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The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor, will host a caller-driven program that combines his unique outlook on economic and political developments with humor and practical advice on personal finance.

The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor, will host a caller-driven program that combines his unique outlook on economic and political developments with humor and practical advice on personal finance.
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The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor, will host a caller-driven program that combines his unique outlook on economic and political developments with humor and practical advice on personal finance.






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Revisionist History Portends Socialist Future – Ep. 380

The Accountable Capitalism Act Elizabeth Warren unveiled her new idea in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. It is her new bill, called the Accountable Capitalism Act. Of course, I have said this before, there is no truth in advertising when it comes to legislation. Whenever Congress passes a bill, the name of the bill is generally the opposite of what the bill actually does. So if they pass a bill called, "Tax Simplification", that means that they just complicated the tax code. But nobody...


Populism and Democracy Are a Dangerous Combination – Ep. 379

RATE AND REVIEW this podcast wherever you listen. Turkey's Current Account Deficit The "Turkey baste" continued on Monday, although Tuesday we did have a bit of a reversal, Tuesday bounce in the lira, rising about 7 percent or so, in today's trading. But still, it is down considerably from where it was a few weeks - a few months ago. But I do believe that the financial media is exaggerating the problems...


America is the Real Turkey – Ep. 378

RATE AND REVIEW this podcast Wherever you listen. Turkey is the Epicenter of Emerging Market Concerns Right now, the epicenter of the concerns about the emerging markets is coming from Turkey. What is the problem with the Turkish lira? Turkish President Erdogan is veering off into some very dangerous territory with his stance with the Central Bank of Turkey and now the political battle of egos that he is having with President Trump over the release of an American pastor who is imprisoned...


Double Standards and Hypocrisy of the Left – Ep. 377

Alex Jones was banned from iTunes, Facebook, YouTube - his entire YouTube Channel is gone! He had over a million subscribers. The Alex Jones videos on my YouTube channel where I appeared as a guest are still up, but the ones on Alex's site are no longer there. This raises a lot of very interesting and disturbing questions. First of all, you have a lot of people talking about censorship. What about the first amendment? The most important thing to remember about freedom of speech is that all...


Mainstream View on Trade Dangerously Wrong – Ep. 376

RATE AND REVIEW this podcast Wherever you listen. Ridiculous Rhetoric in Tariffs One of the drivers behind the increasing cost of living is going to be the tariffs. The rhetoric here is really ridiculous. Talking heads on the mainstream media say, "We've got China by the balls..." "We're going to make them feel some pain..." "They're going to give in..." We're going to force them to play fair because...


Why Doesn’t Trump Cut Spending by Executive Order? – Ep. 375

RATE AND REVIEW this podcast on Facebook! Abolish the Capital Gains Tax? If we simply had no capital gains tax, but wen are still taxing the worker on the value of his labor without any deductions whatsoever, I just don't think that's a fair system. That's one of the reasons I would not want to just abolish the capital gains tax. I would want to abolish the entire income tax and go to an indirect tax, such as sales tax or tariffs. We would...


Peak GDP Sets Stage for Major Economic Fail – Ep. 374

RATE AND REVIEW this podcast on iTunes! U.S. GDP Growth Reported at 4.1% Today we finally got the highly anticipated first look at U.S. economic growth, or really GDP growth, because the GDP is not that great a barometer of the economy. Nonetheless, thats the one that everybody uses to measure it, and that's the one that we're going to talk about. Perhaps I can get into why the GDP is such a flawed measure in a different podcast; I really don't want to get into it today. I just want to...


Ep. 373: Freedom Is Great; Tariffs Are Not.

POST YOUR REVIEW OF THIS PODCAST ON iTunes Voting Responsibly for Freedom I am "pro" young people because I want them to grow up in a free country. I want them to have every opportunity to be as prosperous as possible. Democracy is actually an enemy of freedom. Young people have a better chance to achieve their goals if the 18-19-20 year old generation aren't voting for leaders who pass policies that will actually undermine our success and our progress. They're not sophisticated enough...


Trump and Fed to Blame Each Other for Recession – Ep. 372

Presidential Tweets Express Anger at the Fed The catalyst today was more tweets from President Trump where he is expressing anger, not only at the Federal Reserve, and at the ECB and at the Bank of China, because he is accusing both Europe and China of being currency manipulators; taking advantage of us by weakening their currencies. He's saying that a weak currency gives you an advantage. It doesn't. Strong Currency Provides Trade Advantage When it comes to trade, it is a strong currency...


Labor Laws Hurt Workers the Most – Ep. 371

Trump Driver is Suing the Trump Organization On thing I talked about on the Joe Rogan podcast was a story that broke the same day of my last podcast, which I thought was very interesting. It was about Donald Trump being sued by his former personal driver, who still works for the Trump organization, by the way, he's worked there for over 25 years until Trump became President and got a tax-payer provided driver, he had to pay his own driver. I think the guy was getting a $70K/year salary,...


