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I Am Refocused Podcast show highlights people speaking words of wisdom to inspire the listener by sharing their life's story. Refocused Magazine's mission is to empower the listener to regain their focus and pursue a purposeful life.

I Am Refocused Podcast show highlights people speaking words of wisdom to inspire the listener by sharing their life's story. Refocused Magazine's mission is to empower the listener to regain their focus and pursue a purposeful life.
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I Am Refocused Podcast show highlights people speaking words of wisdom to inspire the listener by sharing their life's story. Refocused Magazine's mission is to empower the listener to regain their focus and pursue a purposeful life.




Episode 115 | Yvonne Anglada, IDEA Harvey E. Najim College Prep (IDEA Public Schools)

Today's guest is Yvonne Anglada, IDEA Harvey E. Najim College Prep (IDEA Public Schools) Yvonne Anglada joined IDEA Public Schools in October of 2012 as a Vice President of Schools. Her love for students and campus life led her to transition back to a campus. She joined IDEA Mission College Prep, where she served as the College Prep Principal from July 2013-May 2017. During her four years at IDEA Mission, she prioritized academics, high expectations for all and building a culture of pride...


Episode 114 | Coach B Michele Talks Business Strategies and Brand Building

Today’s guest on I Am Refocused Podcast is Coach B Michele! B Michele’s Bio Michele Thomas is an Event planner and Business Brand Coach who helps small business owner to grow their personal and professional brands, through Events, Print and Coaching. After spending a decade and half as an Elementary Teacher and Education Coordinator for Public school in The United states and United Arab Emirates, Michele knows what truly drives conversions, business growth, and branding —and it’s not...


Episode 113 | Pure Juice-Stone Oak

Today's Guest: Pure Juice-Stone Oak About Pure Juice-Stone Oak There is no, ands, ifs, or buts, juicing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make your life a whole lot healthier. Pure Juice is dedicated to providing a healthy alternative to fast food with a range of delicious juices, smoothies, and fruit cups. All our products on our menu are locally grown and contain nothing artificial. Yup, that’s right! We use no artificial products, zilch, nada, zip! Pure Juice brand promises...


Episode 112 | Camp Zeroo - EDM DJ, Producer, Rapper, Author, Actor, and Philanthropist

Exclusive interview with Camp Zeroo - EDM DJ, Producer, Rapper, Author, Actor, and Philanthropist Cliff Clements (better known as Camp Zeroo)was born November 20, 1988, in Dallas, TX He took the EDM World by Storm showcasing over 18 years in the music industry and amassing over 3 Million Streams, and over 12k Shazams showcasing just how popular he’s become. He’s successfully made his mark on the Electronic Dance scene and has taken the hip-hop industry by storm as well. His Singles ‘ Zeroo...


Episode 111 | ILL RUCKUS - Hip Hop Group from the DMV

Today's guest is Rap Group ILL RUCKUS Bio The culture of Rap and Hip-Hop has expanded over the years in both positive and negative ways. To its credit, it has provided a voice to the downtrodden and disenfranchised, allowing people to share their struggles and triumphs. Others however have used the art form to glorify violence and materialism. Styles vary wildly but for the men of Ill Ruckus, their beats, rhymes, and wordplay are all about bringing the positive vibes back to Hip-Hop, one...


Episode 110 | Music Artist Janelle Nucum

Today's guest is Music Artist Janelle Nucum Bio Fifteen-year old Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Actress and Model, Janelle Nucum, began her passion for music at the age of two, then started performing on stage professionally at the age of eight. Her devotion to music derived from the influence of her family loving music and grew stronger as she got older. So strong that she couldn’t imagine life without it. As her stage time grew more frequent, she began expanding her presence in other...


Episode 109 | Jamil Apostol

Today's guest is Jamil Apostol Bio The mysteries of life and music intersected on a dusty Nevada road when Jamil Apostol began to play strings some eight years ago. Now, the Tennessee-born, but Reno-raised artist is writing and creating to capture timelessness in our ever-changing existence. Apostol is a fresh, new voice dawning in an age of quarrel and hypocrisy. His drive as a singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist comes from a passion he has for learning and connecting...


Episode 108 | Trap Recording Artist Ponzo Houdini

Today's Guest is Trap Recording Artist Ponzo Houdini Bio Raised in the Jefferson Projects in Buffalo, New York Trap recording artist Ponzo Houdini Launched his career in 2007. “My first song entitled,”You A Lame.”At the time Myspace was our main source of social media. My song was generating many plays A&R from Slip N Slide records ‘King V’ reached out to me. He reached out to me saying he respected my music and for me to send him some tracks so that he could pursue a recording deal for...


Episode 107 | Book Author Lamont R. Chatman

Today's guest is Book Author Lamont R. Chatman Lamont R. Chatman is a first time author. He draws from his military and law enforcement background giving his writing a realistic take on impossible situations. He does not believe in short cuts or cheating the reader out of plausible explanations. His writing takes you to the edge of your seat, and keeps you there holding on to the rails for a roller coaster of a ride! https://m.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1128631977?ean=9781642141610...


