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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .

In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .
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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting-off talking points and spin. The Conservative Conscience is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and EXPLORE the politically right way to think about the issues .




Theres no such thing as lukewarm hell on immigration Ep. 240

“Love truth and peace” [Zachariah 8:19]. You cannot pursue peace and compassion without having the truth about the reality of an issue. This is why we bring in Jessica Vaughan of Center for Immigration Studies, one of the foremost experts on immigration, to discuss how the “compassion” of fostering more cross-border migration is cruel to everyone. Jessica gives us an insider’s view on how border security and interior enforcement works. She discusses the tragedy of suspending cooperation...


What About the American Children “Separated from Their Parents”…in the Grave? Ep. 239

In today’s show, we lay bare the truth about the focus on “separating children at the border.” The entire focus, much less substance, of the argument is built on lies, misunderstanding of the border crisis and its cause, and a perversion of morality and priorities. We explain how it is the very policies of the virtue signalers who have caused this crisis and continue to exacerbate it. By promoting amnesty for children, we not only caused the drug and gang crisis for Americans, we hurt the...


Fire and Brimstone from Chip Roy on Border Security and Health Care Freedom Ep. 238

Today we are joined by Chip Roy who demonstrates how a Republican should run for office in this climate. He brings with him his passionate agenda for health care freedom, putting America’s security first in immigration, cutting spending, and fighting for judicial reform and religious liberty. He shows how the “compassion” of liberals for pre-existing conditions is really cruelty to everyone and does nothing but empower a corrupt third-party government-insurance cartel. He also demonstrates...


Winning Skirmishes at SCOTUS but Losing the War Ep. 237

The end of this year’s SCOTUS term is heating up and we are witnessing some defensive victories for conservatives. But that’s all they are: defensive wins on issues that should never even be up at the courts. While we are winning some individual cases, the general trend, thanks to the radical lower courts and passivity of SCOTUS, is moving away from us on election law, immigration, and religious liberty. These are all issues we cannot afford to lose. We must win the war and that begins...


The Drug Crisis, Criminal Aliens, and Terrorism Being Ignored by the Political Class Ep. 236

Are we bringing in foreign nationals to poison our own people and use the funding for terror-finance? You better believe it, according to Derek Maltz (@derekmaltz_sr), former head of DEA’s Special Operations Division, who joins us today. Derek draws upon his vast experience in counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics to explain how the drug problem is not a health care issue, it’s a national security issue that when coupled with immigration, is so redressable… if only the partisan...


Moving Trump in the Right Direction on Security and the Economy Ep. 235

In this episode, we cover everything from recent primaries to jailbreak, immigration, and the economy. We look at all the issues through the prism of Trump’s good instincts and the opportunity to do good, but how, because we don’t have a real conservative movement, the president drifts. Often it is conservative groups leading him astray. Our main discussion today is Daniel’s new economic theorem explaining why despite the job market boom, GDP growth is still mediocre. We use an analogy of...


After Baker Case, Problem with the Courts is Worse than you Think Ep. 234

On today’s show, we are joined by our old co-host, Joe Koss (CR’s social media director), to discuss how the Masterpiece court decision is nothing to celebrate beyond its very limited scope. Joe studied natural law at a Catholic law school and talks about how far we have deviated from natural law that we now celebrate minor hiccups that very temporally and partially slow down the inexorable road to judicial Gomorrah. When exploring other cases in the courts and the full context of this...


An Interview with the Only Conservative to Beat an Incumbent Ep. 233

We are joined today by Mark Harris for a special episode of “meet the candidates.” Harris, a Baptist pastor, did what nobody else could do this year – he defeated an incumbent establishment Republican in North Carolina’s 9 congressional district. Harris discusses how he assembled the team and raised enough money to do the impossible. He also explains his agenda and how he plans to stay grounded in his district and not get sucked into the establishment swamp. We also chat about the...


Immorality of the Political Class on Crime and Borders Ep. 232

Today, we continue blowing up the myths about crime that serve as the foundation for the jailbreak movement. We talk about how the courts are granting criminals more rights that never existed before, which contributes to an under-incarceration problem, not an over-incarceration problem. There is a crisis of morality on this issue as well as on immigration that continues to confuse even some of my colleagues in this business. Show links Reagan’s warnings on crime DOJ study: 83% of those...


Trump’s Opportunity for a Reagan Moment with China and North Korea? Ep. 231

Trump has been outsmarting Kim Jung fat boy in North Korea at every turn. In this episode of “Foreign Policy Friday,” we are joined again by CR’s national security correspondent Jordan Schachtel to discuss Trump’s triumph over North Korea and how it is a perfect illustration of peace through strength. Using the right tools to deter threats is the best way to avoid war and to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Trump’s moves on Iran have clearly shaken Kim Jung to his core. We also...