Government Regulation Is Why Drugs Cost so Much – Ep. 370

Misguided Tweet About Pfizer Another misguided tweet that came out today from the President had to do with drugs: Pfizer & others should be ashamed that they have raised drug prices for no reason. They are merely taking advantage of the poor & others unable to defend themselves, while at the same time giving bargain basement prices to other countries in Europe & elsewhere. We will respond! So here's the President, threatening businesses for raising prices; for making a profit. If Obama...


Will the Trade War Prick America’s Bubble Economy? – Ep. 369

"Bring on the Trade War!" Today is Jobs Friday, but before I get to the jobs report, I want to talk a little bit about the escalation of the trade war, In fact, some stories I'm reading are that the trade war began today, or last night. A lot of the tariffs are finally being imposed. The market reacted positively; the Dow was up 100 points today. The NASDAQ was up 100 points as well, which is percentage-wise a much bigger increase - 1.34% move - so who cares about a trade war? "Bring it...


Dependence Day Is Nothing to Celebrate – Ep. 368

Market Closed Early for July 4th Holiday The U.S. stock market closed early today, ahead of tomorrow's Fourth of July holiday when the markets are of course closed and Americans are out celebrating Independence Day, the birth of the nation, July 4, 1776. I love the Fourth of July as a holiday; it is purely American. Framers of the Constitution Risked it All One of the problems I have with the Fourth of July is that it makes me feel both good and bad about what happened on July 4, 1776. I...


Sky High GDP Forecasts Coming down to Earth – Ep. 367

Dow Ending a Down Week on a Positive Note The Dow managed to finish a down week on a positive note; the Dow Jones was up about 55 points - 24,270-ish is where we closed. Although intra-day, we were up better than 250 points, so most fo the losses came toward the end of the day, as the Dow was not able to hold on to all those gains. It held on to some of the gains, but Russell 2000, not as lucky. That index ended up finishing a down week down on the day. Probably the difference is the oil...


Socialists Take N.Y.C. Is the U.S.A. Next? – Ep. 366

Election Results in N.Y.C. Indicate Political Backlash Trump has already said that he's "Made America Great Again", so whatever problems he inherited, he's already claimed to have solved, which means any problems that arise now are brand new, under Trump's watch, and he and the Republicans are going to take the blame. An early warning sign of just how big a disaster this can be arrived yesterday in a N.Y.C. Congressional primary. You had a 10-term incumbent Democrat - the guy's been in...


Most Banks Would Fail Stagflation Stress Test – Ep. 365

Stagflation Nobody realized just how bad the economy is, but they're about to find out. All of the economic data that came out this week points to stagflation, if you look at the data. Look at the Philly Fed - dropped down to 19. It is the biggest drop in 4 years; the lowest since the election. Look at the manufacturing PMI - those numbers came out yesterday - dropped to a 7-month low, the lowest since November 2017. If you look at the actual numbers - new orders fell sharply but input...


The Force Will Not Be with Us – Ep. 364

Upping the Ante The shot heard around the world in the ever-escalating trade war was fired last night by Donald Trump, threatening to impose another $200 billion of tariffs on American consumers wishing to buy Chinese goods. This followed the $50 billion in tariffs. And, remember, when Trump announced the first $50 billion tax on Chinese goods, he threatened that if China retaliated by taxing its own citizens, that Trump would up the ante with even more taxes on American citizens, although...


Dovish ECB Roils Markets – Ep. 363

ECB Announces Dovish Tightening The big market-moving central bank announcement this week was not the Fed. They came out with their so-called "hawkish hike", but yesterday, the ECB came out and they were supposed to announce the end of their Quantitative Easing program, their own version of the taper, which they did. But they surprised the market by indicating that they would not raise rates above zero, where they are stuck, until the summer of 2019. The markets had not expected such a...


Fed’s Inflation Victory Is a Loss for Consumers – Ep. 362

Fed Raises Rates for the 7th Time The Federal Reserve raised interest rates today. I think this is the 7th rate hike. Six of these rate hikes have now taken place since Donald Trump was elected; five of them since he was inaugurated. The official rate now is 1.75% to 2%. The Federal Reserve targets the midpoint of that range. But the Fed has been tightening a lot longer than those 7 rate hikes, because, remember, before they hiked rates, they talked about it and they were tapering. And the...


Tariffs Did Not Cause U.S.Trade Deficits – Ep. 361

Market Movers: Singapore Summit We've got a lot of potentially market-moving events going on this week; we've got the Summit which I think is getting underway this evening with North Korea's President Kim Jong Un and President Trump meeting in Singapore. No Market Move Expected on Rate Hike We've got the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting beginning tomorrow, it's a 2-day meeting ending on Wednesday. The odds of a rate hike are 100%! So in all probability there will be a rate hike....