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Join Rachael and Sara every Sunday for eggs, Prosecco, and a side of snark.

Join Rachael and Sara every Sunday for eggs, Prosecco, and a side of snark.
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Los Angeles, CA


Join Rachael and Sara every Sunday for eggs, Prosecco, and a side of snark.






2018: Not Totally Ruined Yet

Happy 2018! In the first brunch of the year the ladies are loving The Rock’s instagram, celebs for president, and the perfection that is Alison Janney. Donuts, sushi, and jazz make the ladies’ new years wish lists (some things never change), and mean girls - not the Tina Fey kind - are deemed gross. Finally, the ladies wax nostalgic for the 90s girl we all wanted to be and the secret world we all wanted to live in.


You Know What? This Year Has Been Worse

Happy Holidays y’all! This pre-holiday quickie rapid fire brunch has the ladies chatting the movie Lion, grilled cheese from across the pond, and cozy Christmas socks. Speaking of Christmas - did you know all we want for Christmas is you? Thanks for spending 2017 with us - we’ll see you next year!


Sara Needs A Make A Wish

Rachael & Sara are celebrating their 100th episode!!! ...with work stress and health issues, c'est la vie. Fortunately they have the Real Housewives franchise, festive leggings, and medicinal marijuana to get them through it. Butt meds are (undeniably) gross, but some 90s Nostalgia via Newsies-era Christian Bale makes everything okay.


Dogs Elevate Any Halloween Costume

The ladies are back and brunching as they break down their love for Riverdale's 90s heartthrobs, Stranger Things round two, and neighborhood village vibes. Sara debates the perfect pleather jacket while Rachael laments her Halloween Instagram failure, and our gross gets a little slimier than usual. Finally, the ladies wax (90s) nostalgia for characters that inspire our favorite Halloween costumes. Hit It Rockapella!


A Breakfast Pizza is Basically Toast

Happy Birthday Rachael! In this bday brunch the ladies chat birthday eeeaaaats, road trips, and the joy of breakfast pizza. Rachael’s Riverdale-ing, Sara’s squashing, and finally, Supermarket Sweep is coming back to the utter delight of our 90s loving hearts!


Peanut Butter Is My Booty Call

Comedian Jen Saunderson joins the ladies to debrief re: Kimmy Schmidt, share the steps to rosé slushie perfection, and agree on the versatility of deviled eggs. Rachael feels no love for 24 hour business trips, Sara overdoses on peanut butter, and Jen discovers Angeleno flakery. Finally, the ladies wax nostalgic about their fave cartoon heroes […]


No Pants, No Makeup, No Boys, No Problem

Director Ally Zonsius joins the ladies to chat the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, foster failing, and fashion they just can’t quit. Sara wants to be JLo, Ally introduces us to a strange and wonderful cookie, and Rachael contemplates petty revenge. Finally, the ladies break down video games of 90s past – what’s in your floppy disk […]


Hey Dude was the Baywatch of Nickelodeon

This brunch, the ladies “Lean In” to bread & cheese, profess their love for a good baseball tee—and their disdain for indecent perspiration. Sara scored tickets to Hamilton (!!) and Rachael finally falls for the Gilmore Girls. Finally, Doug-gone it, the 90s are missed as they chat the Nickelodeon shows that still salute our shorts.

I Wouldn’t Kick a British Accent Out of Bed

Comedian Delanie Fischer stops by this brunch to chat Fuller House, the allure of a British accent, and the harsh reality of pet pigs. Rachael is Team Vanderpump, Sara finds coupon codes exhilarating, and Delanie finds ghosting gross. Finally the ladies reminisce about a time before texting — MASH, anyone?


