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Ep. 129 Small Hands and Big Hearts with Chanel Ali

Today the ladies sit down with the hilarious Chanel Ali as they recap what a horrible week they had and how they are working through it. Chanel and Justy talk about their friendship and how some people think it's a little strange. The ladies then chat about the difference between men and women being funny, fixing men, Chanel's turn-offs, abortions, and which celebrity relationships they admire! Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us...


Ep. 128 Do As We Say Not As We Do

Today is an emotional episode for the ladies as they discuss their recent individual break-ups with their boyfriends. Justy explains her awesome trip to Canada and meeting her now ex-boyfriends friends to him randomly breaking up with her hours after telling her how much he misses her. Alia talks about how verbally and emotionally abusive her now ex-boyfriend was and how he uses women to fill a void in his life that only he can fill with loving himself. Needless to say, you'll hear a...


Ep. 127 Manipulating Penis and the Meaning of Life with Matt Lipton

Today Matt Lipton takes over for lover girl Justy as we discuss Robert Kraft's police report, the decriminalization of sex work, if in fact Canadians can be racist, Twitter fights, crazy roommates and so much more! Tune in! Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- whormonespodcast@gmail.comFind us on Facebook ( DM us on Twitter ( Please subscribe and...


Ep. 126 Lackadaisical Leg Meat with Dave Temple

Today the ladies sit down with comedian and friend, Dave Temple. They waste no time as they discuss suicide, cutting, therapy, and how some people's faces don't match their genitals. They also chat about international traveling with a felony, low maintenance partners, traveling to terrible places to get great food, and so much more! Check it! Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- Find us on Facebook...


Ep. 125 Daddy Duckett with Phil Duckett

Today the ladies sit down with their buddy, Phil Duckett and boy'o boy do things take a turn because of Justy's hangover. She's not quite as quick with her cunty remarks and her newly found father figure, daddy Duckett and her sugar mama Alia take full advantage! The group discusses everything from blackface, Black History Month, the difference between having sex for free and getting paid, Valentine's Day, and just how bouige Alia really is! Check it out! Have any questions or topics...


Ep. 124 Rock Stars and Brothels with Matt Lipton and Neil Rubenstein

Justy is out today and Matt Lipton is in her place (but not her chair) with guest Neil Rubenstein. The group discusses Game of Thrones, incest, Adam & Eve, and cannibalism. Yes, that is all connected. They then get into horrible research studies, siblings, drugs, and Neil's short job as a pimp and basically a rock star. Check it! Have any questions or topics that you would like us to answer, or discuss? Send us an email at- Find us on Facebook...


Ep. 123 The Devil With James Mattern and Von Decarlo

It is a crazy as usual episode with special guest, James Mattern and surprise guest, Von Decarlo! Justy is off her meds AND in love, so she is extra special while Alia is, well, Alia. The ladies start out with James discussing vampires then Von pops in and they go from Roger Stone, Alia's white privilege, monogamous men, who would be the better cult leader James or Alia (Alia, obviously), and dating someone with different political and religious views. Check it! Have any questions or...


Ep. 122 Don't Show Weakness With Mark Lawerence

The ladies are back this week with their emotional punching bag, Mark Lawerence. The ladies dig right into him about the people he's dating and how he was drugged in a hotel room. Alia talks about her trip to Vegas with her boyfriend and Justy is NOT happy about it. Justy is excited about Canadian coming back to America! Hilariously rude episode! About LaughPass: It’s called LaughPass! With the LaughPass, you receive an insane amount of perks including: unlimited access to shows, a...


Ep. 121- Weed and Sex Stuff With Dr. Jan Roberts

Today the ladies sit down and chat with Dr. Jan Roberts from the International Research Center on Cannabis and Mental Health. We jump right in and start discussing what type of research she does with cannabis and the benefits for mental health. The ladies also pick Dr. Jan's brain about addictions, prescribed drugs, the benefits of other drugs in therapy, how cannabis aids with intimacy, and so much more! Find out more about the work Dr. Jan Roberts does at About...


