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When you think ‘Calgary’ one of the names that readily comes to mind is Angela. On your ride home Angela delivers a one of a kind perspective on the days news stories along with traffic and weather.

When you think ‘Calgary’ one of the names that readily comes to mind is Angela. On your ride home Angela delivers a one of a kind perspective on the days news stories along with traffic and weather.
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Calgary, AB


When you think ‘Calgary’ one of the names that readily comes to mind is Angela. On your ride home Angela delivers a one of a kind perspective on the days news stories along with traffic and weather.




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Dashcams, Parental Leave, and Monopoly for Millennials

DO I NEED A DASHCAM? Do you need a dashcam? Is there any benefit to having one? Joe talks with auto columnist Lorraine Sommerfeld if it’s worth the cost. PARENTAL LEAVE More Canadian parents are opting for 18 month parental leave instead of 12. Joe talks with Kim Smith of Global News about the trend. MONOPOLY FOR MILLENNIALS Start out with $20,000 in student debt and $1500 rent with no property to buy on the board! Hasbro has released Monopoly for Millenials. Joe talks with Randy Wong,...


Fieldhouses, Solar Power, and Stan Lee

A FIELDHOUSE FOR CALGARY Winter Olympics notwithstanding, Calgary has been talking about a Fieldhouse. Joe talks with Jason Zaran, Chair of the Calgary Multisport Fieldhouse Society about what building a Fieldhouse would look like with and without an Olympic Bid. SOLAR ENERGY GROWING IN ALBERTA The Government of Alberta just announced that solar energy has grown five fold since 2015. Joe talks with Rob Harlan, Executive Director of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta about the growth and...


Mayor Nenshi, Olympic Nostalgia, and A Veteran's Remembrance

MAYOR NENSHI Mayor Nenshi joins Joe to talk about all things Olympic Bid. OLYMPIC NOSTALGIA To cap off our weekly in-depth look at issues surrounding a potential 2026 Olympic bid, Joe talks with Gary Bobrovitz, who covered the ’88 Olympics from the bid in 1981 through to the end as we ask how much nostalgia plays into 2026. REMEMBRANCE DAY – A VETERAN’S POINT OF VIEW Joe talks with Art Jorgensen a veteran who served in the Canadian Navy reserves during the Korean War.


Olympic Facilities

OLYMPIC FACILITIES What are our options for facilities in the event Calgary wins the 2026 Olympic Bid? Jodi Hughes talks with Susan Veres, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Calgary 2026. CANADIAN FORCES FILM FEST A film festival in Ft. McLeod will highlight the Canadian experience in both world wars. Jodi talks with war historian Dr. Stephane Guevremont who is hosting the festival. CAN HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES BE DANGEROUS? A Naturopath in B.C. has lost her license for...


Olympic Security Cost Overruns

ARE ALBERTA’S POLITCAL PARTIES IN CRISIS? With Premier Notley losing support and former PC party members shifting to the Alberta Party, are the left and right respectively in a crisis? Joe talks with Lori Williams, Associate Professor of Political Science at Mount Royal University. EXPLOSIVES IN SHERWOOD PARK Joe gets a debrief of an RCMP news conference from Global News Edmonton’s Fletcher Kent about the explosives found in Sherwood Park this afternoon. OLYMPIC SECURITY...


Olympics and Taxes

OLYMPICS AND TAXES Continuing our issue-by-issue look at an Olympic bid ahead of the plebiscite, Joe talks with Associate Professor of Economics for the University of Calgary, Trevor Tombe, about taxes. ROBIN SPOONER Joe Talks with Robin Spooner, sister-in-law of Stephanie Spooner, who was murdered by her boyfriend 27 years ago. CALGARY CHILDREN’S FOUNDATION Joe talks with Administrator Betty Jo Kaiser about The Calgary Children’s Foundation and the upcoming pledge day.


Olympic Infrastructure

WESTERN CANADA’S COMPETITIVENESS IN ENERGY Former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall will be appearing at The Petroleum Club to discuss domestic and international factors affecting Western Canada’s competitiveness with its natural resources. Joe talks to Premier Wall about this event for the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. FEDERAL BILL TO ADDRESS POVERTY The federal Liberal Party has introduced a bill to combat poverty in Canada. Pledging $1.25 billion over the next nine years, the money...


