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Commanding Your Life With A National Service Program

Welcome to #Win4News July 2, 2018 edition of Win News Network; Voices of Global Freedom. Our theme is helping struggling have nots become thriving haves in these dangerous troubled times. your host Daniel Roy Baron on most social media along with Beverly Fells-Jones Speaker, Author, Coach. learn more at http://www.commandingyourlife.com We discuss how a new National Service Program can help people get back to work in America and world-wide. It is about open job opportunities anywhere in...


Glover Green Party Pennsylvania Candidate for Governor in 2018.

Welcome to the July 1, 2018 edition of Win News Network, Voices of Global Freedom. We are interviewing www.PaulGlover.org the Green Party candidate for Governor of the great state of Pennsylvania. He is the founder of Ithaca Hours one of the first local currency systems and the founder of the Philadelphia Orchard Project and and several other organizations. He is author of several books on community economic development and a former professor of urban studies at Temple University and he...


Learn How To Reclaim Your Rights To Homesteading

Welcome to Win News Network #Win4News on today's episode we talk about how to acquire an abandoned house with Alex Wilson also known with pen name Distance Everheart "A National Plan For Universal Benefit". Learn more about all this and much more on the website www.WildWillPower.org We discuss Rent Free Sustainable Housing For All Wild Willpower PAC proposes a profound new plan for America's future. This is your host Backpack Baron @DanielRoyBaron on most social media and a 2020...


I believe I make a difference I win.

I believe I make a difference I win. Welcome to another episode of Win News Network helping struggling have nots become thriving haves. Today we have special guest Melissa Loun who has encountered many things over her lifetime and she is our inspiration of overcoming through compassion. Learn about the stories of how our medical system in America is broken and how it can be fixed. This is a Backpack Baron @DanielRoyBaron 2020 USA Presidential town hall meeting with Backpack @DanielRoyBaron...


Why does Marijuana have to be legal in America?

Why does Marijuana have to be legal in America? Recent pot legislation threatens world-wide first nation freedom. Welcome to @WinNewsNetwork Voices of Global Freedom it is Wednesday May 9th and we have 2020 Presidential activist advocate host producer of Win News Network Voices of Global Freedom @DanielRoyBaron "Backpack" #MakeAmericaACountry w/ world famous Illinois marijuana cannabis patient advocate activist @DrBudzil Listen, learn and share how to survive and thrive in theses dangerous...


Green Beret Brings Experience To Combat Terrorism

Please email show link to friends, take a listen and share: Episode #351: U.S. Army Lt. Col. Scott Mann (Ret.) brings 23 years Special Forces combat experience and expertise to Voices of Global Freedom. First Hour: During grueling deployments Scott developed methodology called “village stability operations,” recognized by Sen. John McCain and Gen. David Petraeus as a “game-changer” in Afghanistan. Scott captured his distinctive strategies in his book, Game Changers. Second Hour: Magnified...


Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely Terrorist Threat to America Series

Please email show link to friends, take a listen and share: Episode #350: Exclusive Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely bi-weekly series of be aware and prepare for ISIS active shooters, IED explosions and empty store shelves. First Hour: Voices of Global Freedom interviews Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely chairmen www.standupamericaus.org General Vallely has audiences sit up and take notice around the world with straight talk on how to be aware and prepare for upcoming ISIS active shooter and IED attacks on...


22 Year CIA Veteran on ISIS Threats to America

22 year cia veteran reports on threats world-wide


Former FBI Deputy Director Ron Hosko

Please Share: Episode #340: Hosko explains current terrorist threats and how we are all impacted. First Hour: Former FBI Deputy Director Ron Hosko began his FBI career in 1984. He has investigated drug-related matters and organized crime. Other duties include investigating white-collar and financial crimes and he served on the SWAT team. Second Hour: Magnified View news headline analysis by Yoda and Backpack updates. We discuss the border, national crime spike, and caliphate takeovers. We...


Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn the Trump hired fired NSA chief will he go to jail?

Episode #339: Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn, Mike Flynn Defense former head of defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) shares his extensive experiences. This is one of the last interviews with Mike Flynn before he was hired fired by trump to be head of NSA. Did he make a lot of money from the Russians and Turkey? Let's hear from you, leave some comments. We working closely with highest calibre VIP geo-political, counter-terrorist, military, intelligence, and special operations think tanks. We...


2016 Earnings Threats and Investments Predictions

Please Share Episode #338: Todd Bubba Horwitz charts financial trends for 2016 and beyond. First Hour: Horwitz responds to tough questions with specfic answers seldom found in the financial community on Voices of Global Freedom. For 34 years, Todd “Bubba” Horwitz has enjoyed a successful career in the financial industry. He has traded at all of the major exchanges in Chicago and is currently a member of the CBOT. In addition to his trading, for the past five years he has concentrated on...


Larry C. Johnson Iconic CIA Authority

Please Share Episode #339: The reality check on ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the Middle East and how you are impacted. First Segment: Backpack and Yoda interview Mr. Larry C. Johnson a former official of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and U.S. State Department’s Office of Counter Terrorism. He is a recognized expert in the fields of terrorism, crisis and risk management. Mr. Johnson is CEO of BERG Associates, LLC, an international government and corporate consulting firm with extensive expertise...


Anchors Away With Admiral Lyons

Please Share Episode #331: Welcome aboard Voices of Global Freedom featuring Admiral James ('Ace') Lyons, US Navy (Ret.) provides a clear comprehensive overview of Muslim Islamic Jihad Terrorist threats throughout our homeland. First Segment: Admiral Lyons Served in the U.S. Navy for thirty-six years as a Surface Warfare Officer including as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Pacific Fleet based out of Honolulu Hawaii.Senior U.S. Military Representative to the United Nations and Deputy Chief...


Transnational Terrorists San Diego 6 Kimberly Dvorak National Security Expert

Exclusive Voices of Global Freedom interview with San Diego 6 Kimberly Dvorak who is a freelance National Security investigative journalist based in San Diego. For more than 18 years she has focused on homeland security issues including foreign policy, Mexico drug cartels and border security. Kimberly is also a freelance blogger for the CW Television Network affiliate San Diego 6 news National Security & Foreign Policy TV Correspondent, Contributor One America News The Daily Ledger, and...


Country Music Super Star Hicks

www.globalfreedomentworks.com http://www.amazon.com/Looking-Glass-Shattered-Questions-Answers/product-reviews/0615666752 www.twitter.com/myhumancompass www.globalfreedomnetwork.blogspot.com Hicks (Miqael Persson) is an accomplished songwriter from the south of Sweden, with multiple Gold and Platinum records to his credit. His rock-edged songs have been recorded by artists like Jimi Jamison (Survivor), Giant (Dann Huff), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Little River Band, W.E.T. (Featuring Jeff Scott...


Self Compassion Expert Kristin Neff, PhD

http://www.globalfreedomnetworks.com http://www.twitter.com/myhumancompass http://www.amazon.com/Looking-Glass-Shattered-Questions-Answers/product-reviews/0615666752 Kristin studied communications as an undergraduate at the University of California at Los Angeles (B.A., 1988). She did her graduate work at University of California at Berkeley (Ph.D., 1997), studying moral development with Dr. Elliot Turiel. Her current position at the University of Texas at Austin started in 1999, and she...