Ep. 119 New Year's Eve

Happy New Year's, everyone! Today on the cast the ladies are at Alia's apartment while the admiral is at his parents. Justy talks about her trip to Canada and how they almost didn't let her in the country. Alia recaps meeting her boyfriend's family and they talk about the highlights of 2018 and what is in store for 2019! Check it! About LaughPass: It’s called LaughPass! With the LaughPass, you receive an insane amount of perks including: unlimited access to shows, a free drink upon...


Ep. 120 Honky Dick with Corinne Fisher

Today we're back in the studio with the admiral and Corinne Fisher! Justy is having a bad day and made Alia steal a bottle of wine no matter what she says. The ladies talk about their partners looking and talking about other women and what is OK and what is not. They also talk about bad break-ups and trying to be friends with their parents. Alia talks about having to deal with her now ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's unhealthy and creepy manipulations trying to be her friend to catch him in...


Ep. 118 Death and Christmas with Von Decarlo and Mike Yard

Happy Holidayz, y'all! Justy is out of town and taking over for her is someone you may all remember it's Von Decarlo and our guest is the hilarious Mike Yard. Alia decides to go over the penis facts article again since they have a guest with one. They try to keep in the spirit of Christmas, but we're talking about Alia here so it gets pretty dark talking about death and different ways to get burried. They do chat about gift giving and recieving, though! About LaughPass: It’s called...


Ep. 117 The Mostest People with Ana

Today the ladies sit down with one of their most favorite people in the world, Ana. Ana is comedy adjacent and to be perfectly honest funnier than most comics we all know. Alia and Justy start out with explaining why Michael Bolton is their God, but jump right into dating "gingers," gang colors, recycling, and Alia tries to get through 12 facts about the penis. Article link:


Ep. 116 Sundresses Are the New Anal with Alison Klemp

Today the ladies welcome back the wonderful and hilarious, Alsion Klemp! They waste no time and discuss Justy's dislike of sundresses and how they could be the new "anal" when dating. They also talk about blow jobs in bathrooms, Alison's new dick beer bong, furries, panda sex and how they would all prefer Rob Ford over Donald Trump. They also try to discuss the difference between good sex and a good relationship. You can follow Alison @alisonklemp on Twitter and Instagram! Article...


Ep. 115 Crossfit Dick With Ben Katzner

Today the ladies welcome fellow Minnesotan, Ben Katzner. They waste no time figuring out what Ben's dick name is and the ladies are not impressed with it, so they changed it. Alia went to social media to see what other people had to say about men wearing Magnum condoms when they don't fit. Justy's minute (s) of rage is on period sex, and we touch on male birth control, lazy sex, and so much more. Obviously.


Ep. 114 Why, Mark, Why?

Today the ladies have welcomed back Mark Lawernce and no one is happy with him, again. Even Matt. The group discusses pegging and when literal shit happens, suicide, and relationships. They also figure out which Wizard of Oz character they would be.


Ep. 113 Name Yo Dick With Matt Lipton and Terry Thomas

In this packed episode Alia and Justy have an orgy of guests including Jon Borromeo, Matt Lipton, and Terry Thomas Jr.! Jon jumps on to discuss Stand-Up NY's awesome Laugh-Pass holiday deal (see below)! Then in true Whormones fashion the group talks about how today's playgrounds are creating whimps, how children should probably be beat, and how there needs to be adult playgrounds. The group then moves to debating what a "sugar baby" is and the ladies want to know what everyone names their...


Ep. 112 Whip It With Pockets Graham

Today the ladies welcome Pockets Graham! Pockets and Justy are attempting to give Alia a whip-it intervention while discussing open relationships, humping things when you're younger, and what classifies a "bush." They also discuss how self-driving cars could benefit sex workers.


Ep. 111- Mark Lawrence Loves Us

Today the ladies brought in their group chat buddy, Mark Lawrence. How and why he is friends with them is beyond any of us, but it seems pretty obvious he likes the abuse. Alia discusses her self-destructive phase she's going through and Justy just wants scratch-offs.


Whormones Podcast Ep.110 Bittersweet

Today is bittersweet as we finally return from our long hiatus! Von and Alia catch up on everything that has been going since our last show and why it's been so long. While the ladies catch up they also introduce the new cohost, Justy Dodge! James Mattern jumps into the estrogen fest and things may or may not get violent! We're glad to be back and know you will be too!