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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.

Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.
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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.






Verbal Shenanigans Episode 221-Marcelo Balboa Part 3

The 3rd time is a charm. USA soccer legend, Marcelo Balboa joins us again for another very fun interview where we discuss the state of USA soccer, missing the World Cup, the development of the MLS, and Marcelo's amazing positivity. Marcelo remains one of our favorite guests to talk to and is a genuinely funny, intelligent, and honest person. It's great to talk to an all around good guy. We also talk Scott's horrendous trip to the Giants Game, Burlew's strange Mcdonald's event, and more....


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 220-Father Sebastiaan and Alex Vincent

Time for our Halloween Extravaganza, Part 2! We are joined by two fantastic guests. First, Father Sebastiaan,a fangmaker , vampire, and the Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball events, Master Fangsmith of the Sabretooth Clan and author of the BLACK VEILS series of books. Hear all about Vampire subculture, the history of vampires, and common misconceptions towards the lifestyle. Next, we are joined by Alexander Vincent,an American actor who is known for his role as Andy Barclay in...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 219-Seven Layers of Hell

It's Halloween baby! And we have two very fun and different episodes for you. First, we play an epic game entitled, "7 Layers of Hell". Mike Burlew and comedian, Mike Sicoli, must compete to get of Hell's layers by answering Halloween themed questions. Who will get out? Find out and have a listen! Follow us! FB-verbalshenanigans IG-verbalshenanigans Twitter-VScomedy


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 218-J FLo

Boom. Click. Boom, Baboom, Click. Today, we are joined by champion beatboxer, J Flo. J Flo is a talented, and enthusiastic musician who gives us great insight into the niche world of beatboxing. Make sure to tune in and hear his ridiculous Verbal Shenanigans beat. Also, most importantly, go check out J Flo! We also talk Burlew's NASCAR trip, Scott's wonderful weekend, snake milk, and waterbed and weightlifting mishaps. Just another week on the podcast. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 217-Brandon Novak

We are back and this week we are joined by Brandon Novak. You might know Brandon from Jackass, Viva La Bam, and CKY. Brandon gives us a detailed insight into his long struggles with addiction and the long road he's taken to recovery. Brandon has had a wild life, but is honest, open, and a great example of how one can change their life around. We also talk about Kavanaugh, David Wright, internet trolls, and play a brutal game of FMK. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 216-Ed and Riley Breckenridge

More Brothers, Ed and Riley Breckenridge of the band Thrice, join us this week in a fantastic interview. Ed and Riley discuss the recording process and making of their new hit album, Palms, the experience of playing music with family, and both the origins and future of Thrice. As a lifelong fan, this was a really wonderful experience. Make sure to check out Ed's sick basswork and Riley's killer drums on Thrice's new album, Palms, today! We also talk about the atrocity that...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 215-Lucy Spraggan

This week was one of our favorite interviews of the year. English singer/songwriter, Lucy Spraggan, joins on this week's show. Lucy is energetic, unique, and full of life experiences including working in caves, being a magician, and fostering children. Hear all about Lucy's experience on X-factor, her experiences on US tours, and more. We loved it! So will you. We also talk about Scott's experience with fat guys in caves, Burlew's horrific soccer team, and whimsical trailer parks. Just...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 214-Gunnar Esiason

Today's episode is as fun as it is important. Gunnar Esiason, son of Boomer Esiason, joins us today on the show to discuss life with cystic fibrosis. Gunnar brings an amazing attitude towards his sharing his own personal hardships and experiences living with the disease, educating the public about cystic fibrosis, and helping young children deal with its complications. Gunnar is completely open, honest, and has a tremedous sense of humor. With the amount of work they put in, one day, the...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 213-Gay Noon with AJ

Today, we learn all about "Gay Noon" with our good pal, AJ Mattioli. AJ has been on the show several times, and always provides entertainment and insight into issues facing the LGBTQ community. Make sure to check out AJ's film "Words" today. We also talk about Mike's latest injury, how to address someone with an obvious facial wound, and some horrific injuries in general. Just another fun week on the show! Please continue to like, listen, share, and subscribe. Follow us...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 212-Kenny Kramer

Larry David once had a unique, eccentric neighbor, and yadda, yadda, yadda, he soon became the influence for one of tv's most iconic characters, Cosmo Kramer. And today, that neighbor joins us on the show. Kenny Kramer is a very funny, unique, and multi talented man who has endless stories to share. Hear all about his early years as a comic, living next to Larry David, the success of Seinfeld, his run for mayor, and his unique Seinfeld bus tours. We are thilled to have Kramer on the show....