You’ll Know How Much Prosecco We’ve Had By How Much We Slur Our Words

The first brunch in March has the ladies chatting Instagram dating, Judd Apatow’s “LOVE”, and over the shoulder boulder holders. Sara avoids shaving, Rachael comes clean about her lack of lox love, and sketchy financial institutions are deemed gross. Finally an (honorary) 90s reality show makes the nostalgia cut: When Somethin’s gotta go, she’ drops […]


Sadly The Only Thing Posh Spice And I Have In Common Is A Birthday

This brunch, comedian Annabelle DeSisto joins the ladies to chat Vanderpump Rules IRL, nacho goals, and bestie plate-sharing etiquette. Annabelle finds pantsless joy in food delivery, Sara has mixed feelings about Spanx, and Rachael gets on board with the blowout. The Bachelor, Tinder Delights, and Blue Men make the Gross List. Finally, say you’ll be […]


Aunt Viv #2 Was The Cool Aunt Viv

The ladies get deep this brunch when they chat internet life vs. real life, the joys of the brunch & nap lifestyle, and their top 10 TV shows of all time. Feral cats and garlic bread aftermath make the Gross List, while the Fresh Prince of Bel Air has the ladies awkwardly rapping for the […]


My Goal Is To Fit Into My Spanx And Not Get Gas

Shepod bestie Elizabeth Delhagen joins the ladies for a brunch of wine and tiramisu! Sara fancies herself a hoop-skirted noblewoman, Rachael breaks down the merits of boxed wine, and Elizabeth is horrified by the ladies’ Cheesecake Factory love. Valentine’s Day, angrypee, and dog farts make the Gross List, while shorteralls top the list of 90s […]


Recreational Eating Is My Favorite Sport

Adorable Shepod mom Susan King joins the ladies to celebrate their 40th episode! Over prosecco and coffee, the ladies declare that cheese must be salty, disagree on Transparent, and question the basic bitch-ness of their photos. Achey breaky backs, dog butts, and armrest invaders are deemed gross, while the 90s welcomes us all to a […]


I See Your Two Buck Chuck and I Support the Night You’re Trying to Have

This brunch, the ladies discuss the benefits and pitfalls of being your own boss, nail beauty routines, and their very full hearts (#TexasForever). Rachael pulls off an old-timey pop-in, Sara thoroughly enjoys gentrification, and the appropriate work from home shower schedule is debated. Finally, the 90s can’t come soon enough — I don’t want to […]


I Wash My Laundry On Your Abs

Makeup artist Ananda McAdams joins the ladies for brunch where British baking is delightful, step-sibling love gets creepy, and beauty causes pain. (Quite literally — blood was drawn.) Surprising hair, shopping carts, and neighbor drama make the gross list, while the 90s are front and center(stage) as the ladies discuss the movie—nay, the FILM—that stole […]

How Many Times Did We Say “Poop” in 2015?

Ring in 2016 with the ladies in this new year’s brunch! Star Wars reignites, Serial is for quitters, and The Simpsons are (still) kind of a big deal. Sara shame-orders too much takeout, while Rachael hates on generationally inappropriate phone calls. Finally, 90s nostalgia takes the ladies back as Luke Perry somehow makes his way […]


Any Glass That Contains Wine Is A Wine Glass

Celebrate with the ladies at a Christmas brunch that’s simply the cat’s pajamas! Sports reporter Jackie Mesa Pepper joins in merrymaking as Jessica Jones divides the room, Ready Player One makes the must-read list, and adult strep and acne are deemed gross. Finally, 90s joy is sprinkled throughout in the form of fruit rollups, Rocket […]


I’m an IKEA Ninja. An IKINJA

Join the ladies in this holiday brunch as they break down Sara’s Christmas envy, Rachael’s self-imposed Christmas tree injunction, and TV shows they just can’t NOT quit. Group texts and drunken generosity are deemed gross, while 90s candy makes a comeback just in time for the holidays.


Y’all, The Prosecco Is Gone

Kick back with the ladies and guest Sara Fry for a leisurely brunch to take us into the holidays. Celeb run ins are shared as Sara T has dinner in the vicinity of DJ Tanner, Rachael has coffee with the offspring of Tobey Maguire, and Sara F spins with Diane Keaton’s dog. And just when […]