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The Movie Preview Review podcast is the only show that reviews movies after only watching their previews.

The Movie Preview Review podcast is the only show that reviews movies after only watching their previews.
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The Movie Preview Review podcast is the only show that reviews movies after only watching their previews.






MPR Eps 223 Brian Enck

Comedian Brian Enck returns to do a NERDs only episode with Jay and Adam. The guys try to figure out Marvel's future plans, discover how powerful Steven Spielberg is, and figure out why giant robots need two pilots. Plus they review Black Panther, Ready Player One, Pacific Rim: Uprising, and Tomb Raider after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 322 Wali Collins

Comedian Wli Collins returns to tell us about his amazingly popular show at Gotham Comedy Club, Wali Collin's Comedy Cup. We check in with some Oscar contenders, try to define Oprah's power, and figure out what we'd do during the Purge. Plus we review A Wrinkle in Time, Strangers 2 - Prey at Night, and Handsome after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 321 Ben Rosenfeld Returns

Author and comedian Ben Rosenfeld returns to tell us about his new album 'The United States of Russia'(available on iTunes). We go over a few Oscar contenders, answer the question 'what is the worst female hair choice?', and violently dissect the latest YA romance movie. Plus we review Red Sparrow, Every Day, and Shimmer Lake after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 320 Kaytlin Bailey

Podcaster and comedian Kaytlin Bailey joins to talk about her podcast The Oldest Profession, a podcast about sex worker history. We check out our ranking on Google Image search, figure out if sex robots could kill you, and we explore the Dark Web. Plus we review Game Night, Annihilation, and Being Charlie after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 319 Adam Murphy

Actor and comedian Adam Murphy joins us as we share our New Years Movie resolutions, Kevin gives Jay a few things to work on in 2018, and Jess discusses one of the biggest mistake she made with her mother. Plus we review Fifty Shades Freed, The 15:17 to Paris, and Kate and Leopold after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 318 Sean Conroy

Improvisor, comedian, and writer for Adult Swim's Mr. Pickel, Sean Conroy joins us. We learn about car maintenance, figure out the best way to do exposition, and lament how Brits are taking all the American acting jobs. Plus we review Maze Runner: The Death Cure, Den of Thieves, and Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 317 Adam Gabel

Comedian Adam Gabel joins us. We reminisce about high school and pranks we pulled, come up with a movie for Jay, and expose a secret to all action movies. Plus we review The Commuter, Insidious 4, and Proud Mary after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 316 Costaki

Comedian and Podcaster Cotaski returns. We find out that no one at the table has ever tailgated a football game, figure out if we'd shrink ourselves to be rich, and Jay unleashes the beast on those who prescribe to Method Acting. Plus we review Downsized, Tiger Zinda Hai, and Jim and Andy after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 315 Cleanup

We can't get to every trailer Adam prepares for every episode. This is a special episode where we go back to check out a few of the trailers we missed in the past few months. Friend of the show Alex Fossella hangs out with us as we talk about Adam's eating habit with bread, ruin Christmas for Jess, and we figure out which character of a Christmas Story we would be. Plus we review The Elf, Wolf Cop 2, The Man Who Invented Christmas, Bright, and Alien Invasion SUM 1 after only watching...


MPR Eps 314 Alex Fossella Again

Comedian Alex Fossella returns to tells about the Modern Day Philosophers podcast. We hear about Kevin and Jess' crazy neighbor, learn of Jay's love of PT Barnum, and Kevin comes up with a plan to stop Pitch Perfect 3 from coming out. Plus we review The Greatest Showman, Pitch Prefect 3, and The Details after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 213 Jeffery Gurian

Author, comedy reporter, and comedian Jeffery Gurian, from Comedy Matters and Interobang, joins us to tell us about his comedy career stretching from the beginning of Saturday Night Live to today. And about his new book Healing Your Heart by Changing Your Mind. We learn what it was like writing for comedians back in the 70's and 80's, the gang takes on bull fighting, and picks a fight with the Jonas Brothers. Plus we review Jumanji - Welcome to the Jungle, and Ferdinand from only watching...


MPR Eps 312 Gina Savage

Comedian, and booker of West Side Comedy Club Gina Savage joins us to talk about the newest comedy club in NYC. We learn what not to do with a comedy booker, debate grammar logic, and Jay destroys a Christmas classic. Plus we review The Shape of Water, Polaroid, and Love, Actually after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 311 Mike Burton Returns

Comedian Mike Burton joins us. We check in on what we've been watching lately, hear a conspiracy theory about how the movie The Room was funded, and we figure out what movies don't hold up. Plus we review The Disaster Artist, Blade of the Immortal, and Donny Darko after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 310 Nerds w/ Broadwasted

Adam and Jay once again host a nerds only episode and welcome the crew from Broadwasted to watch nerdy trailers and chat about their work for the charity Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS.We figure out which is the hottest Cate Blanchett, learn what happens in the summer blockbuster Batman vs Spider-Man, we discover the origin of Green Lantern Jon Stewart. Plus we review Thor : Ragnarok, Justice League, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 309 Rick Younger

Comedian Rick Younger, who's about to make his Broadway debut in Mean Girls the Musical, joins us to talk about the working with Tina Fey and going from a stand up comedian to Broadway actor. We discuss whether or not to give up your seat, find out what it's like for a comedian to rehearse for a Broadway show, and lament how real life events can tarnish the enjoyment of movies. Plus we review Death Wish, Darkest Hour, and Mean Girls after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 308 Jordan Brady

Movie director, producer, and comedian Jordan Brady join us to talk about his new documentary movie I am Battle Comic, and learn everything that goes into doing comedy on a USO tour. We hear some horror story of life doing comedy on the road, try to figure out how Pixar is going to break our hearts, and learn why celebrities do PSA's. Plus we review Coco and Murder on the Orient Express after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 307 Jamie Roberts

Comedian and producer Jamie Roberts joins to tell about his great show at the The National Black Theater, in Harlem. We hear the epic tale of how Adam scratched his cornea, discover one of the worst named parks in New York City, and learn everyone's preferred dance style. Plus we review Suburbicon, Leatherface, and The Incredible Jessica James after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 306 Joe Devito Returns

Comedian Joe Devito makes his long awaited return to the podcast. We review It (both the new movie and the 90's TV movie), Kevin starts to hate Mark Wahlberg, and we see through a movie's blatant attempt to win an Oscar. Plus we review A Bad Mom's Christmas, Daddy's Home 2, and Wonder after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 305 Alison Bailes

Producer, writer, and real life movie reviewer for many TV shows and magazines, Alison Bailes joins us to show us how reviewing movies is really done. We tally all the things the internet killed, we get a early review of Mother!, and we learn of Jess' long lasting hatred for Idris Elba. Plus we review The Mountain Between Us, Jigsaw, and I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore after only watching their previews.


MPR Eps 304 Ron Barba

Producer and writer Ron Barba joins us to talk about all the productions he's got running. We find out our social media dislikes, bet how long it would take us to defeat our murderer in a time loop, and Kevin tells us the tale of when he acted with a few actors from Cheers. Plus we review The Foreigner, Happy Death Day, What Happened to Monday, and Geostorm after only watching their previews.