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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .

In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .
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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .




A Great American History Lesson on Immigration Ep. 265

The abstract immigrant is very popular. Recently, Laura Ingraham and Stephen Miller have been attacked for their views on immigration because the Left only understands a hypothetical abstract immigrant. Facts and details and the broader context on immigration don’t matter. In this episode, we give you a real history lesson on our laws, traditions, and policies concerning immigration. We never let in criminals, public charges, and we most certainly would never have granted citizenship to...


Why Republicans are Losing this Election and How they Can Change it Ep. 264

Most suburban voters don’t want to embrace MS-13 and Hamas while banning straws. Yet, they are fleeing the GOP for a party that is doing just that. Why? In this episode, we breakdown the recent election results and show how and why Republicans are losing this election. They need policies, personnel, and a purpose but are lacking all three. They are incurring all the liabilities of Trump but are not benefiting from his appeal to other demographics because they lack a message that can turn...


If You Think a Conservative SCOTUS will Save us from Lower Courts, Think Again Ep.263

Today, we are joined by Professor Brian Fitzpatrick, a former Scalia law clerk and current law professor at Vanderbilt University. Brian gives us an expert opinion on the current trends in the lower courts and their threat to democracy. Following up on his congressional testimony, Fitzpatrick argues that unless we reform the jurisdiction of the lower federal courts, any anomalous and extreme judge from the 7000 district judges can wield enormous power. He warns that if you’re counting on a...


Jailbreak Jared and Ivankacare are Hurting Conservatives Ep. 262

There are two major policy betrayals emanating from this White House – both of which are being pushed by Javanaka. In this show we delve into the problems with the soft on crime “jailbreak” agenda and the stupid economics behind Ivankacare. First, we go through the details of the jailbreak bills that nobody is willing to study, much less oppose. Don’t listen to the platitudes of “criminal justice reform.” Look at what is actually happening with crime and incarceration and compare against...


A Critical Time for Conservatives to Develop a Philosophy on Foreign Policy Ep.261

It’s another ‘foreign policy Friday’ and we are joined by CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel (@Jordan Schachtel). We go around the map and update you on what’s going on in Iran, Israel, Turkey, and North Korea and asses everything from a standpoint of what is in our interest and what is not. We also asses where the administration is making progress and where they need to hear a vision from conservatives in order to right the ship. The foreign policy swamp is big and...


Putting Trump before the Trump Agenda Hurts Both Ep. 260

Conservatives need to stay focused on actually implementing our agenda rather than being scared to prod the president into action. In many cases, he is very open to our position. This is evident with the budget fight. But if we fail to get involved, he will drift to the gravitational pull of the swamp. We do him nor his agenda any favors by not properly guiding him on the budget fight, crime bills, and how to fight the courts. We give a vision on how to navigate this budget fight over the...


The most important fight of religious liberty Ep. 259

Today, we are joined by Beth Williams, Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department's Office of Legal Policy, to discuss the new religious liberty task force established on Monday by Jeff Sessions. Ms. Williams updates us on some of the growing concerns throughout the country that religious liberty has now been read out of the Constitution, even though it is the very first right in the Bill of Rights. We discuss the challenge of the lower courts codifying new rights against the...


The real legislature that runs our country doesn’t take off for the summer Ep. 258

Congress might be on vacation until after Labor Day, but the lower courts are working overtime to destroy this republic. You will come away from this episode understanding, once and for all, why the judiciary is irremediably broken, why simply appointing “better judges” alone won’t help, and why nothing matters in terms of elections and Congress until this issue is dealt with. We go through a list of about 10 insane court decisions dealing with cultural, fiscal, and immigration issues...


A Conversation with Rep. Andy Biggs on Jim Jordan for Speaker Ep. 257

Today, we are joined by Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., to discuss the significance of Jim Jordan’s run for speaker. Biggs was one of the first members to endorse his candidacy. He gives us an inside look at how House leadership is failing us. They have no proactive agenda and always cave to the liberal Senate, thereby making House Republicans always explain themselves and remain on defense. “Whoever is explaining is losing,” said Biggs. He elucidates how a leader like Jordan will turn the...


How Jim Jordan can Save Congress, Conservatives, and Win the Election Ep. 256

Before we understand the significance of the speaker’s race we need to understand what is wrong with Congress. In today’s show, we go through the recent betrayals in Congress and how there is no forward-looking conservative movement to hold people accountable. Absent conservative leadership, the president is drifting into the establishment camp. This is where Jim Jordan comes into play. Jordan has an opportunity to finally get our views, ideas, and strategies on the map and to push the...


