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Film-drenched wise-asses with shrewd & entertaining stuff to say about all things movie, reviewing what's new & previewing what's coming. THE MOVIE GUYS: GIVING THE INDUSTRY THE BUSINESS.

Film-drenched wise-asses with shrewd & entertaining stuff to say about all things movie, reviewing what's new & previewing what's coming. THE MOVIE GUYS: GIVING THE INDUSTRY THE BUSINESS.


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Film-drenched wise-asses with shrewd & entertaining stuff to say about all things movie, reviewing what's new & previewing what's coming. THE MOVIE GUYS: GIVING THE INDUSTRY THE BUSINESS.




Star Wars: A Sports Play-By-Play Commentary

No Movies? No Sports? No Problem! The Movie Guys Paul Preston and Adam Witt have come up with a solution - movies with sports play-by-play and color commentators to deliver the action as it unfolds. In honor of #MayThe4th we present game 1 of a 3 game series between The Empire and the Rebellion. Kick back in the lawn chair with a lemonade for this one folks! Brought to you by Klonz 4 Kidz. Donate your Klone today! - 323-347-3754 *For use with Star Wars: The Special Edition Like good...


Paul Osborne & Patrick Day - The TMG Interview

Cruel Hearts. Living in just one mind. That'd be the mind of returning guest of The Movie Guys, writer/director Paul Osborne. And what a sick mind it is as he's back with another tale of seedy people doing nefarious things. Paul hits The Admiral's Club with Cruel Hearts actor Patrick Day and they talk about the film, indie filmmaking (and its challenges), and some time is left to dedicate to new release talk and The Oscars! Cruel Hearts is available on Blu-Ray, VOD and in select theaters...


Olivia Dunkley & Matt Merchant - The TMG Interview

What would the holidays be without a holiday romance? Olivia Dunkley's new film, A Holiday Boyfriend, is about a romance MEANT to last just that long - for the holidays. She tells your host, Paul Preston about the film, along with the movie's co-star, Matt Merchant. Together, they tackle all the tough questions - Is "holiday boyfriending" a thing? Is this based on Olivia's real life? The indie film challenges! The strong female crew! The Egg nog! And, of course, their favorite movies of all...


Paul Hirsch - The TMG Interview

A couple weeks away from The Rise of Skywalker, you don't have to twist the arms of The Movie Guys to talk Star Wars, so this new interview invites film editor Paul Hirsch to The Admiral's Club. How do you know him? The title of his book answers that question: A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away: My Fifty Years Editing Hollywood Hits - Star Wars, Carrie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Mission: Impossible and More. Paul, Adam and guest host Mike J. Nichols delve quite a bit into the...


Bethany Hamilton - The TMG Interview

On the eve of the release of new documentary, Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable, Paul Preston sits down to talk movies, surfing, motherhood and more with the doc's inspirational subject, Bethany Hamilton. Turns out the surfer persona is ingrained and authentic as Hamilton brings an easy-to-talk-with vibe and an everything-is-rad attitude. The film goes in-depth on returning to surfing after a shark attack and balancing the sport with motherhood. In studio, Hamilton goes behind the scenes and...


David Swift - The TMG Interview

David Swift and his crew set out to film the best documentary about beer ever made. Based on the festival circuit awards, they're doing pretty good! Swift sits in with Paul Preston to talk about the new-on-VOD, DVD & Blu-Ray Beers of Joy. They talk about the challenges of taking on such an expansive subject for Swift's directorial debut, what a Cicerone is (it's like a Sommelier for beer) and there's a tasting as David shares some good introductory beers with Paul, who's a rare drinker at...


Jenifer Westphal and Joe Plummer - The TMG Interview

Get to know Wavelength Productions! Oh, wait, you already do. Wavelength is behind the conversation-starting documentaries Won't You Be My Neighbor? and Knock Down The House, plus a whole stable of films making a splash at Sundance and beyond. So, get to know Wavelength BETTER as Paul talks to producers Jenifer Westphal and Joe Plummer about their successful run of features. Like good movie talk? Please subscribe! iTunes:...


Robin Shelby - The TMG Interview

On the eve of the once-in-a-lifetime Ghostbusters Fan Fest, Paul & Karen talk to actress Robin Shelby, who has crossed paths with the Ghostbusters universe twice - as a visual effects costumed actor, playing the legendary Slimer in Ghostbusters II to voicing Lady Slimer in 2016's Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. Shelby tells stories from the set and stories from the road, meeting fans and fellow cast mates at conventions. Plus, plenty of talk about what to expect at the Fan Fest, happening...


Giancarlo Esposito - The TMG Interview

Giancarlo Esposito is a busy man. While shooting the next season of Better Call Saul, he called in from Albuquerque to talk with Paul Preston about his new film Stuck, which opens in select theaters April 19th. Along the way, we get a sense of his musical background (who knew?), his take on long-time friend and collaborator Spike Lee winning his first Oscar and what the workflow is like on an indie film that's ambitious enough to be an indie musical! Like good movie talk? Please...


