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The SUWA Program, Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves is a weekely program about unemployed workers organising, centrelink news and squatting rights.

The SUWA Program, Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves is a weekely program about unemployed workers organising, centrelink news and squatting rights.
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Melbourne, VIC


The SUWA Program, Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves is a weekely program about unemployed workers organising, centrelink news and squatting rights.




Doing it Ourselves - Lessons from Rojava

This week on the show Suse, Anisa and Rick discuss what's been happening in Rojava, now known as the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS), and some of the amazing lessons that our social change movements in Australia can learn from. The DFNS is an autonomous region in the Middle East working to create a truly democratic society. It is an incredibly inspiring alternative to our current capitalist colonialist paradigm of the nation state that role models potential ways of achieving...


Unemployed Workers fight for single mums, rehab recipients & public housing

PIBCI leader Dr Joe Toscano outlined his upcoming public housing vigil on Parliament steps, AUWU national branch coordinator Hayden Patterson gave an update on recent anti poverty conferences and the cashless welfare card and Geelong AUWU activist Duncan Storer explained policies which financially penalise and demonise single mums and rehab recipients under the LNP Govt.


From Stigma to Dignity with AUWU, Per Capita report and suicide awareness

Per Capita Communications manager Abigail Lewis talked about the 'Working it Out' report done in conjunction with AUWU, Victorian coordinator, AUWU, Anne Maxwell brought the latest news from unemployed workers and AUWU's event 'From Stigma to Dignity' for Anti Poverty Week and Suicide Awareness Advocate Anthony Smith discussed the complex area of suicide and unemployment.


Doing it Ourselves talks about Direct Action and FLAC

On this week's show we talked about direct action in the fight against climate change, and in particular the work Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC) have been doing recently in Newcastle. #Endcoal Act up is an ongoing campaign to blockade the world's largest export coal port, and we hear from Max about why it is important, and then interview Emily and Nic about their experiences stopping work at the port! For more information on FLAC visit their website:


From Stigma to Dignity - Unemployed Workers Fight Back

YACSA CEO Anne Bainbridge joined Valerie Farfalla, Anne Maxwell and Ewen Kloas from AUWU to discuss submissions to government on youth unemployment in South Australia. The AUWU's Anti-Poverty Week event "From Stigma to Dignity", 12th October, at Trades Hall with two expert panels and the Victorian Trade Union Choir singing "It's Time" for a Newstart increase was also discussed.


Doing It Ourselves show on Homelessness

This week on the show we talk to Saul about his experience of homelessness and the transition to being a self proclaimed vagabond, and then we chat to Mils to hear about their experiences of homelessness and homelessness services. At the end of the podcast we have Mils' poem, so make sure to listen to the end!


Unemployed & cashless card carriers can't afford cafes & smashed avocado toasties

Latrobe University cultural sociologist Dr Sara James discussed unemployed youth disadvantage in Australia with Valerie Farfalla and Jeremy Poxon (AUWU media), with Jeremy focusing on police welfare blitz in Werribee shopping centre. Hayden Patterson (S.A. branch, AUWU) examined cashless card trials along with Amanda Smith from Say No Seven.


The SUWA Show - Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves - Episode 201807201730

On this SUWA show, Doing It Ourselves folks Suse and Jim discuss Sustaining Activism, burnout and activist wellbeing.For further support or resources, please see Plan To Thrive (Activist Wellbeing and Support organisation)


Unemployed Workers Fight Back (SUWA program)

Presenter Valerie Farfalla interviewed Jerry Creaney (Pensioners, Seniors & Veterans Party), Owen Bennett (Australian Unemployed Workers Union), Pas Forgione (Anti-Poverty Network (S.A.) and Trish Posterino. The main focus of the program was the need to increase Newstart and a campaign to fight the LNP's new punitive demerits point system for social security recipients, administered by the private job agencies. The Newstart choir featured and Reds Under the Bed Actviist Cabaret played two of...


Doing It Ourselves talking about "sustainability" and system change

Suse and Anisa from Doing It Ourselves talk with fellow radical Guy about their experience of the Sustainable Living Festival and how we talk about sustainability versus system change.


Floating Anarchy: Mistaken Identities & Trumpian Conspiracies

Cam and Andy talk to Peter and Andy about how Peter and Andy are not Andy (Andy is Andy). Then Dr Jason Wilson joins us to discuss Las Vegas, Trump and how conspiracy theories are conspiratorially used to distract us from what's really going on (app-based bike sharing is not a sustainable business model in areas without appropriate cycling infrastructure, but conversely are also not sustainable in areas with appropriate cycling infrastructure, meaning their true purpose must be a CIA scheme...


Podcast The SUWA Show - Doing It Ourselves Presents: Mutual Aid Panel

In this episode we played a recording of the Real Sustainability Through Mutual Aid panel, where Anitra Nelson, Terry Leahy and Theo Kitchener talked about moneyless economies, revolution and Doing It Ourselves, the Gnomes Farming Co-operative and Livelyhood’s plans.


Podcast The SUWA Show - Doing It Ourselves Presents: Let's talk about activism

Lara, Jim and Anisa explored different ways that people get involved in activism, and how NGOs play a part in our environmental and social justice movements.


Podcast The SUWA Show - Doing It Ourselves Presents: What is hierarchy?

Jim and Anisa talk about hierarchy and how it plays a role in our lives, as well as in environmental activism.


The SUWA Show - Doing It Ourselves Presents: Holistic Activism: A New Way Forward?

This week Suse from Doing It Ourselves interviews fellow Doing It Ourselves activist Mark Allen on the newly emerging Holistic Activism movement. We also discuss why this movement is particularly important in light of what is currently unfolding across the world. More information can be found on the 'Holistic Activism and Behaviour Change' page on facebook.

The SUWA Show - Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves - Episode 201610211730

This is the first episode of Doing It Ourselves on the SUWA Show. Theo and Jim, both from Doing It Ourselves, talked about world changing ideas. Specifically they introduced the group and what it is all about, and then delved into building alternatives and direct action. We have special permission to podcast Affluenza by The Crash Narrative.


The SUWA Show - Squatters and Unwaged Workers Airwaves - Episode 201607291730

prison themed show commemortaing Attica and other prison struggles, history in australia and america


Wobbly Radio

The theme for this show is the upcoming 100th anniversary of the Easter Uprising in Ireland. There are some musical tributes to one of the co-founders of the Industrial Workers of the World, or the Wobblies, Mother Jones, who was born in Ireland. She co-founded the Wobblies in Chicago in 1905. Unfortunately due to copyright issues these have been taken out of the podcast, but you can listen to them here and here. Margaret and Peter talk to Melissa from the Earth Worker Co-operative. Melissa...


Killer Robots & Mormon Militias

Andy & Cam talk to Prof. Rob Sparrow of Monash Uni about being mistaken for Andy by silly neo-Nazis. Plus killer robots.Then Dr. Jason Wilson joins us from Oregon to discuss the (then-ongoing) Bundy militia stand-off.


Fascism and anti-Fascism in Melbourne & Beyond

Blake Petersen, Melbourne antifa, joins Andy Fleming & Dr. Cam to discuss the past year in antifa organising. Andy & Cam also discuss the UPF's leadership infighting and the emergence of the Australian Liberty Alliance.