscape. Kids cartoons aren’t as fucked up as they used to be The...


Episode 18 - SEO For Cult Leaders

Salute to the patriots! Welcome back to the Liberty Lounge for an episode mainly focused around Pat and Drew listening to the podcast “Gateway” and talking about how much they hate Teal Swan. It’s a full on American conversation with your boys actually feeling, for real, pretty patriotic. Here’s this episode’s breakdown: Kids do really weird shit People are getting cooler even in the face of the bullshit in America Pat gives a free ad to Headspace in a discussion about meditation. Headspace,...


Episode 17 - Farting Into A Microphone; Directed By Boots Riley

Salute to the patriots! This week we come to (semi) live from Pat’s house. His daughter refused to be watched so she is home during the recording. She occasionally interjects. Here’s this week’s patriotism, in summary: Parenting is hard. How do “Super Parents” do it??? How can you pay college tuition on retirement money? NJ is too fucking expensive. We compare the cost of apartments in NJ to other places in America. Why do we still live here again? Life is all about focus and patience Sorry...


Epsiode 16 - Unintentional Racism

Salute to the patriots! Pat and Drew are back for another week in the Liberty Lounge talking that American bullshit and the week in American follies. Here’s your weekly breakdown: Everyday is trump’s birthday party on the TV when they are nicey nice to him. Pat and Drew talk about Drew’s problems fully opening in a romantic relationship and the throes of complete life change he is now facing. The patriots are both overly emotional grown men. Pat tries to encourage Drew to not be as closed...


Episode 15 - Take Me In, Oh, Tender Woman

Salute to the patriots! Pat and Drew are delivering you the final of this week’s three episodes with a traditional Liberty Lounge America-fuck-yeah session with your favorite patriotic duo! Important note: between this episode being recorded and released we have learned that “The Snake” is actually an Al Wilson song. This makes it even more strange. Here’s this week’s breakdown: Lebron James, and really, who cares? Podcasts are interesting only if the content is interesting. We shout out...


Episode 15.2 - (Not) Celebrating The 4th Of July

It's the 4th of July. We decided to spend the day with our friends Nick & Sam Pultz at their house. We start off watching the live stream of the woman who climbed on the Statue of Liberty to protest ICE and get into how we feel about American culture. Let's celebrate our freedom by feeling free to examine ourselves.


Episode 15.1 - Drew Literally May Sleep No More

In episode 13 Pat talked about his experience at Sleep No More. He eventually convinced Drew to go with him after telling him there were titties involved. This podcast is the telling of their experiences... which were polar opposite. Drew called this show the Craziest White People Shit in the History of America Ever! As it turns out, he was right.


Episode 14 - Therapy

Salute to the patriots! Or maybe this week we should say hello world. This week Pat and Drew take a break from discussing politics and all things frustrating in America to get real with each other, and themselves, about their own issues with how they interact with the world. Against the backdrop of a new report from the World Health Organization citing "Gaming Addiction" as a mental health disorder we talk about how this addiction translates to technology and social media. We openly discuss...


Episode 13 - The Craziest White People Shit In The History Of America Ever!

Salute to the patriots! Pat and Drew are back in the Liberty Lounge talking some real American bullshit with our friend Kelley Kemp (@Warlock.ED on instagram) from the Podcast and Chill Show! Here’s your weekly breakdown: Tekashi69 rap beef and the sad reality of the possible outcomes of young rappers acting the way they do (recorded before the fatal shooting of XXXtentacion. RIP.) OF COURSE we talk about Kanye in light of the release of Nasir. This was recorded literally hours before the...


Episode 12 - The Ye & Cudi Of Podcasting

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are back talking that patriotic af bullshit from the Liberty Lounge! Drew brought through his new lady friend La’Nese Wright so of course we made her pick up the mic and participate. If you’re in the room while the patriots get patriotic you best be participating. The boys talk a lot about Kanye (obviously, do we even need to say that talk about Kanye anymore?) They discuss how they both listen to music by becoming obsessed with an artist and consuming their...