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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 118 (From Kids Play to CosPlay )

We open the show with American Steel by Syrius South in Honor of Armed Forces Day. First the guys play a M&B past moment - Debbie The Volleyball player wanting to take a Marine to the ball. Next we catch up with Steve and watching his anime - with Zach we talk about his birthday week and realizing he insulted our guest last week. Next the guy pay homage to the late Doris Day and comic legend Tim Conway. Then they get to talk to Sean's former Fullerton College classmate - actor Cress...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 117 (Celebrating Mothers & Zach)

We open the show with Saint James by Avenge 7 Fold picked by the Birthday Boy - Producer Zach. But first we offer up a M&B Past Moment. Then Steve tells us about his trip to Utah to watch his daughter get her Doctorate Degree while Zach tells us his adventures at a strip joint for his birthday. Zach then gets a surprise call from one of his heros, voice actor/comedian Carlos Alazraqui. Then we take Zach back to the year he was born and let him know the best songs, Top movies, best TV shows...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 116 (Then The Power Went Out)

We open the show with The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic in honor of Star Wars days. We first get a visit from Dale from Pearson Winery and gives us information about how they make wine with NO GRAPES! Then we give you the first M&B Bit since 2012 Then we get a visit from our Spiritual Coach Tina Anderson to help us with our Horoscopes. We then get a visit from Isabella from Inglorious Funnels. She tells us how she and her husband quit their jobs to start their own business. Then we talk...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 115 (My Parent Made Me Do It)

We open with Victory Song by Colorvine in honor of our guest. Today it's only Producer Zach & Sean. The guys first talk about current Marvel and DC movies until friend of the program Paul Preston of The Movie Guys joins the conversation. Without spoilers Paul talks about Endgame and few others coming out in May that we may want to see. Then we welcome singer/songwriter/guitarist Larry Saltis of the band Colorvine and The New Monkees. Larry talks about his roots, songwriting style and feature...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 114 (No Barry Sang With Me)

We open the show with Got To Get You Into My Life by The Beatles for 420 Day. ( yes that songs is about pot) We start off right away with a past Mark & Brian moment in honor of Tiger Woods winning the Masters. Steve gives us an update on his hearing and he might be getting hearing aides, Zach tells us about the movie US and his sunburn, Sean tells us about his talk with New Monkee Larry Saltis and his upcoming album. Next the guys reveal the passing of guitarist J Geils and actress Georgia...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 113 (4 Calls In One Day)

We open the show today with Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae for National Record Day. Today was a different show - we did things a little out of order and the norm. First we also announced the Mark & Brian Reunion on April 25th on KLOS from 3-5pm and celebrated it with a M&B Past Moment of them helping out Listener Matt become a DJ. We also lead off with doing our Horoscopes along with reader Tina Anderson. Next we catch up with comedian Jonny Loquasto. Then Producer Zach calls in...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 112 (I'm Just A Funny Girl)

We start the show today with Walking Through the Park by Muddy Waters to celebrate National Walk Through a Park Day. First thing we do is talk with Switchboarder Laura and find out what is next on getting Mark & Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame. Steve tells us about his 3d scan - Zach tells us about how he cut his thumb at work (Sean gets grossed out). Then in the room we have Paul Preston from The Movie Guys talk to us about what he's seen and what movies to see this April. Sean then reads...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 111 (Ringing In Spring With Sex and Cleaning)

We open with Puppy Love by Donny Osmond for National Puppy Day. First thing we do is play swichboarder Laura video on how to vote Mark & Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame. Sean talks about visiting friend Christian James Hand and listening to him breakdown two Queen songs. Zach talks about the new film about Motley Crue - The Dirt and Captain Marvel. Genesis talks about her family visiting and her uncle running in the LA Marathon. Steve then reads some listener emails. The gang then talks...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 109 (You Blew It )

We open the show with Get Over it by The Eagles for National Get Over It Day. Then Asst Genesis tells us about her trip to Arizona to see the Angles, Zach talks about his upcoming trip, Steve finally get a prescription. Next the gang talks about the passing of actors Jan Michael Vincent and the awesome Luke Perry. We play a story about Luke that Collin Hanks wrote and read my Mark Thompson. Next we interview actor/director and not a musician but is a New Monkee Dino Kovas. We talk about his...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 108 (Hack A Lung Cassidy)

We open with The Old Stuff by Garth Brooks since it's National Old Stuff Day. Which means we celebrate Steve. Sean talks about cancelling his Oscar Party since he got sick. Steve informs us of his new young doctor and Zach tells us about his co-worker having his 2nd child. Next Steve reads some listener emails. The guys talk about the the Oscar winners, the passing of actresses Beverly Owens & Katherine Helmond plus Luke Perry's stroke and Michael J Fox's new health scare. Sean informs us...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 107 (Honoring A Monkee & The Golden Guy)

