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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .


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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .




How MAGA Inc. Became Just like Conservative Inc. | Guest: Pedro Gonzalez | 1/31/23

The failure of the conservative movement for years was its obsessive devotion to the Republican Party over policy outcomes. Today, I’m joined by Pedro Gonzalez, a young star in the MAGA movement, who laments the fact that MAGA Inc. has done the same thing, except it’s all about Trump’s personality. We remind people of all of the policy flaws of Trump’s administration and his disloyalty to true MAGA believers. To this day, he is surrounding himself with Lindsey Graham and other grifters and...


Why Repealing Legal Immunity for Vaccines Is the Most Important Pro-Life Issue | Guest: Aaron Siri | 1/30/23

If vaccines are really safe and effective, why not find out the truth by allowing market forces to work? I estimate that 7.5 million people likely died from the COVID shots. But today, we are joined by civil rights attorney and vaccine litigation expert Aaron Siri, who bursts our bubble about the other vaccines as well. He believes that dangerous vaccines have gotten a pass with terrible clinical trials for decades because they are exempt from liability. They can and have been harming us...


Why Don’t Republicans Give a Damn About Medical Freedom? | Guest: Rep. Andy Biggs | 1/26/23

Well, they don’t care because our people have not pressured them enough. Today, I explain the importance of getting our bills introduced in every red state and lighting a fire under them. We now have strike force teams in many states, and you can join by signing up at You will suffer the tyranny you are willing to tolerate and reap the benefits of the freedoms you are willing to fight for. We’re also joined by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) who tells us how he plans to fight...


Due Process and Basic Legal Rights No Longer Exist for Conservatives | Guest: Julie Kelly | 1/25/23

What do I mean when I talk about "the Fourth Reich"? What we’ve learned both from COVID fascism and January 6 is that our government and legal system now believe you have no rights if you oppose the political views of the elites. But what is more disturbing is that this sentiment has now percolated to any Democrat voter. We are joined by Julie Kelly to discuss the latest on the January 6 trials. She explains how it is impossible to get a fair trial anymore and that despite the mounting...


Why the Fibrous, White Clots Suddenly Being Pulled Out of Bodies Matter | Guest: Thomas Haviland | 1/24/23

This might sound like a science fiction story, but this has been our life since 2020. Today, we are joined by Thomas Haviland, a retired engineer and data analyst who has taken it upon himself to investigate the claims of embalmers that they began seeing these Frankenstein fibrous clots in bodies after the vaccines were released. After speaking with a number of funeral directors, Haviland developed a survey and sent it to embalmers around the country: 88 out of 128 of them confirmed to him...


Tyranny in Red States Goes Unnoticed | 1/23/23

We cannot continue to cede red-state legislatures to the lobbyists and special interests. I explain how in states like South Carolina, Indiana, and Wyoming, we are struggling to fully ban mandates even of the dangerous COVID shots. I explain how you can all get involved in one of our strike force teams to ensure the tyranny goes noticed. Also, as vaccine injury reaches a tipping point, watch for Republicans to work with Democrats on a “limited hangout,” a tactic to distract the public with a...


The Absurdity of the Global Warming Theory | Guest: Joe Bastardi | 1/20/23

First, we must focus on the issues that actually matter to our lives. I observe how the GOP agenda is largely focused on issues that don’t matter today, while Republicans agree to the premise of the Left on critical issues, such as global warming. We bring on meteorologist Joe Bastardi, who has been studying weather maps and patterns for a half-century, to debunk the core lie behind human involvement in so-called climate change. He offers a much more scientifically based theory behind...


MRNA Jabs as the Perfect Stealth Weapon | Guest: Dr. Charles Hoffe | 1/19/23

The amount of research on the injury and death from these shots is overwhelming, yet not only are the shots not off the market, companies are on the cusp of introducing mRNA shots for RSV and the flu. I explain why we must get states to block mRNA shots immediately. Also, we’re joined by Dr. Charles Hoffe, a country doctor in British Columbia, who was one of the first to notice vaccine injury in his patients. He explains how he discovered that microclotting in the capillaries was more...


Why Do Texas Republicans Suck? | Guest: Matt Rinaldi | 1/18/23

Today, we do a deep dive into state legislative politics. Why is there only one Florida? Why is there only one governor willing to take on the most important issue of our time? A lot of it is because of apathy and the fact that we don’t have enough activists focused on the legislature, thereby ceding the field to the lobbyists. We’re joined by Matt Rinaldi, former Texas legislator and current GOP party chair, to discuss why Texas Republicans are so terrible. He explains how the teachers'...


The Public Health Nazis Are a Greater Threat than Ever | Guest: Amber Robinson | 1/17/23

Yes, COVID fascism and biomedical supremacism are a form of Nazism, and they're still going on. Why are Republicans in the red states and in Congress oblivious to it to the point that this is not even a back-burner issue? To this day, we have not legally uprooted a single tool used against us since 2020. Masks are still being required in hospitals, and they are accelerating rather than slowing the dangerous mRNA and gene therapy technologies. And of course, Trump turned out to be the biggest...


