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The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor, will host a caller-driven program that combines his unique outlook on economic and political developments with humor and practical advice on personal finance.

The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor, will host a caller-driven program that combines his unique outlook on economic and political developments with humor and practical advice on personal finance.
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The iconoclastic economist, author, and visionary investor, will host a caller-driven program that combines his unique outlook on economic and political developments with humor and practical advice on personal finance.






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The Eye of the Hurricane – Ep. 347

Another Friday Down Day It looks like the period of calm may be coming to an end and the storm may be looming just over the horizon. The Dow Jones finished down today, just over 200 points off the day's low. I think I saw us down about 280. This was the 4th consecutive Friday where the markets were lower - there was a holiday in there (Good Friday) - it has been 5 Fridays. This seems to be a trend. The markets still managed to eke out a gain on the week. All 3 of the major indexes managed...


Calm Before the Storm – Ep. 346

Podcast Break: Investor Summit at Sea I apologize to everybody who has been waiting patiently for my next podcast. Las week I went the entire week without doing a podcast, which is unusual. If you are a regular listener to this podcast you'll know that I was on a cruise ship all last week; I was on the Real Estate Guys' cruise. The internet connections on a ship are very slow; particularly the upload speeds - plus I was very busy, so I really decided to take a week off from podcasting....


Trump Warns Investors to Prepare for Pain – Ep. 345

Wednesday Reversal Day On my Wednesday podcast, I talked about Wednesday reversal day, where we gapped way down and then rallied and closed up. It was a strong outside reversal day. I thought this could be the beginning of a correction. The correction meaning a rise in a bear market. Everybody thinks we're in a correction now of a bull market, but I think the bull market is over and a rise is the correction. Three Consecutive Up Days So I thought maybe we'll get one based on that reversal...


Americans Have the Most to Lose in a Trade War – Ep. 344

Extreme Volatility It was another extremely volatile day in the U.S. stock market. When I finished my podcast on Monday and we had that big drop, I suspected that Tuesday might be a reversal Tuesday. So I thought we'd get a bounce on Tuesday and, in fact we did. We had a big rally; the Dow was up 400 points or so. Then this morning the Dow opened up down 500 points. In fact when I woke up this morning, a couple of hours before the market opened, the Dow was down closer to 600. Reversing Up...


Markets Slide a Slope of Hope – Ep. 343

Really a Head Fake As I suspected and as I stated in my last podcast at the end of the first quarter, I speculated that the rally that closed out the quarter was really a head fake. When the quarter started, I said you would see a resumption of the downtrend of the evolving bear market, which I believe we are already in. Bear Market Even though technically we're not there yet because we're not down 20%, but you can't get to 20% without first hitting 10%. Although not officially...


Quarter Ends but Pain Begins – Ep. 342

Holiday Rally Major U.S. stock markets managed to finish a holiday-shortened week with strong rallies. The Dow Jones was up 254 points on the day; earlier in the day it was up better than 400, so the last hour did see the U.S. markets giving up part of their gains. The NASDAQ up 114 points, S&P up 35.87 points, so these rallies today were enough to put the market in the black for the week. But not for the month - all the markets are down significantly in the month of March, and also for...


Investors Remain Oblivious to Flashing Warning Signs – Ep. 341

Incredible Stock Market Volatility We're having more incredible stock market volatility and I've spoken about the pickup in volatility as another sign that things are different; that we've had a change. Increased volatility usually happens at inflection points, especially when we had a record period of minimum volatility. A of a sudden, we're having incredible swings in the stock market. Case in point: Monday and Tuesday. Up Day on Friday When I did my podcast on Friday, I thought maybe we...


Will Gold Breakout as Stocks Breakdown? – Ep. 340

The Rally that Failed On my last podcast, which I recorded on Wednesday, I pointed out that the market's failure to hold the rally in the aftermath of the rate hike. In the face of all of the bullish statements made by Powell about how great everything was, and how strong the economy was, we had a near 300 point rally that failed. All Systems Go for a Market Decline The Dow surrendered the entire rally, closed on the lows of the day; not a huge decline - it was only about a 45 point...


Is the Fed Losing Control of the Narrative? – Ep. 339

Fed Surprised No OneToday, the Federal Reserve surprised nobody. They raised interest rates by 25 basis points; the 6th rate hike since the Fed began, in December of 2015. The rate is now between 1.5% and 1.75%, so the midpoint of that is around 1.635. So we're still significantly below 2%, but I guess we're closer to 2% than 1% and obviously, we're a lot higher than zero which is where rates stood during most of the Obama Administration.The Fed Already Broke ItAs I said in my last...


Is the March Rate Hike Really a Lock? – Ep. 338

Tomorrow is the first of the Fed's 2-day Federal Open Market Committee Meeting, and it's going to be the first meeting where there is supposed to be a rate hike and a press conference for the new chairman, Jerome Powell. The markets are pretty much at 100% probability that the Fed is going to raise rates on Wednesday. What the markets are grappling with is whether or not the Fed will raise rates 4 times this year, or only 3. Now, if they are going to raise them 4 times, it would mean they...