This Week in the Alberta Legislature

#LOVEYYC Saturday is #LoveYYC day, where Calgarians can rediscover old favourite city attractions, like the Zoo, Heritage Park, and Glenbow Museum. Joe talks with Senior Vice President of Marketing for Tourism Calgary about what the day has in store for visitors. RELUCTANCE TO MOVE FROM ENERGY HINDERS CALGARY AS AN INOVATION HUB Over three quarters of Calgarians view the city as a potential innovation hub, but when asked the biggest barrier, most cited reluctance to move out of the energy...


Creepy Happenings at City Hall

CITY HALL AND THE OLYMPIC BID Joe checks-in with Aurelio Perri who has been at city council chambers all day witnessing the debate worthy of its own Olympic event about whether or not to proceed with the Nov 12th plebiscite. FORGOTTEN ALBERTA For Halloween, Joe talks with Jonathan Koch of the Forgotten Alberta Project, who chronicles the ghost towns of the badlands region. ALBERTA GHOSTBUSTERS They’ve been keeping Alberta Ghost free for seven years. Joe talks with Dustin Milne, Event...


Olympics, Olympics, Olympics

The Olympic sub-committee is putting forward a motion to wind down operations and effectively put a stake through the heart of a 2026 bid. We hear from chair Evan Wooley, mayor Naheed Nenshi, and bon vivant Jeromy Farkas - plus, Joe’s take. Despite today’s announcement, the O’Brien Institute for Public Health and The School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary is hosting an event exploring the social costs and benefits of an Olympic Games in Calgary. In Canmore tonight, residents...


The Wheels on the Olympic Bid Bus

IS THE OLYMPIC BID DEAD? With the 2026 Olympic bid in the news again, The Herald is saying that the bid “Is Over”. Joe chats with the head of Communications for No Calgary, Erin Waite. EDUCATION MINISTER’S ANNOUNCEMENT This afternoon, the Education Minister made an announcement about post-secondary education. Joe checks in with Marlin Schmidt, Minister of Advanced Education and MLA for Edmonton-Gold Bar. DOWNTOWN VACCANCIES With the downtown vacancies still quite high, Joe asks how the...


AARCS reaches capacity

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society has reached its capacity to shelter homeless animals. The organization has reached out in an adoption appeal to help find homes for them. Joe speaks to Deanna Thompson, Executive Director, Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society.


EMS and How Critical Accidents are Handled

With the multiple C-Train accidents yesterday and events surrounding EMS, joe Speaks with Adam Loria, a first responder, to find out how emergences are handled.


Calgary Diocese addresses sexual abuse

Bishop William McGrattan of the Calgary Diocese joins Joe to discuss recent allegations surrounding a former Calgary Catholic priest, and what the Archdiocese of Edmonton (which covers all of Alberta) is doing in light of the allegations.


Butterfly Care Homes

Joe talks with Dr. David Sheard, founder of Dementia Care Matters, about “Butterfly Homes” and improving care for dementia patients.


Crypto Currency

Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, Timothy Lane Spoke today at the University of Calgary on "Decrypting Crypto.” Joe McFarland speaks with Dr. Alfred Lehar of the University of Calgary who can explain this new form of currency.


It's Grow Time - Critical Mass

This week, we speak with Critical Mass CEO Diane Wilkins.


The Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada

A new four-part atlas has been released in hopes of teaching a richer history of Canada's Indigenous Peoples. Charlene Bearhead was a consultant on the project and joins Joe to talk about it.


Shaking up the Grocery Game

What are some of the ways supermarkets are looking for new ways to slow declining sales? We talk with David Lewis, a professor of consumer behaviour and part of BEworks, a behavioural economics consulting firm.


Olympic Lunch

A small crowd gathered downtown over the lunchhour for the first town hall session on the Olympics. What was the mood in the room? Our Gord Gillies was there and shares what he experienced.