Debt Ceiling Fight Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Chance to Crush Woke Government | 1/16/23

The most important fight of this year will be the debt ceiling in the early summer. Today, I explain the budget math behind the Freedom Caucus proposal and how we’ve never had a better opportunity to leverage and properly message a balanced budget. It’s not just about spending figures, but about crushing the woke agencies that have destroyed our prosperity and freedom. The debt ceiling will also create an inflection moment for us to crush the biomedical fascist state. I offer new information...


Is Our Military Even Salvageable? | Guest: Lt. Col. Ivan Raiklin, USA, Ret. | 1/13/23

Establishment Republicans in the House are pushing back against any budget cuts because they are scared they will affect the military. But our military is completely destroyed from within. Today, we’re joined by retired Lt. Col. Ivan Raiklin, a former Green Beret, who left the military because of the COVID mandates and woke culture. He believes that before we throw more money at the woke military, we need to do surgery within. He advocates replacing all the top leadership with those who were...


How to Take Back Red-State Legislatures from RINOs | Guest: Andy Roth | 1/12/23

On today’s special episode, we’re joined by Andy Roth, president of the State Freedom Caucus Network. So far, the group has set up freedom caucuses in 10 states. Their goal is to break the RINO monopoly on red-state legislatures by exposing their liberal agenda, empowering the good members with legal, policy, messaging, and campaign help, and synergizing a transformative conservative agenda throughout the nation. We need outside and inside conservatives in red states to work together,...


Conservatives Now Have the Political Weapons. Will They Fire Them? | Guest: Rep. Dan Bishop | 1/11/23

Given the political environment, the momentum from the speaker fight, and the new agreement on sharing power with the Freedom Caucus, we now have some tools to fight. But outcomes are not guaranteed. We are joined today by North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop, one of the lead negotiators of the agreement, who offers a sobering and balanced view on the outcome of the McCarthy fight. He observes that we now have momentum against those in the party who operate out of fear, but we still haven’t...


A Winning Agenda to Shift the Overton Window | 1/10/23

We’ve never had such an amazing opportunity to push a winning agenda on so many issues in the states and at the federal level. Yet we still must barrel through the fake Republicans. I explain how there is a growing opportunity for conservatives to break away from the GOP caucus in some states and use leverage to push our agenda. Then I delve into what that agenda should look like for the military, immigration, and energy. Conservatives must get off the old dogma about military spending and...


McCarthy Won the Gavel; Conservatives Won the Policy Power | Guest: Rep. Chip Roy | 1/9/23

Some are disappointed that McCarthy has become speaker, but I believe that a weakened McCarthy, with our guys in control of policy, is actually the best outcome. Today, I explain the contours of the agreement between the Freedom Caucus and McCarthy, why he offered so many concessions, and why it is useful. No, it will not ultimately fix the federal government, but it will give us the ability to expose things through oversight and forced votes that embarrass both the government and the RINOs....


January 6, 'Ray Epps Day,' the Speaker Fight, and How They’re Connected | 1/6/23

Today is the two-year anniversary of January 6. We’re joined by a leading January 6 defense attorney who tells us that Jan. 6 was really about government inducing an inflection point to squelch political opposition. Now officials plan to use unconstitutional indictments to round up another 1,000 people who didn’t commit even a minor crime. How is this lie able to persist? Because McCarthy’s GOP is part of it. I offer you the only truthful analysis on the latest in the fight against McCarthy,...


'Conservatives' Value Access Over Leverage: Why We Failed | Guest: Steve Deace | 1/5/23

Today, my colleague Steve Deace joins me to uncover why the GOP has been able to stab us in the back for two generations without any backlash. The speaker’s fight is so illuminating because it demonstrates that conservative talkers view the Republican Party as a brother rather than a servant and therefore value access over leverage. Steve explains how conservatism was never a movement but an industry, which is why it was designed to work with the GOP to ensure the base never knows who they...


Kevin McCarthy and Breaking the Cycle of Failure | 1/4/23

Those fake conservatives shilling for McCarthy are part of a generation-long cycle of failure. I explain today how the toe-dippers fight us on every strategy for 15 years to change the party, claim victory on the backs of our hard work that they opposed, but then oppose the new effort when it matters. Today, I go through each fake argument against the patriots forcing a national discussion on the controlled-opposition GOP. The reason the GOP is the way it is today is because of the very...


Why the House GOP Legislative Agenda Sucks | 1/3/23

We might be in a new year, but nothing appears to change with the GOP. In today’s inaugural show of the year, I offer an agenda of what should be done and how a powerful messaging bill can change the culture. Unfortunately, the GOP plans to pass weak, nuanced bills that the public will not be able to get excited about. This is how Kevin McCarthy operates. We need to burn the party down to the ground and create as much chaos as possible in order to spawn any change. I also expose the...