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Willie just says out loud what other people are thinking. This show all about solutions to the challenges that face all of us. It's the conservative viewpoint from a very unique vantage point.

Willie just says out loud what other people are thinking. This show all about solutions to the challenges that face all of us. It's the conservative viewpoint from a very unique vantage point.
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Dunedin, FL


Willie just says out loud what other people are thinking. This show all about solutions to the challenges that face all of us. It's the conservative viewpoint from a very unique vantage point.




Unpopular Opinions Episode

Getting out of the echo chamber is a good thing for your mind and your spirit. Too often we just find ourselves parroting the agenda of the jersey we are wearing. Today I felt shaking things up and taking on those hard stares. So tonight lets talk about: 1. Restoration of Rights for certain felons 2. Teacher Salary does not equate to higher student performance 3. Teachers need to be held accountable for student performance 4. Political primaries should all be closed primaries paid for by the...


The unpopular Opinions episode.

Life inside the echo chamber can be deafening after a while. It becomes impossible to hear even your own thoughts. So every now and again I like/need to express some of the things that have always grounded me. even if they seem to fall outside of where people have thought I landed. I have done conservative talk on BTR since March 25th, 2008 and many listeners are sure they "have me pegged." The truth is that most people have never fully understood where I stand on the most important issues...


Why Should We Just #believeher?

This morning I hope to bring you something that maybe you had not thought about concerning what we are hearing and seeing due to the fight to confirm or not confirm Brett Kavanaugh. This is a very sensitive subject and my hope to make sure it gets treated like by me today. I am not a professional in this area so, these are questions I have that maybe we can gently walk through. I want to talk about projection. I trust we can have a discussion.


Is the Left Imploding?

It has been since the 1960's have we seen such political upheaval. Some of the issues were different, the war in Viet Nam was front and center in most protest while our involvement in the Middle East hardly gets a mention. Race, of course, is still a protest go-to and now attacks on capitalism are more prevalent. So might say that the 1960's propelled us into the life we are living today and thus were effective. Others might say that it was just a brief youthful rebellion and things settled...


Is This The Kind Of Process We Want?

No matter the side of the aisle you are on during this circus that is the Kavanaugh hearings what you should be wary of is that we are at this level of discourse in government and as a society. Accusations are enough to ruin a person's life. It is the heinousness of the accusation that matters most NOT the evidence. The burden of proof has shifted from the one bring accusations to the accused. Trust me this is NOT how any of us want to run a country of a judicial system. You may hate Trump...


Does Having Black Office Holders Ever Help Black People?

Well, here in this community we hear that we must elect Black politicians in order to be sure Black communities are represented. I live in a pre-clearance district which is really a "set-aside" for Black communities. The thought is that Black communities need/want Black leadership. What I want to talk about is there any evidence that having Black elected officials have been beneficial in Black communities. This is not a conversation that is designed to disparage anyone or to suggest that all...


How Involved Should Black People Be In Mainstream Politics

Today's political environment is highly charged. It is super easy to set off bombs with just the wrong phrase. It seems people are on a "hair-trigger" anymore. Almost everyone is ready to shout you down at the drop of a hat. I wonder sometimes about the content and the context of most political rancor. I wonder is it ever have much to do with where and how I live. As a conservative Black man, I have long since stopped being a photo-op for politictWhite Republicans that barely knew what part...


Supreme Madness the Case about Kavanuagh

I am sure you have seen or heard what is going on in Washington concerning the confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh. Tonight I comment of this for the first time. It all seems insane to me on so many levels. but wait... THE PLOT THICKENS!!! The Democrats seemingly over the top efforts to prevent Kavanaugh from being confirmed may work against them in the November elections. I am thinking that they need a campaign rallying effort and stopping Kavanaugh has been likened to protecting Roe V....


A Series Of Simultaneous Conversations

Today I will talk about the number of conversations I see being had in a myriad of places by a myriad of people. There is so much conversation going on I have to wonder if anyone is listening? Between the failing flailing media sources like FOX, MSNBC, CNN and the soon to be deceased entities like the Washington Post and New York Times combined with all of the conversations on social media from reasonable to rachet, much is being said. How do we sift out what we can use and what we can throw...


What Does Racism Mean Anymore

Tied up in the maze of what is acceptable and offensive, I think that racism has taken a hit. What I mean is that the definition has been lost to an extent and is now this broad term to describe words and behavior that people just don't like,


The Rise of the non liberal Black Person

Wow I have to say I have been in this game for a while and I did not see this coming in the way it has. I thought that pulling 2 to 3 percent of Black people into the conservative column every year was going to be the way forward for the foreseeable future. What I missed was the same thing everyone else missed. the rise of the 30-something non-liberal non-democrat Black person! More and more we are seeing that the counterculture amongst some young Black people is away from tradition democrat...


We Shoot Our Wounded and Eat Our Young

I long ago disconnected Republican and conservative. This is a connection made by the intellectually lazy and media. Over the time I have talked about such things I have learned that sometimes Republicans and conservatives have very little if anything at all in common. One of the things that they do have in common is the practice of cannibalism. Well of the political type. We have talked about the concept of shoot the wounded before. But both groups are ripinge and ready in a Pharoh Fashion...


Talking with...Laura Egocheaga

The heartbeat of Divibe Tech Ad agency joins us Laura Egocheaga. Today we will talk about how she got started and how you can get started too! We talk about what drives her to be successful and the hurdles she has overcome. We are going to talk about Divibe Tech what they do. We all want to know what Laura sees as the future of social media marketing!


Talking with.... Dave Reynolds

Dave Reynolds is a Tampa Bay figure on local media, today we talk about him and how the changes in media changed the landscape and what all that means.


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Real Talk - The Rise of the Facebook Conservative Movement

The so-called conservatives on Facebook are not the conservatives that will be able to advance a true conservative agenda. Today I give a couple of examples why


True Lasting Change from harvest Church of Tampa

Sunday evening message from Pastor John Paledino. Keep the Power of God strong in your life through the washing of the water of the Word by the Holy Spirit. Harvest Church of Tampa 2640 Cypress Ridge Blvd. Wesley Chapel Florida Service Times: Sunday 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM Thursday 7:00 PM


Keep the Power and the Water: True Lasting Change: Harvest Church of Tampa

This morning's message from Pastor John Paledino


Black Genocide - What will you do

Will we hold our Black politicians responsible for the part they are playing in the extermination of their on pople?


Abortion - Black Genocide

That battle for freedom is not always where we think it is. In the 1860's it was on the battlefields of the South. In 1960;s there were the streets of major US cities. Now the battlefields are in the classrooms and even medical clinics. It has been said that the most dangerous place for a black child to be in the womb of their mother standing in a Planned Parthood clinic. According to 1000's of Black children are murdered by doctors each day to silence. We know the...