Steve King on the Pro Criminal Obsession Among his Colleagues Ep. 230

Congressman Steve King and I seem to be the last rule-of-law conservatives standing so we meet today to lament the state of play in the conservative movement. Steve updates us on the backwards priorities of so many who call themselves conservative. Everyone supports the Willie Horton agenda now. Everyone is supporting some form of amnesty. Steve reminds us why conservatives once stood for tough on crime policies and why those values should still apply today. The notion that you save money...


Why We Always Lose Ep. 229

Why do we lose? Why is it that on issue after issue, the policy movement is headed leftward, even on issues we were winning just one generation ago? Well, evidently, we can’t go one day without our own people scoring points for the other side on the most critical issues of our time. In this episode, we delve into the House vote on a terrible Willie Horton jailbreak bill that undermines every principle Trump ever espoused on crime. We have the entirety of the fake conservative movement...


Mutual alliance for sovereignty: What we can learn from Israel during this historic week Ep. 228

Israel is on the ascendency and seem to be doing the right thing on a lot of fronts. In today’s blockbuster episode of ‘foreign policy Friday’ with CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel, we draw numerous lessons from what Israel is doing with their sovereignty, diplomacy, military, and political system. There is a lot we can learn from them and Jordan shares his insights from the time he spent in Israel. We focus carefully on what happened this week in Gaza and how their...


Jeff Sessions takes on border disorder, sanctuaries, drugs, and Hezbollah financing Ep. 227

Out-of-control illegal immigration, sanctuary courts, drug-running, and Hezbollah at our border? There are a lot of threats to our sovereignty and security, and nobody is at the front lines more than the attorney general. We are joined today by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to give us an update on what is going on at the border and what Congress must do to plug the holes. Sessions also comments about the growing threat of Hezbollah in Latin America and a terror financing network within...


Iran’s tightening grip on Latin America: Time for a new Monroe Doctrine? Ep. 226

Be prepared to learn more about Hezbollah and Iran in Latin America than you care to know … but definitely should know! We are joined by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Secure Free Society and one of the foremost experts on terrorism in Latin America. He is the author of a book on this subject, Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America. Humire gives us an intelligence briefing on the strength of Iran and Hezbollah in Latin America and explains why we face a tremendous threat...


Newton’s Laws of [Political] Motion Ep. 225

If you want to understand why the political motion is all in the direction of the Left, just observe the fact that all the mass and velocity is on their side. Not only are “conservatives” out to lunch when it comes time to promote our ideas, many of their prominent institutions, figures, and donors are lending their mass and velocity to the most destructive, extreme, and consequential initiatives of the Left. Today, we examine the world of politics through the lens of Newton’s three laws...


A Safety and Security Agenda that will win the Election Ep. 224

Republicans will likely get crushed at the polls and have no narrative to counter the Democrat enthusiasm. History has shown that by being the party of safety and security, they always succeed. Imagine if Republicans would magnify Trump’s message on these issues and be strong on criminal justice, immigration, drugs, and prioritize the true national security threats, such as Iran/Hezbollah in our hemisphere rather than Syria and Afghanistan? We begin by showing how Republicans are passing...


Conservatives are Distracting Themselves to Death Ep. 223

On issue after issue, we are seeing the president’s good intuition go to waste because administration officials fail to implement his vision. Yet, conservatives are so distracted they fail to raise their voices or even focus on some of these issues. We begin by discussing the latest invasion on our border and its danger in terms of incentivizing more migration, enriching the drug cartels, and endangering our national security. Yet, DHS continues to allow in the caravan and release...


The biggest foreign policy threat is in our backyard, yet ignored by governing class Ep. 222

We are continuing our series of “Foreign Policy Friday” with CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel(@JordanSchachtel), to show how foreign policy, when done right, is really about the protecting our homeland. Jordan and I take a tour around the world to give an update on North Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. We show how in each theater, other than in North Korea, we are doing the wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong place. We don’t prioritize real...


Meet the Candidates: Chris Herrod in Utah-3 Ep. 221

Today, we continue our series of “meet the candidates” and are joined by Chris Herrod who is challenging Rep. John Curtis in the upcoming primary in UT-3. Chris was raised in Provo, Utah, since 1972. After collage, he lived overseas and worked in Moscow and taught in university in Ukraine where he met his wife. He served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2007-2012 and was the state director for Cruz for president in 2016. Chris spoke a lot about his time overseas in Russia and...