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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .

In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .
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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .




When Racial Politics, Not Good Public Policy, Is the Ultimate Goal of Politicians Ep. 337

In today’s episode, I deviate from our typical policy decisions and focus on the problem in conservative media with racial politics. Many are so sensitive to the charge of racism that, in my view, they themselves engage in racism by mollycoddling certain classes over others. We are all created in the image of God, and nobody should be condemned or elevated to a lesser or greater degree based on their color of their skin. In that context, I discuss the House resolution to condemn Steve King....


Conservative Media Never Should Have Made a God Out of the Courts Ep. 336

It’s been three and a half weeks since a number of nonessential agencies have been almost completely shut down, yet nobody cares other than for the actual salaries of the workers. But what about the actual work? I explain the severity of our debt crisis and how it’s indefensible not to have a discussion about cutting some of these positions permanently, given what we now know about their utility or lack thereof. Next, I move on to the judicial crisis, which so many conservative writers...


The Failure of 'Conservative' Media to Give a Vision on National Defense Ep. 335

In today’s episode, I take on establishment “conservatives” who sit and revel in their ignorance on issues and scoff at the hard work others do while offering no vision of their own. This is a problem across the board, but particularly with national security. They fail to see that in the 21 century, a strategic threat or an invasion is very different from what it was in the last century. I update you on the latest threats to our national security through the Mexican cartels and Islamic...


We Need a Border Even More Than a Border Wall Ep.334

On today’s show, I give you the full background on the latest border trends and why the border wall is not the end-all, although it’s important. Actually respecting our border, getting rid of lawfare and the magnets, and lack of interior enforcement are more important both to stopping illegal immigration and drugs. Get ready for the “wall for amnesty” deal. I explain in greater detail than ever before why this is like fighting fire with a blowtorch. I also bust up media narratives on the...


How the Media Succeeded in Covering Up the Border Crisis Ep. 333

Anyone who listens to this podcast is well aware of the severity and multifaceted nature of the border crisis. But for years, Republicans and their media outlets have done a poor job building the case and exposing the facts. This has allowed the media to easily obfuscate the issue and play the denial game. On today’s show I blow up all the media talking points and the border deniers who are pursuing a “see no evil, hear no evil” approach to their evil open-borders agenda. Show links The...


Mexican Cartel Violence in Our Communities Ep. 332

If the public truly understood the extent of the problem we have with the cartels at our border and now even in our communities, it would completely change the politics of the border issue. Today, we are joined by a very special guest who is one of the leading experts on all things drug trafficking, cartels, transnational gangs, and border migration. Jaeson Jones spent 24 years with the Texas Department of Public Safety in the Intelligence and Counterterrorism division. He shares with us...


It’s Time to Make the Law-Abiding Taxpayer a Protected Class Ep. 331

Today, I discuss the need for the Freedom Caucus to finally develop a coherent strategy and agenda to address the concerns of the forgotten law-abiding American taxpayers, consumers, and victims of crime left behind by today’s elites. Rather than special interests as the protected class, it should be all law-abiding American citizens who deserve the focus of our government. I go through the lessons of today’s speaker vote, the upcoming debt ceiling fight, and the government shutdown and how...


Dems Don't Elect Closet Republicans Ep. 330

In this first episode of the year, I show how Democrats have a vision and a sense of purpose while Republicans are balloons in the wind. The only messenger we have is the president, who is often muddled in a number of ways. We need to keep him on message. The biggest issue for which we need leadership now is the border and the interior problems we have from the invasion. I explain how drugs, cartels, gangs, crime, immigration, and jailbreak all come together and how we need a leader willing...


The Insane and Completely Avoidable Criminal Alien Crime Wave Ep. 329

I begin the show by recapping 2018 and how this year was full of missed opportunities for conservatives. Then, I transition into the biggest missed opportunity – telling the truth about the danger of the criminal alien problem. In this show, I give you statistics you will never hear anywhere else quantifying just how concentrated criminal activity is among illegal aliens and how it’s all avoidable. I show how sanctuary policies in California are responsible for a ton of needless murder,...


The Only Shutdown of D.C. Elites Is in Their Brains Ep. 328

I begin the show dissecting two lessons from this week’s government shutdown. The fact that even Democrats have been quiet all week demonstrates how even they need a break and how Republicans, had they been determined, could have broken them with the threat of a talking filibuster all week. I also prove how this week’s fake shutdown reveals that much of the federal government is completely gratuitous even from a liberal standpoint. Next, it's Foreign Policy Friday with Jordan Schachtel. We...