Episode 106 | Tokyo Bradshaw

Today's guest is Tokyo Bradshaw Bio Hair Master Branding Artist INNOVATOR Dope Guy For bookings email tokyobradshaw@gmail.com #tokyobradshaw http://www.tokyobradshaw.com/ https://www.facebook.com/tokyobradshawhair/ Hear this podcast on Googleplay, TuneinRadio, iTunes, Spreaker, Youtube, and iHeartradio Podcast weekly broadcast location: Rockafellas Barber Shop (Owner: Rico Rodriguez) 1733 Babcock Rd. San Antonio, TX 78229 Sponsors: I Am Refocused Podcast Sponsored by River City Donuts San...


Episode 105 | Dr. Melissa Weathersby

Today's guest is Dr. Melissa Weathersby Bio Melissa Weathersby grew up at Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. She earned her Bachelor of Business Administration degree (Management) from Southwest Texas State University, and her MBA (Management) from Webster University. She is currently finishing her Doctorate of Education degree with a specialization in Higher Education and Adult Learning. Her dissertation topic, "The Need for Financial Literacy in Higher Education", is proving...


Episode 104 | Dr. Krystal Nerio Founder & CEO at Prosperitus Solutions

Today's guest is Dr. Krystal Nerio Founder & CEO at Prosperitus Solutions About Prosperitus Solutions Prosperitus Solutions Corporate Team consists of over 35 years of experience in Business & Contract Management, Business Development, and Leadership. Our skill-sets cover Medical Services, Information Technology, Logistics, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. We have put together a Lean Experienced Corporate staff with one mission, to provide Exceptional Service to our customers and...


Episode 103 | Atasha Professional Business Adviser and Mentor

Today's guest is Atasha Atasha is the blue sky thinker with feet on the ground. He has garnered a reputation as Professional Business Adviser and Mentor in Malaysia. He has successfully helped world’s leading multinational brands from Fortune 500 -listed companies in a variety of industries as well as small and medium businesses to develop leaders and accelerate organizational performance. As his passion project, he is also the Executive Producer of Romantic Comedy series called "Kat Loves...


Episode 102 | Alma Johnson Owner of Training Wheels Daycare

Today's guest is Alma Johnson Owner of Training Wheels Daycare "My name is Alma Johnson, Graduate of Sam Houston High School (1982) later went to Prairie View University. Owner of Training Wheels Daycare, 3 locations located on the east side of town. I have been doing child care for 30 years, I absolutely love children. Mother of two, Raveen Johnson and Kendall Bee. Adoptive mother of 3 and Grandmother of two. I am a advocate of Child Abuse and often host events for the cause. I am the...


Episode 101 | Social Entrepreneur Marie Stuart Noel

Today's guest is Social Entrepreneur Marie Stuart Noel Marie Stuart Noel is a social entrepreneur in the Boston area. For 5 years, she published the print and online magazine, Massachusetts Singles Magazine (MSM). Marie herself has been profiled in the Boston Globe and various other media outlets. Since then, she has become a real estate investor and has run the successful party rental business, Boston Throne Chairs. Since 2016, Marie, who has ran a trade program for disadvantaged girls,...


Episode 100 | Dr. Muhammad Emran

Today's guest is Dr. Muhammad Emran Dr. Muhammad Emran is a board certified medical doctor. He has been working in busy emergency departments in Houston for the past 10 years. After treating thousands of patients with different health conditions, he launched the podcast called Simple Health Radio. Each episode is 10 minutes and patient friendly. He explains medical topics in a simple way so the average person can be well-informed and recognize medical emergencies. He talks about diagnostic...


Episode 99 | Music Artist Keedren Boston

Back again today is Music Artist Keedren Boston! Bio: Husband, Father of 4 children, Youth Pastor, Educator, actor, comedian and Urban Gospel artist, Keedren Boston, often referred to as “BossTon” began his music career as an R&B singer/rapper but soon laid down the secular mic to pick up the cross. “One day”, Keedren says, “I woke up and realized that I could only remember darkness…It’s hard to see in darkness period, but there’s no darkness like being spiritually blind and that’s what I...


Episode 98 | Actress, V/O Artist, and Musician Mary Beth Eversole

Awesome interview last night with Actress, V/O Artist, and Musician Mary Beth Eversole Mary Beth Eversole, is an actress, host, voiceover artist, musician, producer, and activist. Her current projects include creator of “I”, a 6 part film series about trauma and healing, and producing and hosting the YouTube show Allergy Actress Cooking, which addresses, in a light hearted and quirky way, the perils of living, performing, and cooking with severe food allergies. Mary Beth has performed on...


Episode 97 | Book Author Myunique C. Green

Today's guest is Myunique C. Green Book: To Mend a Broken Heart Description: “I just want to write the words as I feel them bleeding from this old heart of mine…” Bad memories are never really forgotten. Just suppressed under the mountain of lies we’ve told ourselves, so that the painful ones are easier to bear. I remember a lot, and my life has been emotionless for a long time. I recall watching as my mother was beaten bloody in front of me, and then, as if I were old news, I was cast...


Episode 96 | Grammy-winning percussionist Nina Rodriguez

Today's guest is Grammy-winning percussionist Nina Rodriguez! Bio Nina Rodriguez is a nationally celebrated, Grammy-winning percussionist, musical performer, clinician and educator. Her extraordinary energy and dedication to the power of music, drumming and performance has shaped her career as a lead Facilitator with Drum Cafe and a celebrated independent musician. Through Drum Café, Nina has inspired thousands of Fortune 1,000 employees from all sectors of Healthcare to Banking,...