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Whormones Ep. 112 Whip It

Today the ladies welcome Pockets Graham! Pockets and Justy are attempting to give Alia a whip-it intervention while discussing open relationships, humping things when you're younger, and what classifies a "bush." They also discuss how self-driving cars could benefit sex workers.


Episode 111- Mark Lawrence Loves Us

Today the ladies brought in their group chat buddy, Mark Lawrence. How and why he is friends with them is beyond any of us, but it seems pretty obvious he likes the abuse. Alia discusses her self-destructive phase she's going through and Justy just wants scratch-offs.


Whormones Podcast Ep.110 Bittersweet

Today is bittersweet as we finally return from our long hiatus! Von and Alia catch up on everything that has been going since our last show and why it's been so long. While the ladies catch up they also introduce the new cohost, Justy Dodge! James Mattern jumps into the estrogen fest and things may or may not get violent! We're glad to be back and know you will be too!


Whormones Podcast Ep.109 Valentine's Day Do's and Dont's

Love is in the air on this Valentines Day edition of the Whormones Podcast! Alia Janine and Von Decarlo go over the do’s and dont’s of the holiday from flowers and candy, to hickeys and plants. The ladies end up in a Little Shop of Horrors moment about Alia’s vagina, in which Von Decarlo can’t stop singing hits from the famous musical, (of course). Alia goes on a necessary rant about school and discusses a misogynistic book she had to read for class, and in Coach Von’s corner, Von Decarlo...


Whormones Podcast Ep.108 Whats In A Name

What’s in a name? Today on the Whormones Podcast, Alia Janine and Von Decarlo discuss surnames, staying young, and being healthy by drinking Pedialyte. Victim blaming becomes the major topic at hand after Alia tells us about a man at the gym who didn’t wipe down the machines after using it. Both ladies reminisce about their bartending days, and Von Decarlo is still in her feelings about not having her signature drink named after her. Have any questions or topics that you would like us to...


Whormones Podcast Ep.107 We Aint Got Time For That

Both the ladies are very snippy on today’s episode of the Whormones Podcast. Von Decarlo returns from Pittsburgh with her hair chopped off and Alia Janie tries to chop of her head with attitude. Von Decarlo low key digs into her relationship therapy skills to find resolve, and discover that Alia is on edge because she just started her new school schedule. They discuss how it’s better for people to find resolution through honest communication rather than physical violence. They chime in on...


Whormones Podcast Ep.106 The Mathematics of Life Love and Bad Sex

Today on the Whormones Podcast Alia Janine and Von Decarlo discuss the mathematics of life, love and bad sex. Coach Von’s corner appears several times during this episode as Von Decarlo not only talks about basketball, but also try’s to give Alia (and all of the listeners) a taste of her relationship advice. Overall, they discover that neither of them have the best math skills, but it all adds up to be another fun listen as they navigate through the first show of 2018. Have any questions...


Whormones Podcast Ep.105 What A Year

It’s the year end review on the Whormones Podcast as Alia Janine and Von Decarlo reflect on 2017. But before the show could get fully in gear, Von Decarlo had a huge spill that stopped the show. After the pause break and clean up, they had a blast reading fan mail and making plans for the new year. All is well moving forward and both ladies are excited for what 2018 holds for their podcasts and comedy careers. Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or...


Whormones Podcast Ep.104 Cyber Christmas

Christmas Bells are ringing on the Whormones Podcast as Alia Janine opens the show with gift giving while Von Decarlo catches us up with her current withdrawal of caffeine and sugar woes. They ladies discuss the Vice/Motherboard article featuring Alia talking about the new technology that places celebrity heads on porn videos. Sadly, August Aimes, the beautiful porn star who recently took her own life after being harassed and bullied on social media drives the topic of mental health issues...


Whormones Podcast Ep.103 The Voices in Your Head

This week on the Whormones Podcast, Alia Janine and Von Decarlo talk candidly about suicidal thoughts. The discussion gets deeper as they talk about voices in your head that can either encourage you or kill you. Alia is excited about the gym in her new apartment building, and Von Decarlo is extremely forthcoming about her weight gain and the unhealthy love affair she is having with food. Like true comics, by the end of the show, they both conclude that their only real joy is on...