Geneviéve Flati and Nathan Makaryk - The TMG Interview

Former Movie Guys guest Geneviéve Flati is joined by her partner in crime and longtime-wanted guest of the show Nathan Makaryk to talk all things Les Misérables. "G" and Nate have co-written and co-directed Les Miz and Friends, a send-up of the prestigious musical where puppets take over and skewer the production. Naturally, we talk about the film versions of Les Miz, and also naturally, we tangent all over the place - South Park, Game of Thrones, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter and...


Patrick Fabian - The TMG Interview

Patrick Fabian has a large roster of credits on IMDB - Big Love, Desperate Housewives, 24, Veronica Mars, The Last Exorcism and more. Fabian joins Paul and Karen and they can't get to everything, BUT there is ample talk of his new movie, DriverX, now available on VOD, as well as Better Call Saul and stories for days. In fact, this episode is especially good for ACTORS. Fabian's stories from the trenches are crazy and inspiring. Like good movie talk? Please...


Max Martini - The TMG Interview

You've seen Max Martini before, featured in high profile movies like Captain Phillips, Saving Private Ryan, 13 Hours, Pacific Rim, Columbiana and the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. With his new film, SGT. Will Gardner, he jumps front and center as lead actor, writer and director. Paul and Adam get to know this hard-working actor, who goes in-depth on making a meaningful indie and offers up great stories from the set of some modern classics. SGT. Will Gardner opens Jan. 11th in theaters on on...


John Ottman - The TMG Interview

There's so much to talk about with this week's guest, a true Hollywood anomaly. John Ottman is an editor AND a film score composer. His latest project is the smash hit Bohemian Rhapsody, just nominated for two Golden Globes and no-doubt short-listed for some Oscar noms. Paul & Adam go deep on BoRhap and try their best to cover the rest of John's career, which includes...a lot - Superman Returns, X2: X-Men United (+Days of Future Past & Apocalypse), The Usual Suspects, The Cable Guy, Kiss...


Tommy Avallone - The TMG Interview

Twist Karen Volpe's arm to talk about Bill Murray... So, it's a good thing she and Paul are interviewing The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned from a Mythical Man director Tommy Avallone. They cover the urban legends of Bill Murray's enviable lifestyle, Tommy's previous movie I Am Santa Claus, the best movies of all time and multiple stories of crying in front of celebrities. The Bill Murray Stories is available on V.O.D. now! Like good movie talk? Please...


MaJaMa - The BAD CGI SHARKS Interview (Matthew Ellsworth, Jason Ellsworth and Matteo Molinari)

Paul Preston talks to MaJaMa, the production team behind the sure-to-be-a-cult-hit terror movie spoof Bad CGI Sharks. MaJaMa is Matthew Ellsworth, Jason Ellsworth & Matteo Molinari. On the eve of their movie being released, they talk about what movies inspired their comic take on an unintended comical genre, the speed bumps when making a low budget film, and how their trailer has taken off on the web. Like good movie talk? Please subscribe! iTunes:...


James Tumminia and Alan Zweibel - The LOVE, GILDA Interview

If you know Karen and Paul from The Movie Guys, then you know they love Gilda Radner, so this episode is especially exciting as there is a new documentary out called Love, Gilda. Two of the shows producers join us - James Tumminia, who has a long history with Gilda-related projects and Alan Zweibel, the original SNL writer who worked closely with Gilda and is an EP on the film. James does a deep dive into the making of Love, Gilda, what makes it new and special, and Alan calls in from New...


Leon Russom - The TMG Interview

This episode of the TMG Interview will surprise you! Paul and Karen welcome actor Leon Russom to The Admiral's Club to talk about his career - the longevity and wide variety of his credits are a revelation. From sharing the stage with Ian McKellen to sharing a scene with The Dude, Leon's got great stories that lead up to his sharp lead turn in the new neo-noir crime film The Midnighters, now available on VOD. Like good movie talk? Please subscribe! iTunes:...


Kate Flannery - The TMG Interview

The hum of air conditioners and fans underscores this latest TMG Interview as Paul & Karen hit The Admiral's Club to interview the great Kate Flannery! Kate appears in the new comedy How to Get Girls alongside Zach Fox, Dave Koechner, Chris Elliott and Chris Kattan. There's chat about the new film, about Kate's years on The Office, her side projects (singing!) and how she late-bloomed into a regular in the national comedy scene. This is a great talk about comedy, commitment to your art and...


Nicholas Daines - The TMG Interview

You may see this interview posted here and think, "I don't believe I've seen Nicholas Daines in anything." But, you have. This versatile and prolific stunt performer has worked on major movie franchises like Star Wars, Harry Potter, the DCEU, Kingsman, Transformers, James Bond and more! So, it's time you got to know him. Our Movie Guy Paul Preston talks to Nicholas about how he started in the stunt profession, plus Nicholas gives up some on-set stories and we find out what's next for...


Jon Brewer - The TMG Interview

Jon Brewer has been in the music business for decades, and has spent the last dozen years or so making music documentaries about everyone from Guns N' Roses to Jimi Hendrix to Nat King Cole. His latest, Monochrome: Black, White and Blue, is a deep dive into the blues and how it developed and evolved through American history. Jon calls in from London to chat about the film with Paul Preston and there's loads of music and movie talk. Like good movie talk? Please...