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Episode 37 - King Petty

Episode 37 - King Petty by The Most Patriotic Podcast


Episode 36 - Is JAY-Z The Head of PROJECT ZORGO???

This week we took a break from politics, because UGH, and spend the week talking about the exciting week in hip hop. Also, Pat’s daughter was at his apartment watching youtube videos when Drew arrived so the back half of the episode is devoted to breaking down the poorly made and sincerely confusing videos on youtube that get millions of views. We’re out here. Here’s a breakdown: Eminem released a “battle rap” video and it’s stupid. He doesn’t BATTLE anybody! Nice one man show, Em. Rick must...


Episode 35 - Tickle Me 6ix9ine

Salute to the patriots! In this episode we talk a lot about dumb missionaries, the futility of paying attention to politics, America as a shitty dad, 6ix9ine’s fed charges, and that hustle. Here’s the breakdown: Missionaries are the most full of themselves people in the world We hope you enjoyed your thanksgiving and didn’t talk politics with your racist uncle Nothing changes in the news anymore The news is now: who said the dumbest thing this week? Paying attention to the news is being in...


Episode 34 - The Most Thankful Podcast In The History Of America Ever

Salute to the patriots. Gather around ye pilgrims it’s a patriotic holiday feast on trump’s recent Fox News interview. The puritans are trying to give the media small pox blankets. Be thankful for all the good in your life. And hey, if the shit going on in politics turns you off from paying attention all together that just means you’re disgusted and your moral compass is in order. Be thankful for that. Here’s your breakdown: Chris Wallace from Fox News drops in the podcast to talk about how...


Episode 33 - New Atittude Politics

Salute to the patriots! The midterms are over. Life is difficult. We need to stop paying so much attention to this bullshit. Let’s focus on putting good into the world; being selfish for the sake of bettering ourselves to put more good into the world as a result. That’s an unAmerican thought at this point, but fuck it let’s keep it unAmerican from now on. Bernie Sander’s stops by to discuss white people being afraid to vote for a black person for office. He decides to run in 2020. Get...


Episode 32 - White Women Run On Wine

Salute to the patriots! We recorded this on Sunday before the midterms… and hey! We were wrong! People did get out and vote! And the dems took the house! We still hope you were part of it and went out and voted. Let’s see what the Dems do now. It’s more American than white women making Halloween racist Halloween costumes over wine. White women love wine. Here’s your breakdown: We didn’t think that the Dems would win. We’re very happy we were wrong. America is broken. And this is the most...


Episode 31 - The Midterm Election Halloween Spooktacular

Salute to the patriots! It’s 5 days away from the midterm elections. If you’re anything like us you’re probably thinking… ugh, who gives a fuck?? I don’t give a shit! We hear you. Trust us, we hear you. This shit is EXHAUSTING. It’s easier to turn it off and not pay attention and not give a shit. But this year, there’s a lot on the line. Vote like someone’s life depends on it… because many of them do. This is a matter of human decency and the right for all people to be equal. Just go vote...


Episode 30 - Greyhound: I Don't Know. I'm On Break.

Salute to the patriots! We’re back, I guess. We’ll keep coming back until the world ends, it doesn’t feel that far off at this point. We get into the gross week in the gross politicians doing gross things and how gross it is that people are thinking real gross and liking these gross semi-human-monster-people. Fascism is lame. You shouldn’t like fascism. This fucking week has been ridiculous. We’re exhausted but we try to make it funny. It’s more American than denying all allegations against...


Episode 29 - A Final Plea To Kanye West

Episode 29 - A Final Plea to Kanye West Salute to the patriots! We’re here for another week. The news was horribly annoying this week so we spend the first segment catching up with each other. Then we get into some real patriotic bullshit that makes both of us completely exhausted! It’s more American than drinking a 30 pack and jumping off the roof and missing the pool in a confederate flag bathing suit. Here’s the breakdown: We award Voodoo Terror Tribe as the Most Patriotic Band We’re...


Episode 28 - I Hate That I Hate You

Salute to the patriots! It’s the week of worst case scenarios and Washington DC is in a full swing frat kegger complete with mocking date rape victims! It’s so fucking American up in the Liberty Lounge that we put roofies in each other’s water before we recorded. Here’s your breakdown: Drew tells black girls to holla at Pat This whole week was worst case scenario Raping white men and their friends control everything. You rape too? High five! So many popped collars and khaki shorts. The Keg...