The Trail from the Middle East to Our Southern Border Runs Through Panama Ep. 327

There are many reasons why we need a border wall and reform of our suicidal immigration policies. One of the most forgotten ones is the existing flow of Middle Easterners and potential terrorists coming through Latin America to our southern border. To break down this issue, we bring you a special guest who is a journalist, former intel officer, and expert on counter-terrorism and Latin American affairs. Todd Bensman is senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies....


False Choices on Foreign Policy: What a True Hawkish View Looks Like Ep. 326

Foreign policy in general and the Middle East in particular are full of false choices. In this episode, Jordan Schachtel joins me to co-host and explain why everyone in DC is wrong about foreign policy. Since nobody is giving a full vision on all aspects of foreign policy and how they tie together, we try to accomplish that in an hour. Our 2,000 troops in Syria are the least important way to counter Iran and are actually counterproductive. If you really want to counter Iran without risking...


There Are No Leaders on the Right Ep. 325

Today, we see that when there is a modicum of leadership from prominent conservative figures, Trump is actually willing to fight. Where has this leadership been for two years? I give you the postmortem on the jailbreak bill, an update on the border fight, and some things to watch for with the invasion of the caravan. Finally, I begin our discussion on how to view the Syria pullout in the context of a greater strategy. The lack of conservative vision and leadership is evident on foreign...


Trump’s Multiple “Read My Lips” Moments This Week Ep. 324

Yes, I said “moments.” This week, Trump has relived George H.W. Bush’s fatal “read my lips” moment with regard to several issues: guns, jailbreak, drugs, immigration, and budget. In this episode, I give you the gory details of all of them and how they all tie together. It's worse than you think. But perhaps some of our people are finally waking up. Show links The Willie Horton politicians won the day but exposed themselves going forward The question nobody asks about House...


My Closing Argument Against Jailbreak Ep. 323

In this show, I conclude my four-year battle against jailbreak with an unvarnished presentation of facts, rational arguments, and an indictment of the people who are pushing it. I cover the issue of crime and incarceration from almost every angle to show how this jailbreak movement is more Orwellian than you even thought. If this is what it means to be a conservative, it’s time to euthanize this phony movement. I also tie in the latest criminal alien crime data from ICE to show how...


How Conservatives Should View Obamacare Ruling and the Role of the Judiciary Ep. 322

Conservatives were greeted with euphoric political news late Friday when a Texas judge ruled Obamacare is unconstitutional. This is a great potential political victory, but is this the sort of legal outcome we believe in as supporters of constitutional supremacy over judicial supremacy? This is a complicated question with multiple principles, facts, and outcomes being true at the same time. Judge Reed O’Connor was justified in issuing this ruling based on precedent in the higher courts on...


“The Fools Are All on the Same Side” Ep. 321

In this episode of lamentation, I explain why the Swamp always wins fully on every issue all the time. When the two fake "sides" of fools are always on the same side, it allows them to pretend they are fighting while screwing us on our own talking points. This ensures that they never have to vouch for their real plans and can lie about the bills they are passing. Through this prism, I give you the latest updates on jailbreak and the budget fight. At some point, we need to rethink how we...


How the Two Parties Are Like One Big Unibrow Ep. 320

In this episode, I give you an insider’s look based on my conversation with law enforcement on what the latest trends are at the border and how our own suicidal policies are causing the worst human and drug smuggling crisis in our history. When our government not only fails to protect us from this dangerous invasion, but actually facilitates it on behalf of the cartels, that is the ultimate government shutdown that should concern us. Yet the most prominent congressional Republicans are...


What Do Jailbreak and the Farm Bill Have to Do with Each Other? Ep. 319

Well, for one, both these issues are being pushed by crony lobbies. In this episode, I give you the latest details on the betrayal on both criminal justice and the farm bill. I go through some inside baseball understanding of how legislative tricks work and how jailbreak proponents are using a “revised” bill to pressure opponents to stand down. Finally, I explain how the farm bill is to agriculture what Obamacare is to health care. The bottom line is that all these policies are being...


Why Interior Enforcement Is Even More Important Than Border Assets Ep. 318

Today I discuss how the Supreme Court is allowing lower courts to create new rights to immigrate and to get abortion funding but refusing to defend the Second Amendment. The New Jersey law against law-abiding citizens is insane in light of the state's sanctuary city laws. Next, were we right to be concerned about Kavanaugh? Finally, based on conversations with ICE and the DEA, I demonstrate how the entirety of the drug and gang crisis and much of the criminal activity in general in New...