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The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.

The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.
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The Federalist Radio Hour features a conversation on culture, religion, and politics with the editors and writers of The Federalist web magazine. Hosted by Ben Domenech with regular guests Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi, the show takes on controversies in America from a contrarian point of view.






David Frum On Immigration, Civil Discourse, Foreign Policy, And Impeachment

David Frum is a senior editor at The Atlantic and author of the new book, "Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic." Domenech asks Frum for his thoughts on the changing nature of human relationships, robots, immigration, free speech and debate in society, and the current policies of the Trump administration.


Olivier Knox On Why Consumers Have Lost Trust In The News Media

Olivier Knox is the Chief Washington Correspondent at SiriusXM and the President of the White House Correspondent's Association. Knox and Domenech discuss possible reasons for a decline in trust of the media and changes in how consumers respond to or engage with new stories.


Royal Wedding Recap, Fixing The Federal Budget, And Summer Fitness

Mattie Duppler, fellow at the National Taxpayers Union and President of Forward Strategies, joins Mary Katharine Ham to recap Prince Harry and Meghan's royal wedding, discuss Trump's spending rescission request to Congress, the aftermath of the tax bill, and summer work out trends.


Hemingway and Harsanyi: FBI Spying, Leaks, And Gaza Riots

Senior Editors Mollie Hemingway and David Harsanyi discuss this week's media coverage of the Hamas attacks on Israel, as well as the media's defense of the FBI spying on the Trump campaign.


Let's Get Ready To Gamble: SCOTUS Strikes Down Sports Betting Ban

The Supreme Court struck down a ban on sports gambling, allowing states to legalize betting on both college and professional sports. We talk to three experts in various fields: Ilya Shapiro of Cato about the legal issues, Bill James about the impact on sporting events, and to ESPN reporter David Purdum about the economics and impact on the gambling industry.


Inside The Love-Hate Relationship Of The Media And Donald Trump

Howard Kurtz is a media analyst, Fox News host, and author of the new book, "Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth." Kurtz's book includes in-depth reporting on White House insiders and reporters' contempt for President Trump. He discusses the evolution of news media, Trump's relationship with Morning Joe, and other White House drama the media loves to hate.


Danielle Crittenden On Feminism, Incels, And Modern Dating

Danielle Crittenden, author and co-host of, "The Femsplainers Podcast," joins Federalist Radio to discuss #MeToo, dating, incels, and how the feminist movement may have hurt itself.


A Guide To 'Avengers: Infinity War' And The Future Of Marvel's Cinematic Universe

Peter Suderman, managing editor at Reason magazine, gives us a spoiler-free guide to the new Marvel movie, "Avengers: Infinity War," and other movies we can expect to see from Marvel franchises and characters in the future. Suderman addresses questions like, "Are crossover stories a cop out?" and "Is Robert Downy Jr. too old to play Iron Man?"


Outrages And Apologies: From Celebrities And Twitter Mobs To Kanye And Katy Perry

Emily Jashinsky, commentary writer at The Washington Examiner, and Mary Katharine Ham, senior writer at The Federalist, round up this week's outrages and apologies including celebrity feuds, offensive prom dresses, Twitter mobs, and Hollywood's wage gap.


Amanda Carpenter On Trump's Lies, Conspiracies, And Gaslighting Politics

Amanda Carpenter, CNN contributor and former Ted Cruz staffer, is the author of the new book, "Gaslighting America: Why We Love It When Trump Lies to Us." Carpenter examines the ways Trump plays the media and his political enemies with his narratives and how Carpenter herself was publicly smeared during the 2016 presidential race.


Becket Adams On WHCD, Stormy Daniels, And Westworld

Becket Adams, commentary writer at the Washington Examiner joins Federalist Radio to catch us up on everything we missed from the White House Correspondent's Dinner drama, the media coverage of Stormy Daniels and Melania Trump, and Adams' predictions for the new season of HBO's Westworld.


The State Of Free Speech, Culture Wars, And Tolerance Of Ideas

Ace from the Ace of Spades HQ blog continues his conversation with Ben from Friday about where center-right views fit into the culture today and the tolerance of perspectives in legacy media outlets. "There still seems to be this unwillingness from people who describe themselves as 'liberals' to engage in liberalism when it comes to ideas," Domenech said.


Fans Take On Marvel, DC, And The Comic Book Industry's SJW Self-Destruction

The creator and host of the "Diversity & Comics" Youtube Channel, Zack, joins Ben Domenech and Ace of Ace of Spades HQ blog, for a discussion on how he's fighting back (and winning) against the social justice warrior take over of Marvel, DC, and the comics industry.


A New Era Of Public Opinion Polling, Data, And Market Research

Michael Ramlet is the co-founder and CEO of Morning Consult, a technology and media company that is changing the way brands, companies, politicians, and celebrities can accurately monitor America's public opinions. Ramlet discusses how their technology and online surveys are used for consumer data and market research.


The History, Strategy, And Gameplay Of Dungeons And Dragons

CJ Ciaramella is a criminal justice reporter at Reason Magazine and a Dungeon Master. He joins Federalist Radio Hour partially to discuss his latest investigation into Chicago's car impounding program, but mostly just to talk about Dungeons and Dragons.


Former Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder Talks Capitalism, Advertising, And Business

Andrew Puzder, the former CEO of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, joins Federalist Radio to discuss capitalism in America, digital marketing, the fast food industry, and entrepreneurship. His new book, "The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left's Plot to Stop It," explains how pro-business policies lead to economic growth for everyone.


Jonathan Rauch On Happiness And Why Life Gets Better After 50

Jonathan Rauch is a Senior Fellow at Brookings and author of the new book, "The Happiness Curve: Why Life Gets Better After 50." Rauch researched the feeling of malaise and dissatisfaction that many adults feel in their 40's. He explains how this slump is a natural and essential part of a human's life, but also how said human can find a path a through it.


On Puerto Rico: Hurricane Recovery, Statehood, And Debt Crisis

Christian Sobrino, chief advisor to the governor of Puerto Rico, joins Ben in studio to discuss Puerto Rico's financial crisis, the relief efforts on the island in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, and Puerto Rico’s push for statehood.


Ross Douthat On Pope Francis, The Catholic Church, And Fantasy Novels

Ben Domenech interviews New York Times columnist Ross Douthat, author of the newly-released "To Change the Church: Pope Francis and the Future of Catholicism." Douthat lays out the political narratives surrounding the church this century and how the current Pontifex has created a division in the church.


Meet The Unemployed MBA Student Who Launched Luxury Dress Shirt Company

Paul Trible is the founder, CEO, and shirt designer of Ledbury, a luxury men's clothier. The fashion entrepreneur discusses how the 2008 Lehman collapse led him to start a shirt company and some of the things he's learned about design, business, and dressing men. "It's shirt-making-- this has been going on for hundreds of years so we are aware of that," he said. "But I think at the same time we were comforted by that we weren't creating like the new solar technology, but that if created a...


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