How Russia’s Destabilization Campaign In Latin America is Fueling our Middle Eastern Border Migration Ep 255

Today, we are joined by Joseph Humire, our expert on Latin America and terrorism, to discuss the nexus between our own immigration crisis, instability in Nicaragua and Venezuela, and a subversion campaign by the axis of Russia-China-Iran. Humire explains why you should care about Latin America, particularly what is going on in Nicaragua and Venezuela. They are using the Central American migrants to destabilize the region and bring in Middle Easterners. The threat from middle easterner at...


The debt crisis that your'e not allowed to talk about in politics Ep 254

We’ve all but forgotten that our debt crisis is now worse than it was under Obama. Republicans keep increasing spending every week and nobody pays attention and nobody on the “Right” is pressuring Trump to dust off his veto pen. In this episode, we explain why the source of the debt is mainly from spending, not the tax cuts, and how it is hurting our economy and national security. We offer a legislative update on the spending bills, farm bill, and some ridiculous health care bills that...


The Real Foreign Interference in Our Elections Ep.253

Now that the Left has raised the prominence of foreign interference in elections, this is the perfect time to make a legislative push to end foreign voting in our elections. Today we are joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who spends his time fighting voter fraud and promoting 21century ways to secure our vote. We are treated to a brilliant deep dive into the many facets of voter fraud and non-citizens voting. Logan...


The Real Threat from Russia Ignored and Exacerbated by the Political Class Ep. 252

Republicans lack a conservative vision on foreign policy and Russia and therefore we are seeing a lot of false dichotomies being supported by some of our friends. It’s no different from the false dichotomies we see in the primaries, with president Trump supporting RINO candidates because conservatives have no coherent and robust play call of their own. We begin the show by discussing how Trump is hurting us in primaries by supporting RINOs but not conservatives. This is the fault of the...


The Comatose Congress Ep. 251

Where is Congress? They said they would stay in session for August, yet they don’t even have a meaningful agenda to fill up the month of July. In today’s show, we observe all the ways Congress, urged by a president willing to wield the veto pen, can tackle some of the issues people care about. Everyone is up in arms about Trump’s comments to Putin, and we are also disappointed, but wouldn’t now be a perfect time for Congress to tackle foreign interference in our elections by preventing...


The Truth about NATO and our Phony European Allies Ep. 250

Many in the political class are missing the point about NATO. The very countries that claim to value our support against enemies are working with those enemies to sabotage America and self-immolate while sticking us with the tab. Today, for foreign policy Friday, we are joined by CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, to discuss the latest with Trump’s visit to Europe. Jordan gives us the full perspective on Germany’s perfidy with Russia and the problems with Turkey in...


Why DC Establishment is Missing the Point on the Judiciary Ep. 249

What is it that is broken about the courts? What are the trends? How do we fix it? And where does a Scotus pick help in redressing that problem? The D.C. legal conservatives don’t want to observe these problems or even ask these questions. This is why they are coming to the wrong conclusions about the type of justice we need on the court and the limit of even the best justices to fix the system absent broader reforms (that they oppose or ignore). In this episode, we discuss the core...


What would our founders think of today’s Supreme Court Fight? Ep. 248

In this blockbuster show, we lay out the bare truth regarding the true power of the courts. We go through the history of Marbury and the true lessons from that era and how the Warren court adulterated its principles. Who gets to determine the interpretation of the Constitution? We answer that question from our founder’s perspective and how they would not recognize the power of the courts today. Show links The history of judicial supremacism Lower courts are showing why the next scotus...


Permanent Separation: A conversation with a forgotten victim of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities Ep. 247

The weight of the entire political universe has come down on the side of the illegal alien families who are separated as a result of their own callous actions violating our sovereignty and endangering our security. Yet, nobody wants to focus on the victims of illegal immigrants. We have committed to doing so here at the Conservative Conscience and are honored to debut our focus on victims of crime and illegal immigration today with Eileen Smith. Eileen and her husband Zach lost their...


So, who should be the pick for the Supreme Court? Ep. 246

Marbury v. Madison, judicial review v. judicial supremacy, the history and role of the courts, what’s at stake, what will change, and who should we pick? If you love court news, you will want to tune in to this show. We give a long and broad look at the trends and issues in both the lower courts and Supreme Court and discuss, based on this background, who we need. Most importantly, we need certainty. Show links What conservative want in a Supreme Court justice What will change and what...