Whormones Podcast Ep.102 Poop Routines and Smoking Cigarettes

Today on the Whormones Podcast, Von Decarlo loses her focus when Alia Janine reveals that she had sex earlier in the day. Everything thereafter becomes an unintentional sex pun. The ladies discuss poop routines and smoking cigarettes, as well as plans to get tattoos for Christmas. Von Decarlo suggests doing a comedy show in Chicago so she can crash the hot spot “9 Mag” featured on VH1’s hit show “Black Ink Crew Chicago”. Alia is all in for planning the Chi-town shenanigans so Von can get a...


Whormones Podcast Ep.101 Body Count

This week on the Whormones Podcast Alia Janine goes into full blown “sex worker” details as Von Decarlo insists that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Meanwhile, Von Decarlo can’t stop asking questions about Alia’s price range and body count. Holidays are approaching and Von Decarlo tries to explain to Alia why she shouldn’t attach a monetary value to her sexuality for men that she is dating outside of the sex industry world. Alia, on the other hand, insists that a blow job is a great...


Whormones Podcast Ep.100 Demon Seed

Von Decarlo’s tries to get the demons out of Alia Janie on this week’s episode of the Whormones Podcast by singing the gospel of Amazing Grace. The singing starts with a happy birthday wish for Alia and quickly digresses into a discussion about bi polar disorder. Alia shares intimate stories about her dad, and Von Decarlo over shares about her cousin having her first child at 13. Both ladies share their love of improv and Von Decarlo can’t stop singing the entire episode. She still claims...


Whormones Podcast Ep.99 Stop Raping and Lying

Message from the Whormones Podcast! Stop raping, lying, and drinking. Alia Janie and Von Decarlo discuss harassment and assault again this week, as well as, a women who got fired from her job for flipping the bird at Trump. They touch on the New York City marathon and try to figure out why Alia doesn’t want to be the Kelly Roland of the podcast. Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- Find us on Facebook...


Whormones Podcast Ep98- No Tricks or Treats

It’s Halloween on the Whormones podcast and the ladies are not having your tricks, or treats. Alia Janine describes her new place in tiny little details, and reads a text from one of the movers who violates policy and texts her privately. Von Decarlo tells a tale of being attacked on Twitter for defending the misuse of the hashtag #MeToo, and how a familiar face was behind the attack; by taking her tweets out of context and feeding them to the Twitter wolves. They discuss social media...


Whormones Podcast Ep97- Petty Pity Party

In this lost episode the ladies talk about Alia's moving, comedy drama, and everything else they can't remember because this episode was recorded weeks ago! Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- Find us on Facebook ( DM us on Twitter ( Please subscribe and rate/review us on… iTunes: Stitcher:...


Whormones Podcast Ep. 96- Who's The Rapist Now?

We're back at The Stand for brunch! Alia is already drunk and Von is going through sensitive period. The ladies talk about working out, over eating, and Nelly's rape accusation. Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- Find us on Facebook ( DM us on Twitter ( Please subscribe and rate/review us on… iTunes:...


Whormones Podcast Ep95- Another Case of the Ushers

Alia Janine & Von Decarlo has another jam packed episode as they discuss Alia’s mouth pimple that look like Mt. Ush-more. Alia catches us up on her moving back to the city drama, while Von Decarlo continuously roasts the pimple. They vow to not say the word “literally” ever again, and fail, literally. Coach Von’s corner blasts Donald Trump and the Take A Knee movement, as well as Alia’s white privilege. Pimple not included. Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or...


Whormones Podcast Ep94- Utilities

Today on the Whormones Podcast, Alia Janine is moving back into the city, and the electric company is trying to pull a fast one. Von Decarlo goes from zero to 100 real quick with a caffeine infused sugar rush while discussing her new diet. They chat about older people and technology, and mother’s insisting on helping their adult kids. Von Decarlo becomes super excited about Alia’s mom starting a new company and can’t wait to get her new blanket, dander free. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *...


Whormones Podcast Ep93- Im Gonna Eat You

Today on the Whormones podcast Alia Janine and Von Decarlo get a little tongue tied as they tackle cannibalism and poor eye sight. They consider becoming vegetarians, but Alia makes it very clear that she will eat Von Decarlo and her dog Lucy in a crisis. They talk about Hurricane Irma hitting Florida, and in "Coach Von's Corner" they discuss Kaepernick, Michael Bennett, and police violence. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *...