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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.

Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.
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Verbal Shenanigans is a show that tries to make a good time out of anything. Scott Brennan sits down with his stories and tries to interview interesting people who have a passion for thier craft.






Verbal Shenanigans Episode 233-Hedvig Mollestad and Pat Kambesis

Hey! We are back with another week of two really unique guests. First, Hedvig Mollestad, of the Hedvig Mollestad Trio, joins the show discuss her killer music, her recording process, and the music scene in Norway. If you are into instrumental, experimental, hard rocking musicianship, you must check out the Hedvig Mollestad Trio. Next, Pat Kambesis joins us to discuss her life of exploring caves. We talked about her cave exploration, mapping caves, and what it is like to go to uncharted...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 232-John Horsley, Meth Bears, and Mike's Ice Problem

We are back again with a fun one. We are joined by artist, author, and writer John Horsley. John is currently trying to get his very unique, expansive, and creative project off the ground. "The Eynes Anthology". John is a very talented, creative author who is certainly trying to put out a great project for his fans and readers. Make sure to check out his Kickstarter today! Today's show is also filled with unique conversations. We discuss our interview with Sycho Sid, the Superbowl, Bear...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 231-Sycho Sid

We are back with another amazing guest. This week, Sid Eudy, aka Sycho Sid, aka Sid Vicious, aka Sid Justice, joins us on the podcast. Sid has been an iconic face in the world of wrestling for decades, where he earned world titles in both the WWE and WCW. We discussed Sid's commitment to charity, his early wrestling days,his championsips, the wear and tear on his body, and his current endeavors. Sid gave us a a really in depth, funny, and entertaining interview that will certainly be one to...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 230-Jon Fratelli

Back again, and today we are joined by the frontman of the hit band, The Fratellis, Jon Fratelli. Jon joins us for a great conversation about his writing process, his solo career, playing huge festivals, and the evolution of The Fratellis. Make sure to check out John's new solo album, "Bright Night Flowers." We also talk Tom Brady, people's love of hate, read an article from 1958 entitled "129 Ways to Find a Husband", and Mike's encounter with a pirate. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 229-The Cat's Meow

We are back with our first episode of the new year. We are on to year five of this here podcast. We continue to usher in new, unique guests, and this episode is no different. Today, we are joined by DJ Bornschein. Who is DJ you ask? DJ is the founder of one of the largest cat conventions in the world, the Catsbury Park Cat Convention. This year, Catsbury Park will be bringing together an even larger all-star lineup from Cat World: Celebrity Cats, adoptable felines, DJs, games, activities,...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 228-Jennifer Keishin Armstrong and the Year in Review

Happy New Year everybody! Today, we are joined by bestselling author, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong. We sat down and talked with Jennifer about her successful books, Seinfeldia and Sex and the City and Us, her writing process, pop culture, and her future projects. Jennifer has a great sense of humor, is very intelligent, and is an extremely talented writer. Have a listen! We also wrap up 2018 by discussing Mike's monkey suit, news stories of the year, and hand out "Verbies" to our favorite...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 227-The 2018 Christmas Spectacular:Reindeer Edition

Merry Christmas everybody! And we are back with our 2018 Christmas Spectacular: Reindeer Edition. Today, we are joined by Lauren Sampson, who is one of the family members of the Williams family, who own The Reindeer Farm in Palmer, Alaska. Hear all about the daily operations of the farm, the care of reindeer, and some of the other amazing experiences one can have at a reindeer farm. You can even hear some interesting stories about naughty reindeer! Lauren was great, and her story really...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 226-Chris Barron

Please allow these Two Princes of podcasting to present you with another fantastic episode. Today, we are joined by singer and songwriter, Chris Barron. You may know Chris from his wildly successful band, the Spin Doctors. Chris gives us an awesome interview that covers his time with the Spin Doctors, Woodstock, his solo career, and even his appearance on Sesame Street. Make sure to check out Chris's latest album, "Angels and One-Armed Jugglers." One of our best interviews to date! Have a...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 225-Joe Jacoby

Yay! Today, we are joined by 3 time SuperBowl Champion, Joe Jacoby! Joe is a former offensive lineman for the Washington Redskins, who is widely considered the best Redskin not in the Hall of Fame. Joe is a super humble, open, and honest guy who gave us a fantastic interview. Hear all about his career, training, his thoughts on today's game, and life after football. Have a listen! We also talk about the Haunting of Hill House, being scared, The Exorcist, and an unwanted bird in Burlew's...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 224-Qasim Rashid

We are back with an excellent episode for all of your lovely, open ears. Qasim Rashid joins for a really unique, interesting, and important interview. Qasim Rashid is a human rights activist, a Muslim educator, an accomplished author, a lawyer, and more. Whether on television or through conversation, Qasim is extremely intelligent and open about important issues regarding Muslims, issues of injustice, and issues regarding the oppressed. He also tells amazing Dad jokes. Make sure to check him...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 223-J.S. Ondara