Episode 27 - Boys Will Be Douche Bags

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are joined this week with the always level headed man of the hour Phil Caruso! You may remember him from our field trip to Philadelphia. Join em all in the studio talking that full blown American bullshit. It’s so patriotic Kanye’s gonna not release an album and instead design a sweatshirt about the episode. Here’s the breakdown: Brett Kavanaugh yells and cries about beer You don’t immediately get mad and defensive if you’re innocent We all know Kavanaugh...


Episode 26 - Understanding Capitalism Is Yeezy

Salute to the patriots! We saw (and apparently were the only ones who did) the new Michael Moore documentary and we take this opportunity to talk about it. You should go see it before it’s out of theaters in the next 5 days. Yo Michael, just put the next one on Netflix… people would watch it. No one wants to go to the theater for a documentary. Come on dude… Here’s the breakdown: Bernie Sanders stops by the Liberty Lounge to ask Andrew for his advice on gaining the trust of a black man Drew...


Episode 25 - Spoiled Mayonnaise

Salute to the patriots! We’re back again talking about all of the special America-ness of this week. The themes in this episode seem to reflect a common theme of the world right now - white masculinity is getting increasingly toxic. Deny all of your bullshit behavior, pass your friend a football, kneel when he throws it back, and press play. Here’s your breakdown: George Popodop comes in for an interview and Drew ain’t having it. Only 14 days in prison for this guy? He lied to the FBI and...


Episode 24 - The Fight To Heal America

Salute to the patriots! Your boys are back to hype you up for the America af pep rally rolling through your city like a goddamn hurricane of liberty. On this week’s episode Alex Jones attempts a takeover, we sell a million dollar idea for a balls out fight that will fix all of the toxic masculinity in America, and Obama makes Drew wanna punch a MAGA hat. Just press play. Here’s the breakdown: Alex Jones is CANCELLED - he’s paranoid… and he records in a bunker… How can anyone listen to Alex...


Episode 23 - Eminem Has Liar Liar Energy

Salute to the patriots! Oof, it’s been a week. Listen as the patriots break down some American bullshit. What’s more American than Eminem? Trump? We cover both of them. Burn your Nikes and crack open a Bush Light. Let’s get fuckin AMERICAN! Here’s your breakdown: People in the gym upstairs of the lounge need to stop dropping the weights. There’s an industry built around locker room gym selfies. Yo Eminem… Kamikaze is GOOD, but Em… the energy is so ANGRY. What are you angry about?? Revival...


Episode 22 - It's a Nice Day for a Nice White (People) Wedding

Salute to the patriots! It’s another lecture from your favorite patriotic duo. We’re back in the liberty lounge with Pat fresh off a trip to Virginia for his cousin’s wedding. We also go in hard about trump and his supporters. It might be kind of mean at this point, but there’s not really much left to say otherwise at this point. So hey, enjoy! Folly is playing in the next room throughout the course of the episode. Thanks for the original score, guys. Here’s your breakdown: Pat talks about...


Episode 21 - Oregon Is Jamaica For White People

Salute to the patriots! Pat said that this week’s episode would be an episode recorded in Oregon a couple of weeks ago, but his action packed vacation lead to him doing no recording so the boys are here with that patriotic bullshit! They get into all the details of Pat’s vacation. Oregon is America af. Here’s your breakdown: Pat and Drew are completely opposite people but still, somehow are best friends. Drew thinks Pat’s kind of a weirdo, but it’s all love. Pat lived his best life on...


Episode 20 - The Race Is Green

Salute to the patriots! Pat & Drew are back for another week to give you that full blown patriotic bullshit. The race is green. The most pro black president says these black pastors. Drew has some opinions. We are completely exhausted with trump. Kindness is the only way to make actual change. Pat picked up Drew at the train station. Newark is depressing not a happy fun place. All privilege is is having enough money around you to have a safety net We sound like socialists! If money was...


A Message Regarding The Next Two Weeks

Patriots need vacations too.


Episode 19 - White People Ruin Everything

Salute to the patriots! The boys welcome you this week again from Drew’s house at 7:30am on a Saturday for another lecture on that All-American Bullshit. Funny? yes. Insightful? Yes. Ignorant? Most definitely. Let’s have more American fun than a kiddie pool full of Budweiser and women in too small bikinis with diabetes. Get me another cake pop! Here’s your breakdown: Teen Titans Go!: A meta film for an exhausted superhero landscape. Kids cartoons aren’t as fucked up as they used to be The...