We open the show with In Hollywood Everyone's A Star by the Village People. We start off the show with Asst Genesis talking about her trip to Monterey, Zach installs a RING doorbell, then we talk about the kid who calls his dad using RING CLICK HERE to watch it. Steve gives an update on his injuries. Sean then talks about his time with The New Monkees and their performance in Hollywood along with original Monkee Micky Dolenz. Then we talk about the passing of original Monkee Peter Tork and...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 106 (Steve's Valentine Adventure)

We open our post Valentine's Day show with Old Fashion Love Song by 3 Dog Night. First thing we do is play a great Mark & Brian bit with Debbie the Volleyball Player doing her rendition of When Harry Met Sally's I'll Have What She's Having scene. Next we talk to our friend from The Movie Guys, Paul Preston about the Oscar nominees. Then we find out why Steve's left hand & wrist is swollen and why he needs to go Urgent Care. Sean tells us about his Quote Along with The Princess Bride. Then...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 105 (Naughty For Valentine's??)

We open with I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family. Great Theme song as we celebrate Valentine's Day. Today we talk about the great Albert Finney's passing. Next we discuss our favorite pizza for national pizza day. We then talk about the most popular gifts to give on Valentine's Day, the best songs to have sex to, common sexual fantasies between men & women and the worst pick up lines. Plus we also give you a Pocket Size Cinema. LINKS: Partridge Family...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 104 (Two Years On & Goodbye to Phoebe)

We open the show with Life Rolls On by Little Big Town in celebration of our two year anniversary. Today not only do we celebrate being on the air for two years but we also say goodbye to our co-host Phoebe Lim. We take a phone call from our former intern Skyelar and catch up with her radio show and schooling plus trying to stay warm. We get phone messages from Matthew McConauhey, Trump, Homer Simpson, David Letterman & Paul Shaffer and Arnold Swartz thanks to our friend voice impersonator...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show #103 (See We Can Be Funny)

We open with Popcorn by James Brown thanks to National Popcorn Day. Steve spent his week eating edibles. Asst Genesis talks about a really cool movie theater she went to. Zach talks about the passing of his Aunt in New York. Sean talks about filling in as karaoke host for a friend of his. The gang then talks about the passing of Broadway Great Carol Channing. Next Steve reads some emails from you guys, our listeners. Next we play a Michael Nezmith medley of the Monkees songs that he wrote....


Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 102 (This Ain't No Monkee Business)

We open the show with I Want A New Drug by Huey Lewis & The News in honor of National Pharmacists Day. All the girls are out so it's just Sean, Steve and Producer Zach. We replay a M&B Fabio bit where Fabio creates a fertilizer. Then the guys catch up with one another - Steve is still battling his allergies. Then there is a little bit wine and Kurt Russell talk. Sean is getting ready for NAMM for his work. Zach talks about seeing the movie Bird Box. Next the guys give you some Funny Tweets...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 101 (First Show of 2019 )

For our first show of 2019 we open with Let It Whip by Dazz Band for National Whipped Cream Day. Then we all chip in what we did for NYE (most of us stayed home) Then we talk about the passing of Daryl Dragon, Ray Sawyer of Dr. Hook and Super Dave Osborne actor Bob Einstein. Next we read our horoscopes for the month and then Steve tries to cancel his Sirius Radio Subscription. Next we talk about a possible Van Halen tour for this year, New Years Resolutions and why they fail - then wrap it...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 100 (Our 100th Show)

We open with I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth - Today is a special day since this is our 100th episode. We all talk about how our Christmas was with our families. Steve the reads what other show achieved 100 episodes. We then get a visit from our friend Paul Preston of the Movie Guys to let us know what to see for the New Year. Then we get a visit from Barry & Amy from the Craig Barry Experience Radio Show. Next we do a few replays of past moments,Thank all of our guests that we have...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 099 (2018 Christmas Show )

We open with The Christmas Song by the great Mel Torme. Right away we play a great M&B Past Moment when Elvis has to relearn how to do his famous Christmas Greeting. Then we play Pamela Holt's new song The Man With The Bag. Cool thing is when you purchase the song 100% of the profits goes to help those affected by the recent So Cal fires. Next we find out Intern Brittani is a college graduate, Sean talks about his family Christmas Party, Zach hates shopping and gets the LOOK from Sean's Wife...


Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 098 (Christmas Voices In My Head )

We open with Wonderful Life by The Tories. We then re-play a M&B bit about George Michaels. Next Sean talks about his son's video, Genesis talks about her new job, Brittani is getting ready for finals and her adult life, Zach talks about his job. Next Sean & Genesis read Funny Tweets about putting up Christmas trees. Next we all share songs that say Christmas to us, talk about the Top Christmas toys of all time. Then we get a visit from Rodney the Brown Nose Reindeer and then to tribute...