Back again with another fun show! Today, singer, songwriter, J.S. Ondara joins us to discuss his music, his upcoming album, and his unique story of how a boy from Nairobi, Kenya ended up touring the United States playing his music. J.S. is unique, funny, and unbelievably talented. You need to listen to his new single "Lebanon" and check out his album coming February 15th! We also have a blast breaking down a controversial dart match, discuss Scott's love of cold meat, and we hear all about...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 222-Kaby

As always, we are happy to be back with another fun episode. Today, we are joined by Nashville's own, Kaby. Kaby is a rap artist who is growing quickly throughout the hip hop scene. Hear all about how Kaby started by selling mixtapes, improving his live performances, his influences, and his future projects. Kaby is a talented, honest, and hungry artist. Make sure to check him out! We also have a lot of fun talking about Mike's wife having Christmas decorations up way too early, Hardcore...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 221-Marcelo Balboa Part 3

The 3rd time is a charm. USA soccer legend, Marcelo Balboa joins us again for another very fun interview where we discuss the state of USA soccer, missing the World Cup, the development of the MLS, and Marcelo's amazing positivity. Marcelo remains one of our favorite guests to talk to and is a genuinely funny, intelligent, and honest person. It's great to talk to an all around good guy. We also talk Scott's horrendous trip to the Giants Game, Burlew's strange Mcdonald's event, and more....


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 220-Father Sebastiaan and Alex Vincent

Time for our Halloween Extravaganza, Part 2! We are joined by two fantastic guests. First, Father Sebastiaan,a fangmaker , vampire, and the Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Ball events, Master Fangsmith of the Sabretooth Clan and author of the BLACK VEILS series of books. Hear all about Vampire subculture, the history of vampires, and common misconceptions towards the lifestyle. Next, we are joined by Alexander Vincent,an American actor who is known for his role as Andy Barclay in...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 219-Seven Layers of Hell

It's Halloween baby! And we have two very fun and different episodes for you. First, we play an epic game entitled, "7 Layers of Hell". Mike Burlew and comedian, Mike Sicoli, must compete to get of Hell's layers by answering Halloween themed questions. Who will get out? Find out and have a listen! Follow us! FB-verbalshenanigans IG-verbalshenanigans Twitter-VScomedy


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 218-J FLo

Boom. Click. Boom, Baboom, Click. Today, we are joined by champion beatboxer, J Flo. J Flo is a talented, and enthusiastic musician who gives us great insight into the niche world of beatboxing. Make sure to tune in and hear his ridiculous Verbal Shenanigans beat. Also, most importantly, go check out J Flo! We also talk Burlew's NASCAR trip, Scott's wonderful weekend, snake milk, and waterbed and weightlifting mishaps. Just another week on the podcast. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 217-Brandon Novak

We are back and this week we are joined by Brandon Novak. You might know Brandon from Jackass, Viva La Bam, and CKY. Brandon gives us a detailed insight into his long struggles with addiction and the long road he's taken to recovery. Brandon has had a wild life, but is honest, open, and a great example of how one can change their life around. We also talk about Kavanaugh, David Wright, internet trolls, and play a brutal game of FMK. Have a listen! Follow...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 216-Ed and Riley Breckenridge

More Brothers, Ed and Riley Breckenridge of the band Thrice, join us this week in a fantastic interview. Ed and Riley discuss the recording process and making of their new hit album, Palms, the experience of playing music with family, and both the origins and future of Thrice. As a lifelong fan, this was a really wonderful experience. Make sure to check out Ed's sick basswork and Riley's killer drums on Thrice's new album, Palms, today! We also talk about the atrocity that...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 215-Lucy Spraggan

This week was one of our favorite interviews of the year. English singer/songwriter, Lucy Spraggan, joins on this week's show. Lucy is energetic, unique, and full of life experiences including working in caves, being a magician, and fostering children. Hear all about Lucy's experience on X-factor, her experiences on US tours, and more. We loved it! So will you. We also talk about Scott's experience with fat guys in caves, Burlew's horrific soccer team, and whimsical trailer parks. Just...


Verbal Shenanigans Episode 214-Gunnar Esiason

Today's episode is as fun as it is important. Gunnar Esiason, son of Boomer Esiason, joins us today on the show to discuss life with cystic fibrosis. Gunnar brings an amazing attitude towards his sharing his own personal hardships and experiences living with the disease, educating the public about cystic fibrosis, and helping young children deal with its complications. Gunnar is completely open, honest, and has a tremedous sense of humor. With the amount of work they put in, one day, the...