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 211-Elizabeth Pipko

Back at it! Today, we are joined by model, poet, and athlete, Elizabeth Pipko. Elizabeth is a very successful model who has been in such publications as Maxim, PEOPLE, Vanity Fair, and Esquire magazine. Hear all about her bizarre start in modeling, her feelings towards the business, and how she deals with vicious trolls on the internet. She is also a talented poet who just released a new book entitled "About You". Check it out! We had a blast talking about Scott's new mattress modeling...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 210-Voice Actor, Michael Bell

The Transformers. G.I.Joe, Rugrats, The Smurfs, Darkwing Duck, Voltron...Sound familiar? Well, voice actor, Michael Bell joins us this week to discuss his legendary career. Michael has worlds worth of experiences to share and has a resume that is sure to make any child of the 80's and 90's reminisce. Hear all about Michael's plethora of work, from Duke on G.I. Joe to working with Lebron James. Lots of fun! We also talk Burlew's wedding, Scott's water gun fight, and Snake Milk...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 209-Two Awesome Aarons

We are joined by two awesome Aarons today. First, Olympic snowboarder, Aaron Muss joins us to discuss his time snowboarding, the Olympics, and various issues surrounding the sport. Then, we learn all about his unbelievable story that involved him being in a coma for several days. Next, Aaron Yoder joins us to discuss his career in running and the fact that he owns the Guiness World Record for the fastest backwards run. Aaron was really interesting and opened us up to a sport we had never...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 208-Steve Witting, Water Beds, and Wizardry

Hey everybody! We are back with another unique episode of the show. We are joined by long time actor, Steve Witting. Steve has been in shows like Valerie and The Hogan Family, movies like Batman Returns and The Wolf of Wall Street, and and recent shows like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Steve has been acting, working in opera, and performing for a long time and share a ton of stories, experiences, and personal feelings towards the craft. Have a listen! We also talk about Scott's...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 207-World Chase Tag 2.0

We are back! Today we are joined by Christian and Dameon Devaux, the cocreators of a new sport called World Chase Tag. World Chase Tag is like parkour meets childhood tag. The sport is beginning to expand and spread. Hear all about its origins, the athletes, and the future of the sport. Make sure to check out World Chase Tag today. We have a lot of fun on the show today talking arcade games, dirtbags from Georgia, and Scott's first Indian wedding. Have a listen! Please continue to...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 206-Casting Aint BEEZY

We are buzzing about this new episode. It's sweet like honey. There are some real stingers in this one. Ok, enough. Today, we are joined by the Killer Bee Guy, Reed Booth. Reed is very funny,daring, and has quite the profession managing dangerous swarms of killer bees in Bisbee, Arizona. Reed also make delicious products from their honey. Reed has been on Fox, Food Network, Discovery Channel, and more. Make sure to check him out. We also have some fun conversations about Mike's tailless...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 205-Pete Correale

We are very excited to bring you episode 205. We are joined by comic, Pete Correale, of the Pete and Sebastian Show. Pete is one of the funniest comedians in America and has endless amounts of experiences, stories, and advice. Hear all about Pete's standup career, doing radio with Jim Breuer, his writing process, writing for Kevin Can Wait, The Pete and Sebastian Show, and more. Pete is open, honest, and ridiculously funny. Make sure to check on his new album, Made for Radio now! We are...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 204-Ryan Hogan and Bob Rusch

Today, we bring you two very fun and unique guests. First, CEO of Hunt a Killer, Ryan Hogan joins us to discuss the creation of his very successul monthly immersive game where you can work to solve crimes, mysteries, and murders. Hunt a Killer has taken off and continues to create new opportunities for players. Get your first case today! Next, actor Bob Rusch, joins us for an interview. You may know Bob as Doyle McPoyle from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia or Skeeter in Sons of Anarchy....


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 203-Kirby Chambliss 2.0

We return with the return of one of our favorite guests. Red Bull AirRace pilot, Kirby Chambliss, joins us again to talk about racing,family, and some really neat projects he is working on. Kirby is one of our favorite guests because of he great sense of humor, great experiences, and funny stories. Go check out Kirby today! We also compare Donald Trump and Kanye West quotes, talk about Burlew's yard sales, and about which former guest would deliver the worst nut shot. Just another day on...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 202-Catra Corbett and Kari Kimmel

We are back with a new episode to soothe those ears. First, ultrarunner Catra Corbett returns to discuss ultrarunning, drug use, running with her daschund companion, and her new book. Catra is an awesome, powerful woman with a very unique story to share. Then, recording artist, Kari Kimmel, join us to discuss her music, recording her new album, having her music in over 650 movies and shows, and working with greats like Bruce Springteen, Dave Grohl, Ringo Star, and Willie Nelson. Kari is...