The Worse Things Get, the Less Investors Notice – Ep. 337

Retail Sales Down Three Months in a Row I've got so much to talk about today, it's hard to even figure out where to begin. So I'll start with some of the economic data that came out today, in particular, the February Retail Sales number. Remember last month we had a bad number, -.3, the second month in a row we had a decline in retail sales. The expectation was for a big rebound in February, +.4. Now, I suppose the good news, if you are looking for retail sales to pick up is that they...


Tariffs Are Not Good for Workers

NASDAQ New High The stock market had one of its best days of the year; I think it was the second best day. The Dow was up 440 points - just under 1.8%. The NASDAQ was up 132 points; about the exact same percentage as the Dow. The NASDAQ is now at an all-time record high! It closed at 7,60.81. That is a new record. We have taken out the high from before the 10% correction. The NASDAQ is the only major index that has done that. That is not the case for the Dow, the S&P or even the Russell...


All Government Economists Should Be Fired – Ep. 335

Continued Stock Market Volatility The U.S. stock market continues to be extremely volatile, and as I have said many times on this podcast, I think this volatility following a long-term record lack of volatility is a good sign that the uptrend has changed. So there's a good chance that the bull market is now a bear market, although few people seem to realize that. We're still relatively close to the highs. In fact, the NASDAQ shrugged off the morning weakness and managed to gain for the...


America Can’t Win a Trade War – Ep. 334

Trade, Comparative Advantage and Protectionism I want to devote this entire podcast on the subject of trade and comparative advantage and protectionism, and this trade war that President Trump is so confident about. He wants to declare war because he thinks we are going to win. He's a winner, and he wants America to win and so he wants to launch a trade war so that America can win. The Trade Deficit is the Problem I've been talking about how the trade deficits are at record highs. We have...


Powell Optimism Belies Data – Ep. 333

Second Consecutive 300-Point Drop in the Dow The Dow Jones was down 380 points today, in fact this is the second consecutive 300-point drop we've had in the Dow. The Dow is now down about 4% for the month of February which just ended today. This also means the Dow's record-breaking monthly winning streak has also come to an end. Remember, the Dow was up every month since Donald Trump was elected President including every single month in calendar year 2017. That is something that has never...


So Much Debt, so Little Concern – Ep. 332

Remembering Irwin Schiff Today would have been my father, Irwin Schiff's 90th birthday. If you're not familiar with my father's story, and I'm sure most of the people who listen to this podcast are familiar with my father but if you're not go to and pick up a copy of "The Federal Mafia," which was one of only 2 books banned by the Federal Government. We have a lot of books, "The Kingdom Moltz" a book that really shows off my father's sense of humor. It's beautifully...


Trump Is No Reagan & Powell Is No Volcker – Ep. 331

Dow Down Over 250 Points Today the Dow Jones was down just over 250 points; we're back below 25,000. I think we were down better than 300 on the lows of the day, but we went out pretty low. The dollar was actually quite strong today; the dollar index had one of its better days of the year - +.61. We're back at 89.71. We had gotten back below 89, with an 88 handle. Gold had a bad day today after having had some pretty good days last week. The price of gold down almost $18 now; just below...


Is the Powell Put in Play? Ep. 330

St. Valentine's Day Rout I wouldn't really call what happened in the bond market and the U.S. dollar market as a St. Valentine's Day massacre, maybe it was a slaughter; even slaughter was too harsh a word. It was a rout. But this is nothing compared to what is going to come. The daughter is going to get slaughtered a lot more and the bond market is going to get slaughtered a lot more in the days ahead. Maybe not exactly tomorrow, but there will be days ahead that will be much worse than...


Republican Hypocrites Embrace Debt to Avert Shutdown – Ep. 329

A Change of Trend Another volatile day of trading ended with the Dow gaining a little over 300 points - 330 points to be exact. The NASDAQ composite was up just shy of 100 points - 97.33 - and the S&P gained 38.5 points. But about 2 hours before the close, the Dow was down over 500. And then, in about 20 minutes, it rallied from down 500 to positive, and then at the close it had that 300-point rally. But it started the day up about 200 points, so between up 200, down 500, up 300… Again,...


Deficits Don’t Matter – Until They Do – Ep. 328

Orlando Money Show: 20 Trillion and Beyond I wasn't intending to do a podcast today; I'm in Orlando at the Money Show, I'm on a stock market panel. It's going to be fun: Louis Navellier, Mark Skousen, David Callaway and Chris Gaffney. My big talk tomorrow should be very interesting. The title is 20 Trillion and Beyond: What the Coming Debt Explosion Will Mean to Your Portfolio. Dow Jones Closed Down 1,032 Points Today Now, of course, it's already exploding, but I gave them that headline...


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